Addison Rae EXPOSED For Illuminati? Jaden Hossler TRUTH About Racist Past?! Danielle Cohn CANCELLED?

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anna oop

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Addison Rae Is In The ILLUMINATI?! Jaden Hossler TRUTH About Racist Past?! Danielle Cohn CANCELLED?
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anna oop
anna oop Prije 18 dana
what do y'all think about todays tea luvs?
Brianna Aragon
Brianna Aragon Prije 3 sati
It was weird
Ana Reyes
Ana Reyes Prije 10 dana
Good girl
Kelly Wilson
Kelly Wilson Prije 12 dana
Bro when u said at 7:01 that she offended autistic ppl that’s just messed up 😭🤚🏻 my brother is autistic
Kenyatta King
Kenyatta King Prije 13 dana
50k_Vintage Prije 14 dana
Pretty good 😌
Charlotte St. Pierre
Charlotte St. Pierre Prije 18 sati
addi is Christan bruh
char Prije dan
funny how I'm younger than 16 and yet I'm not racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic or any of the sort. wonder who possessed them at that age to think those thoughts. -_- funny.
char Prije dan
lol i honestly hope these people r joking with the illuminati one-
Raz Prije dan
aNnA can you do a Q and A or do a face reveal when you hit 2 mil? if not your face at least a picture of you with your face covered ? idk something special pleaaase
Nancy Machitar
Nancy Machitar Prije dan
I thought tic tok was a fun unproblemeatic place butt I was wrong
Cloud Pillow
Cloud Pillow Prije 2 dana
What does "slurs" or "r slurs" mean
TheDrama Channel
TheDrama Channel Prije 2 dana
As a person with a few disabilities, i dont understand why you guys think the "r" word is a "slur.
Bellsie :3
Bellsie :3 Prije 2 dana
can we talk about how youre so close to 2 mil
Pia Martin
Pia Martin Prije 3 dana
What’s the kk thing 😅
Mxdnxght_Skies Prije 3 dana
Yall remember when the devil horns used to be a gang sign? 😂😂
Mxdnxght_Skies Prije 3 dana
Illuminati is still a thing..?😂😂😂
alicia oosterbeek
alicia oosterbeek Prije 4 dana
Again not them being probelmatic but the fans and haters for making up runors
Manvir Kaur
Manvir Kaur Prije 4 dana
Y'all are like kids you guys still believe in alluminati i'm 13 and i don't even believe in that uhg y'all are like kids...... gosh like grow up people........
xXBhaddie_KaylaXx Prije 5 dana
Retarded isnt a slur... people just say it to call people stupid or something stupid. It might be offensive to others but... come on now yall make everything offensive these days. It was fun living in a time when social media just started and ppl didnt get hate for saying retarded. And im not defending Danielle because she needs to be canceled for good. Edit- i also dont think by saying retarded goes directly to ppl with disabilities. Its just a way of calling ppl dumb. Dont make dumb or stupid a slur too.
Mazna Tv
Mazna Tv Prije 5 dana
First of all that’s not apologizing because if you hurt somebody’s culture they’re gonna hurt your feelings and I’m ready to kill someone these days for real I can be a serial killer
Paige Mayo
Paige Mayo Prije 5 dana
This illuminate shit is so stupid 😭😭
N e z u k o
N e z u k o Prije 5 dana
Just gonna say it once, and ONCE only. 𝙅𝘼𝘿𝙀𝙉 𝙃𝙊𝙎𝙎𝙇𝙀𝙍 𝙄𝙎𝙉’𝙏 𝘾𝙐𝙏𝙀 𝙉𝙀𝙑𝙀𝙍 𝙒𝘼𝙎. ❤️❤️
violet Lopez
violet Lopez Prije 5 dana
Brooklyn Castro
Brooklyn Castro Prije 5 dana
since when is saying retarded offensive?
Ruby Parkin
Ruby Parkin Prije 6 dana
can someone tell me what the r slur is? just so i know what it means and not to say it!! sorry i’m younf
Saige James
Saige James Prije 6 dana
Lmfoaoao anti drip on Anna oop
Amanda George
Amanda George Prije 6 dana
Addison is not-
abigail brome
abigail brome Prije 6 dana
lol poop
lol poop Prije 6 dana
We need to replace some tic toker cough cough tony lopes
lol poop
lol poop Prije 6 dana
*chairl not I didn’t 😖*
Miss Grande.
Miss Grande. Prije 7 dana
addison joining the illuminati i cant- 😭✋
PD Playz
PD Playz Prije 7 dana
I'm not trying to hate on Anna but why do you have that purple thing on your face? Not trying to be mean, Just a genuine question.
AngelSpit Prije 7 dana
selling ur soul isnt real lolzies
Gisele Diaz
Gisele Diaz Prije 7 dana
I swear y’all so dumb! THE ILLUMINATI !? Really ?
felicity Prije 8 dana
addisons to pretty to not be in the illuminati
Lesly De La Cruz
Lesly De La Cruz Prije 8 dana
They sell there soul so they can have more money and clout😒😒😒😒
Mateya Arvin
Mateya Arvin Prije 9 dana
hey im ok that quinton and jayden are both fans of trump because im am to. 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷
nai is my queen
nai is my queen Prije 9 dana
isn't it funny how people complain ab people not adressing stuff then they get mad when they do adress it?
Sedona Allen-Brodeur
Sedona Allen-Brodeur Prije 10 dana
OK LMFAO ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO "sell your soul" wtf is everyone on the Illuminati isnt even real. Like please I'm laughing at how stupid it is to sell your soul for followers. I've done that hand sign about a MILLION times I can't imagine being accused of being in the "Illuminati"
TheIvyPlayzz Prije 10 dana
anybody who is Islamophobic i am against you, because we respect your religion and you should respect our religion as well
i love rantaro
i love rantaro Prije 10 dana
ppl r concern abt influencers selling their soul pls 😭😭
Stxrmy_Rblx Prije 10 dana
Idk what the r slur even is.
Mel B
Mel B Prije 11 dana
Welp can we really trust any of the people with a platform at this point
Goomw Love
Goomw Love Prije 11 dana
I never knew that the r slur was a bad word since a few days? A few months ago, it was never considered a bad word...
Lea Prije 11 dana
i have one question for everyone, Is it okay to say the r slur if your autistic? or make fun of autistic people if your autistic?
Arianator 770
Arianator 770 Prije 11 dana
How do u sell your soul to the devil? I wanna try it
Kianna Munoz
Kianna Munoz Prije 11 dana
She’s Christian 😲 she’s lukewarm
Thank god im not in straight tiktok
EUGENIE GRACE Prije 11 dana
Y'all I can't take shit seriously. when she said the Kardashians I was laughing idk why😭😭😭💀
Rose Carmelle Germain
Rose Carmelle Germain Prije 11 dana
At this point the illuminati conspiracy theory has gone too far to the point where people can't draw a freaking triangle without being suspected of selling your soul (speaking from experience this week) I swear you can say any crap and just about anyone will believe it I mean if the illuminati was that secret you wouldn't know their signs at all so sit down and go do your homework or at least do something with your darn life please we are tired of this
gamer _girl
gamer _girl Prije 11 dana
Y'all talkin bout groomers but don't mention familia diamond Esthella got PREGO at 17 with a 32 yr
Maxx_345 Prije 11 dana
Addison:takes a photo Everybody:ILLUMANTI
Kang Hyewon
Kang Hyewon Prije 11 dana
This is some good tea today
Sariah Williams
Sariah Williams Prije 12 dana
They were just posing for the pic
Anti Dripping
Anti Dripping Prije 12 dana
that's me exposing addison 😳
amevfx Prije 12 dana
jaden pisses me off so much
Dream of Piper
Dream of Piper Prije 12 dana
Wth is wrong with y’all seriously y’all probably hating on Addison Rae bc of putting her hand on her head while I bet y'all be doing the same get a life. thank you ☺️
roblox girly
roblox girly Prije 12 dana
Well Addison didn’t speak up on the Illuminati thing nor did her family soOoOoOo😐🤚
Grete Ann
Grete Ann Prije 12 dana
am I the only one who has just found out the reta***d is a slur? I mean I can't even remember the last time I said it but I would say it all the time when I was like 7 and never in a derogatory way. I never understood that it was a slur but at least I know now.
Hiraeth Black
Hiraeth Black Prije 12 dana
I ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴡᴀɴɴᴀ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ʜᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴇsᴇ ᴛɪᴋᴛᴏᴋᴇʀs ʀᴇᴀᴄᴛ ᴏʀ ʜᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴇʀᴇ ᴀᴛᴛɪᴛᴜᴅᴇs ᴀʀᴇ ᴡʜᴇɴ ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴡʀɪᴛᴇ ᴀᴘᴏʟᴏɢɪsᴇᴅ.
Cathy Johnson
Cathy Johnson Prije 12 dana
Nobody cares..
Alex Plays Roblox Official
Alex Plays Roblox Official Prije 12 dana
if you guys can what is the r slur?
Chexxry Prije 12 dana
1:22 That’s Hailey sharpe not the damelio sisters 💀💀 cmon now if you wanna show receipts reader has correctly
gorgeous6001 Prije 12 dana
I swear if one person gets famous they are accused of being in the illuminati like Michael Jackson, Billie, Miley Cyrus.
sheldon thomas
sheldon thomas Prije 12 dana
hahaha HOMOPHOBIC!??? i thought they were gay 💀
iiRxuby Prije 13 dana
So now people can't do poses-
Paria the unicorn
Paria the unicorn Prije 13 dana
can someone please tell me what the r slur is?
Danette Prije 13 dana
I know this is a dumb question.. But.. What is KK Communityy? Thanks for the answer 4:45
Zae _
Zae _ Prije 13 dana
Famous people go through a lot of stuff. I mean so much for being famous and not causing scandal because you can’t be really famous and not be included in scandal in your famous journey
kxate Prije 13 dana
Y’all want the influencers to apologize but then when they apologize yall attack them more how it work
Toryann vlog
Toryann vlog Prije 13 dana
Not me watching this 5 days after cuz I have always watch your video as you post them lmao ILY❤
Candy Abel
Candy Abel Prije 13 dana
Jaden making excuses like I was young, like what??? You had the internet, you could get informed and those shitty opinions have consequences in the life’s of other people. If he had a shred of empathy, he wouldn’t have had these opinions.
Kayla Susie
Kayla Susie Prije 13 dana
there’s no ‘r slur’
Siixply Ash Gamiixg
Siixply Ash Gamiixg Prije 13 dana
I’m just not gonna support anyone anymore there’s no tiktoker you can trust
chitelu okwuosa
chitelu okwuosa Prije 13 dana
I don't believe luminati is real 😒
Joselin Lopez Chavez
Joselin Lopez Chavez Prije 13 dana
What’s the asr word ?
Sarah Jade
Sarah Jade Prije 13 dana
I mean, I dont watch dancing tiktoks since it's just not my thing but accusing random girls that they're joining the illuminati is just ridiculous grow up yall
Leah LovesParis
Leah LovesParis Prije 13 dana
Quintion is kinda eh......
Zuzia Ryż
Zuzia Ryż Prije 14 dana
some conspiracy theories go too far....
Nevaeh Williams
Nevaeh Williams Prije 14 dana
annas "BUT" has me dying
Zyierra Parker
Zyierra Parker Prije 14 dana
My brother calls me retarted why y’all so mad?
vivian Gamez
vivian Gamez Prije 14 dana
I love ur vids💞
birdlovers100ibhd Prije 14 dana
Im kinda pissed cause I like Addison Rae and if she actually is associated with the Illuminati then ummmm BYE
amtutorialss Prije 14 dana
Why is Gen Z so sensitive(I'm a part of it so don't take it personally)Like yall will get offended by everytging can we just live the chill life we lived in 2018?😭🤚🏻
shandekai Sealy
shandekai Sealy Prije 14 dana
Why ate the damelios so special no hate to her but charlie is basic why does she deserve 100million in a year obviously they are gonna get suspected of selling their souls
amtutorialss Prije 14 dana
Wtf yall bored,none of them is iluminati 🤚🏻😭
Fidgets 2.o
Fidgets 2.o Prije 14 dana
I miss the old days when jake paul and logan paul were making diss tracks on each other~
rhys Prije 14 dana
oH mY gOd tHeRES A cRAZy rUmOR!
Greta Palshammar
Greta Palshammar Prije 14 dana
I honestly don’t get people at this point. People are hating drama and hating people who are homophobic but then they create unnecessary drama and are begin homophobic to Jojo Siwa:(
R M H Prije 14 dana
you guys are crazy af what goes on in amreeka
Bubblegum King
Bubblegum King Prije 14 dana
Ok let’s be real we all know the kardashians didn’t get where they did without Burying a body or 2
Samar Fatima Khan
Samar Fatima Khan Prije 14 dana
Be Muslim if you want...
Celeste Galimberti
Celeste Galimberti Prije 14 dana
what is the kk ??? sorry i dont know but someone tell me
Viara Ivanova
Viara Ivanova Prije 14 dana
Paradise Yoshi
Paradise Yoshi Prije 14 dana
Addison should just quit tiktok
Amara Playz
Amara Playz Prije 14 dana
Literally u are the only HRpostr that I watch every single day
queen_ nirah
queen_ nirah Prije 14 dana
She didnt even apologize for saying it she apologized for it getting out
Ellery Gilbert
Ellery Gilbert Prije 14 dana
TRI N ITY Prije 14 dana
Lets talk about how anna screams words it kinda funny😅😅
Tallulah Olozulu
Tallulah Olozulu Prije 14 dana
Its funny how yall never go after the celebrities who do the illuminati hand signs they have been doing it for years now yall are blind lol
Alanna edits
Alanna edits Prije 14 dana
Do you really think it would be that easy to spot someone in the Illuminati like actually they wouldn’t make it that obvious or EVERYONE would be exposed
niyah Prije 14 dana
danelle please don't play with nicks little sister , thanks "3 -- management.
Amber O'Brien
Amber O'Brien Prije 14 dana
Loving these videos! I need you to dig into the Momma Tik Tocs.. The # QueenTeam tea and all that because theres a bunch of people invested in that stuff as well!!❤❤
Sibong Kim
Sibong Kim Prije 14 dana
Who cares if they join the illuminati or soul their soul not out problem🚶
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