Gabbie Hanna Has GONE Too FAR.. *CANCELLED*

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anna oop

Prije 25 dana

Gabbie Hanna Has GONE Too FAR.. *CANCELLED*


Eula Kinnie
Eula Kinnie Prije 10 sati
But she was probs right abt the seggsual harassment from David’s team…
Simp Prije dan
8:06 I understand so much why people hate on her
Çøøķįę Bęąř
Çøøķįę Bęąř Prije dan
Confused isn’t even a word anymore-
toasted bear
toasted bear Prije 2 dana
i actually see why gabbie's losing it she was body shamed and was bullied by the internet but the way shes clapping back is just too much
Ava Krebs
Ava Krebs Prije 2 dana
Home girl went crazy
Nope NotNaya
Nope NotNaya Prije 4 dana
I think ppl need to leave her alone and let her make music. To me it seems she can’t handle the negativity properly and is going crazy.
Koko •
Koko • Prije 5 dana
I think Gabbie Hanna nose makes her unique and everybody natural nose shape makes them unique that's why a lot of people are starting to look the same because they have a nose job
TheLetterEe Prije 6 dana
Nah, my dad doesn't like white girls..
TheLetterEe Prije 6 dana
She was trying to keep the memes going.. obviously...
Wow Okay
Wow Okay Prije 6 dana
Soooooo when is someone gonna call David out? Like we understand gabbie is off the rails but David’s behavior towards her when she was in the vlog squad is absolutely unacceptable.
Keeper Prije 7 dana
You've made 2 videos on her before I think
MayaMango Prije 7 dana
If I'm being honest she is a lil crazy.........
DeLaxJinkx RPDR Fan
DeLaxJinkx RPDR Fan Prije 7 dana
I actually feel for Gabby. I hope she gets the help she needs because she seems to be in a dark place
Rielle W
Rielle W Prije 8 dana
Yikessss narcissistic personality much
Yvette Carbajal
Yvette Carbajal Prije 8 dana
do part two please!
tina jan
tina jan Prije 9 dana
I think Gabbie is acting weird bc she wants to become a meme so she can get more attention then she has rn. That’s the dumbest thing way to get attention
hi Prije 9 dana
wait.. SHE SANG THAT?!
Chef Remy
Chef Remy Prije 9 dana
I’m not sure if any of you guys know this, but Trisha goes by they/them pronouns so ya 🏳️‍🌈❤️
hiro ♡
hiro ♡ Prije 10 dana
Tbh if I was gabbie I'd dump that friend group too
TY’LYNN Batiste
TY’LYNN Batiste Prije 10 dana
I don’t really like her as a person but the way she was treated was really bad, and at the end of the day she’s still human and that’s why i don’t comment “I HATE YOU” because she does have feelings.
India Link
India Link Prije 10 dana
Why did I already know what the memes were gonna be?
Vanessa Hernandez
Vanessa Hernandez Prije 10 dana
"I started drama" AHHHHHH 😭✋🏻
Rebecca Moen
Rebecca Moen Prije 10 dana
You know when someone has been bullied so much, sometimes they loose their shit. Y’all are evil for bullying
skvllrxse Prije 10 dana
people are so surprised that she’s gone off the rails. who wouldn’t go crazy and mad after being body shamed by famous identities, being hated for no reason, and etc. i feel bad for Gabbi.. yeah she shouldn’t have handled it like that but fr.. she deserves better
Henlo, I'm Bremd
Henlo, I'm Bremd Prije 11 dana
*my last 2 brain cells hurt reading her poems....
Mégane Chouinard
Mégane Chouinard Prije 11 dana
It is not the fault of other people if ur lives suck
Mégane Chouinard
Mégane Chouinard Prije 11 dana
The amount of people who cant get a life on their own and bully people for stupid shit is insane.... like leave dis girl alone for f sake
Chloe Watson
Chloe Watson Prije 11 dana
I liked the poem...
Willow Ishida
Willow Ishida Prije 12 dana
I clicked on this video, thinking that I was going to find a reason to not like Gabbie Hanna. Ended up feeling sorry about the internet as well as the trolls and haters. I don't know about the blackfishing. It looks like her usual tan and maybe it's a darker filter. And as far as I remember, she's not purely white. And I thought this was usual humor and that the poem was trying to be humorous and it's coming across as such. As well as her instagram stories about looking for attention and stuff are on the same ballpark. Though I have to say the beef with Trisha and the alleged homewrecking with Liza was a bit yikes. And maybe the bullying with the vlog squad were just skits but... damn.
Candy Xo
Candy Xo Prije 13 dana
I used to be a ricegum fan , does anyone remember the beef with her and him 😂
Alaina Prije 13 dana
I dont like Gabbie at all, but the joke David made was just messed up. Even if it was a joke it's not funny.
Vickie Co
Vickie Co Prije 14 dana
Kinda forget she was alive and y'know... Breathing
Denise's world
Denise's world Prije 14 dana
the diet pills was so mean..
Funimate gray
Funimate gray Prije 14 dana
" WhY aRe YoU sCaReD oF mE? " said gabi
Euphoric Jeon
Euphoric Jeon Prije 14 dana
Okay, but Gabbie's poetry book is actually kinda funny.
Kage Prije 14 dana
here’s the thing, i don’t support her but her music videos are sick
Lea Nortier
Lea Nortier Prije 14 dana
I didn't know Her prior to her meltdown so I basically just know her as the crazy youtuber who's poetry suck
Satan Prije 14 dana
She's turning into connor Murphy.
Leah Beah
Leah Beah Prije 14 dana
That bih
Eszter Vy
Eszter Vy Prije 14 dana
My biggest flex is that I never liked Gabbie
Sammy Love you
Sammy Love you Prije 15 dana
That’s just fucked up
Jann Mæple
Jann Mæple Prije 15 dana
There’s drama between helloleesh and gabbie hanna and youtuber Lisa gaming
Giselle Morales
Giselle Morales Prije 15 dana
wtf is wrong with you like age does not matter
April Chxn
April Chxn Prije 15 dana
I do not really like gabbie but like she has all the rights to leave that disgusting squad, they legit body shaming her, and telling her she’s ugly, and all that stuff. They honestly disgust me, it is not okay to body shame anyone nor tell them any of those “jokes” they told her. But what did I expect from david and his crew?
bokutosleftasscheck Prije 15 dana
okay, i recon gabbie isnt a bad person at all. the shit with trisha she cold have most likely heard it from another person and knowing jason just wanting to say like "hey heads up iv heard this blah blah blah" ya know? and all the bullying and hate she is getting makes me feel ashamed to breathe the same air as them. she has expressed that she has a had a rough childhood and they she was being treated in the vlog squad ofc had an effect of her mental health and your job being social media it can have a huge impacted on it mental stability. its sad that people have bullied her so much that shes lost it. none should go threw that.
Silvia Castelli
Silvia Castelli Prije 15 dana
ok but I like the o-positive one...
DD x r a t a a •
DD x r a t a a • Prije 15 dana
I really don’t understand why people hate Gabbie?
Heather Grey
Heather Grey Prije 15 dana
She was bullied and tryna get those bully back but somehow she make things worse. I feel sorry for her sometimes. People making fun of any body parts of other, is a big no no.
Madelin J
Madelin J Prije 15 dana
shes a weirdo
Conny from the promised never land
Conny from the promised never land Prije 16 dana
People call me “gaby” and Anna saying her name makes me feel like she’s saying my name 😂
chevy mangu
chevy mangu Prije 16 dana
Hate those jokes about her body even if I don't like her no one deserves to be body shamed and treated this way
Jayne_0405 Prije 16 dana
I HATE that you're edits as funnier than their supposed to BE😭😂😂😂
Martha Cosgalla
Martha Cosgalla Prije 16 dana
I don't really like gabbie but the "jokes" in the squad made about her is absolutely unacceptable and disgusting
Nina S.
Nina S. Prije 16 dana
she’s crazy but to be fair the vlog squad making fun of her looks wasn’t ok
Daisy medina
Daisy medina Prije 17 dana
kerra miyae
kerra miyae Prije 17 dana
The poem killed me 😩👏👏
BS1 Prije 17 dana
She is Trolling everyone... Don't get Tekashi69
Juno Boy
Juno Boy Prije 17 dana
I never like her, but calling someone ugly or making of her appearance is disgusting!!
Brie Prije 18 dana
Ok so I don’t like gabbie Hanna at all. But on that note those “jokes” the vlog squad said to her were messed up. Like it is just not funny.
Jaimi hughes
Jaimi hughes Prije 18 dana
I think she needs a break from the internet for a bit, just to get her mental health sorted. Maybe even therapy just to see if she need recover herself. Being in drama all the time is draining on you
barz-l Prije 18 dana
Wow the first person who deserves the hate she gatws😂
Julie Krienke
Julie Krienke Prije 18 dana
Gabby, I think it would help to get therapy gabbing, it can be clinical psychology or clinical psychology, pick one that is highly recommended..I've done therapy and it was greatly appreciated by my self Julie krienke MOSKOWITZ BSN MSN RN CFNP ADULT and PEDIATRIC UROLOGY and PSYCOLOGY
Julie Krienke
Julie Krienke Prije 18 dana
If I'm wrong gabbie, she is hurting and threats have come from other supporters and herself, just imo. I did not watch her, her demeanor it is called immature, not worth son is a criminal attorney , all I have to do is look into this. Any threat is REPREHENSIBLE and should never happen to all youtube creators and their audience Dr Edward Moskowitz MD FACS ABU AAGU mensa. I refuse to watch it, threats are taken seriously by law
zee antolijao
zee antolijao Prije 18 dana
kinda got sad when ppl made fun of gabbie's nose bc mine looks like hers
martwa Prije 18 dana
can u please not scream that loud, I don't wanna be mean, but sometimes your microphone is too loud, it's not hate
afra alfaheem
afra alfaheem Prije 18 dana
there is something messed up here she is middle eastren somone commented white people want to be black like 😑 im middle eastren i get tanned fast
Jazzmin Coronado
Jazzmin Coronado Prije 18 dana
shes not that big..I didn't even know she existed till know
Jazzmin Coronado
Jazzmin Coronado Prije 18 dana
@Dorothea kiddo😂, you make no sense and you didn't hurt my feelings, that's exactly why I said "was that supposed to do something". I'd rather be an outcast then be like the rest of you
Jazzmin Coronado
Jazzmin Coronado Prije 18 dana
@Dorothea how old r u anyways because that was the most childish comment I've seen today
Jazzmin Coronado
Jazzmin Coronado Prije 18 dana
@Dorothea 😂was that supposed to do something, I dont know who she is because I'm not in everyone business like you, just cause there famous doesn't mean people can tear and break them down. Everything that I got from this video was that she was a good person trying to make content but was bullied and harassed by people who have no respect for peoples feelings
Katy Newton
Katy Newton Prije 19 dana
im sorry but like gabbe hanna jeff bazos could look better than uu
Diep Duong
Diep Duong Prije 19 dana
Ok but the vlog squad was lil to hard on Gabbie tbh😕 it’s fine if you don’t agree but I just seem to notice🤷🏻‍♀️
Japhet Gonzalez
Japhet Gonzalez Prije 19 dana
I just think that gabbie is just living her life she's trying to do the best she can and everybody is hating on her and yes she does weird things but I have always love Gabbie and everyone needs to give her a break.💖
Aesthetic Tips
Aesthetic Tips Prije 19 dana
You didn’t have to say “HUGE nose” you could have said big or something a bit nicer
ιтz мє ʝαєlуии
ιтz мє ʝαєlуии Prije 19 dana
Tayla Prije 19 dana
She is starting to act crazy have u seen her TikToks
Moon Girl222
Moon Girl222 Prije 19 dana
Honestly I feel somewhat sorry for Gabbie, it's clear that she may need professional help to deal with her mental health issues and perhaps start on medication. Despite this, she should still apologize to those she has hurt in the process.
Sophie Prije 19 dana
Come to think abt it, we haven’t heard abt Madison beer in a while...
Amaya h
Amaya h Prije 19 dana
making this video is jus gonna get her more hate i was actually a fan of hers from vine gabby has always struggled with mental health n i doubt the hate is helping
girlieer mwa
girlieer mwa Prije 20 dana
Y’all can’t get mad at her for bullying her for years and her finally breaking
Playing with Gianna
Playing with Gianna Prije 20 dana
Bless her heart
Adawiya Unda Magandia
Adawiya Unda Magandia Prije 20 dana
Idk Gabi at all but I kinds feel bad for her..
Ok Boomer344
Ok Boomer344 Prije 20 dana
Wtf y’all ruined her mental health
Jes Jacobs
Jes Jacobs Prije 20 dana
You're defending her...?😆🤣🤣
alexbalex Prije 20 dana
I know gabbie was bullied and I understand that, but she is turning INTO THE BULLY. I’m getting fed up with her shit, she’s picking fights, I mean seriously. Some people just weren’t made for fame, and gabbie is one of those ppl. I think she just needs to get off social media and take care of her mental health. Social media is toxic for her and it shows. She’s destroying her own health by trying to fight ever single person.
Girl Squad
Girl Squad Prije 20 dana
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 20 dana
i’m sorry but her poems be like harvard college essays LMAOOO
Adeline Comboy
Adeline Comboy Prije 20 dana
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 20 dana
if anna starts making videos about trisha and gabbie i swearrrr lmaooo
Samantha Bomba
Samantha Bomba Prije 20 dana
to everyone saying "omg she's so confident", I think she's just arrogant and a narcissist lol
Lo-fi Aesthetic
Lo-fi Aesthetic Prije 20 dana
Not the diet pills ad💀💀
Aria Karamanlis
Aria Karamanlis Prije 20 dana
RM's Dimples
RM's Dimples Prije 20 dana
Gabbie's the only to be cancelled multiple times a year
Adna Nuhagic
Adna Nuhagic Prije 20 dana
what david and them where doing to her wasnt right so props to her for leaving but i think she needs to start acting mature and owning up to her actions
akuno Prije 20 dana
she might have borderline personality disorder
it’s kenzie
it’s kenzie Prije 20 dana
I think I know what she is doing she’s trying to act all like she’s on something just for attention and money
fabrizio lora
fabrizio lora Prije 20 dana
If there’s ANYTHING that I envy about ANY and EVERY influencer, especially people like GABBIE HANNA or NIKITA’s their confidence 💀😭
Survivor Telling
Survivor Telling Prije 20 dana
As a writer, i can say Gabbie's "poems" are not poems. They are just mini statements. Poems are suppose to express a emotional or story. The credit card one was kinda a poem. Sometimes, writers don't realize their writing is not good. Sometimes, it hard to take criticism. I know it is hard for me, but that is how you get better. I do feel somewhat bad for her. I could not imagine getting made fun of for everything I do. It makes sense why she would have gone crazy, but that is not a excuse to start drama. Maybe she wants to seem tougher than she is, so she is not made fun of. I hope she can ignore the haters and stay out of drama, but this is easier said than done.
Chirp The Disc
Chirp The Disc Prije 20 dana
david ruined her so much.
PL4ST1C. Prije 21 dan
I hate how she was joking about the adhd thingy that made me pissed off as a person with adhd.
First Last
First Last Prije 21 dan
She needs serious help
Amp Squad Fan
Amp Squad Fan Prije 21 dan
I may hate Gabbie but David Dobrik’s jokes arent funny they are hurtful and when they are bullying her because of her nose is disgusted me
Emma Bae
Emma Bae Prije 21 dan
What is with the ads it’s annoying
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