Charli D’amelio CALLED OUT By Trisha Paytas For Doing This?! Nikita Dragun Going To JAIL? Tony Lopez

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anna oop

Prije 26 dana

Charli D’amelio CALLED OUT By Trisha Paytas For Doing This?! Nikita Dragun Going To JAIL? Tony Lopez
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Free Edits
Free Edits Prije 19 sati
I’m sorry.but Trisha is to old for this
maddy shaw
maddy shaw Prije 20 sati
Charlie really doesnt have to address where there going it’s really non of ur business anyway... 🙄 but I love ur videos I watch them all the time💕
Yshaira Carbaat
Yshaira Carbaat Prije 20 sati
Not trisha again
ʀᴀᴛ Prije 22 sati
All these TikTokers are probably problematic for clout!
Kerra Hill
Kerra Hill Prije dan
Can u do one on James Charles and the snap thing he posted the situation on Twitter but there were ppl saying other things, and I’m confused who to believe.
Cae Cole
Cae Cole Prije 23 sati
Wait. What? I’m kinda confused on your comment lol.
Skylar Pierce
Skylar Pierce Prije dan
Honestly no matter what these kids are privileged and no matter what they don't care about others all because they have platform and they are famous the fam got to them and it is disgusting how selfish they are my nana passed away from covid and this shit is disappointing to see how this generation is like....
CP 86
CP 86 Prije dan
I cant believe people (millennials) actually care what these people are doing and follow their whole life n drama. Lol you guys need a life or a hobby. These girls wont even be relevant in 1-2 years, they’ll be forgotten by everyone.
CP 86
CP 86 Prije dan
Whos the plumper with the fish lips? Trisha something?? Yeah she needs to chill puffing up her lips and why does she have a moon face?!? 🌝
K Sophia
K Sophia Prije 2 dana
wait if he is 18 i dont see the problem
coughed up furball
coughed up furball Prije 2 dana
I- Nikita sweetie no.
Elaine Gutierrez
Elaine Gutierrez Prije 3 dana
Ok but if those girls actually made that up and tried to get money out of it or some shit that’s fucked up because it ruined their whole career and also Hannah broke up with ondrez because of that and they were I love like I wouldn’t have been surprised if they got married so if they actually made it up there fucked up there not even ok
Yandere Kitten
Yandere Kitten Prije 3 dana
I don’t like nakita but cmon he dog legal age and so is she move on from that “drama”
Yandere Kitten
Yandere Kitten Prije 3 dana
Is of***
Summa Mclaren
Summa Mclaren Prije 3 dana
I don’t get it Charlie can go to the bahammers if they want to like let people do what they want to do like wth this is so stupid go where they want to go and stay in place you are all just jealous of her going there!
Ava Mc Keon
Ava Mc Keon Prije 3 dana
ok but like i love how the title says Tony Lopez and just ebds
Molly UwU
Molly UwU Prije 3 dana
Tik Tockers cant keep themselves out of drama-
Dumbass Rida
Dumbass Rida Prije 3 dana
alright but who isn't gonna miss their birthday cause of a pandemic? ofc their gonna come and celebrate their friends birthday.
Marie-Cecile Aphing-Kouassi
Marie-Cecile Aphing-Kouassi Prije 3 dana
Trisha needs to go back to her care home for old people are quit shading on minors!
Barbara Rodriguez
Barbara Rodriguez Prije 4 dana
Oh god I love Anna Oop.... the “BUTT” 😂🖐
Jayda Inyae
Jayda Inyae Prije 4 dana
omg get over it if yall had as much money as them you would take the test and go on a plane to get away from the drama cameras and that stuff they have to go through one of them could have been on the verge of quitting or something serious and they had to take a break and recollect themselves remember you have to quarantine for 2weeks so they could have done that there And first of all they are people and yall forget that If they talked abt that situation their words would have been twisted and turned and they would look like some monsters we have been stuck in our houses forever so I'm pretty sure u would need a break also so like I said get over it
Kamara Barrett
Kamara Barrett Prije 4 dana
you cant be mad and call nikita preditor if she was talkin to a 18 yr old
Lotta Wiemers
Lotta Wiemers Prije 4 dana
why u always say ''BUT'' so loud lmaoooooooooooooooo
Nevaeh Burke
Nevaeh Burke Prije 5 dana
Nikita also said the n word in her first video on tt
sapphire romain
sapphire romain Prije 5 dana
Vilja Josefine Isaksen
Vilja Josefine Isaksen Prije 5 dana
I think that it's charlis parents is the ones that should get hate since they like are her parents
jimins.chubby.cheeks Prije 5 dana
Not yall getting mad cause she said "No response," she can say what she want, yall not in control of her, just because she said that, it dosen't mean she think that she a celebrity, yall just be saying anything now
kenmas girlfriend
kenmas girlfriend Prije 5 dana
ok but like stan anna for using the correct pronouns✋🏽😙
CupCakeOreos AreTheBest
CupCakeOreos AreTheBest Prije 5 dana
And Nikita umm...ok...? Ig. She’s dark a bit too...???
Genevieve Renteria
Genevieve Renteria Prije 5 dana
Okay but STAN ANNA for not being those people who call Nikita a “guy”
Lollas adventure 1
Lollas adventure 1 Prije 5 dana
Literally everybody is coming at Charlie for going to the Bahamas when a lot of people are traveling to it’s so stupid 🙄🙄
Jamen Snowden
Jamen Snowden Prije 5 dana
Y’all finna be real mad but I’m NOT gonna cancel my party just because of COVID ima have a good time & live life to the fullest
Sarah Sanchez
Sarah Sanchez Prije 6 dana
I just hate Trisha she can't just talk shit about people
Kaci Mason
Kaci Mason Prije 6 dana
The Lopez brothers they're not posting any videos
Nicole B
Nicole B Prije 6 dana
y'all these tiktokers are going to keep getting into scandals, and scandals, and scandals and they're just going to apologize and forget about it. we need to stop forgiving bc we're just allowing this behavior.
Ke’ala Souza
Ke’ala Souza Prije 5 dana
so true, just because they apologize doesn't mean we should forgive and forget.
Rich Girl
Rich Girl Prije 6 dana
i love trishaaaaa so much
rae pierce
rae pierce Prije 6 dana
tony is still disgusting....he showed his ya know thing
Christina Bowers
Christina Bowers Prije 6 dana
And Nikita dragon having a party too!!! Ffs do they not know that there is a fucking pandemic going on????? STUPIDDDDDDDDD
Christina Bowers
Christina Bowers Prije 6 dana
Yes they shouldn’t went on that trip that was completely stupid when they know about what’s going on in this world but Trisha should stay out of it that’s all I’m saying
Shadaya Sam
Shadaya Sam Prije 6 dana
Mxdnxght_Skies Prije 6 dana
akari Prije 6 dana
A 18 year old does NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT, belong with a 25 yo who black fishes and does sh*t we cant even IMAGINE.
akari Prije 6 dana
Noone : Anna : Kitty cat... !
akari Prije 6 dana
Okay, but why does Trisha look like peaches.
Eza Abrantes
Eza Abrantes Prije 6 dana
Trisha is LITTALLY ATTACKING a 16yr old😭🥴🥺🙄💀😾
iimushroomsii Prije 7 dana
Nikkitu whatever u spell her name like why is her birthday party themed like a p***y
Faustyna Zieba
Faustyna Zieba Prije 7 dana
i still think the lopez brothes are bad and one on is going to change my mind
Maddy Mayhew
Maddy Mayhew Prije 7 dana
No hate yo everyone but it’s thier life they can say or do whatever they want tbh but I agree going out in a COVID break out is bad but people say it was for her Health
こよみKoyomi Prije 7 dana
With the Bahamas situation. So what if Charlie doesn't want to talk about it? It's her goddamn private life they Need to leave her alone
Milda sofija
Milda sofija Prije 7 dana
Am i the only one that thinks that nikita should be called: the famous karen
Diamond mind
Diamond mind Prije 7 dana
Omg just stop with the drama Trisha is the real threat to TikTok HRpost and many other platforms
Diamond mind
Diamond mind Prije 7 dana
No bc y’all don’t need a response on her trip to the beach
Kaylee Shryer-Gwinn
Kaylee Shryer-Gwinn Prije 8 dana
sis anna needs to have a whole ass playlist for the lopez brothers and a playlist for nikita that's how many tea videos she has of them smh💀😭
Ella Prije 8 dana
How many times is Nikita gonna turn 21?!
Katie Andino
Katie Andino Prije 8 dana
Kara Whatley
Kara Whatley Prije 8 dana
Um there is thing called sprayed tans. And you can have parties you go to The grocery store and you don’t get Covid so it’s kind of the same thing as a party so. And my dad got Covid and I didn’t so Covid is stupid so stop saying that Covid is all bad because it’s not and I go to school and I don’t get covid
:me DUDE I’m done SO many fights I’m out HERE
Tara Bower
Tara Bower Prije 9 dana
I love nikita dragun
Tara Bower
Tara Bower Prije 9 dana
Alaina Buchholtz
Alaina Buchholtz Prije 9 dana
Where are these kids parents? Counting their money...awful
Nana Ama Bedua Mensah
Nana Ama Bedua Mensah Prije 9 dana
As much as I hate Trisha, she was speaking FACTS
0rangeßeige Prije 10 dana
The one good thing Trisha did 🙄
Dee Dii
Dee Dii Prije 10 dana
"SeLfIsH" Nobody is selfish them partying does not effect any of you guys.😐
W0lfie._. kiss
W0lfie._. kiss Prije 4 dana
But it does???
laurens cafe
laurens cafe Prije 9 dana
Kylie Williams
Kylie Williams Prije 10 dana
7:06 loOK aNnA yOu sPeLt bRoTheRs sO wElL
Desi Prije 10 dana
I know it’s the middle of a pandemic and there traveling but like all my friends are on vacation so cancel them
Random basic ɢɪʀʟʟʟ
Random basic ɢɪʀʟʟʟ Prije 10 dana
ok the Lopez brothers (tony) and the girl who lied abt her age are both wrong.
XxCouldxx :/
XxCouldxx :/ Prije 11 dana
Why on the thumbnail Trisha looks ugly🤣
SophieCooks Prije 11 dana
anna be spilling facts not tea and thats on period
sprooklie Mio !
sprooklie Mio ! Prije 11 dana
does anyone watch annaoop- then like never hear about the rumors and what is going on?
Kiara _xox
Kiara _xox Prije 11 dana
Mhmmm ok so wen there is 55 yr olds dating 19 yr olds no one says anything
Kiara _xox
Kiara _xox Prije 11 dana
I mean lots of ppl r going on holiday soooo
Mariana-sings Something
Mariana-sings Something Prije 11 dana
i always knew the lopez brothers were innocent they are good people
Mariana-sings Something
Mariana-sings Something Prije 11 dana
honestly i hate trisha ether if she is rude or nice i HATE her Prije 12 dana
Did nikita and that boy rub Glizzlies
Naima Hirsi
Naima Hirsi Prije 12 dana
Yall should stop hating on charl bc it’s her life and u don’t control it
Hxney_ Stxcks
Hxney_ Stxcks Prije 12 dana
Personally I’m not mad at her because of her having no response because she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation but I am mad that she did it thinking she was a victim as if she wasn’t going to get hate but we all know she did it herself
Jamie Routson
Jamie Routson Prije 12 dana
okay but like didnt both the lopez brothers admit to knowing the girls were underage ?
Tinky Winky
Tinky Winky Prije 12 dana
the fact that Trisha Paytas is still talking is crazy we all get it she was upset she couldnt go and was JELLY but dont take it out on someone that is better and not a b***h unlike Trisha Paytas. im i the only one that think people are trying to take over tiktok by trying to call all of them predo thats crazy this JELLYS need to END NOW
Najmo Hussein
Najmo Hussein Prije 12 dana
true fax ppl
Lana Alrashidi
Lana Alrashidi Prije 12 dana
Lana Alrashidi
Lana Alrashidi Prije 12 dana
Holly Tulipgirl
Holly Tulipgirl Prije 12 dana
i saw the thumbnail for your luvs recap video and you know trisha paytas stuck gummy worms to her lips ✨
snowy._oliviaa 12
snowy._oliviaa 12 Prije 13 dana
the fact that y'all attacking a freaking 16 year old is dumb
Jaydeen The Frat
Jaydeen The Frat Prije 13 dana
the damelios try to act inno to there rlly selfish
death the kid
death the kid Prije 13 dana
Nakita is 25 the boy just turned 18 so now there is a 7 year difference but that still doesn’t make it right.....imma go back to 𝙨𝙡𝙚𝙚𝙥 now
perlyn joyce
perlyn joyce Prije 13 dana
Why she's not talking about Diego martir, desiree and Rene drama
Aubrey Stevens
Aubrey Stevens Prije 14 dana
I feel that ondres is Innocent but not tony !!!!
Its Oty
Its Oty Prije 14 dana
anna oop is like gossip girl but make it 2020
Avigayil Korn
Avigayil Korn Prije 14 dana
ik its a pandemic but isnt it charlis choice if she gets to go somewhere
Raffy Hernandez
Raffy Hernandez Prije 14 dana
turtle shop pay this I think that's her name this repeated stop protecting almost everybody he starts attacking almost everybody that comes out and she comes attacking people whenever and ever stop attacking Charlie on the Charlie sisters anybody else of tiktok coming I don't know why you keep on holding the platform
Erin Arendell
Erin Arendell Prije 14 dana
Hey can we maybe get a face reveal at 5mil ɴᴏ ᴘʀᴇssᴜʀᴇ🥺🙃
Gabrielle Brown
Gabrielle Brown Prije 14 dana
yall can not be talking about the hype house like that yall are evil people
Gabrielle Brown
Gabrielle Brown Prije 14 dana
you can not talk about nikita dragon like that who you think you are
SANAI SALTERS Prije 14 dana
Mackenzie Ziegler
Mackenzie Ziegler Prije 14 dana
It’s funny cause I’m drinking tea rn
Mackenzie Ziegler
Mackenzie Ziegler Prije 14 dana
I just like kenzie dont come for me
your reading this
your reading this Prije 15 dana
seriously, wth are they COMING for ppl that didn't do anything?! Like it's like stalking tony
Sylvana Doody
Sylvana Doody Prije 15 dana
Can people please stop hating on char. It’s not ok that she said no response but she will most likely get hate no matter what she says 😭
Piglet Playzz
Piglet Playzz Prije 15 dana
like its not fair how these influencers go an vacation and we are here staying home all day
Evie Revilles
Evie Revilles Prije 15 dana
im sorry but do you really wanna know why she went to the bahammas BC SHE WAS GOING THERE TO GET SOME SPACE BC SHE WANTED TO KILL HESELF SHE IS ONLY 16
Marie Devine
Marie Devine Prije 15 dana
Nikita dragun is sleeping with a boy and Nikita is a boy
The Amaiyah Vlog
The Amaiyah Vlog Prije 15 dana
How she showed tge covid tests it take 30 mins fir the test to come through
Evany L
Evany L Prije 15 dana
This is why I deleted tik tok I miss musically
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