Why David Dobrik Is Done FOR GOOD..

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anna oop

Prije 19 dana

Why David Dobrik Is Done FOR GOOD..
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Crafting Cousins
Crafting Cousins Prije 57 minuta
I’ve never felt so sick in my life..
Princess Sasha
Princess Sasha Prije 4 sati
5:58 you can tell the Asian guy was annoyed about the joke
zombiebae Prije 17 sati
you can see his "friend" was upset when David said "it probably didn't go in his eyes, he barely has em' 5:59
Millki Prije 17 sati
Madison Bailey
Madison Bailey Prije 22 sati
I have always had a bad vibe from David, That’s I never watched his videos.
Collin Williams
Collin Williams Prije 23 sati
Ok ik everything else was bad but those Asian jokes...🤣
spiderchild Prije 2 sati
bruh wtf
SOPHIA VU Prije 3 sati
Dude. No.
Ray Rat
Ray Rat Prije dan
Danny G
Danny G Prije dan
Omg this is the most pathetic soy filled video I've ever watched. Everyone throwing a pity party wahhh
agustin hidalgo
agustin hidalgo Prije dan
Going to jail homie hahaha, that's what friends are for daaang. Always keep just a small circle of friends....that don't need record ur shit....
Kyla Fitzgerald
Kyla Fitzgerald Prije dan
david didnt do anything it was all his friends!!
Aoi Asahina
Aoi Asahina Prije dan
7:22 your not making people happy, your making people discusted, mad, sad etc
Michi Me
Michi Me Prije dan
Marisol M.
Marisol M. Prije dan
Idk why u bother so much people over tik tok and other dumb stuff. Because it’s actually none of your business and literally all you wanna do is just create drama and it’s starting to get really on my nerves not like I’m gonna do anything except keep it to myself. PS you should really start leaving people alone
solange tettehh
solange tettehh Prije dan
then why are you even here.... And this isn't some "drama" we are talking about real issues here.
Sam 30
Sam 30 Prije dan
I always wondered why so many people loved him so much! I always felt that there’s something wrong and sinister about him. I didn’t like him nor his content from the beginning!
Levis Missing height
Levis Missing height Prije 2 dana
All the dislikes are David Dobriks other accounts
Ivona Prije 2 dana
What Dom did is so disgusting. He has to go to jail.
I'm Asian and heard David teasing Asian people..
Add one
Add one Prije 2 dana
everyone is to woke.
Bea moon
Bea moon Prije 2 dana
Edwin Lopez
Edwin Lopez Prije 2 dana
Rachel Merrell
Rachel Merrell Prije 2 dana
DISGUSTING. I never had a good feeling about him.
AbdulazizK20 Prije 3 dana
Does anyone feel like she’s so jealous from David?😂
Ryley Masters
Ryley Masters Prije 3 dana
When you realise you actually used to watch this shit 😓😳
Aesthetic fanpages
Aesthetic fanpages Prije 3 dana
My biggest flex is that I’ve never even supported him..yeah I know
DenJ Prije 3 dana
My biggest flex? I never Stanned and watched David dobrik B].
Toca xxBocaxx
Toca xxBocaxx Prije 3 dana
I started watching his videos when I was around the age of 11 some of the stuff on there I didn’t even understand. The sad part about the video that he deleted I saw and I remember it and even tho I didn’t understand I still felt something was wrong about the video. And now that I know what happened in that video I now know how David really is and it disgusts me😪🤚
Uwu Prije 3 dana
Everyone needs to be canceled please or take a long break off of HRpost it’s not ok. First about being ok with letting his friend do you know what with an under age girl and being racist
Addison Harvey
Addison Harvey Prije 3 dana
Please do a part 2
loonathetunafish Prije 3 dana
I honestly didn't even know who he was or that he existed until 2020
charlie friel
charlie friel Prije 3 dana
Trisha is a problematic icon
Natalia Maria Balazova
Natalia Maria Balazova Prije 3 dana
its so embarassing tbh, for once there is a Slovak hanging out with celebrities and his name his known to other people than Slovaks (even though Slovaks dont watch him back home)and he goes out making not only a bad name to Slovaks, because somehow people associate us with him, but the things he is doing are just horrible, disrespectful and disgusting. I have no words.
Natalia Maria Balazova
Natalia Maria Balazova Prije 3 dana
As a member of the Slovak community, we don´t claim him
Paula Vusika
Paula Vusika Prije 4 dana
trisha has always been a queen idgaf
Tsukkisaurus Rex
Tsukkisaurus Rex Prije 4 dana
makes me wonder if Liza broke up with him because of this but i’m not sure if some of these videos are posted after their breakup but still it’s fucked up for doing things like this to actual people, gross.
itsyaboy Prije 4 dana
How do u accidentally make out with somebody?? How?? 😐
Elise Lafotanoa
Elise Lafotanoa Prije 4 dana
I hate how problematic Trisha is but i feel so bad for her and she should deserve better
DiFrEnT bReEd
DiFrEnT bReEd Prije 4 dana
I have been binging Anna oop for the last 12 hours...... I am OBESSESED
FigaroKMS Prije 4 dana
Trisha is the fake one here tbh. She got mad at Jason because he was hooking up with others before her so yeah, now you know.
Khin Ohn Myint
Khin Ohn Myint Prije 2 dana
@FigaroKMS No not that...I mean that's all you have to say from this whole video???
FigaroKMS Prije 2 dana
@Khin Ohn Myint No, check David's vlogs. She literally got mad at Jason for meeting others before they knew eachother. Trisha ho
Khin Ohn Myint
Khin Ohn Myint Prije 4 dana
Lmao are you trolling?
tiktokvids Prije 4 dana
No one can take a joke anymore, what has the world come to
{hot whale}
{hot whale} Prije 4 dana
I feel so lucky for people that didnt watch him-
Unbothered Prije 4 dana
I am honestly confused 🤷🏽‍♀️. Trisha has been proved to be a racist and extremely problematic .... b0T Sh3 be spittin ouph 🥴the FAXS mans 👩🏽‍💻✨
Khin Ohn Myint
Khin Ohn Myint Prije 4 dana
She's a troll back then and I can't believe people are still believing her shit...ya it's still wrong but it was years ago...times times have changed.
LUNA Prije 4 dana
why are influencers suddenly getting involved with all of these s*xual crimes?
Elizabeth Yitaferu
Elizabeth Yitaferu Prije 5 dana
Damn I really supported him and now I know the truth after YEARS.
Hiraeth Prije 5 dana
this shouldnt be our prblem, but the police. we have nothing to do in this, just let the police do theyre job...
solange tettehh
solange tettehh Prije dan
The police won't know about this unless people say something
Moon Light
Moon Light Prije 5 dana
Girllllllll nice earrings oMg so trendy!
Ellha park
Ellha park Prije 5 dana
I was never a subscriber,just saw drama and iam here for it It's quarantine and iam so ready for all of this,
Mariam Prije 5 dana
I like Anna but she just said poor Trisha
Rae Duppstadt
Rae Duppstadt Prije 5 dana
I wasn’t obsessed with David I didn’t even think his HRpost was that great never liked him and never will
AlmxdiA Prije 5 dana
everything started to go downhilll for him s soon s him and liza broke up
mikamye Prije 5 dana
David man..why.
Rozey Prije 5 dana
David dobrik should be ashamed because he has done A LOT of bad things.i know he's rich BUT HE NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED ASAP!!!!!😒
itshamnixoxo ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
itshamnixoxo ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Prije 5 dana
Trisha gurl u have the power to end anyones career 👌
itshamnixoxo ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
itshamnixoxo ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Prije 5 dana
Keeping up with the tik tokes season 13 ep 7
Marshella Huang
Marshella Huang Prije 5 dana
Tbh im an asian but i like david dobrik after i watch this i feel like im gonna throw up seriously like gurl imagine your idol is trashtalking your race thats DISGUSTING!
Medhini Balachandran
Medhini Balachandran Prije 5 dana
Trisha Paytas always has something to say about ongoing scandals lol no hate here tho, just an observation
Curlyhead .laniii
Curlyhead .laniii Prije 5 dana
The fact that I had his number nd would be such a huge fan of him makes me sad. I am mixed with...a lot. I have been through racism. Black, white, and Asian hate. And sexual assault. This is no joke. These type of things are not okay and should not be pushed away. I looked up to the dude for years. Now all I want is for him to get prison time, be banned and canceled FOR GOOD.
Diamond Mcclendon
Diamond Mcclendon Prije 5 dana
Why is everyone ... so obsessed
CCFS_Jazper34 Prije 5 dana
bro on god if she says but one more time i swear
BL&KPOP QWEEN Prije 5 dana
David and James need to go to jail an dhsould never be allowed to have supporters ever again, who ever disagrees can keep scrolling.
Ashleigh Ochoa
Ashleigh Ochoa Prije 5 dana
White privilege will prevent any further investigation.
AA - 07HJ 752662 McClure PS
AA - 07HJ 752662 McClure PS Prije 5 dana
Lets keep in mind what he did to a hijabed girl.
hampuz waxin
hampuz waxin Prije 5 dana
Wait... Can someone tell what he actually did?
Karmia Cronje
Karmia Cronje Prije 5 dana
CEO of BbbbUuUuTtttTtt
CHARLIE QUINN Prije 6 dana
omg anna is so dramatic 😭🤣
ᴋᴘᴏᴘ_ᴛᴇᴀ•• Prije 6 dana
When i heard her Saying hes making fun of aisan ppl it made me sad bc im aisan And ITS NOT OK.
•avvoraa• Prije 6 dana
Sooo....david made an apology video yeahhhhhh bye
Abdullah Alsaif
Abdullah Alsaif Prije 6 dana
I don’t know what happened between 1999-203 but people are so sensitive it’s annoying, seth is crying cause he kissed a guy and was laughing at the time , if u cancel him for jokes then all comedians should be canceled too , dom deserves it , trisha is the ultimate drama queen suddenly she is a reliable source oh my god
Fr0ggy Chan
Fr0ggy Chan Prije 6 dana
How is Trisha so problematic but she be spiting facts
hato pluppy
hato pluppy Prije 6 dana
My biggest flex is that i didn't know any of this scandals like Charlie, david, James charles scandals I HAVE LITERALLY NO IDEA ABOUT IT lol just watch this vid for fun 😊😊😊
a h e g a o
a h e g a o Prije 6 dana
My biggest flex is not liking him and not watching his yt videos from the very start
LOU POTATO Prije 6 dana
Because of anna oop I no longer live under a rock
{Syd_vibes }
{Syd_vibes } Prije 6 dana
I feel bad for what Liza had to deal with- I feel so bad-
Fanimation Prije 6 dana
I’m confused no offense to Trisha but I thought she was irrelevant now but I keep seeing her everywhere it’s like 2019 again
shaima rocky
shaima rocky Prije 6 dana
Dude I forgot he even existed lol but happy that I forgot
kiki rose
kiki rose Prije 6 dana
Thats what happens when u make stupid people famous for no reason
Jameela Cort
Jameela Cort Prije 6 dana
trisha is problematic but sqeaks nothing but fax
Marcus Gonzales
Marcus Gonzales Prije 6 dana
I don't like david , but to try and cancel him because he was making jokes and content? Come on. Dudes not a racist. How is anybody supposed to make great content when everybody's getting their feelings hurt. Videos a joke , unsubscribing
midnightfxa Prije 6 dana
trish is so weird. she is bipolar to me. i stan her tho, i also never like david.
Emalisa Smith
Emalisa Smith Prije 6 dana
I think he did apologize for making fun of Asians unless that was just Liza don’t come for me just saying :)
Shai Parker
Shai Parker Prije 7 dana
This is so stupid
Sabrina Prije 7 dana
I love how Trisha is just casually cancelling everyone lol
molly wain
molly wain Prije 7 dana
I hate Trisha
charlotte Foster
charlotte Foster Prije 7 dana
But still why the ploice are not doing anything like he letting under age girls to drink beers that is wrong 👁️👅👁️
Vick Mart
Vick Mart Prije 7 dana
people cant take jokes damn. the vlog squad offered them money to do things for the vlog it wasnt like they put a knife to their throat. if they didnt wanna do it they could of just said no
Avree Grandstaff
Avree Grandstaff Prije 4 dana
First of all joking about someone's race isn't funny or should be a joke second of all girls don't have choices to not get raped it's really not girls faults so don,'t you be in here supporting a rapist
Henry Martinez
Henry Martinez Prije 7 dana
Wait please don’t hate on me but what’s the n word?
Ari :0
Ari :0 Prije 4 dana
It's nigga
kadie sowa
kadie sowa Prije 7 dana
But they are grown men they can sue him are they that dumb acting like little children
Emita Prije 7 dana
Don’t support trisha
hether dane
hether dane Prije 7 dana
Yeah it’s not good to pressure ppl but at the end of the day you control yourself. Unless it’s ACTUALLY forced
Khushi Nayak
Khushi Nayak Prije 7 dana
I think that he definitely needs to do a proper background check on his vlog squad . Apart from that the people who did perform the offence SHOILD be held accountable , and just them because we are all adults here who know right from wrong. There are lines we don’t cross no matter what situation we are in. That’s what dom should have done. I do not agree that he should stop making content because that’s his art, but should definitely re hire and newly hire different fun people (apart from the ones already existing)
Simi Sadek
Simi Sadek Prije 7 dana
My respect for Trisha is 📈
fabrizio lora
fabrizio lora Prije 7 dana
Ngl, the switch up Anna had towards Trisha in this video in comparison to others don’t sit right with me 👁😭no hate Anna❤️she even called her “my girl”💀😭
fabrizio lora
fabrizio lora Prije 7 dana
It’s annoying how Trisha always calls out “child predators” knowing that they’re at they’re lowest point in their career just for clout, and even though Trisha is problematic asf, she’s been spitting facts on the things she’s getting herself in lately. I just wish she could spit facts without getting involved
Star Tiraboschi
Star Tiraboschi Prije 4 dana
They need to be called out. Why would anyone want a predator to have a public platform? Why should we give af about his career if he is hurting children??? You really out here openly supporting a child predator?
Enter your username
Enter your username Prije 7 dana
"i have been really disappointed with my friends " but what about yourself sure everyone elses actions are bad but you are responsible for yourself and ONLY u
evelyn Prije 7 dana
as an asian american, i am deeply disgusted. not only did he mock my culture, but he got famous because of it. he does not deserve a platform whatsoever.
Noebii_ Prije 5 dana
I agree
fidget toy lover
fidget toy lover Prije 7 dana
Like we the f- frick would u film some r@- u know. l just HATE him for that and everything else.
Maria Dias
Maria Dias Prije 7 dana
Ok but like girlll your "BUT's" scare the shit out of me It's so loud and out of nowhere like my God xddd
꧁Delilah Nugget꧂
꧁Delilah Nugget꧂ Prije 7 dana
Mango the Birb
Mango the Birb Prije 7 dana
I hate Trisha but I agree with her :/
Matthew Augustin
Matthew Augustin Prije 7 dana
My biggest flex is that I was never a fan of him and TO THIS DAY! I NEVER WATCHED A SINGLE VID OF HIS!
Prije 7 dana
ok but low-key sometimes i hate trisha but other times i literally stan her she may be problematic but girl is just giving us information
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