not addison rae accusing bryce of cheating for CLOUT?!!

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anna oop

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not addison rae accusing bryce of cheating for CLOUT?!!


Rochelle Sheehan
Rochelle Sheehan Prije dan
Like white people can't have a opinions but everyone else can be like white privilege it's so bullshit but if I see like a other race say something I always stay out of it because they be like white privilege
Rochelle Sheehan
Rochelle Sheehan Prije dan
I just feel like a white person speakes up about something its always racist anyways love you all💖💖
Rochelle Sheehan
Rochelle Sheehan Prije dan
I don't agree with racism or anything and I know none of this had to do with racism I feel like if a white person says like talks about a another race it's racist but the way bretmanrock says white shit or whatever he said was out of line but I love all of y'all no matter what race 💓💓
What was nessa talking abt when she said ep
Abbey Ellison
Abbey Ellison Prije 8 dana
Love when they say taking a break then coming right back to social media the next day
Areyougonnafinishthatcroissant?👀 Prije 10 dana
Imagine meeting someone and the first thing he asks you about your professional life
「𝗵𝘂𝘀𝗵」 Prije 17 dana
She a clout-chaser now bc her acc dying or smth😭
Gregory Rozario
Gregory Rozario Prije 18 dana
Wait why is no one talking about the picture of them kissing like what is going on with Josh's body?!?!!?
ari Prije 19 dana
"even tho shes beside me, i still feel alone" i felt that
ari Prije 19 dana
alot of ppl showed their true colors these couple months
Amaanat Chandi
Amaanat Chandi Prije 21 dan
Tbh I think they should all be banned from all social media.They should still have social media but they don’t post on it.🤭🙄🙄 like they r all so irresponsible even tho they r adults or nearly adults like GROW UP! 😡🤬 is it that hard?🤯 Like plsss 👏🏻This is toooo much! 😒😒😒 Also I didn’t know if Noah beck has the vid still but he made a tt saying: a Sikh person trying to be my friend.. Nah or sm like that and I’m a freaking Sikh so stfu Noah that’s why me and my sis freaking hate him no hate 🤭🙄😒😩😭
Leanne Railton
Leanne Railton Prije 22 dana
Do you think Bryce was in any way controlling and obsessive of Addison? I noticed she wasn’t creating her usual content soon after they got together. She wasn’t wearing such little skimpy bathing suits, or showing her butt and body the way she used to, even her dancing videos seemed to be only her top half showing. It was like she couldn’t upload a video without him in it, or she had to show less. Unless she was just having some modesty out of respect for him? I’m just wondering if you might have noticed that at all xxx
Simply Jordana
Simply Jordana Prije 22 dana
He waited so long to say it because he didn’t wanna be problematic....
SatanXD Prije 22 dana
Why. Just why
Isͥabͣeͫlla Prije 23 dana
I like how the title says one topic and in the video it shows a whole bunch of other 😂
Mushirooma Prije 25 dana
Tianna Mccoy
Tianna Mccoy Prije 27 dana
Ok, but if it wasn't for Anna I wouldn't know all this😭😭
Holly Boba
Holly Boba Prije 24 dana
I now she's the best HRpostr she give us tea 🍵🙈🌚🌝😭
Kyra ?
Kyra ? Prije 28 dana
Ok sad story and stuff but like if some very big celebrity had some beef with another celeb and they unfollow eachother it's not big , why would they follow a person they have beef with???
Natasha Meeks
Natasha Meeks Prije 29 dana
Ok, but Bryce is not wrong tho..
Jenna Dupuis
Jenna Dupuis Prije 29 dana
anyone else peep the real world clip of Avery getting clocked??
Pearl Lou
Pearl Lou Prije mjesec
the fact that nessa says that shes "on a brake" like- i- ive been on a social media brake for 3 weeks now. just for my mental health like ngl i dont think that a 3 day brake is called a brake...
Skye Colvin-Flowers
Skye Colvin-Flowers Prije mjesec
Or you know Brice playing the victim so he doesn't need to own up to his actions... but you know thats my thinking after you know.... having a manipulative mom who did that. But people will say I'm crazy and wrong. Come back to me when your mom plays the victim after everything that is her fault.
𝕭𝖑𝖚𝖗𝖗𝖊𝖉𝖇𝖑𝖚𝖊𝖘 Prije mjesec
This is what I mean by dumb Sassy fans -, - like he was being rude, and apparently these fans can't see that and I hate when one person comes up with an assumption, then the rest of the whole chat is going to
Linda Televangelista
Linda Televangelista Prije mjesec
Can people just start normalizing open relationships or polygamous relationships because some people can’t keep their hands off more than 1 person?
Soraia filipa
Soraia filipa Prije mjesec
I love it when u say “no reason at all” like u know wtf is happening??? Girl shit up, you’re getting really annoying... you weren’t like this... Guess it’s time to take a break? No?
Zahra Johnson
Zahra Johnson Prije mjesec
Please stop screaming sooooooooo dramatic
Meenakshi Murali
Meenakshi Murali Prije mjesec
ok i dont mean to hate on her but i really hate the way she says "but" or "until" like why are you yelling? its obnoxious when she raises her pitch randomly. kudos to her for updating us with all this drama but..can you speak normally please?
Idkyolo Prije mjesec
3:31 idk why but that was funny 😭
adds topic
adds topic Prije mjesec
Just because it's Addison doesn't mean shes the innocent one. How many times did Bryce tell us that he didn't cheat. Cmon, addison is not someone you should follow no one is.
〖ŁemonCaҜe〗 Prije mjesec
am I the only one who doesnt give s h!t about any of these tik tokers but its so intresting to see the drama and watxch them crumble? Sorry Im here for the tea i dont really care what happens to them LMFAO
dinora pacheco
dinora pacheco Prije mjesec
No hate but it feels like chase is talking about what’s happening in the video not their lives
Rxvenxxclxw Prije mjesec
“We didn’t say that coming”
jonalynn sackaney
jonalynn sackaney Prije mjesec
honstley... i was like ouu addisons pretty as a joke, but now.. YUP still a joke.
lovelysskater Prije mjesec
Ya now I don’t know who trust anymore TikTok is just messed uppppp
Sarah Krick
Sarah Krick Prije mjesec
bruh i feel so bad that y’all just won’t back of nessa....why can’t she just do what she wants. I honestly don’t think that her dating Jaden deserves death threats and being told to kill herself. if you think she does you are messed up.
Sarah Krick
Sarah Krick Prije mjesec
Y’all need to back tf off nessa and Jaden what she does is not your businesss.
Scarlett M
Scarlett M Prije mjesec
Maybe Brennan meant the way he said it because I can ask who are you nicely or rudely
Boo La
Boo La Prije mjesec
I mean.. only clowns Stan someone like nessa 🤡🤡🤡
Kristen Morgan
Kristen Morgan Prije mjesec
Where do you find the Reality show
Alexis Prije mjesec
i blame yall. YALL hyped up these people so dont blame what they've become 💀💀
Grandma Bertha
Grandma Bertha Prije mjesec
This is the stupidest drama ive ever seem lmao, Its funny tho
Bohemian God
Bohemian God Prije mjesec
A cheater is the worst thing someone can be labeled as? LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
diewke loyen
diewke loyen Prije mjesec
Not yall being mad bc Nessa unfollowed like-??
Lovely Lxlily
Lovely Lxlily Prije mjesec
I know that this doesn’t matter but when was the last time Avani has gotten into a scandal like I never see her getting into drama
Crystal Gonzalez
Crystal Gonzalez Prije mjesec
discuss what’s going on with paeka and gero and amador😥
Madi Smith
Madi Smith Prije mjesec
Ummm Mr. 18 and Mrs. 16 SIXTEEN Broo ummmmm :////
ncxymj Prije mjesec
Did you guys forget she’s obsessed with her😗✌️
Addiee Prije mjesec
Aster TheyThem
Aster TheyThem Prije mjesec
hello isnt chase 18 and charlie 17?
•Bubbleguppies Hisokas wifey•
•Bubbleguppies Hisokas wifey• Prije mjesec
7:57 thought my phone died so I hurried to put it on the charger come to find out she just muted the song🤦🏽‍♀️
moods straight
moods straight Prije mjesec
Stop saying "but😭 its too loud😂
Aman Islam
Aman Islam Prije mjesec
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije mjesec
Why are they assuming it was a normal question ?? Y’all do know attitude exists right?
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije mjesec
Nessa needs to pack it up
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije mjesec
Addisons more worried but that money clearly
KAREN HUANG Prije mjesec
no offense ur new profile is UGLY get ur old one back plz!!!
My nAmE iS Felisiaa mpou
My nAmE iS Felisiaa mpou Prije mjesec
CAN WE LEAVE NESSA ALONE PLS we dont know everyones story pls
Kada Myers
Kada Myers Prije mjesec
Addison Rae and Bryce’s Relationship be like: 📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈
LOUISE HALLEY Prije mjesec
Esther Rugut
Esther Rugut Prije mjesec
I'm sorry but the small edits she places😂😂... I cant
sesilia bajrami
sesilia bajrami Prije mjesec
About Bryce and Addison is their relationship you have no right to talk
hedaia gaming
hedaia gaming Prije mjesec
Zoe is ENGAGED 💍
Marcia Mourouzidou
Marcia Mourouzidou Prije mjesec
Bretman tho … icon literal ICON
Lemar Ahmad
Lemar Ahmad Prije mjesec
Remember when Tony had a HUGE crush on addison💀
Melina Davila
Melina Davila Prije mjesec
9:14 to 9:19 i felt so bad for chase cuz thats so true this made me luv this video 10x more
Melina Davila
Melina Davila Prije mjesec
Ok i love Addison but when Bryce said that he was already labeled for his partying and getting arrested now a cheater i got very upset
Monica Fortunato Martinez
Monica Fortunato Martinez Prije mjesec
Chase has to make a song to get Charñie back. That's what I think is happening🤷🏽‍♀️
Monica Fortunato Martinez
Monica Fortunato Martinez Prije mjesec
Summer 808
Summer 808 Prije mjesec
I'm confused when you said she's blaming bryce for clout chasing like huh??????..!!!!!!!
F Prije mjesec
why does she scream every time she says BUT
itsalxn u.
itsalxn u. Prije mjesec
PLSSS SHE DELETED HER LAST VIDEO WHERE SHE SAID THE SLUR 😭 girl address it at least instead of trying to run away from the problem
itsalxn u.
itsalxn u. Prije mjesec
@taTi wAs_rIghT_bUt No she took the video down and put it back up rn... and again, she didn’t even bother censoring the word-
Bug Boi Zer0
Bug Boi Zer0 Prije mjesec
You need to talk about the Addison and dream smp beef
fairyvmina Prije mjesec
Right?!! I seriously need more context on the drama
BlueeBarrie Prije mjesec
i feel so bad for bryce. you can see the pain in his voice.
Hailey Williams
Hailey Williams Prije mjesec
Eleni Dimitriu
Eleni Dimitriu Prije mjesec
I don't know, but gaining followers on a strange back can be easy, but it's extremely ugly and disgusting. I don't think you deserve the followers you have because the videos you make are meant to humiliate others. It's not bad to share an opinion, but not to gain fame with it.
Ayishat Adenle
Ayishat Adenle Prije mjesec
Why do I feel like these tiktokers are doing all this for attention
Mickey26✊🏾 Prije mjesec
Addison rae is clearly a clout chaser she hung out with Kardashians, started a phony ass music career, is gonna star in a lame netflix original, AND are we ever gonna forget the time she did black face and never apologized for it??? I think not
greta rose
greta rose Prije mjesec
at least we know jaden is homophobic anymore (he’s dating nessa who is bisexual)
greta rose
greta rose Prije mjesec
recently i have lost my support for addison. i have gained so much love and support for bryce.
mArLi Prije mjesec
i dont like addi any more
Goat Life
Goat Life Prije mjesec
At least if you want to chase clout, chase it for a good thing 😭🤚
𝗗𝗲𝘃𝗼𝗻! Prije mjesec
I haven’t watched you for like a month HOLD UP YOUR CHARACTER SORRY WHAT HAPPENED
junobull Prije mjesec
and ya'll were calling her the unproblematic queen...
junobull Prije mjesec
rip to the 'unproblematic queen'
Stacy Oduro
Stacy Oduro Prije mjesec
I know that I'm not the only one that sees and appreciates her still supporting BLM at the end of her videos
Selena Noboa-Bermudez
Selena Noboa-Bermudez Prije mjesec
I feel like some TT drama is just a 19-20 year old verison of middle school drama
L H Prije mjesec
We just not going to talk about how Addison Rae tried to take Tommyinnits spot on the dream smp like honey no that isnt going to happen he is like the funniest most liked and is one of the most followed people on the smp then got attacked by tommyinnit stans
Nadedge Dumornay
Nadedge Dumornay Prije mjesec
not yall attacking bretman how dare you 😤🤧✋
Nani Donerson
Nani Donerson Prije mjesec
Omg Anna oop you switch up rq
Mosa Rankhone
Mosa Rankhone Prije mjesec
y'all unfollow your exes all the time, stop coming for Nessa
Minna Synnermo
Minna Synnermo Prije mjesec
I miss the old anna oop🥺
rio Prije mjesec
"We're in love" pls stop 💀✋
noah maximoff
noah maximoff Prije mjesec
Just stop posting
noah maximoff
noah maximoff Prije mjesec
Like your all wrong
noah maximoff
noah maximoff Prije mjesec
Just stop posting
noah maximoff
noah maximoff Prije mjesec
Girl just stop posting videos if you really dont know what happened because in some of your video the things that you say are not even true
Avah Garcia
Avah Garcia Prije mjesec
Addison just act admit it..damn
Annie Constable
Annie Constable Prije mjesec
i swear nessa just wants the attention.
Annie Constable
Annie Constable Prije mjesec
wait maybe this was all part of nessa's plan. she would state that her team was taking over her account but instead she would some messed up shit but then people would accuse her team of it. hmmm idk this has some weird vibes.
Annie Constable
Annie Constable Prije mjesec
i swear bryce and addison's relationship was a mess. ig it was fun while it lasted. smh.
Zena Parker
Zena Parker Prije mjesec
Burn Ackerman
Burn Ackerman Prije mjesec
people who says "they don't know bretman" or "de we really need to know who he is" like bretman doesn't even care wether you do or not, he just exposed that white man for having an unpleasant attitude. Bretman is not demanding attention cause he gets it even unintentionally, look at ya'll reacting to what he said lmao
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