Addison Rae BREAKS UP with Bryce Hall after CHEATING on her TWICE?!!

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anna oop

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Addison Rae BREAKS UP with Bryce Hall after CHEATING on her TWICE?!!
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anna oop
anna oop Prije mjesec
what y'all thinking luvs?
mila malfoy
mila malfoy Prije dan
Tom felton
adrienne nichol
adrienne nichol Prije 2 dana
She broke up with him
Tamiya Neal
Tamiya Neal Prije 2 dana
Hiiiii anna
Layla Verdeja
Layla Verdeja Prije 18 dana
First of all Bryce never cheated so it's funny how people think you did even though he didn't so I think I should stop starting problems that are not even true
Mateya Arvin
Mateya Arvin Prije 25 dana
really bryce.........
Antoinette Bastian
Antoinette Bastian Prije dan
He is trash
Anna bogi Filip
Anna bogi Filip Prije dan
Bryce is posted a video in 1 week ang he s sayed we broke up
Hugh Penner
Hugh Penner Prije 2 dana
Drama is stupid nobody gives a shit please stop making these videos
Matilde Herbergwillumsen
Matilde Herbergwillumsen Prije 3 dana
Can you have a face reveal
Freyja Thompson
Freyja Thompson Prije 6 dana
Ummm this sounds a lot like ava louise or whatever the fuck ✋🏼
Lina Star
Lina Star Prije 6 dana
Dude this is fake Addison know he was cheating because it a prank
RainbowFlops Prije 7 dana
What does “Your guys’s”mean??!!
Chew Bacca
Chew Bacca Prije 7 dana
No hate to you but Bryce made a video about this it is incorrect they broke up wayyyyy before they told the internet it is there private life so please do not assume there personal life.
um yeah
um yeah Prije 7 dana
You said The Addison Rae as if she isn't just an influencer lol
DaPotato Prije 8 dana
Do... People... Got... Problems...? What is with all these freaking Tiktokers and cheating-
Laura Lincoln
Laura Lincoln Prije 8 dana
At first I actually 'LIKED' Bryce, until now!!!! I love addison too much, she does not deserve this stupid a** bryce hall!!!!! I'm sorry bryce, but its true!!!!!!!
Addison McKay
Addison McKay Prije 8 dana
Cheating nah that's bullshit you just spreading roumors
Anais Mehehehehe
Anais Mehehehehe Prije 8 dana
My ears hurt
Maria Mocyree Maningding
Maria Mocyree Maningding Prije 8 dana
Wtf stop yelling 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Abolfazl Esfahani
Abolfazl Esfahani Prije 8 dana
Bryce didnt cheat on her fucking lies
Azra Jameela
Azra Jameela Prije 8 dana
The days when Tiktok wasn’t toxic was called musically .
Julian Johansson
Julian Johansson Prije 8 dana
Wait but tana is dating jake paul they have a kid togheter omg tana is cheating!!!!! Yooooo
Amazing Vibess
Amazing Vibess Prije 9 dana
the internet ruined their relationship take this down
Soyinka Triesie
Soyinka Triesie Prije 9 dana
It was a prank
Soyinka Triesie
Soyinka Triesie Prije 9 dana
Not true
krzysztof placzek
krzysztof placzek Prije 10 dana
They broke up a month ago
-Kent Trieu-
-Kent Trieu- Prije 10 dana
I’m so confused
pascale jeudy
pascale jeudy Prije 10 dana
Noor Fatima Khan
Noor Fatima Khan Prije 10 dana
Well this is kinda cap bc Bryce mentioned that they broke up bc they were stressing
RBLX_Kady2500 Prije 11 dana
I HATE bryce hall! ADDISON RAE WAS A GOOD PERSONE SHE SHOULD NEVER OF TRUSTED HIM HE IS A HORIBLE PERSONE TO HER!!!! she is good and nice and well i rly never trusted him beca si dont trust most boys and men becas they can be rude
aaliyah wallace
aaliyah wallace Prije 11 dana
Rileq _
Rileq _ Prije 11 dana
That bih cheated again , Addison
Tristen Herrendoerfer
Tristen Herrendoerfer Prije 11 dana
I think this is so bad
miss s.
miss s. Prije 11 dana
before watching the video he didn't cheat on her bruh
SIM737 Tasmania
SIM737 Tasmania Prije 12 dana
SIM737 Tasmania
SIM737 Tasmania Prije 12 dana
This is STUDID he didn’t CHEAT
Isabella Aguilar
Isabella Aguilar Prije 12 dana
That’s not true ur lying they mutually broke up because they had a lot of stuff going on in their lives whatever happened to them is their private business and you’re trying to make it come out as something that didn’t happen he did not deserve this nor does Addison
Lindsay Mason
Lindsay Mason Prije 12 dana
heidi appollis
heidi appollis Prije 13 dana
Tbh I belive that he cheated but in public BOYYYYY!!!
heidi appollis
heidi appollis Prije 13 dana
Y'all stay out of there business and they are still too young I do feel so sooo sorry for both of them
Cookie Prije 13 dana
I hate you so much you’re the rudest person imagine someone said you cheated and it not your business he cheated and you are you causing a lot of drama. stop saying secrets things about famous people stops doing that
Lilaplayzroblox Prije 13 dana
Jen B
Jen B Prije 13 dana
feel so sorry for Addison because there is 0% chance in her life that she can get someone better than Bryce. but Bryce can easily get a girl way better than the elephant legs
Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves Prije 13 dana
Literally always the BLOnde girls Wish i was blonde
elizabeth weeks
elizabeth weeks Prije 13 dana
they’ve been broken up for like a month
elizabeth weeks
elizabeth weeks Prije 13 dana
well bryce is a normal human maybe he doesn’t wanna be filmed when he’s trying to eat it’s fckn weird
elizabeth weeks
elizabeth weeks Prije 13 dana
i feel so bad for these influencers. just bc they have big platforms they are still people and all their drama always have to be up on the internet.
elizabeth weeks
elizabeth weeks Prije 13 dana
bryce didn’t cheat he said it they mutually broke up
Silvia Velasquez
Silvia Velasquez Prije 13 dana
They broke up
Sesili Aduashvili
Sesili Aduashvili Prije 14 dana
I think if u don't whant to date someone u can just tell her not cheat on her like SHAT THE HACK
Joselyne M
Joselyne M Prije 14 dana
I’m sorry but Bryce really downgraded like c’mon tana?! Smh.
Imogen Smith
Imogen Smith Prije 14 dana
Hey annna pls can i get a shout out? And pls do a vid about Dixie and Noah! TYSM for bieng awsome!
Ava Hurt
Ava Hurt Prije 14 dana
I hate him
mauleen roman
mauleen roman Prije 14 dana
i dont fcking get it wtf why da fck would bryce do addison like that like what the hell addison nevah even do anything to him he does not deserve addison. addison yu will find a better bf
Tyler Espina
Tyler Espina Prije 14 dana
Erica Sirifi
Erica Sirifi Prije 14 dana
U talk too much
Blaze Barkley
Blaze Barkley Prije 14 dana
Bryce what is he f***ing doing Addison is so cute
EMEDancer 15
EMEDancer 15 Prije 14 dana
OMG JUST STOP!! Bryce literally said he didn’t cheat and you weren’t There your not Bryce your not Addison so just stop gossiping! 😡😡😡😡😡
itz Anahia
itz Anahia Prije 13 dana
Yea they broke up go to bryce yt
Slasher Kitty
Slasher Kitty Prije 14 dana
Bryce is a Cheater.
leahomg Squad
leahomg Squad Prije 14 dana
if Bryce cheated 3 times and lie and say that their relationship is perfect that's wrong and to more times in a week Bryce is crazy
Saaron Mejicanos
Saaron Mejicanos Prije 14 dana
this is total drama
Random. Edits
Random. Edits Prije 14 dana
I love how Dixie is always there for addi. It’s so cute 🥺💕
Danna Maldonado
Danna Maldonado Prije 14 dana
To be honest i think bryce deserves what he got i think bryce hall just wants clout
SunShine Bright
SunShine Bright Prije 14 dana
Addison does not deserve taht why can’t no one SUPPORT HER AND STOP CHEATING HER
Rashin Gaming
Rashin Gaming Prije 14 dana
I hate you Brice hall I will unlike every video of yours 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Rashin Gaming
Rashin Gaming Prije 14 dana
I hate you Bryce hall I hate you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
Rashin Gaming
Rashin Gaming Prije 14 dana
I hate you bry
Reema Ibra
Reema Ibra Prije 14 dana
What is this ? high school ?
C. A
C. A Prije 14 dana
Lol bryce did not cheat stop making videos if you don't actually know what happens, watch his new video
Hana Butterfield
Hana Butterfield Prije 15 dana
Guys you know all of this is untrue it’s just rumours.... he posted his own vid you should stop assuming these things... why would anyone want to talk about their own relationship, for millions and millions of people. Y’all are treating these people like they aren’t real people, imagine being them. Like seriously come on.
Samantha Wyatt
Samantha Wyatt Prije 15 dana
Did I don't know who to call for it
MEEKZ Prije 16 dana
I knew it from the beginning
Josuealopez 3
Josuealopez 3 Prije 16 dana
Tbh I'm even surprised they were together for months
Phoebejwales Prije 16 dana
i just hate bryce...
BadKarma Prije 17 dana
Thanks for dixie :>
Nallely Medrano Jimenez
Nallely Medrano Jimenez Prije 17 dana
I think I’m going to stay with my anime boys😌
Giulia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Giulia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Prije 17 dana
Dixie and addison stalking bryce is iconic
nirva chheda
nirva chheda Prije 18 dana
anna u can write d text messages too
Alex Davie
Alex Davie Prije 18 dana
i dont give a fuck!
Lizbeth Ramirez
Lizbeth Ramirez Prije 18 dana
Kristel Buneci
Kristel Buneci Prije 18 dana
I hare Bryce now so much wtffff bryce
Areli Garza
Areli Garza Prije 18 dana
Are u kidding me
Andra Bertescu
Andra Bertescu Prije 18 dana
If girls like Addison get cheated on what are the hopes for us?
PREHAY ROXAN Prije 18 dana
KMT y'all make a couple of tik tok videos and expected to be together for the rest of your life🙄... GET A LIFE OF GROW UP!!!
Krisida Hoxhaj
Krisida Hoxhaj Prije 18 dana
Why? Is he doing this Addison is a good person❤️🥺
Mary Gross
Mary Gross Prije 19 dana
4:06 he looked like he was walking away from talking to Addison
Abury Prije 19 dana
Imagine cheating on Addison rea-
Not: Me
Not: Me Prije 19 dana
ugh this is y i hate bryce. addison is so pretty and sweet and in return bryce CHEATS ON HER. LIKE- also, dixie is such a good friend to go with addison :)
{Layla Jones}
{Layla Jones} Prije 19 dana
Omg she gave out the tea 🍵
Damiyah Harper
Damiyah Harper Prije 20 dana
Bxbblyflake11 Prije 20 dana
I think he just playing her
Kylee Stewart
Kylee Stewart Prije 20 dana
Brice hall probably just wanna get fame
Kara Seecharan
Kara Seecharan Prije 20 dana
Yeah i think they are done.
Arianna Silva
Arianna Silva Prije 20 dana
This is fake
Royal Princess
Royal Princess Prije 20 dana
He is a garbage Addison is a queen
Allie show !!
Allie show !! Prije 21 dan
The fact I am crying cuz I am so sad that happened
Van Pham
Van Pham Prije 21 dan
This is the best
Brooklynn Baker
Brooklynn Baker Prije 21 dan
I just feel really bad for addi
Halie Yung
Halie Yung Prije 21 dan
😂 her voice is kinda getting rly annoying
Sana Aakouk
Sana Aakouk Prije 21 dan
i know it was a bad ideaya addison why girl bricys cheated on you 1 year ago addison dezerv more love than bryce
catcrafts Prije 21 dan
If you love a girl you won’t go eat with another one for sure
Leah Rowe
Leah Rowe Prije 21 dan
by jazmin lopèz
by jazmin lopèz Prije 21 dan
Bryce cheated on Addison? Dod he really thought he could do better? Also the paparazzi’s job IS making him look like a fucking asshole, & what’s up with Tana starting up drama posting about flowers that a guy with a girlfriend got her? That is just being ✨problematic✨
Eriana Hernandez
Eriana Hernandez Prije 22 dana
He cheated way to much on addi to the point that she made a song
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