Sienna Gomez CAUGHT SA Jack Wright On Camera?!

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anna oop

Prije 10 dana

Sienna Gomez CAUGHT SA Jack Wright On Camera?!


Jazmine yuhh
Jazmine yuhh Prije 3 sati
Sooo....... are we going to talk about how Austin r@ped a girl.
bill gates
bill gates Prije 4 sati
we literally don’t know the situation it was a short video
Sirin Namas
Sirin Namas Prije 11 sati
i acctually liked sienna till now...
Michelle Ramirez
Michelle Ramirez Prije 11 sati
Am I the only one who doesn’t know who the hell these people are
Squirrel gangツ
Squirrel gangツ Prije 20 sati
Seinna says “more info looks at my video”. But in her video there’s is not good evidence or proof of her NOT SA jack Beacuse the only evidence is his hand moving. Idk just my opinion
ariisbaexo Prije dan
I just hate how the internet gets into your life, flows perfectly and then ruins ur life
Grace Aguilar-Izazaga
Grace Aguilar-Izazaga Prije dan
honestly i've seen this videoo way before anna posted it but i didn't know who they were and i was like what but ya
Chokri Fatima ezzahra
Chokri Fatima ezzahra Prije dan
Ngl i believe sianna
Melle Prije dan
Narcissism. Pure narcissism.
arianna Prije dan
ily Anna but it doesn't right with me when you put the Sienna and jack situation in the same vid about josh's new girl or whatever, it makes its seem like both situations are on the same level and they are NOT. one is tea, one is full on crime.
Fun_mixed _1o1
Fun_mixed _1o1 Prije dan
Not defineding any one but I think the people in the TikTok about the ace fam are ling bc they didn’t Even show there house and the the ace family house but idk
Zeena Tutu
Zeena Tutu Prije dan
When we want same tea we can always depend on you sis
Latoya lk
Latoya lk Prije dan
I'm sorry but this Anna hun is a bully, just like these tick tockers, she's pulling you guys in!! I'm sorry but someone had to say it! Atleast Siena wasn't fake crying, she was confident in what she was saying, I don't stand with what Siena did but still, there is no need for this "tea spiller" to assume stuff, she can have opinions but now it's like she feels she can use her two brain cells and assume stuff about these kids, you guys don't even know how old she is, this could be an udult coming for little kids!! These are teenagers and there's people out there who've done worse! If these kids can't make mistakes now when tf are they supposed to?? When they become parents??? Please
void stiles
void stiles Prije 2 dana
I like how the video of her “Sexually assaulting” jack literally shows nothing at all
daisy Xx
daisy Xx Prije 2 dana
Ok Maybe his friends didn’t like her but him having a interest in making fun dance videos don’t mean he is stringing her along
ArmyBlink !
ArmyBlink ! Prije 2 dana
for the people saying that jack was conscious because he moved his arm. that is not true because you can actually move when your unconscious without knowing it, you can look it up if you want. and second i think that jacks arm was on the guys shoulder so if the guy got up his arm would move aswell, just a thought.
ᴀᴠᴀᴋ ᴍᴇʟ
ᴀᴠᴀᴋ ᴍᴇʟ Prije 2 dana
Even her apology was shitty. All she did was victim blame, and the fact she had the audacity to say "why didn't you report me" broke me. Majority of SA victims have a hard time explaining what they have been through, mostly because they do not want to start something, or find it as really personal. And it doesn't make them the bad guy either. And if i ever see someone saying "its fake because they didn't speak up about it" i swear. Society needs to change.
Audrey Harris
Audrey Harris Prije 2 dana
it seems to me like jack was awake and her hand wasn’t even on his yk but idrk who to believe bc the “why didn’t you report me” was kinda ridiculous bc not everyone can just report i didn’t, still haven’t, to scared. but i’m not 100% sure who is telling the truth because of how little information jack has been giving not saying he should he can whenever he wants but it’s v v confusing to me
Misa Misa Jaeger
Misa Misa Jaeger Prije 2 dana
Does sienna know what manipulating and being in fear mean?🤔
Laura 2908
Laura 2908 Prije 2 dana
I don't know who to believe. I find it weird she started out saying she wasn't even at the party(Or whatever it is), but now she is saying that she was. But it's also at bit Weird jacks brother/friend just walked away instead of stopping her or asking what she was doing..
Emi Webster
Emi Webster Prije 2 dana
Stop believing everything you see on social media. Footage or not- you weren’t there you didn’t know what happened. You can literally see him move his hand.
Ernastine Tapiatorosian
Ernastine Tapiatorosian Prije 2 dana
These accusations and proof of what’s going on shouldn’t be in the public eye anymore they should handle this off camera this totally a crime and shouldn’t be on social media. I’m not saying this should be quiet or anything but I’m saying that Jack isn’t ready for all of this to come out yet so they should handle this all privately.
Kylee perez
Kylee perez Prije 2 dana
Like what will jack said and its ok if he doesn't want to say anything and when she said Not by me like he was unconscious like he wouldn't have known
❥Ria ❥
❥Ria ❥ Prije 2 dana
People constantly say “But jack moved so he was awake” even if we was awake it doesn’t excuse an actual crime🤦🏽‍♀️
Miyaku’s Night
Miyaku’s Night Prije 3 dana
Ngl I don’t think she did it, I think people are just going against her, it just doesn’t add up as to how he didn’t do anything (not just reporting but how they continued touching ON SOCIAL media)
Delilah Ernst
Delilah Ernst Prije 2 dana
It's still a crime
-- Prije 3 dana
Hi im a big fan
Alien ElinPup
Alien ElinPup Prije 3 dana
I feel so bad for him
Alien ElinPup
Alien ElinPup Prije 3 dana
This is crime.... stop saying tea 😖
Papi Smurf
Papi Smurf Prije 3 dana
i believe jack but why did his friends and brother film it and not help him??
Eminator Prije 3 dana
You can litterly see his hand move
I'll vlog my day And u watch
I'll vlog my day And u watch Prije 3 dana
Ok yall this drama is making me feel sick
Allison Hernández
Allison Hernández Prije 3 dana
She is only 17 and she is getting a lot of hate just stop ✋ 😒 everyone
ItsssJordon Prije 3 dana
Honestly I would be living under a rock if she didn’t have this HRpost account
Gazzy💜 Prije 3 dana
Anna's switching up way too fast. Next week i swear shes gonna be like "My girl Sienna clapped back"
Marie Pooh
Marie Pooh Prije 3 dana
Dude stop they have always acted like this yall are acting like this is new
Delilah Ernst
Delilah Ernst Prije 2 dana
SA shouldn't be ignored
jentinnell Prije 4 dana
Like bruh
jentinnell Prije 4 dana
There is so much tea
c o n f u s i o n
c o n f u s i o n Prije 4 dana
I standby what Claudia said. This whole “drama” isn’t drama or tea,it’s not something funny or something to beef about,it’s a literal crime that can get you arrrsted.Personally,I don’t really like the sound effects Anna uses when she’s talking about SA,sound effects are supposed to make the video funny this situation isn’t funny at all.Also, it’s a bit frustrating when the topic of SA is put together in the same video as other dramas.
Lana Moutaweh
Lana Moutaweh Prije 4 dana
Like girl why wkuld his friends want to cause trouble and say she did something like that is she dumb or she thinks she can fool us wtf
Lana Moutaweh
Lana Moutaweh Prije 4 dana
Is it me or doesn't she look like a robot is talking or that she is studying
Valeria Prije 4 dana
I mean for me it would also be hard to get over a break up. People tell mads and josh to "move on" "get over it".
It's Natalie
It's Natalie Prije 4 dana
WAIT maybe i did see Jacks hand move in the video maybe its just me idk tho
Finja Ruess
Finja Ruess Prije 4 dana
I feel like her videos are exactly pre-scheduled what she wanted to say, it's like she is Reading out from a paper
•K-12 Kitten•
•K-12 Kitten• Prije 4 dana
Me thinking it was Selena Gomez: 😶
Ruby Prije 4 dana
how come 2 years ago the Ace Family’s old “neighbors” couldn’t expose them? why 2 years later they decide too? I think they are lying and I think the Ace Family actually got robbed. Cause who would break your own window, your own cabinets, make a mess, call cops, etc. They just wanna cancel the Ace Family and get clout. this is my opinion, so respect it.
𝓢𝓱𝓪𝓶𝓪𝓻𝓪 Prije 4 dana
If the victim was sienna she wouldn't have to justify shit nor be attacked now would she
cclef Prije 4 dana
Bro she said all the proof and shit and y’all still accusing her 💀
Delilah Ernst
Delilah Ernst Prije 2 dana
Cause she did SA him just because he's a boy SA to men aren't happenjng
• ʙᴀʙʏ♡︎ •
• ʙᴀʙʏ♡︎ • Prije 4 dana
when Sienna was making out with Jack while he was unconscious, the guy who got up seemed so uncomfortable.
Isabella wilson
Isabella wilson Prije 4 dana
x.sxnflower.aesthetic.x Prije 4 dana
The tw was up for LITERALLY one second..might aswell not put it
Marta Telishchak
Marta Telishchak Prije 4 dana
well not saying jake was countians after the guy stands up jake moves his hand
Fumiko Scar
Fumiko Scar Prije 4 dana
When she said “jack was a victim of sexual assault but not by me AND I AM A VICTIM OF CONSTANTLY HAVING PEOPLE TRY TO CANCEL ME” I felt so sick. She’s literally fucking disgusting for that. She’s playing of sexual assault and his traumatic experiences as if it’s a joke or if it’s the same as being cancelled. Which it isn’t sexual assault is so harmful to a person since they can believe everything is their fault, they could’ve stopped it, they could’ve done this and that. Nobody chooses to be sexually assaulted and they feel like they can’t speak out about it. So firstly her saying “jack was a victim” like it’s her business is so unbelievably disgusting. If jack didn’t want that out there and had the courage to tell you why the hell would you put it out for the entire world to know? She goes on to say “why didn’t you report me” there could be so many reasons. Maybe the fear and anxiety of saying something. Like she literally doesn’t have the right to say these things without experiencing stuff like that, or experiencing what jack went through. She’s so full of herself she just thinks it’s drama when she committed a full on god damn crime and is now trying to play it off as “we always did this” “oh we are always touchy”. You can be touchy and not assault people in their sleep. Like she needs to learn how to take responsibility for her horrible actions instead of blaming him for “dragging on the relationship” Sienna needs to be put in jail she’s a fucking criminal
wassup girlly
wassup girlly Prije 4 dana
This isn't a "drama" topic. Anna for once don't try not to take advantage of others life and problems to profit you and give u money. THIS IS A CRIME. its not some "tea" or "drama" this isn't the first time u have done this. u have done this too when talking about Malu Trevejo and her abusive mother. Dont comment on things u don't even know about. This isn't "dram" or "tea" for you entertainment or profit. its a CRIME.
Angelina Bro
Angelina Bro Prije 4 dana
I mean the fact he can talk about it online but can’t report her.. makes no sense but always believe the boys am i right
Yogurl Chlo
Yogurl Chlo Prije 5 dana
She was trying to make a point when she said “why didn’t you report me”y’all are taking her words and switching them around so it makes her look bad if y’all really watched the video 🙄✋🏾and if she was in the wrong why didn’t they delete the video
Lilian Vuong
Lilian Vuong Prije 5 dana
What’s sa
NotHannah Live
NotHannah Live Prije 5 dana
ok so moving on from a past relationship is a issue? whats so wrong with finding a new partner? yall need to be focused on the SA not someones new partner and don't compare people it makes them both feel bad
Jej Romero
Jej Romero Prije 5 dana
Y’all switching up real quick
Fxirygxrl Prije 5 dana
I'm proud of josh
Prije 5 dana
whether he was awake or not he fell asleep like 2 minutes after meaning he was barely conscious
ArmyBlink !
ArmyBlink ! Prije 5 dana
She got too comfortable with the title of being “the most unproblematic tik toker” that she thought she could SA jack without getting held accountable. Look how the tables have turned on her BAHAHAH
Guillens.Island Prije 5 dana
Why is Sienna acting like being canceled and slander is worse than SA. And when she said he was SA by someone else, even if that were true.. that isn’t shit she should put out there for her own gain. It’s his personal business... (from an SA victim)
Sunxmae Prije 5 dana
I don’t get it why are people bringing something up from 2 years ago could have told us this 2 years ago and then maybe we would’ve cared a bit more and I’m not a huge fan of nessa’s new hair black made her her
Delilah Ernst
Delilah Ernst Prije 2 dana
Victims needs time to heal too you can't just move on especially when something traumatic and discusting has been done to you
Bitch Hi
Bitch Hi Prije 5 dana
This is not even a freaking drama anymore sis *gags*🙂
Gabrielle Quarshie
Gabrielle Quarshie Prije 5 dana
first of all jack wasn’t unconscious and you can clearly see that your just saying you could clearly because that’s what people said and you could see her hand was on his thigh and if she was why would they film it why would they let it just happen they are filming because they started making out infringing of everyone and that’s weird the clips are edited jack fell asleep unconscious after making out because i know if my brother saw me getting SA he wouldn’t film it and NOT push the guy off me smh..y’all believe anything because jack hasn’t even spoke on this yet his friends did
Toca Girl
Toca Girl Prije 5 dana
miss girl he was awake he moved his hand and he was kissing her back
Delilah Ernst
Delilah Ernst Prije 2 dana
People get up and walk in their sleep someone's hand moving does not mean they are awake or conscious
Iskra Kresojevic
Iskra Kresojevic Prije 5 dana
6:56 miksi kulić ???? why do americans put serbian reality stars in their videos lmaooo
niya Prije 5 dana
she’s talking about his hand.. but people literally talk in their sleep. PEOPLE GET TF UP AND WALK IN THEIR SLEEP. someone’s hand moving does not mean they are awake nonetheless conscious.. girl stfu and go to jail.
Bri Xiloj
Bri Xiloj Prije 5 dana
I believe Sienna .
Delilah Ernst
Delilah Ernst Prije 2 dana
Mily Paz
Mily Paz Prije 5 dana
Hate to break the news but when nessa dyed her hair blonde it was actually a wig sorry to break the news 😕
Angel Baby
Angel Baby Prije 5 dana
idk why bc nessa and chase kinda look like sibblings.
slenderman 123
slenderman 123 Prije 6 dana
That is soooo disgusting. I never liked her and I always felt like jack didn't like her like that too he was waaay more into Quen
Logan 14
Logan 14 Prije 6 dana
jacks hand clearly movedddd!!!
Logan 14
Logan 14 Prije 6 dana
jacks hand moved hes was clearly awake!!!!!!!!
Delilah Ernst
Delilah Ernst Prije 2 dana
Are you stupid or something?People get up and walk in their sleep someone's hand moving does not mean they are awake
random celebrity drama
random celebrity drama Prije 6 dana
Cidneyt Prije 6 dana
Their were so many people trying to force jack to speak on this traumatic event and it’s honestly disgusting 🤢 Y’all SA victims don’t owe anyone anything this is traumatic for anyone who has to go through being SA
Delilah Ernst
Delilah Ernst Prije 2 dana
Yeah and I see so much people here in the comments downplaying SA like it's not a big deal it makes me so sick and their excuse is because they saw his hand move like..People get up and walk in their sleep someone's hand moving does not mean they are awake
Annyeonghaseyo -
Annyeonghaseyo - Prije 6 dana
Oki ppl are rlly confused so let me answer some questions *1.* Jack was in and out of consciousness during the video. Yes his hand moves bc he’s not dead you guys- he can still move, it’s like being asleep. *2.* “Jack is lying bc he didn’t post any proof.” Jack shouldn’t have to be forced to bring his situation into the internet. He’s a victim, and wanted to keep it private in the 1st place... *3.* “Why hasn’t he reported this to the cops?!” Bc it’s not easy to go through what he’s going through. It takes a while for a victim of any assault to speak up. Bc they think it’s embarrassing and wouldn’t be taken seriously. Hope you guys understand victim blaming is not ok..
Delilah Ernst
Delilah Ernst Prije 2 dana
Imagine believing the SAtur just because it's a girl
Froggy plays
Froggy plays Prije 6 dana
Police have to get involved if there's grooming, SA,murder or robbings etc. I stfg is this doesn't stop I will scream on the top of my lungs-
dana Prije 6 dana
I hope Jack knows that there are people like us who understand why he’s not speaking up right away. It’s not something easy to talk about, especially to a whole lot of strangers on the internet who are pressuring him to address it 😳
Ashley Mejia
Ashley Mejia Prije 6 dana
honestly Anna stop being so ignorant this isn’t “ drama “ that your using to profit off its a literal crime thats insensitive to have an opinion on or make a video on it to profit off . I hope all the money you get from this video goes to S/A foundation and donations .
Charlyn Demplosi
Charlyn Demplosi Prije 6 dana
Anna please, stop giving your opinion about it. Just give us the news. You can share your opinion at the end of the video. Because you’re influencing other people’s opinion to it
Charlyn Demplosi
Charlyn Demplosi Prije 6 dana
Heinen Family
Heinen Family Prije 6 dana
If hes unconsciously then why did he move? You can literally see it move
Delilah Ernst
Delilah Ernst Prije 2 dana
Are you ok? Are you stupid or something People get up and walk in their sleep someone's hand moving does not mean they are awake
Ruru Prije 6 dana
Why does sienna sound like she’s reading a whole damn script-
Ruru Prije 2 dana
@Delilah Ernst It’s fine. it’s my fault cause I didn’t say it was sienna :D
Delilah Ernst
Delilah Ernst Prije 2 dana
@Ruru bro I apologize I thought you were talking about anna-
Ruru Prije 2 dana
@Delilah Ernst I mean it is a problem for cancel culture cause you know how they are quick to assume. And her fans want an apology/message from “the bottom of the heart” and a “true” one not like a script or anything. And I’m just saying my opinion as a “meme” but it might be true. Who knows this shit.
Delilah Ernst
Delilah Ernst Prije 2 dana
Is that a problem? Do you think she memorizes this shit?
VICKIES_BUBS Prije 6 dana
lol people can literally hate someone for having blonde hair😒
Jamison Scales
Jamison Scales Prije 6 dana
hey can you talk about the topic of people theating Zoes unborn child
Paper Towelz
Paper Towelz Prije 6 dana
she needs to go to jaillll
T Prije 6 dana
dude his hand moved because of the guy that got up from the couch that doesn't mean he moved it himself its anything but that jack was unconscious and she took advantage of the opportunity and thinks that she has the right to because their "dating" but she confirmed herself that they were just faking a relationship like that. She should think about what she says before she dose it honestly
Baby Girl
Baby Girl Prije 6 dana
Her lisp and the way she said “why didn’t you report me?” just takes me cringe istg
Masoka Wisungata
Masoka Wisungata Prije 6 dana
Getting I'm happy for them and I love them
ʙᴏxʏᴛᴀᴇʜʏᴜɴɢ Prije 6 dana
i literally deleted tiktok for a few months and this is what i come back to- omg.
Lia Larsson
Lia Larsson Prije 6 dana
0:53 tiktok user?
sway boys hype house and more fann
sway boys hype house and more fann Prije 6 dana
Don't force victims of SA to speak up
Olyvia Kurtenbach
Olyvia Kurtenbach Prije 6 dana
I don’t know what to believe because in that video of jack mabye being passed out his arm moves when his friend gets up,BUT at the same time you can be passed out and move, just how when we’re asleep we move in our sleep,it looks like his arm just fell down when his friend got up
Goldenroses Prije 6 dana
Omg that happen 😯😯😯
Slytherin princess
Slytherin princess Prije 6 dana
I thought you spelt the name incorrectly...I thought you were gonna talk about Selena...
Mariana Prije 6 dana
It’s called believing the victim in case you didn’t know wym “without any evidence” ? We’re they supposed to have a whole video of every time she sa him ?
Isabella Hyatt
Isabella Hyatt Prije 6 dana
she didn't sa him
Delilah Ernst
Delilah Ernst Prije 2 dana
Are you ok? Are you stupid or something what evidence do you have? How are you so sure that she didn't *ssult him?
neo culture johnny
neo culture johnny Prije 6 dana
what is even happening in the clip
Jayshree Badrinath
Jayshree Badrinath Prije 6 dana
you dont have to have literal intercourse to SA another person. that video is more than enough evidence
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