The Sad Reality Of Honey Boo Boo’s Life

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anna oop

Prije 17 dana

The Sad Reality Of Honey Boo Boo’s Life


Rachel West
Rachel West Prije 38 minuta
I literally just met her mother in Target in Florence, AL a few weeks ago. When I say she was high, I mean it. So incredibly sad.
Fart Doodles
Fart Doodles Prije 57 minuta
Honey Boo Boo needs to meet Richard Simmons ASAP!
LauraOnDuty Prije sat
I sure hope Alana’s dreams come true and she’ll never have to worry about being seen as “Honey Boo Boo” again.
Michaela Stanley
Michaela Stanley Prije 2 sati
Alana deserves the world ❤️ I really hope she achieves her dreams and things get better for her
Possibly Maybe
Possibly Maybe Prije 3 sati
I love Alana. I just want the absolute best for her. She’s so strong and beautiful inside and out. The little angel. She’s so intelligent
Mary Ellen Putnam-Reinhardt
Mary Ellen Putnam-Reinhardt Prije 4 sati
WTF is wrong with JUNE! What a mess.
Sierra Lorraine
Sierra Lorraine Prije 4 sati
If y’all didn’t know childhood obesity is abuse, that fact alone should’ve been a red flag for y’all but noooo her mom lost weight so it’s okay! Then putting her in pageants and TV as a literal child? The fuck man. She was destined to be grow up fucked up.
Lil Q
Lil Q Prije 6 sati
Ironic how when she was little everyone thought she would grow up to be a wild child but her mother really took that role.
fullsun hyuck
fullsun hyuck Prije 8 sati
God bless her! I hope she continues her education to get her dream job i really do.
ak Prije 9 sati
i forgot she existed omg
And yet the kept the Duggers..
kalifornia oconnor
kalifornia oconnor Prije 11 sati
Mama June is abusive PERIOD, even from the start. I hope all her kids are doing good and I hope mama June gets the help she needs and grows up.
emily debois
emily debois Prije 11 sati
I like the Alan's she is now. Some of us bloom in tines of darkness and she IS one of those flowers that will bloom!
Paige Harris
Paige Harris Prije 11 sati
Why do most the tea channels sound like this chick? Ughh
Grace Blackthorn
Grace Blackthorn Prije 14 sati
ok I love coffee but my mom only let me try it when I was 11 but I didn't start drinking coffee until I was like 13 and even then it was mostly milk...that much caffeine for a 6 year old is just asking for trouble
Emma Potato
Emma Potato Prije 15 sati
it's crazy to think that she's only a month or so older than me and has gone through all of that, especially on tv. i wish her the best in everything she does
Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera Prije 15 sati
Honestly I love Anna Oops voice
Midnight Warrior
Midnight Warrior Prije 16 sati
I literally thought she would grow up spoiled and bratty. I was wrong
Jack_Bunny Prije 16 sati
Ever person that been on toddlers and tiaras has such a f**ked up life why is that show even on the air anymore
Duckling on Duty
Duckling on Duty Prije 16 sati
the fact that honey boo boo is MY AGE?!?!?! i'm shocked
Jane Hoe
Jane Hoe Prije 17 sati
she's a smart girl who was damaged and used early in life and is trying to get back straight, praise her. good for you little queen.
h Prije 17 sati
I used to be friends with alana and she was the sweetest person ever. She never seemed to like fame, and never deserved this treatment. Her sister works at my local walmart and everytime i see her I ask how she is doing.
eliana yvonne
eliana yvonne Prije 17 sati
How are you going to literally say in the video, “she’s trying to distance herself from the name honey boo boo” than title your video, “the sad reality of honey boo boo’s life” like wtf 👎🏼
random okami
random okami Prije 18 sati
TLC doesnt give a F* about the well being of this show xD they only give one about the money they generate, so sad
DwayneStorm Prije 19 sati
Alana matured so much. I'm so happy to see her doing a little better, but it's so sad that her life was almost turn upside down from that show and her mom's drug abuse. I hope she continues to find peace
Maggie Humphrey
Maggie Humphrey Prije 19 sati
Pumpkin is such a good sister.
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose Prije 20 sati
You made me cry at the end! I loved this please do more
Mrs. HandyJay
Mrs. HandyJay Prije 20 sati
These poor kids. June is such a selfish mess.
purplecat733 Prije 21 sat
Forget honey boo-boo y’all need to watch precious plum it’s a college humor series and it is the funniest thing
WooSan's Matching Tattoo
WooSan's Matching Tattoo Prije 21 sat
Can't believe she's the same age as me and has been through so much...
Bruna Prije 21 sat
Me, an average Brazilian who could drink 5 cups of coffee since ever and it was basically hot bitter water for me listening that 2 cups is too much: okay...
A. P
A. P Prije 21 sat
Does anyone else feel that this is disrespectful? It’s like digging up someone’s trauma for tea
Skarbie Well
Skarbie Well Prije 22 sati
... "I wanna be an architect." - Sarah Lynn
衛巴 Prije 23 sati
I feel so bad for alana
person that is fangirling
person that is fangirling Prije 23 sati
i watched the family for a while and Alana is truly such a sweet young woman
deeprose4 Prije 23 sati
I used to feel like they were just fame seekers, but after seeing what’s happened to her recently, It’s really sad that Alana & her sisters have been treated like shit by her mother. However, TLC’s comment about protecting the welfare of the kids seems a bit ironic considering they let Big Ed abuse women continually.
NotToClever xx
NotToClever xx Prije 23 sati
Why wasn't you there Why was not you there?
KN W Prije dan
i remember when i was younger and we would be like "no honey boo boo chile" but now.....
Naya Kirky
Naya Kirky Prije dan
She’s not 3 anymore..?
China Doll
China Doll Prije dan
Lmaoo imagine getting on the internet and seeing a video basically explaining why your life sucks. What if this was her last straw? 😩
Melody Henderson
Melody Henderson Prije dan
It made me cry when she cried 😥
StaceySharee Prije dan
I hope this young is so damn successful in life, she deserves it.
D V Prije dan
dude come on with the vocal fry at the end of your sentence EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE
XxkurokomiichanxX Prije dan
1 cup of coffee? coffein doesnt do ANYTHING for me, not even energy drinks, idk whats wrong with me xD
listen 2 me bc 1 care
listen 2 me bc 1 care Prije dan
i remember finding her so annoying when i was younger & it’s sad to find out things like this. the fact that the mother is almost purely at fault & now she’s stuck being a “child star”. i’m so sorry for this poor child, being thrown into spotlight & having her life exploited since she was a very very young child. it excites me that she knows she wants to be a nurse, that’s awesome for her honestly !
ActualReality Prije dan
It doesn’t really sound that sad at the end? I’m pleasantly surprised to see that she is making something of herself and wants to be a nurse. She speaks more eloquently now than anyone else in her family.
Aislyn Clark
Aislyn Clark Prije dan
My parents were on drugs growing up and I KNOW how traumatizing it is being in an unsafe environment and not knowing what your parents are gunna do next.. I feel so bad for Alana❤️ I hope she finds peace and can get some therapy eventually
manda Prije dan
u can tell alot of scenes are scripted but that argument between her and jennifer was 100% real and it was so sad to watch
Kgo40 Prije dan
Ok I can’t have coffee bitch to bad I love Starbucks
L. Q.
L. Q. Prije dan
Does she still Holla for a Dolla?
Keymari Greene
Keymari Greene Prije dan
To call someone else's life "sad" is a bit f'ed up especially since she was/is still a child, but yea I'd agree her early years have been challenging.
Jamie Prije dan
I really hope she doesn’t follow in some of her younger sisters footsteps and become a young parent. Don’t get me wrong, anything is possible these days. But it’s just so much harder and I really hope she gets to be a neonatal nurse and is the first in the family to go to college.
Life with Jaddah
Life with Jaddah Prije dan
I saw them like two years ago on honey boo boo birthday
Sam Prije dan
I’m sorry but the dads are making me scream my head off
katMeusburger2006 Prije dan
Alana is so amazing and has so much potential and talent built up inside of her but the family's distorted image has fucked her up.
Patrema Gilbert
Patrema Gilbert Prije dan
Woe mama June had a tough time
V C Prije dan
I’m sorry to say I think Alanas life would be a lot worse if she wasn’t on tv
Destiny 100
Destiny 100 Prije dan
Lol 2 cups of coffee gasp I'm more worried about the sugar
Hisoka Morow
Hisoka Morow Prije dan
She’s 16- 😀
Shania Nalley
Shania Nalley Prije dan
Its mike btw
astro princess
astro princess Prije dan
seems like her mom was groomed. and there must be a reason for her to be sleeping around. she wouldn’t just do that for no reason.
Tegirdy Farms
Tegirdy Farms Prije dan
she isn’t any different from the rest of america kids here drink like 12 packs of soda a day
Bonnie Isabel
Bonnie Isabel Prije dan
She is such a good person and really had a rough life :(
Jazmine taken
Jazmine taken Prije dan
Yeah i did a pageant once with her when i was younger
Alfonso Méndez Huerta
Alfonso Méndez Huerta Prije dan
who are you and what did you do to Butter Face?
m vimpster
m vimpster Prije dan
this hurts my heart
Amora Acho
Amora Acho Prije dan
She seems like such a sweet girl I hope things go well for her
Mich Prije dan
go-go juice is the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee narrator: "I can only handle 1" me: lol, amateurs
haleymist09 Prije 3 sati
Lol my thoughts too. My caffeine addiction knows no bounds
Brittanie Wilson
Brittanie Wilson Prije dan
Her mom doesn’t even get it. It’s not about “well thank goodness I didn’t” it’s the fact that you have a problem that has effected your children and you need to fix it. She seems so snotty for no reason
V XD Prije dan
Stop saying “substance”. She was doing meth.
Emma Grinnell
Emma Grinnell Prije dan
I was glad her sister stepped up and took custody. Because in my eyes, neither of her parents were fit to raise her.
DonnieBoi Prije dan
I feel bad for not understanding half of what Alana is saying. I don’t mean to be offensive, I’m just struggling to understand what she was saying when talking about pumpkin?
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball Prije dan
Did she just say that she gets totally buzzed from one cup of coffee ???????????
Júlia Kercsmár
Júlia Kercsmár Prije dan
to be the daughter of a troublednmom who dropped out in 10th grade, jump through impossible whoops and persue higher education is incredibly admirable. i really hope ahe can find a time in her life when she will be content and in a safe place.
olivelourd. js
olivelourd. js Prije dan
Alana has become an amazing young woman and she will only continue to rise. I wish her all the best.
Angel Like
Angel Like Prije dan
Well, I didn't expect to cry watching this.. 😭
Ona Zazini
Ona Zazini Prije 2 dana
Alana literally gave up her childhood so we could have one and my heart is breaking knowing that shes been through so much
Shady Marc
Shady Marc Prije 2 dana
Wow, thanks for highlighting all of this. TLC definitely gets involved in REALITY tv for better or worse and I hope they continue to support this family
Tamara Čolić
Tamara Čolić Prije 2 dana
Ofc she had a rough childhood, she was in the pageants
Pixl Finch
Pixl Finch Prije 2 dana
Wow this video was heavier than I expected. I feel terrible for the girl.
D Generic
D Generic Prije 2 dana
"TLC... dedicated... children's well-being..." To quote that crazy pastor, Kenneth Copeland, "HA HA HA HA HA! HAHAHA! HA HA HAHA!"
Kashlyn Smith
Kashlyn Smith Prije 2 dana
shes not lucky, shes BLESSED!
Kashlyn Smith
Kashlyn Smith Prije 2 dana
Codi Marie
Codi Marie Prije 2 dana
I’ve watched a little bit of the road to redemption. Alana’s father sugar bear... his wife is TOXIC AF!! She is a huge reason Alana and her dad don’t have a good relationship! The lady is insane! Doesn’t give two f’s about Alana! It’s extremely sad honestly!
persephoney Prije 2 dana
i teared up when she was crying to her mom
tesscheer Prije 2 dana
The parents should be locked up
Alissa Cook
Alissa Cook Prije 2 dana
Alana’s dad’s name is MIKE Thompson, not Mark. 🙃
MyDestiny798 Prije 2 dana
Alana is such a sweet person and so so beautiful! That vogue mag shoot she looked GORGEOUS in!
Karma Chengapa
Karma Chengapa Prije 2 dana
Me drinks a full 2 cups of black coffee Also me : falls a sleep within 5 mins 🥲
loopyfae Prije 2 dana
I refuse to believe she’s already 16
Sophia Chu
Sophia Chu Prije 2 dana
Lost parents raise lost children :(
Rayonna Shilay
Rayonna Shilay Prije 2 dana
The show name changed to mama june
anabelleb99 Prije 2 dana
Actually pumpkin and Jessica share the same father
Jos. Prije 2 dana
Alana was exploited by her mom and TLC…. The family dynamics are just sad.
Breanna Marie
Breanna Marie Prije 2 dana
any disclaimers?
Skowt Woods
Skowt Woods Prije 2 dana
oof, I burst into tears.
Stupid Coffee
Stupid Coffee Prije 2 dana
I hope everyone who hurt Alana dies respectfully 🧝‍♀️ And let’s make sure we are saying høñęÿ b**
Charity LaBounty
Charity LaBounty Prije 2 dana
Alana is amazing even though she has been through so much
Bigman abram
Bigman abram Prije 2 dana
Her life was terrible
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