billie eilish CALLS OUT her EX-BOYFRIEND for CHEATING?!

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anna oop

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billie eilish CALLS OUT her EX-BOYFRIEND for CHEATING?!
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anna oop
anna oop Prije mjesec
hey y’all, i hope u enjoyed this kind of video, lemme know if you want me to keep making these ‘viral celeb drama’ type of videos or if you’d prefer i just stick with the tiktok tea! luv y’all 💖
indiebaevae Prije 9 sati
Tbh both
Lani love
Lani love Prije 3 dana
@meadow how is she?
chloe grey
chloe grey Prije 20 dana
@Who Asked yeah no body asked you
Laitiyja Morgan
Laitiyja Morgan Prije 23 dana
@Who Asked we hate u
Jade James
Jade James Prije 24 dana
Ty to you im not allowed to have media ever since my sister was being sent death threats bc she didnt wanna be friends wit someone yiu help me catch up on all the tea im missing
Astaniala YT
Astaniala YT Prije 6 sati
Her ex-boyfriend probably regretted it.
London Butler
London Butler Prije 23 sati
ThysnakeT_T Prije dan
So if she wasnt singing about "Sabrin" who was she singing about then ????💀
Kristaly Del Rosario
Kristaly Del Rosario Prije dan
Billie deserves better... so heart breaking 💔😭
C Valentino
C Valentino Prije dan
Olivia didn't shade anybody in her song, it was about her not being able to get over joshua. and if anything she complimented Sabrina by saying "she's everything I'm insecure about"
Zquad Direction
Zquad Direction Prije 3 dana
I feel horrible for Taylor
internette Prije 3 dana
um anyways, Stan Harry, 1D, and Billie.
MaryTG Avalon
MaryTG Avalon Prije 3 dana
We love Billie!!❤️❤️❤️
megii boy Mergen
megii boy Mergen Prije 3 dana
Billie eilish : Bye xxxtentacion xxxtentacion :WTF
Brooklynn Scott
Brooklynn Scott Prije 4 dana
Man does he regret it
Milton Gutierrez
Milton Gutierrez Prije 5 dana
He was not cheating on her. He was just being a bad boyfriend. And the song I love you was not about him. It is about xxxtentacion! You know nothing about her
Diego Avalos
Diego Avalos Prije 5 dana
Why why would they attack him it's not like Billie eilash let him date her like bro Charlie damileo and lil huddy
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 6 dana
Leave my TayTay alone!! The grooming allegations are seriously getting out of hand and it's so bad and harsh on all the victims who actually we're groomed. Like the girl who lied about Justin Bieber and Ansel Egort. And the ones that lied about James Charles too early on. No wonder true victims are so scared to come forward.
smol_ bean
smol_ bean Prije 6 dana
first of all, did america just learn the word groomer or is grooming someone a trend now (this doesn't mean I believe the taylor rumors i love her) second, just bc olivia doesn't know sabrina personally she could still get insecure like i could just see a random girl in public im most likely not ever going to see again that's skinnier or prettier than me and i'd get insecure third, yall r really bored at home if ur accusing taylor swift of being a groomer 😀
Nicole Guiriba
Nicole Guiriba Prije 6 dana
So grooming now is the new trend? Like wtf
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley Prije 6 dana
we dont know if joshua and sabrina dated it was a rumor I dont get people beliving EVERY SINGLE BIT of RUMORS honestly they need to leave olivia joshua and sabrina alone
Marshmellow _wolfie
Marshmellow _wolfie Prije 6 dana
Ily but Ginny and Georgia isn't suppose to be funny sorry
SoftiexMocha yt
SoftiexMocha yt Prije 7 dana
I thought she was crying about X
ᖇOՏIᗴ Prije 7 dana
Omg why are there many celebrities getting cancelled this days💀🤚🤚imma stick to kpop 😭😭❤
L Prije 7 dana
Lol how is that degrading.. she literally went through guys fast
Nay U
Nay U Prije 7 dana
Nah bro really DO NOT mess with billie!!
fabrizio lora
fabrizio lora Prije 7 dana
Sooo...lemme get this straight. Anna’s thumbnails be changing...Anna talks about A list celebs now. Anna mentions only 1 part of the drama on her thumbnail while talking about multiple in the video...and PEOPLE ARE TARGETTING A LIST CELEBS LIKE THEY ARE TIK TOKERS 😭😭😭💀😂😂😂💀😭😭😭😭fuck 2021 literally
evil emma
evil emma Prije 8 dana
billie is a TEEN and he’s a ADULT! that’s illegal babe😑🤚
JAVETOD TOD Prije 8 dana
Poor Taylor Lady Gaga and Lana :(
hunni Prije 8 dana
At 1:29 didnt she sing that for xxxtentacion? Bruh.
iconic trashbag
iconic trashbag Prije 8 dana
1:29 wait i thought she was crying because of xxxtentacion?
maya Prije 8 dana
First of all she was not crying because of he ex-boyfriend. She was crying because xxxtention died she said it at the beginning of her concert. I was there
Death God
Death God Prije 8 dana
I always thought she was 24
Hi I’m Saanjh
Hi I’m Saanjh Prije 8 dana
Honestly, we should all wear gas masks... the world is becoming wayyyy to toxic
mjj _xx
mjj _xx Prije 8 dana
the song wasn’t specifically about sabrina, it was about josh. she complimented sabrina, never once shaded her so idk where you got that from
NoisyIntrovert ?
NoisyIntrovert ? Prije 10 dana
Her sudden raise of voice doesn't sound good
breezy jones
breezy jones Prije 10 dana
Y'all coming for Netflix and the people on it go for the writer jeez
シMxlky シ
シMxlky シ Prije 10 dana
Billie has such supportive fans 🥺 When she started crying and stopped singing they were singing for her 🥺🤍 I can not Billie stans are to cute 🥰
Cockroach Prije 10 dana
Their age gap is bigger then me and my sister 💀🤚🏽
Box of 90's
Box of 90's Prije 12 dana
The Perfect Diamond
The Perfect Diamond Prije 12 dana
Ok so here’s what ACTUALLY happened w Bil 1. The song she sang on stage was dedicated to her bestfriend (XXXtentation) who died a year ago that day 2. That wasn’t Bil’s “secret” bf, ppl literally knew she was dating him at that time 3. She didn’t call him out lmao she just kept it real in her doc in which she just doesn’t show him again and moves on Billie is literally so unproblematic I just love her so muchhhh 🥰
Bmw318dguy Prije 12 dana
Yall need to understand that olivia is just trying to avoid drama with her by saying she doesnt know Sabrina🤝
Hosico _
Hosico _ Prije 12 dana
I’m sorry but what u did with her eyebrows on the thumbnail, Nevermind.
Ophelia Rathmore
Ophelia Rathmore Prije 13 dana
stop fucking screaming girl my ears hurt. wtf???
Myea Prije 14 dana
Tbh olivia drama didn't exist at all happen because of their fan who did it olivia write that song and she already clarify that its not important who this song about and about she doesn't know broo litterally i can even get insecure from people idk
SiimplyStarii Prije 14 dana
Taylor ate😭😭
Emily lol
Emily lol Prije 14 dana
8:16 Miss girl called Olivia annoying but has her PFP as Olivia There just mocking themselves at this point
shahanas shahab
shahanas shahab Prije 12 dana
Liking your own comment ,second that was selena
-MoonlightPie- Prije 12 dana
thats selena😒
Cynthia T
Cynthia T Prije 15 dana
I think the clip of Billie crying on stage was when X died
hazechrz Prije 16 dana
The girl screaming "billie were here for you" tho poor billie 😔
hazechrz Prije 16 dana
What is up with the edited pic on the cover lmao
dounutsprinklezz YT
dounutsprinklezz YT Prije 16 dana
Ngl i like this tea better than the tik tok tea
Josuealopez 3
Josuealopez 3 Prije 16 dana
Not ugly ppl shading my queen Olivia like bitch I was here when no one knew that she broke up with him like I was there since the beginning not THE beginning but I was there b4 HSMTMTS and the "drama" doesn't make any sense I can be insecure about someone without knowing them and two I mean as much as we know we don't know what happened behind the scenes quite SOOOO......
Ashley Prije 17 dana
If they take down Ginny and Georgia imma cry bc I neeeeddd something entertaining to watch
jocelyn lez
jocelyn lez Prije 17 dana
Gen z is the worst generation they want to cancel everyone and everything smh😒
just a lesbian
just a lesbian Prije 17 dana
okay not a bad video but why edit her face like for the thumbnail you do it for a lot of your videos like genuinely it's not cute XOXO
Urxaa Prije 17 dana
Is lana del ray the girl who burned bibles and mocked god if she is i think she deserved it ik anna u said no hate but lana del ray went too far
angelic tarot
angelic tarot Prije 17 dana
this is why i just stay in my lane 😐
Yesca Prije 18 dana
That’s why Ariana I was and still is the best woman singer
sub 2 t-series
sub 2 t-series Prije 18 dana
The song isn't about sabrina lol she was on live writing the song and changed a lot of lyrics while making it
Lizbeth Ramirez
Lizbeth Ramirez Prije 18 dana
Dixie Rodriguez
Dixie Rodriguez Prije 18 dana
Tell me why I started tearing up when she cried 😭
Halla Fattah
Halla Fattah Prije 19 dana
Kenny Nelson
Kenny Nelson Prije 20 dana
why didn’t billie expect her fans to attack him? he was already getting attacked before the documentary and she know how her fans react since this isn’t anything new, it happens all the time.
JayTS 1441
JayTS 1441 Prije 20 dana
The fact that grooming started with Zoe Laverne, ugh she made a new disgusting trend😫🤢🤮
•leah plays•
•leah plays• Prije 20 dana
hold up, billie been broken up with her soo.. why she still worried or something,?
•leah plays•
•leah plays• Prije 20 dana
*O_O i-*
JJM Prije 20 dana
Mother L
Mother L Prije 21 dan
Olivia Rodrigo literally called Sabrina Carpenter pretty how the fuck is that shade.... go ahead I'm waiting
Whelve b
Whelve b Prije 22 dana
Anna opp, just stay in your tiktok drama please don't get celebs here with you useless tea🙄🙄🙄🙄
stinkyyy Prije 22 dana
idk if i missed something but why are people sending hate to billies ex tho.. it takes 2 for a relationship so even if he was 22, billie should have known how old he was right?
Ariya Imchen
Ariya Imchen Prije 22 dana
Yo um Netflix...why r u dragging Taylor like tat ,, and the fuckjng fact that a women wrote this movie - fck that movie
Ariya Imchen
Ariya Imchen Prije 22 dana
hey peeps
hey peeps Prije 22 dana
I swear if Ginny and Georgia gets “cancelled” and they don’t make another season bc of the whole Taylor swift thing, ima lose it...Ginny and Georgia is a really good show
Sophia Cronin
Sophia Cronin Prije 22 dana
I thought ily was for x... Umm
mepriity mahassen
mepriity mahassen Prije 22 dana
whats bilie is ex is name
kyo khlxe
kyo khlxe Prije 22 dana
the olivia thing doesnt make sense just because she wrote a song and it says "Shes everything i'm insecure abt" doesnt mean shes talking abt sabrina
ange Prije 23 dana
Tala Abumelhim
Tala Abumelhim Prije 24 dana
the driver’s license drama is all made up, if joshua and olivia said the never dated that mean they probably never did... they’re just co-stars... and joshua’s song lie lie lie isn’t about olivia nor a response to it, he wrote it back in 2019.. but skin is probably a response to dl but dl wasn’t about sabrina it was just one line that might be and plus dl was written back in june and it was originally “brunette girl”
Sofia Cajas
Sofia Cajas Prije 24 dana
Everyones saying that Olivia’s drama is fact... last time I remember, it was a rumor or conspiracy....
cookie :3
cookie :3 Prije 24 dana
Why cancell people theres no point!! Ok noooo point!!!!
cookie :3
cookie :3 Prije 24 dana
Poor billie she doesnt deserve this at alllllll and i love how her fans where there wish i was there 🥺🥺🥺
Diamond Prije 24 dana
Eve Sisson
Eve Sisson Prije 25 dana
livi really said "who? oh, never heard of her :)"
LeslieKawaiiGirl Prije 25 dana
im sorry but the thumbnail 😭
xxyour_so_deadxx Prije 25 dana
Also billie eilish broke up with Q not the other way around. And Billie wasn't cheated on. Do your research please
Kaylee Shryer-Gwinn
Kaylee Shryer-Gwinn Prije 25 dana
OKAY HERE ME OUT RQ: i get why people would be a bit mad about "Ginny and Georgia" bashing Taylor but GOOD GOD it is literally a show can you guys understand a joke? it was a teenager IN A SHOW just saying their opinion on Lana and Gaga. please please PLEASE just stop being so damn SENSITIVE and bored 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🥱
jay mcbroom
jay mcbroom Prije 25 dana
anna oop they did not give u permission to film this so dont be nosy and rude girl do a face reveal if ur a baddie
Farah Ismail
Farah Ismail Prije 25 dana
But Ginny and geargia is a really good show
Cl0wnfulBill._ Prije 26 dana
No one: Literally no one at all: Anna: B҉U҉T҉
Carla Marc
Carla Marc Prije 26 dana
Okay I just wanna say that when billie cried it was for xxxtentacian because he was killed the day that she was performing but the year before it and she said "I had a friend past out this day but last year and this song is for him so please can you put your flashlight on for his honour" so yeah it wasn't about her ex
Xx The Three Musketeers xX
Xx The Three Musketeers xX Prije 27 dana
Sydney Muai
Sydney Muai Prije 27 dana
And Ginny and Georgia was a pretty good show, but the hate and shade in it was REAL
Sydney Muai
Sydney Muai Prije 27 dana
I’m sorry idk what it is about her but I can’t stand Taylor swift 🙄
Libby's Kitchen
Libby's Kitchen Prije 27 dana
Was it actually confirmed that it was about Sabrina or are we just making assumptions
Yuri M
Yuri M Prije 24 dana
Their assumptions but people love creating drama
Libby's Kitchen
Libby's Kitchen Prije 27 dana
I just love how billies ex tried to make us feel bad and more sympathy by just squeezing in his explanation that his brother died
Royale mia2
Royale mia2 Prije 27 dana
Oh no not Olivia Rodrigo.....
Jennysgone :/
Jennysgone :/ Prije 27 dana
Who’s to say that the “blond girl” is Sabrina it could be someone else that none of us even know unless Olivia said it was about her then I could be wrong but I’m just saying
Ana Cris Treviño
Ana Cris Treviño Prije 27 dana
Lovely Z
Lovely Z Prije 27 dana
Not billie made a documentary show how bad her boyfriend is and then when he get attacked she says be nice? Wt-
Lovely Z
Lovely Z Prije 24 dana
@Nopo789 ; I’m talking about people who send hate to him-i know its long ago but like....its kinda eh to me.
Nopo789 ;
Nopo789 ; Prije 26 dana
You're not getting it . The documentary is basically abt her life the past years and her ex boyfriend played a huge part in her life at the time . But she has moved on and has no problem w him . So why send hate to him if 1. They have no problem w each other anymore..
Asma Idriss
Asma Idriss Prije 28 dana
I loveeeeee uuuuuu
Dani Mother of Dragons
Dani Mother of Dragons Prije 28 dana
Olivia wrote that song before she even dated him, she just went back and changed the words dark hair to blonde before she released it
Ajda Čatar
Ajda Čatar Prije 28 dana
Yeah ok it bad the age thing but I found out yesterday that my parent started dating when my mom was 17 and my dad was 20.... soooo meaby it’s not that bad?
sabrinelle 05
sabrinelle 05 Prije 28 dana
Sorry but you're so problematic !
Millie R.
Millie R. Prije 28 dana
Y’all KNOW that the tea is OVERFLOWING the cup if Anna has done 2-3 videos based on 1 friggin thing. These tik tokers need to chilll
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