Mads Lewis EXPOSES Nessa Barrett For Doing THIS To Josh?!

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anna oop

Prije 24 dana

Mads Lewis EXPOSES Nessa Barrett For Doing THIS To Josh?!


ãveryシ Prije 2 dana
“I didn’t hear it” bro you knew the whole song..
mireya nicole
mireya nicole Prije 2 dana
i know no one should say it but she could have actually misheard the lyrics
Kylee perez
Kylee perez Prije 2 dana
Ok she did say the n word but I dident hear it then I d I'd but like She did say and cancel here
Bella Prije 3 dana
Tbh I’m not a fan of Nessa and Jadens relationship because I am a big fan of chicken girls and one of my favorite people in the show is birdie (Mads) and like I feel like Jaden and Mads should’ve stayed together. I’m happy for Nessa and Jaden but im not a fan
Brianna Belizaire
Brianna Belizaire Prije 3 dana
MyNameIsClearlyAnnaシ Prije 3 dana
I feel like these TikTokers are way too bored in quarantine
Tabi’s Corner
Tabi’s Corner Prije 4 dana
8:04: I hOpEeee YoUrrrrrrr HaAaaaaaaPpYy
NotHannah Live
NotHannah Live Prije 4 dana
Y’all not realizing Danielles mom basically controls her. She probs made her do that
koren huntley
koren huntley Prije 5 dana
Speaking of James Charles I have the same birthday as him on the exact same day😩😭😫😡😡
Ava -paola
Ava -paola Prije 6 dana
Anna: let’s talk about James Charles.. Me: oh dear god, lord save us all please🙏
Ally Prije 7 dana
Oml Mads is such a crybaby lol
Aloha Kylie
Aloha Kylie Prije 8 dana
Whats sad is remember that vid of her saying she wants to marry josh and have kids with him :(
Sofia Nour
Sofia Nour Prije 9 dana
What did james charle did
Heather C.
Heather C. Prije 9 dana
I don't blame Mads. Cameron Diaz vibes! She is so intelligent!
Kaylee Harber
Kaylee Harber Prije 10 dana
I love these videos but I don’t understand why they’re making such a big deal about James Charles like I understand that he did something wrong but they didn’t go that hard on Tony Lopez whenever he did stuff like that
Lindsay Mason
Lindsay Mason Prije 10 dana
Bro I clicked faster than Anna can say Danny ice cream cone 😭😁
simonett sarpong
simonett sarpong Prije 11 dana
I understand why mads is mad with them but I don’t know if it helps her to keep talking about them especially online i feel like it’s more like I am closing the „door“ but not fully
𝖉𝖗1𝖌𝖌𝖞 Prije 11 dana
honestly nessa and jaden are cute together idc what you all says its called a opinion and i think mads needs to chill out, literally all she talks about is “jaden jaden jaden” like wtf are u obsessed?
It’s me Lol
It’s me Lol Prije 12 dana
Love your videos
Ghala Mohamed
Ghala Mohamed Prije 12 dana
Ghala Mohamed
Ghala Mohamed Prije 12 dana
Sis stop watching her
mads pacheco
mads pacheco Prije 13 dana
lol its not just indi's podcast, both zach and jared both make it even better
baby Quinn
baby Quinn Prije 13 dana
I feel like people just need to forget James or forgive him because y'all be string stuff out for absolutely no reason.
Ramanand Ramful
Ramanand Ramful Prije 13 dana
Danielle is a legit attention section!!!
Kamila Mauricio
Kamila Mauricio Prije 13 dana
Mansion but he James Charles was in my approach is new music video at the end🤭
Sarah Says (Sarah S)
Sarah Says (Sarah S) Prije 13 dana
it’s literally insane how many mid rolls this video has lol
Marium Malik
Marium Malik Prije 13 dana
Bruh Nessa keep gonna saying “the truth is coming” but it gonna be another song
McCoya Samuels
McCoya Samuels Prije 13 dana
Everyone keeps saying Mads is being mature but brought the situation to the media and she brought it once again for what 😤🙄🤔
Say Alexander
Say Alexander Prije 13 dana
Okay I know mads didn't come to play, but DAMN DID SHE DRAG HIS ASS. And I'm here for it.
Really don’t wanna be here
Really don’t wanna be here Prije 14 dana
Daniel does this because she wants people start talking about her look her up on TikTok or HRpost and then she’ll get more views and make more money she doesn’t care if she gets canceled she just cares for the clout.
Hitisha Waghela
Hitisha Waghela Prije 14 dana
Bruh all this drama are preplanned just for them to get more famous nd get money 💵
Hannah Allen
Hannah Allen Prije 14 dana
does Danielle watch her videos BEFORE she posts it? ...What is up with these tiktokers saying words they know they should not say. sighhh😖
Daisy Boo
Daisy Boo Prije 14 dana
not trying to be rude, but tiktok is becoming to toxie. i feel disgusting, james charles, tony, zoe. just get off social medi already
Totallynotboog Prije 15 dana
this girl mads
Aleesya Delisha Christopher
Aleesya Delisha Christopher Prije 15 dana
Sorry but what di james charls do
Valeria Quintero-Avila
Valeria Quintero-Avila Prije 15 dana
Danielle at least apoligized like...
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 15 dana
Mads has every right to say that. Don't blame her. Dixie and all of them went after chase omg
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 15 dana
James case is alleged so many people have been exposed for using this disgusting excuse for clout Be careful with your words babe out of love it's alleged
eleni g
eleni g Prije 16 dana
i never comment and this is very off topic, but anna oop please tell me how/what you use edit! it is so cool!
Gaming with Christina
Gaming with Christina Prije 16 dana
you can see my ig chrisinagino that jamecharle is my close friend
plato Prije 16 dana
idk i feel like if u don’t want someone to say it, don’t put it in a song. like it’s not like someone’s going to a black person calling them a n****. they’re just singing along in a song?? i don’t understand why y’all so sensitive
Chianti Johnson
Chianti Johnson Prije 16 dana
Jaden is a hypocrite cause he did the same thing to mads. And now he mad she got a new boo and Christan looks wayyy better than Jaden.🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ Jaden why you stalking ur ex when you could be with Nessa?🤨😏
Zaeleyy Prije 16 dana
I do feel bad for Danielle, she didnt hear it so its not really her fault, stop being such ❄️
Carla Torres
Carla Torres Prije 16 dana
Tbh I would’ve been pretty pissed too if my bf was making a vid like that with another gir- 😤💀
F T A ya heard
F T A ya heard Prije 17 dana
me: NOT DANIELLE COHN DAYING DA N WORD also me: eating my mini pretzel dog from auntie Annie’s
Emma Caes
Emma Caes Prije 17 dana
Dani is with mason so why is she getting dragged for making an innocent tik tok with a guy that’s just her friend?
Emma Caes
Emma Caes Prije 17 dana
I still love Danielle
*NaleeyaOrtiz *
*NaleeyaOrtiz * Prije 17 dana
0:41 um not the voice crack lollll 2:31 not pipers house In The back lol
caleos daughter
caleos daughter Prije 17 dana
Ngl I don’t care about the drama but like why is there new stuff I mean get over them there your ex for a reason Can mads like stop bashing needs this is going to ruin her music career not that that’s possible but her names always going to be associated with this drama just like Selena’s name is somewhat always going to be associated with the Justin Bieber frame
Lydia Osei-brimah
Lydia Osei-brimah Prije 17 dana
I’m just sooooo tired of non black ppl saying the n word then blaming it on mental health like it’s not ok and I feel for josh and mads
Overall slytherin
Overall slytherin Prije 17 dana
Bruh danielle is a kid saying the n word and wearing inappropriate clothes is this really the world we live in?
{ Miss - Ari }
{ Miss - Ari } Prije 17 dana
Watch James end up be innocent like Bryce Hall. Everyone thought he was cheating until Addison said he wasn’t. I don’t get why he didn’t just say he wasn’t cheating. Until someone else everyone knows tells everybody that James is innocent, he’ll be cancelled.
Sara Jevšenak
Sara Jevšenak Prije 17 dana
I don't know why people are saying mads is mature about the situation. uhh no the hack she's not. if she was she would tell the truth once and then leave it alone but this has been going on for 2 months now and she is still mentioning it every time she gets a chance. on every interview. that's not so mature.
Crystal Waites
Crystal Waites Prije 17 dana
Amana Amana
Amana Amana Prije 17 dana
oh my god of those tiktokrs they all ways have drama
jasmine Mel
jasmine Mel Prije 18 dana
CozmixPlayz Prije 18 dana
tiktok is just a drama BATTLEFIELD fr, there's the controversy over james charles, the d'amelios, and even mcyt (basically the fandom dream, tommyinnit, sapnap, gnf, and more mcyt have) tiktok. mcyttiktok is probably the most problematic place i've seen-
Alana Zamari
Alana Zamari Prije 18 dana
gurl you know its a problem if anna makes a whole vid on one subject
Jayla Greene
Jayla Greene Prije 18 dana
Am I the only one who thinks the viewers are starting to get a little to toxic.......
Amna Sajid
Amna Sajid Prije 18 dana
What is the n worddddddddddd
Effie thesim
Effie thesim Prije 18 dana
Mads and josh honestly deserve better friends
Prisca Prije 18 dana
Is it just me noticing they were in front of piper's house
⊑⟒⌰⌰⍜ ⟟’⋔ ⎎⟟⋉⏃
⊑⟒⌰⌰⍜ ⟟’⋔ ⎎⟟⋉⏃ Prije 18 dana
😂 reddit gave me a notification of cringetopia
Jayleen Bowman
Jayleen Bowman Prije 18 dana
Tbh y’all make Dani seem so bad, she’s a kid, you seriously think she would post her sayin the n word if she actually realized what she was saying?!
totalbitch_ Prije 18 dana
PLEASE, anna oop, s t o p talking so squeeky, phoney, & exaggerated. its seriously soo annoying. it makes me not watch ur vids. u have bomb topics, but i cant with the way u force ur self to talk like that. just talk normal
Mary Watters
Mary Watters Prije 18 dana
God loves you and will never stop loving you! Repent of your sins and want to give your life to God. God sent his only Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. John 3:16 tells us how much God loves us.❤❤❤🙏🏾
Chidiebube Prije 18 dana
Not Danielle Ice Cream Cohn 😭😭😭
baddest Pepeetone
baddest Pepeetone Prije 19 dana
you really mad that she lispync the n word gurl, she didn’t say it tho, so don’t even say she said it 🤦🏽‍♀️
Brooke Kirk
Brooke Kirk Prije 19 dana
Ok but Mads is obsessed and I know she got another boyfriend but she still out here tryna cancel people that is literally obsessed vibes I’m surprised her boyfriend hasn’t said anything yet
zoe thomaidou
zoe thomaidou Prije 19 dana
Danielle's apology was faker than my old friends
Aresema Hagos
Aresema Hagos Prije 19 dana
Kiana Jones
Kiana Jones Prije 19 dana
Mads is petty n annoying tbh like we tired of this
river Prije 19 dana
Pop off mads 😊
river Prije 19 dana
I think mads has right ... if Jayden didn’t want this to come out he should’ve have done it
lemons_leaf Prije 19 dana
I don’t care about the situation I’m not on straight tiktok I just watch this because I’m bored but Mads is not mature at all. If she was mature she wouldn’t take it on social media
Naomi Pongola
Naomi Pongola Prije 19 dana
Can you give us some more updates about Charlie and are little Huddy
Zquad Direction
Zquad Direction Prije 19 dana
0:07 lmao bad blood
Ximena Vlogs
Ximena Vlogs Prije 19 dana
How many adsss
princess nay1
princess nay1 Prije 19 dana
I’m my head when I clicked on this video was me saying teaaaaaaaaaa
StoB iT BtS T-T
StoB iT BtS T-T Prije 19 dana
Mads woke up and choose violence.
allie- 678
allie- 678 Prije 19 dana
i like mads she should keep exposing
Kylie Carlton
Kylie Carlton Prije 19 dana
Omg James gives me a headache
Alyssa Perrine
Alyssa Perrine Prije 20 dana
honestly i lowkey believe danielle, but i think this is the only place i'm going to say it because its truly not my place as a white person to say whether or not she took accountability
Tolu Oyesanya
Tolu Oyesanya Prije 20 dana
if its "not an excuse at all" why did dani even bring up her mental health in that "apology" video
manna maria
manna maria Prije 20 dana
Bro no hate but at 2:49 thats lexi hall from tiktok lmao 😂
MEDINA CIARA Prije 20 dana
y'all if someones spells realized like released...walk away they a clown no cap
Abbie Newlands
Abbie Newlands Prije 20 dana
Mads I feel so bad for her mads did what she has to do and it sounds like the truth so jaden is just the worst
Hjjjkjbxxv Jhabvala
Hjjjkjbxxv Jhabvala Prije 20 dana
Fun fact: the purple house in the clip with that guy Dani almost kissed the house belongs to a popular child HRpost named Piper Rockelle she’s 13 years old. Also she used to be friends with that girl clementine that made that toxic comment on Dixie damelios vouge video.
Ayesha Saad Saleem
Ayesha Saad Saleem Prije 20 dana
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 20 dana
mads needa go off 👑
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 20 dana
happy birthday groomer 😒
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 20 dana
if this is the next nessa mads thing imma laugh
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 20 dana
i think this was the best apology dani has ever made
Shaniel Simpson
Shaniel Simpson Prije 20 dana
Someone plz comment and let me know why the icecream cone girl is famous again🤔
Eliana de Frias
Eliana de Frias Prije 20 dana
I think Nessa wanted a repeat of last year 🙄 last year it was Chase- this year it’s Jaden
LiFe wiTh GeNeY
LiFe wiTh GeNeY Prije 20 dana
Daniel ice cream cone 🍦 back at it again 😤🙄
jerry O'Reilly
jerry O'Reilly Prije 20 dana
It's just the usual mads is getting praised that she's in the right and ltr getting hate from the people who were supporting her will then hate in her
lucian Prije 20 dana
she makes me wish i was on straight tiktok
haya hanzla
haya hanzla Prije 20 dana
Dayna is making me die
haya hanzla
haya hanzla Prije 20 dana
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