Charli D'amelio DRAGGED For STEALING This Dance?!, Bella Poarch & Griffin DATING?!, Nessa Barrett..

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anna oop

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Charli D'amelio DRAGGED For STEALING This Dance?!, Bella Poarch & Griffin DATING?!, Nessa Barrett..
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Melody siami
Melody siami Prije 6 sati
who cares of all this people, no career but full of shit drama..
Nicole Lockwood
Nicole Lockwood Prije 7 sati
With nessa I think that she doesn’t deserve the hate because it’s her life and she can do what she wants with it
aesthetic addiss
aesthetic addiss Prije 14 sati
Seida Osman
Seida Osman Prije 16 sati
Can we see your face please please
Jimena Sayago
Jimena Sayago Prije 18 sati
I mean bella is dramatic and she thinks everyone wants her LMAO😭🤚🏽
Karl Gonzaga
Karl Gonzaga Prije dan
2:43 annaoop using ryxn's vid 😭💅✨
Malachi Pio
Malachi Pio Prije dan
Ana I’m back !!!!
Jawaher Mohamed Al-Hammadi
Jawaher Mohamed Al-Hammadi Prije dan
ok like wtf the girl who said char didnt make the tt dance is dump look at the 2 dances and compare them it is so different like wtf imagion u making a dance a someone lying abt it like wth
Kenneth Calvario
Kenneth Calvario Prije 2 dana
I mean do you really have to add the original person who made the dance? I mean not really
Lizairy Negron
Lizairy Negron Prije 3 dana
Oh the renegade
M to the b
Umi Muni
Umi Muni Prije 4 dana
I mean teen renegade are u ganna come at me cuz I did the renegade :) it is just a dance :) 🤣🤣🙄🙄
Sun Gamer
Sun Gamer Prije 4 dana
theres something with the loona comunity that i dont like the are toxic Karl Jacobs replied to one tweet saying "hi" and the community started bashing abd hatibg ob him for saying litteraly hi
Naomi GamezZ
Naomi GamezZ Prije 5 dana
to be honest.. when Nessa made that video with that song she probably only made it as a TikTok, not to give anyone hints or anything. in my opinion (no hate) josh took that TikTok WAAAAAAAAY too seriously.
kalinas poop were
kalinas poop were Prije 6 dana
nessa has young fans that are under aged but if they are so young they should have tht social media and also shes legan idk what age it is in america or what age she is but she is legal and an adult she can smoke if she wants and wasent even smoking it wasnt even lit
XxGalaxyWolf Xx
XxGalaxyWolf Xx Prije 6 dana
I mean pepole can also do the dance if they wannt-
Leevi Ormsby
Leevi Ormsby Prije 6 dana
Am I the only one who is slightly annoyed at her voice? Like sis you dont need to exaggerate it LOL
Ivi Nkambule
Ivi Nkambule Prije 7 dana
But why is Griffin like dixies posts still👀
Yu Myat Zaw Zaw
Yu Myat Zaw Zaw Prije 9 dana
They should just ban the TikTok app everywhere. While Myanmar and some of the counties are having trouble. They are making a deal out of something that's not even worth it. And I am not talking about Anna. Sorry if I offended you anna.
LOL i really missed thr old tiktok no dramas ngl. like wgen 2018 LOL bye
McKenzie Floyde
McKenzie Floyde Prije 10 dana
all griff said was ‘i like your style’ that’s a compliment bella, stop making it seem something it’s not....
Chonkers Prije 10 dana
I love it when she says "hunnnniieee"
Joyell Davis
Joyell Davis Prije 10 dana
Ques Johnson
Ques Johnson Prije 11 dana
Anna oop more like anna QUEEN!
Dahlia Cardenas
Dahlia Cardenas Prije 12 dana
Me just listening to her talk feeling relaxed and then out of nowhere "BUT" lol love your videos keep doing what you're doing
Zara Cummins
Zara Cummins Prije 13 dana
~Sip~ sorry was sipping that tea Anna made!
Ruby O'Connor
Ruby O'Connor Prije 13 dana
ik nessa is 18 but she could atleast say sorry or something not fucking come after her fans for pointing out something she did wrong
nynne bundgaard
nynne bundgaard Prije 14 dana
she just said “PLEASE 😭” like ya’ll need to calm down
ƌ Prije 14 dana
I am opposed with your video ngl
OOFTAA Prije 15 dana
When learning a dance you need to take a good look at the video and practice it not giving credits is just horrible:/
Philisiwe Mazibuko
Philisiwe Mazibuko Prije 15 dana
I can never finish your vids cause I see one that seems more interesting and another one over and over p
Sidney Graziano
Sidney Graziano Prije 16 dana
Wait we talk about stuff from 2019 and early 2020 what
Mah Mah
Mah Mah Prije 16 dana
Dont say omfg
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Prije 17 dana
I let go of tiktok for a year and........
Kahlani Prije 17 dana
Why is this chick screaming?
Alexa Ganpat
Alexa Ganpat Prije 18 dana
Anna is getting to caught up with the fame
Amber Rose Sullivan
Amber Rose Sullivan Prije 18 dana
🤦‍♂️ and Dixie and Noah are still together
lili cosmos
lili cosmos Prije 19 dana
People can't take a joke
Goku black Mui rosea
Goku black Mui rosea Prije 19 dana
nvkdjdshuhgbs god tiktok is sooo toxic im moving onto likee XD
Joleen Soto
Joleen Soto Prije 19 dana
me be like; dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Parker Plantinga
Parker Plantinga Prije 19 dana
I mean, ness a is her she can do wut she wants but it is bad for her
Beatrix Cross
Beatrix Cross Prije 19 dana
i feel like people need to stop being so rude to other ppl it makes me sad that people cant understand that we should respect everyone and not jump to conclusions its heartbreaking
Violet YT
Violet YT Prije 19 dana
This is why I am taking a break from tiktok-
Bella Life!
Bella Life! Prije 20 dana
Stan stray kids and b t s. They aren’t problematic-
The Cousins
The Cousins Prije 20 dana
The Cousins
The Cousins Prije 20 dana
Regina's Art
Regina's Art Prije 20 dana
Bella really thinkin' Griffin wants her. Let the man give a harmless compliment
Marie Lawrence
Marie Lawrence Prije 21 dan
Lol they copied her dance but np she went on the Ellen show and danced witch twitch while Charlie just moves her hips around?
jaanvi Prije 21 dan
jherianne louise ongteco
jherianne louise ongteco Prije 22 dana
There wouldnt be drama if u guyswont hate them lol
dino nuggies
dino nuggies Prije 22 dana
im eating noodles with a spoon~ random lol
Harmanii Sahri
Harmanii Sahri Prije 22 dana
Tbh y’all act like these tiktokers are supposed to do everything for kids like 8-10 why do these 3 graders even have social media..??? Likeeee
Carlo Rijkers
Carlo Rijkers Prije 23 dana
Like ok it was rude of Bella but getting your Friends in
XxWaffle_ QxeenxX
XxWaffle_ QxeenxX Prije 23 dana
You definitely listen to canceled by Larray 💀
Francesca Florescu
Francesca Florescu Prije 24 dana
it’s nessas choice if she wants to smoke or not, not y’all trynna control her choices or sum.
Helena Schiavinato de Mattos Cunha
Helena Schiavinato de Mattos Cunha Prije 24 dana
the trisha paytas photo in anna´s screen omfg
Aron Biju Philip VIII - E .12
Aron Biju Philip VIII - E .12 Prije 24 dana
I'm just gonna put some smtin at the end. . Naw this ain't it . Trust me it's the truth . Aight fk it Bella Poarch is overrated 😎
suhaida schnapp
suhaida schnapp Prije 24 dana
I mean like yrd dance is actually from red velvet a kpop band without creds they just put red velvet in the caption
Mohammad Al-Saleh
Mohammad Al-Saleh Prije 24 dana
Yas queen spill some more tea????
12kdevz Prije 24 dana
BYE- Bella thinks she’s so important and beautiful that everyone is gonna be simping for her when all he said was “I like ur style” she’s a dumbass and thinks she’s the best In the world
Ivan Ellul
Ivan Ellul Prije 25 dana
Auguiste 4
Auguiste 4 Prije 25 dana
Real talk I haven’t touched grass in a while😐
LaKena Curtis
LaKena Curtis Prije 26 dana
my morning routine consits of bacon eggs and a waffle and water with this pipping hot tea
Sonia Babakhani
Sonia Babakhani Prije 26 dana
Nterful Prije 26 dana
It's old news but... Honestly, I don't get it, I won't go off in a comment section but @'ing someone isn't that hard. If you didn't know before you got famous, you know now, so just freaking give CREDIT!
Donut_PlayzYT Prije 27 dana
Ofc Charlie gets all the fame for stealing a dance And its like A poor man dating a Famouse person then the poor man gets famouse then breaks up now hes famouse Charlie gets fame And million likes She steals everything idk why we made that spoiled family Famouse and make the people who ACTUALLY deserve to be famouse Not a stealer Charlie and dixie Getting fame from charlie for being her sis the internet is so Dangerous White girl gets fame for stealing a black girls dance .
Sisa N
Sisa N Prije 27 dana
That little black girls is talented and it irks me that white privilege almost erased her talents 👁👄👁
Sarah Prije 27 dana
imagine if ppl had credited jalaiah for renegade... shed be the one w 100mil rn... or not considering the racism out there
J'Marie Hines
J'Marie Hines Prije 28 dana
it's not Jaliyah it's Jalaiah
Adrianna Reich
Adrianna Reich Prije 28 dana
Non famous People smoke but famous people can’t???????
Bacon Hair qt
Bacon Hair qt Prije 28 dana
Samera Jones
Samera Jones Prije 28 dana
If she didn’t “steal” the dance she would’ve gave credit when she first did the dance. Even if she didn’t know who created the dance she could’ve said it wasn’t hers. But she didn’t, she stayed silent and took all the credit until she was named the “renegade queen”, and when the original creator came out and said that was her dance thats when she gave credit, and did some pity tiktoks with the original creator so she wouldn’t be cancelled. What she did is literally stealing. Taking something that isn’t yours is stealing, even if you don’t claim it’s yours, it belongs to someone else and you took it 🥱
J'Marie Hines
J'Marie Hines Prije 28 dana
Norris Jayes
Norris Jayes Prije 28 dana
yall we shouldve let trump delete tiktok its so messed up tbh just saying
that’s gissel
that’s gissel Prije 28 dana
she only said “PLEASE” as a joke but it’s true she got her dance famous because she’s white and j is the one getting the hate ? weird
That one basic girl
That one basic girl Prije 28 dana
Charli's fans are such snowflakes she said please like calm down babes
Nevaeh Bolden
Nevaeh Bolden Prije 28 dana
NESSA.... is smoking ONE TIME for a PHOTOSHOOT!! Y’all crack me uuuupppp!!😂
Nevaeh Bolden
Nevaeh Bolden Prije 28 dana
WTF... i hate when people say “ohhh they became this for their younger audience” shut the fuck upppp!!!! No they didn’t. No one told 5 year old to be watching 18 19 and 20 year olds. They aren’t going to be Jojo Siwa (no hate to her she’s amazing and she’s just a kid influencer) but they’re all growing up and aren’t going to just want to be PG on their platforms for 6, 7, 8 and 9 year old kids!! 😩🤍✌🏾
Khloe Crutcher
Khloe Crutcher Prije 28 dana
She did still it so ya
Mia Farris
Mia Farris Prije 28 dana
griffin and bella tho
Daniel and Sarah Draper
Daniel and Sarah Draper Prije 28 dana
2020/2021 sounds like it was a movie written by a eight year old. Am I right?
Axuii Lol
Axuii Lol Prije 28 dana
BELLA WASNT MAKING IT A BIG DEAL- she was literally joking this whole internet can’t take a joke
Axuii Lol
Axuii Lol Prije 28 dana
@Gacha Life Fan fictions yh but it’s literally a joke it’s a lyric of a song
Gacha Life Fan fictions
Gacha Life Fan fictions Prije 28 dana
I agreed she wasn't making a big deal, but how she responded to him was rude.. And she literally exposed him for sliding in her dms, whay was the reason for doing that. Hmm
Marielle Francesca Fabella
Marielle Francesca Fabella Prije 29 dana
ok bella u deserve better. But u want a ride to cheated village with dixie so...
The Visco Family
The Visco Family Prije 29 dana
Ella Barker
Ella Barker Prije 29 dana
Nessa is 18 and can do whatever she wants
Aubrey Amponsah
Aubrey Amponsah Prije 29 dana
No no no don’t get my girl Jalaiah canceled
Amanda Spirit
Amanda Spirit Prije mjesec
Just because someone doesnt give creds in a tik tok doesnt mean they stol the dance. some of yall are dramatic... the only time it should be called stealing is if somebody claims its theres when it really isnt
ana lomic
ana lomic Prije mjesec
me not seeing Zoe in this videos for WEEKS be like wow is she in jail like what is going on?!
•adxlynnplays •
•adxlynnplays • Prije mjesec
gurlll i never seen bella going through this i never seen her having problems ;-;
Muzan 2.0
Muzan 2.0 Prije mjesec
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije mjesec
I mean Nessa cam smoke if she wants to💀 parents should check they kids phones for that, y’all can chill.
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije mjesec
Phat mood Bella💀 but it wasn’t thT serious, the comments made it more serious than it rlly is .
Gabriella Wilson
Gabriella Wilson Prije mjesec
im just PRAYING that these PROBLEMATIC AF tiktokers stop. i dont even see a point to have tiktok anymore. so damn problematic and toxic af🤦🏽‍♀️
keira ;pp
keira ;pp Prije mjesec
honestly griffin deserved it
flxurel Prije mjesec
“please” everyone: *im offended*
Edit by Judy
Edit by Judy Prije mjesec
Nice vid!
Emily Rocco
Emily Rocco Prije mjesec
please do a video of the lopez brothers and the drama. ty!♥️♥️♥️
Itzrose Gaming
Itzrose Gaming Prije mjesec
Bella pourch is the cutest tik toker ☺️♥️
Ana Kokareva
Ana Kokareva Prije mjesec
Vita j
Vita j Prije mjesec
This is why I hate straight tiktok...always is drama
Pig Expeariments
Pig Expeariments Prije mjesec
Bro this video just fully bothers me sm. OMG. 1. THIS WAS OVER A YEAAAR AGO HELLLLOOOO she NEVER claimed it was her dance so seriously shut. Your. Mouthhhh. 2. He said “I like your style” NOT “I love you 😍😍” like chill 😒🤚 yall pressed for what? 3. She doesn’t care. Your wasting your time tbh and you just look dumb your not a “hero” like is that really boosting your confidence? She never “promoted” smoking and yall finna do it anyways so why do you care? She’s fine let the girl live for once omg. Y’all pressed for what?
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