Avani EXPOSED For LYING About HER RACE?!, Nessa IN LOVE With This TikToker, James Charles BULLIED

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Avani EXPOSED For LYING About HER RACE?!, Nessa IN LOVE With This TikToker, James Charles BULLIED
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Tierra Robinson
Tierra Robinson Prije 10 minuta
bruh James should not have to get bullied he literally just singing yall are out of control.
Toxic Val
Toxic Val Prije 11 sati
Literally he sounds fire-
Ashley Chen
Ashley Chen Prije dan
Anna’s like: Hey guys! Your favorite drama queen here! Me: Queen- You ain’t wrong
Shahd Amin
Shahd Amin Prije dan
I am tired of people including them selfes in others people life it's so annoying 🙄
Sharon mabry
Sharon mabry Prije dan
He has a gorgeous voice
pringle Prije dan
not a fan of james. but his singing isnt really bad
Soraia filipa
Soraia filipa Prije dan
I’m tired of your clickbaits Anna...
Rose Abrokwa-Agyei
Rose Abrokwa-Agyei Prije dan
Rose Abrokwa-Agyei
Rose Abrokwa-Agyei Prije dan
They are shaming James bc he does not sound like a girl
Winter Gaming
Winter Gaming Prije dan
2 was pretty bad but 1 was not bad at all stop hating on James!
Frederique Wittens
Frederique Wittens Prije dan
People need to calm down, like you said Anna, he is getting better and I don’t think James’s voice is bad
Audrey Grantham
Audrey Grantham Prije dan
Ok can someone please explain this to me? Like genuinely. How come black people are allowed to say the n-word but if a white person says it its bad? Even if they’re joking around. The only difference is their skin color. So that right there is racist. Not saying that it’s a good thing to say it but why is it bad if a white person says it? Like black people can call white people all these bad names and that’s ok. Please tell me the difference.
fxrah. Prije dan
bruh James is really good at singing like i dont see whats wrong about his voice
Alexandria Dieter
Alexandria Dieter Prije 2 dana
BRUH, JAMES IS GOOD! i've been singing since i was 7 and he's way better then me. people just jealous cause he can sing better then them.
Sofia Manzo
Sofia Manzo Prije 2 dana
at lest James is a better singer then dixie
Siham Ali
Siham Ali Prije 2 dana
I'm not a big fan of James Charles but his singing is amazing the people who are tf mad because he is singing probably they can't sing, he has proven he can sing how can people try to distroy someone like that, if they can't sing don't blame other celebs for singing😌
8theresa3 Prije 2 dana
James Charles: not like they can do better 😒🤚
Roopsy Ghosh
Roopsy Ghosh Prije 2 dana
okay tf his singing isn't bad, like yall come at his singing for no reason smh
Random Things
Random Things Prije 2 dana
When james is getting hate for singing and he’s not even that bad...
Lotta Wiemers
Lotta Wiemers Prije 2 dana
Kaitlin Moya
Kaitlin Moya Prije 3 dana
bro if avani is half black she is allowed to say the n word and maybe she didn’t want to speak on the whole black lives matter thing like not a lot of black creators did and no ones coming after them
Wonwoo’s Wife
Wonwoo’s Wife Prije 2 dana
Shut the hell up Her being 25% African American doesn’t mean she is allowed to say the N word and are you even black to speak on this ?
Marie-Cecile Aphing-Kouassi
Marie-Cecile Aphing-Kouassi Prije 3 dana
james isnt even that bad the haters like goats
Marie-Cecile Aphing-Kouassi
Marie-Cecile Aphing-Kouassi Prije 3 dana
i feel bad for james he gets hated on alot
Marie-Cecile Aphing-Kouassi
Marie-Cecile Aphing-Kouassi Prije 3 dana
HII I WATCH ALL OF YOUR VIDEOS 24/7 and please replyyy!!! your my yt idolllllll!!!!
Lea Noura
Lea Noura Prije 4 dana
the people who are hating on James for singing are probably jelly because they probably sound like a dead cockroach...
adriana Prije 4 dana
Hella people don’t speak about the black issues lol they either don’t really care cuz it doesn’t happen to them or don’t wanna be involved cuz she could maybe not really care she can’t do anything about it my bf is half black he doesn’t rly care cuz he can’t do anything about it about all the stuff that happens he doesn’t speak on them and cause chaos there’s already enough chaos in the world it’s best not to get into it tbh and why do people care about her race so much 😭 who cares what someone’s race is they really care what race she is and she can’t say the n word who cares about the n word omg 😭😭
Desiree Dennett
Desiree Dennett Prije 4 dana
if avani is blck she is black she can say whatever she wants including the n word
The Love
The Love Prije 3 dana
But she’s barely black stop this foolery
dani Prije 5 dana
someone tell Patrick about Jackson 😭
Lulbabyyy.l3A J
Lulbabyyy.l3A J Prije 5 dana
If avani is “ African-American” then she should show us her parents 🤦🏾‍♀️
Lulbabyyy.l3A J
Lulbabyyy.l3A J Prije 5 sati
@hihihihi yuh ok and? But Indian is not black that’s not African-American so....
hihihihi yuh
hihihihi yuh Prije 10 sati
She does show her parents in many of her TIKTOKS her mother is indian
Penguin Pop
Penguin Pop Prije 5 dana
5:28 okayyyy this is rly random but that girl has the same name as me (kaithlyn) and I literally have never met anyone else with the same name as me
motero8020 Prije 5 dana
I think James Charles is really good at singing.✋😌
The GXCHA CXICCEN Prije 6 dana
its probably just me but....whats wrong with james singing😅 atleast he better then me
The GXCHA CXICCEN Prije 6 dana
honestly i dont think his singing his bad
Kaylee Jo
Kaylee Jo Prije 6 dana
this came out on my birthday
kalinas poop were
kalinas poop were Prije 6 dana
addres onlyjayus pleaeeeeeeeeeeee
bano shaan
bano shaan Prije 6 dana
If James wants to sing so be it everyone has there opinions that doesn’t mean your bring someone down like wtf if James is happy singing how is it effecting yall haters just don’t watch the video , click off it’s not that hard u know
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl Prije 6 dana
Who else here hears hey luvsss and then Freaks out gets popcorn and clicks it❤😂🌞 👁👄👁
gpaulj1 Prije 6 dana
So white people can’t say the n word 🙄 🤚🏼
nico minoru fan
nico minoru fan Prije 6 dana
honestly I agree with everyone about the avani situation. she’s only 25% black and I think you have to be at least 40% to say the n word.
badgirl_sophiaa Mc
badgirl_sophiaa Mc Prije 6 dana
PFFT Its crazy how people can tell other people what they are.>HOWEVER , WHY YALL BASHING JAMES?!! Hes learning besides some of ya"ll can"t even sing 🤣
April H.
April H. Prije 6 dana
3kids berryman
3kids berryman Prije 7 dana
I still don’t like James cause that one time he was racist but I still don’t think he should get bullied-
ᴋᴀʀʟ ꜱᴜᴘʀᴇᴍᴀᴄʏ
ᴋᴀʀʟ ꜱᴜᴘʀᴇᴍᴀᴄʏ Prije 7 dana
Miya Jones
Miya Jones Prije 7 dana
I feel like if you going to hate on James for singing why can't yall just say you can't sing and go on with yall dang life
i quit this account
i quit this account Prije 8 dana
In drivers licence,he sounded actually good-
Angels ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Angels ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Prije 8 dana
Avani is allowed to say da n word
xoxlaii MSP
xoxlaii MSP Prije 8 dana
*me and the bebes are typing*
Anika Vam
Anika Vam Prije 8 dana
But...james can sing..
Grace Martinez
Grace Martinez Prije 8 dana
That’s Patrick mahomes brother lmao
Romi Mehta
Romi Mehta Prije 9 dana
How is Avani black? Her mother is Indian and dad Mongolian. Being Indian is not even a race.
Jenny Bug
Jenny Bug Prije 9 dana
I don’t get why we’re worrying about this shit when we can worry about our own lives. Like y’all know u can mind ur own business right
mani uchiha
mani uchiha Prije 10 dana
yall how is a boy going to come up and trying to get ness but you ness has a boyfrinend i just hate that boy i love josh but he went on a sonw to talk aubt tiktos like bro just like stop and i dont like james he atcs like bro he solet dixie song like bro and its not cool and addison and bryce like why lorne grya she is peery but like bro and tish like stop we get but you are serting drame and that why charil cry on her live bc of you and why is that its tsih like stop and you guys wher hateing on lil huddy for his slye i mena come on like tish is not tictok and tish is the ronse why tictok is a bad placl and quitnot trying to be menn just telling and like i have more tea
Mihiraa Prije 10 dana
James sounds really good ❤️! Stop bullying him
Mihiraa Prije 10 dana
Avani doesn't deserve this you can't tell her what to be when she's something else EXEPT THE FACT PEOPLE!
Danna Cortez
Danna Cortez Prije 10 dana
I support you
Danna Cortez
Danna Cortez Prije 10 dana
I love you james
Danna Cortez
Danna Cortez Prije 10 dana
I think James sings better than me
Blxssom Mia
Blxssom Mia Prije 11 dana
Avani never said the n word tho-
Random basic ɢɪʀʟʟʟ
Random basic ɢɪʀʟʟʟ Prije 9 dana
oqhixlism Prije 11 dana
Why can't y'all just let James Charles live in peace, plus his voice isn't that bad...😬
The Shrek
The Shrek Prije 12 dana
Omg Why are people hatful to James singing he’s still learning 🙄
Gurleen kaur
Gurleen kaur Prije 12 dana
5:43 her name is Nessa... Thank u
chussha bebe
chussha bebe Prije 12 dana
Race? everyone wants to be black until they got stopped by police don't confuse race culture she's 25% black white looking white raised as a black person I get offended because as a black person we know what we go through the discrimination the disrespect y'all see black lives matter and all but do you really know what we go through just because of our skin do you know how many people get murdered killed around the world burned alive as a black person I don't say the n word because I know how deep it is what if that ancestor y'all uses as bail ticket what if that was the last word they heard before being painfully murdered. And all whites just support every one who is 2% black the disrespect because of y'all we get disrespected
Avayah Leonard
Avayah Leonard Prije 13 dana
James can sing, all the haters that say he cant are just mad bc they cant sing
Torrance T
Torrance T Prije 13 dana
Mfs wit broken vocal cords really bullying him?
I’m sippin On simp juice
I’m sippin On simp juice Prije 14 dana
I'm sorry but the Avani situation low-key was disrespectful and uncalled for especially for you to say before "I'm not defending Avani.." When shes literlly being forced to continuously "come out" about her race....
Itz ninatutu
Itz ninatutu Prije 14 dana
James is a good singer.
Rayen Ahmed
Rayen Ahmed Prije 14 dana
Not can lie james charles is singing is bad but it’s not awful 😕 and how she put the video of Shakir so doing like those😛😝😜I was dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣
RAJU SAHA Prije 15 dana
lets be honest james is not that bad at singing and most of the people who are making fun of him are probably bad singers lol
Julianna Soto
Julianna Soto Prije 15 dana
no hate but why do people even care what is going on in other peoples lives like if it aint yours don't just assume thing. (no hate to anyone that spills tea i am talking about the people who are attacking the famous people.)
Angie Star
Angie Star Prije 15 dana
Am sorry avani but you don't look black
mishall Prije 15 dana
woah! vickiy.
Marche Mortlock
Marche Mortlock Prije 16 dana
James has an amazing singing voice,like wow🤩🤩🤩
Syd Swan
Syd Swan Prije 16 dana
omfg but I loved that cover
Camilo DX
Camilo DX Prije 17 dana
Avani is half black, I know how hard it feels to be told a race I'm not. In middle school people kept telling me I was black but I am hispanic. Avani just ignore the haters.
Official Froggy
Official Froggy Prije 17 dana
The fact Jackson is grooming Nessa basically- 3 words. Jacksonlagroomer its official Zoelagroomer x Tonylagroomer x Ondreazthesonofabitch x Jacksonlagroomer
Lewis Plays
Lewis Plays Prije 18 dana
God James killed divers license
Evelyn Vang
Evelyn Vang Prije 18 dana
I feel like people have anything to attack anybody just to get clout or ruin other successes and if avani is African Americans than she is. People just don't know anything anymore
Lisa Doorlenhol
Lisa Doorlenhol Prije 18 dana
Uhm tbh the haters are kinda right.. if your black you need to speak up about your OWN race having problems i mean it doesn’t make sense if you don’t and I’m black so don’t come at me
Jerrie Coline
Jerrie Coline Prije 18 dana
Guys....everyone is cancelled
Tropical slimez
Tropical slimez Prije 18 dana
not one of my comments coming in this vid from my tiktok ac bc that comment kinda belw up
Feitan'shotgirlfriend Prije 18 dana
Noelle Zahn
Noelle Zahn Prije 18 dana
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that the guy hitting on Nessa in Patrick Mahomes's brother....
Julievibess Prije 18 dana
Sometimes i lose braincells.
Jax Anonymous
Jax Anonymous Prije 19 dana
Dude straight people drama is so funny 😂. I’m not talking about the race issue I’m talking about everything else.
Khloe Matos
Khloe Matos Prije 19 dana
So If they are like 18 or over they can say what they want
box Prije 19 dana
tiktok is just way too toxic lmao
Stella Prije 19 dana
Ngl James voice is not bad, i like it
Kittlyio Prije 19 dana
His voice is so good
Cassidy Plays
Cassidy Plays Prije 19 dana
atp i’m so sick of cancel culture. y’all need to stay in your damn lanes 😒
mahealani stegehuis
mahealani stegehuis Prije 19 dana
Am I the only one who genuinely thought James did well on that cover? He sang it in a way that worked for his voice (obvi lol) so idk why all y’all gotta clown him sm...it wasn’t bad 😐
sophia k
sophia k Prije 19 dana
avani is half black so ummm it does give her a right to say the n-word i-
Destiny lol
Destiny lol Prije 20 dana
what i think s Avani do not HAVE to speack about black rights or whatever i am black and i know whereshe coming from she does not wanna say anything like...........
Najja Cunningham
Najja Cunningham Prije 20 dana
This is pretty entertaining even though i have no idea who some of these people are.....
TL W Prije 20 dana
Drivers license was already ruined when it came out. Honestly really over rated...
honey Prije 20 dana
You have to AT LEAST be 50% black to BE black.
Noey K.
Noey K. Prije 20 dana
Avani is not problematic.
kylie jewell
kylie jewell Prije 20 dana
honestly, you SHOULDN’T get back with your ex... there’s a reason you broke up-
Avery Cavazos
Avery Cavazos Prije 20 dana
Wait I’m kinda confused can someone educate me but can’t mixed people say the n word but avani can’t?
Milena Benmergui
Milena Benmergui Prije 20 dana
Anna: exuSseEeeeeE mEEEe SIR
Rumplegirlskin Prije 20 dana
Nessa is multi-racial. This is proof that people will find anything to have an issue about just because they hate seeing people gain fame. Omg the guy trying to get with another’s guys girl is just cringe. He isn’t even cute. And the L.A mindset is all about looks and money over personality, and apparently he doesn’t even have a good one. James actually has a vocal coach and admitted he was not that good when he started. However, he took the steps and is taking them to get better. It is the same thing he did with make-up.
woahsophayyyシ Prije 20 dana
James isn’t that bad tho
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