how tiktok got DESTROYED in one year..

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anna oop

Prije 22 dana

how tiktok got DESTROYED in one year..
#annaoop #charlidamelio #tiktok

Mr. Buttnugget
Mr. Buttnugget Prije 14 sati
Y’all remember Zarbruh?? I miss him my favorite TikToker 😭
Just Luna
Just Luna Prije 14 sati
Oh mah gawd addison’s old accent- 🤧
Cheena Niña Badayos
Cheena Niña Badayos Prije 15 sati
Glad that I didn't Stan one of them😝
Malik Fahad
Malik Fahad Prije 16 sati
i want tik tok to be banned to see what they all to
Lena Prije 20 sati
I hate tik tok
jay Prije dan
I miss the old tiktok ngl
some name
some name Prije dan
some of these actions their doing is illegal and could led to sentencing or being fined. Addison Rae’s makeup line stole a line from another makeup brand and even though it could be accidental it would be a felony and could led to be fined (to 300,000) or sentencing (to 3 years) (take that with a grain of salt as law is confusing to me). The one with Bryce Hall is illegal (up to 10k fine or 4 years imprisonment) but it could be just an accusation.
Elie Prije dan
Have a good day god love you
denise hudson
denise hudson Prije dan
I notice you never talk about black tiktokers . I GUESS they aren't problematic. :)
Hima G
Hima G Prije dan
I honestly feel like reels are slightly better than tik tok.. and I'm glad tik tok got banned .. ps. I live in india..
Nairobi Yorks
Nairobi Yorks Prije dan
I kinda miss musicly rn
your local weeb
your local weeb Prije dan
I think one of the humble tik tokers is benoftheweek, he doesn't get into drama too
nadahli booh
nadahli booh Prije dan
hi ._. natalie
hi ._. natalie Prije 2 dana
I miss musically :(
Jacky Scarnix
Jacky Scarnix Prije 2 dana
I’ve left the Tik tik community a few months ago when the toxicity got out of hand I miss when it was just fun videos for entertainment and nothing more
ValentinoSomething Prije 2 dana
back then tiktok was just another annoying ad in 2016, and now it became more annoying and toxic jeezzzuuuss....
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 2 dana
Not you shading Benji😃 Benji is THRIVING
Its Milkiixcow
Its Milkiixcow Prije 2 dana
Lol love how she zoomed in on nessa when she said toxic
Charissa Jerry
Charissa Jerry Prije 2 dana
I'm pretty sure everybody misses the old fun tiktok.
Emma Edens :p
Emma Edens :p Prije 3 dana
Anyone down to unfollow these people for a day and not watch their videos? They would all have a heartache
Nina Petrović
Nina Petrović Prije 3 dana
i think TikTok will soon turn into a living hell tbh everyday theres drama and everyday it gets worse and worse, at this point i think TikTokers will slowly disappear from TikTok and start a career by them selfs
Purnima Kori
Purnima Kori Prije 3 dana
lol, ok
Samantha Abellana
Samantha Abellana Prije 3 dana
This is what i talk about All. The. Time. I mean like tik toc WAS FUN, and then all these tik tockers personal lives get into the mix of entertainment. Now OUR entertainment ended up being the personal drama like we just got used to it and now its so dramatic.
Lenny Baby
Lenny Baby Prije 3 dana
No offense to tiktokers love them but remember when nobody was famous on tiktok it was all about having fun
Sreeja Sasidharanpillai
Sreeja Sasidharanpillai Prije 3 dana
I love that their are other youtubers like kallmekris and Victoria a post fun content
Olakunle Wytee
Olakunle Wytee Prije 3 dana
I believe this girl is an enemy of tiktok..she keeps bringing bad news abt them😂
Sophie Violet
Sophie Violet Prije 3 dana
It went downhill when the so called Tiktokers became celebrity’s 😂
Airianna’s World
Airianna’s World Prije 4 dana
What did Benji do?(A literal question)
Slim Shady
Slim Shady Prije 4 dana
okay but whats wrong in being a trump supporter cuz im one.
Corimoon Prije 4 dana
Well then you can go to hell
Rowa Prije 4 dana
if only there was no drama it would be better 🤠
Mahi Rahman
Mahi Rahman Prije 4 dana
Wait can y’all explain which TikTokers we’re islamophobic?
Remi Walker
Remi Walker Prije 4 dana
It's honestly funny how everyone's surprised at how TikTok is currently, maybe I was the only one with bad vibes since day 1
Corimoon Prije 4 dana
I was too lmao. I saw this coming.
juliet Prije 4 dana
lmfao, i thought this shi was gonna be vine or musicaly bruh nvtfm smh
A.J. Perez
A.J. Perez Prije 4 dana
Girl I love your videos BUT hate the BUT you scream.
Lil Moon
Lil Moon Prije 5 dana
Ik that I'm late on this video but.... Ever since Charlie ever came into the app things started to change really fast this is just my honest opinion
Exø Føx
Exø Føx Prije 5 dana
Ppl on alt tiktok be like: 😏
Cali gacha
Cali gacha Prije 5 dana
Excuse you benji was forced to yoo bitch
•Blueiiツ• Prije 5 dana
This is kinda why i quit tiktok...
butt3r Fly
butt3r Fly Prije 5 dana
*tiktok twerking
hsjsnsjjs snj sjdndjsn
hsjsnsjjs snj sjdndjsn Prije 5 dana
benjy didnt loose his career baby, he was innocent. if you dont keep up with drama updates dont make videos about it
Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty Prije 5 dana
Someone has to do something about TikTok we have to make this viral so maybe the person that creates TikTok do something about this who is with me ??
Magenta Steele
Magenta Steele Prije 5 dana
i don't know about you guys but tiktok is still fun for me. i'm not following these influencers so i don't really know these toxic dramas and all. most contents on my fyp is anime lol.
SOPH1AWISHESXO Sophia Prije 6 dana
saeyi Prije 6 dana
dk how they can even be happy abt being famous frm an app with no real talent 😃
Helen Valencia (Student)
Helen Valencia (Student) Prije 6 dana
Anyone miss 2019 summer tiktok?
pepi_jy_ Prije 6 dana
I've been since musically even😭😭😭 old dayssss!!!
Anjalika Khare
Anjalika Khare Prije 7 dana
sophia 1577
sophia 1577 Prije 7 dana
I un followed all of them. I miss 2016-2018
sophia 1577
sophia 1577 Prije 7 dana
I un followed all of them. I miss 2016-2018
jadian thomas
jadian thomas Prije 7 dana
this is making me get to hate tiktok each day
ʙᴛᴤɪɴ Prije 7 dana
ميمو عبدو
ميمو عبدو Prije 7 dana
Like i really think tiktok is so bad
itsKate_lol Prije 7 dana
Can we say that all the most famous Tiktokers r also the most hated now one is left Bella
Kai Dose art
Kai Dose art Prije 7 dana
Musically turned dark and toxic 😞
Sandra Tsang
Sandra Tsang Prije 8 dana
Y'all just wait until tik tok dies down, then the "influencers" ain't gonna be earnin so much money and fame huh.
Mia Gonzalez
Mia Gonzalez Prije 8 dana
Honestly the only reason I even go on TikTok now is to get inspiration for my drawings
Love Yourself
Love Yourself Prije 8 dana
Please stop screaming BUT🖐️😂my ears hurt 😂
LleXia;-; Prije 8 dana
Ava Isabelle
Ava Isabelle Prije 9 dana
Anna: besides Twitter Me: *cough* Donald trump *cough*
little dude from across the street
little dude from across the street Prije 9 dana
Ur voice annoying tho
Caroline Prije 9 dana
BUT... 😂
Katanah Prije 9 dana
Tiktok is basically a bootleg of Twitter.
Ãlîcě Śťãr
Ãlîcě Śťãr Prije 9 dana
can we talk about how the fact that both damilo sisters gained fam at the same time. Like how is it that it takes me 2 years just to gain 100 followers and there you have the sisters growing so quickly with little to no effort.
Noodle Eater
Noodle Eater Prije 9 dana
*inhales tea*
fel Prije 9 dana
Andreea Dumitrescu
Andreea Dumitrescu Prije 9 dana
pls, i'm just watching tiktok for the memes and for those videos where they transform barbie dolls into mini shrek figurines
Tamia R
Tamia R Prije 9 dana
So many scandals smh but fans who send hate or etc.. what's the point ITS NOT SLOVING ANYTHING
roisin parker
roisin parker Prije 9 dana
Summer 2020 was when tiktok got toxic:(
MLB MariXchat 4LIFE
MLB MariXchat 4LIFE Prije 9 dana
@gabo :D I started watching miraculous when I was 9 and I was scared to tell anyone that I watch miraculous because i thought people were gunna make fun of me because I watch it but now for some reason so many people started watching it which is a good things so that means Thomas Astruc will continue the serious for a long time but in 2021 some people have just ruined mlb for me on tik tok they think they are all quirky watching it but a few years back they would make fun of people for watching it?
Crafty Donuts - Vlogging
Crafty Donuts - Vlogging Prije 9 dana
Besides Twitter 🤣 I miss musically so bad
Jaiden Directo
Jaiden Directo Prije 9 dana
What is sad is the tiktok company isn't doing anything about this :
Emily Faith
Emily Faith Prije 10 dana
It use to be musically 🥺 I miss the old times😣
Bahiyya Wilson
Bahiyya Wilson Prije 10 dana
iiMoxnGirl Prije 10 dana
This is all true I’m just kinda mad that some ppl are canceling ppl bc they are trump supporters. I am not a supporter of his or a supporter of Biden but I think it’s rude people are judging ppl bc of their opinion.
heidi sprinkle
heidi sprinkle Prije 10 dana
this is why im on anime,animal,cosplay, and art tiktok
Sara Waseem
Sara Waseem Prije 10 dana
6:20 Anna, bebes, ily but I don't think ' guyzes ' is a real word no hate I love Anna so much
Im Royal
Im Royal Prije 10 dana
TikTok houses 😂 who comes up with this? White people🤦‍♀️
Angela Fortes
Angela Fortes Prije 10 dana
Honestly, I hate how these people use drama for clout. I don’t get the hype :// And hello??? Not blaming this on us but... We technically helped them gain more fame because of us getting in on THEIR drama. When WE could’ve just brushed it off and let them fix it on their own. They don’t deserve the attention, we’re just giving them what they want, Views, Followers, Money. But I SWEAARRRR I hate these tiktokers so much, they just bring nothing but problems, the only benefit we’re getting is the tea.
Isabel Powderly
Isabel Powderly Prije 10 dana
can someone pls explain why all americans hate trump... I'm not from there pls explain
Yana Jain
Yana Jain Prije 10 dana
Y'all watching anime has now become a trend. I hate this sm
julianna r
julianna r Prije 11 dana
Who Remember when tiktok wasn't a thing and it was musically, like everyone on their was so nice and there was never drama. Why can tiktok be like that?
pillowchaeyoung Prije 8 dana
I remember
Susu, KooKoo, Zuzu
Susu, KooKoo, Zuzu Prije 11 dana
I remember I first downloaded tiktok in late 2019. It was around the time when vsco girls, stranger things, and the dance to “why you so obsessed with me” was a thing and the app was so much fun to be on. But I deleted it last year because it became an app filled with racism, politics, sexism and many other negativities.
Shay Shay
Shay Shay Prije 11 dana
Yall remember mistakes and not cancel culture
Συννεφιά καλοκαίρια Cloudy Summers
Συννεφιά καλοκαίρια Cloudy Summers Prije 11 dana
You know something that I honestly think is a big problem also yes while tiktoker caused lots of drama the normal people and the Fns using the app kept giving them more clout to the point where they think drama is good and also the comments loads of creators get and stuff from not even the main influencers on tiktok bully others and are toxic in themselves
LatestwithLulu LatestwithLulu
LatestwithLulu LatestwithLulu Prije 11 dana
I Love tt but I’m taking a break from it for like-4 months-because it RUINED me-like made my friend group so to it so I’m done for a while
Minty winkie
Minty winkie Prije 11 dana
I would like to point out that there is a lot of toxic people on Roblox tiktok and gacha tik Tok and etc but this is mainly straight tik Tok .......
ItsAlor Prije 11 dana
i miss musically :(
jane freeman
jane freeman Prije 11 dana
Im honestly disappointed how tiktok was this fun app...but now it's problematic. Im honestly tired of these racist AND rude people...GORL BYE.
itz.morahh Prije 11 dana
Bruh the whistling on the beginning scared me I thought it was a ghost
Thảo Nguyễn
Thảo Nguyễn Prije 11 dana
sis i love you but why are your voice getting higher and louder- like girl i get it its more dramatic and all your voice was so soothing and now i feel stressed out when i hear it 💀
yeetfelix Prije 11 dana
That’s why I stay on Kpop tiktok 😌
teresa moreno
teresa moreno Prije 11 dana
Remember when tiktok was... musically
butter Prije 11 dana
y'all remember when tiktok was still musically? ahhh the good ol' days..
trouvaillx Prije 12 dana
straight tiktok be wildin
Edenwastaken Prije 12 dana
I think you ment “straight “ tiktok not everyone watches just these ppl?😜😘
JACKIE Prije 12 dana
yall really using the excuse that zoe is tryna change it still doesnt make up for what she did shes to problematic
TwT Prije 12 dana
me being on weeb and lgbtq+ tiktok uwu i never saw anyone get in big drama lmao (no hate on the others)
Genesis Bonhomme
Genesis Bonhomme Prije 12 dana
I wish tik tok can just ban all of them from tik tok 😐
Rose Gold
Rose Gold Prije 12 dana
The fact that Anna post everyday is proof that tiktok is HELLA problematic.
Kaylin Pereira
Kaylin Pereira Prije 12 dana
TikTok is now just Twitter 2.0 like, what is the difference?
ranking EVERY SCANDAL from tiktok..
anna oop
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