Rest in Peace Dazhariaa

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anna oop

Prije 14 dana

for ways you can help, or if you are struggling yourself, please see the links below:
rest in peace dee.

Rosalinda Chelsea
Rosalinda Chelsea Prije 2 sati
🕊💐✨Rest in piece queen✨💐🕊
Layan Gh
Layan Gh Prije 2 sati
rest in peace angel 🙏🤍 but this gives an example of why you shouldn't hate on someone bc of a 15/60 second video bc you don't know what they're going through or what is really going on so please don't hate on someone , famous or not they're still human beings and the "cancel culture" is so toxic and may cause to sui$ide or $elf h@rm and mental health issues so please be kind and positive to everyone even if you dislike them😊
Tsukkisaurus Rex
Tsukkisaurus Rex Prije 3 sati
Rest In Peace
Nathaly Uribe Bernabe
Nathaly Uribe Bernabe Prije 4 sati
Oml Rest in peace😭💔
Victoria Toro
Victoria Toro Prije 7 sati
Is no one gonna talk about how her mom was a drug addict?
Time to Play Roblox
Time to Play Roblox Prije 8 sati
R.I.P Dee 🕊🤍
Mal K
Mal K Prije 9 sati
Rest in peace dee
Princess Glitch -0-
Princess Glitch -0- Prije 13 sati
Rip angel 😢
A.A Prije 13 sati
Brianna Johnson
Brianna Johnson Prije 14 sati
Why blame her ex for her taking her own life? He’s not responding for her mental health
Trinity Ray
Trinity Ray Prije 14 sati
Poor here 🥺
luveila Prije 15 sati
Not you guys saying "suicide doesn't end pain it just hands it to someone else" well now you are making it seem like she made you go through pain.
Ashley Chen
Ashley Chen Prije 16 sati
“Suicide doesn’t stop pain. It gives it to someone else.”
Evanna Rafferty
Evanna Rafferty Prije 17 sati
Dusint meen he did that
Alexa Patterson
Alexa Patterson Prije 18 sati
R.I.P Dazhariaa she is a beautiful Angel
itzbluebxrry Prije 19 sati
"When you hurt youself you hurt the ones you love the most"
I.B gaming
I.B gaming Prije 20 sati
That is super sad
Shooky shooketh!
Shooky shooketh! Prije 20 sati
rest in peace 🙏
KiM SeoKJiN?? m0Re liKe King Seokjin
KiM SeoKJiN?? m0Re liKe King Seokjin Prije 20 sati
O bueno
Elixabeth H.
Elixabeth H. Prije 20 sati
Rest in peace Dee.
Ganimete Lezi
Ganimete Lezi Prije 22 sati
Im so sorry for her rest in peace 😕🙏
exhausted popcorn
exhausted popcorn Prije 22 sati
how can they jump to conclusions that she killed herself because of her boyfriend. people break up everyday it doesn't mean they go kill themselves. he is not responsible for that she took that decision by herself.
Rukaya Alshatri
Rukaya Alshatri Prije 23 sati
this is lowkey proof tht followers and clout and having money, does not make you a happy person.
jenna Prije 23 sati
Rip 😥 🌹
Jessa Simpson
Jessa Simpson Prije dan
Hey gorgeous 💕 You are so beautiful ya know? U are Smart (you dont need perfect letters in the grade book. Its just a letter) Kind Sweet PERFECT! Did you eat today? Hm love? NONE!? Sis/bro you must best go get sum dino nuggies....they callin for u 🦕😤 Seriously go get some tho Idc if you have a muffin top, your skin color, gender, religion, culture. If you are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Hunny. You are a blessing. Tysm for being you, and being brave enough to come out. What a brave one you are! ❤ Stay AWAY from toxic ppl. Do not let ppl push u around. U are not an object. Humans were made to love. Not to be used. Remember- You have so many reasons to live. Who cares if you got an F? Who cares if your failing? Who cares if your homeless? Who cares? Whats that you do not give up for me ok? Keep going! You are so much stronger than u know! Your flaws is what makes you unique. You ARE SO DANG PERFECT GIMME A VIRTUAL HUG 😩🤚💕 Go treat yo self. Goodbye now! Taking your life away will not get rid of the pain. Only gimme pain. I do not want pain. So pls keep going! -original random potterhead
VaSean Wrld
VaSean Wrld Prije dan
You people are sick for anybody that is blaming her ex-boyfriend for this please get help
Clirim Pjetri
Clirim Pjetri Prije dan
this is sad
Messed Up
Messed Up Prije dan
Rip angel 🕊
a Prije dan
she posted 2 days ago tho 🧐
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth Prije dan
saying "suicide doesn't end the pain it just hands it to someone else" just makes the person who is struggling feel more trapped😔
deadg1987 Prije dan
right! like bruh im the one suffering dont guilt trip me into staying alive just to avoid hurting other people lmao
Cursed cereal
Cursed cereal Prije dan
Rest in peace Dazhariaa. we love you beautiful angel ❤️
Veronica and Valencia’s Way
Veronica and Valencia’s Way Prije dan
Rip angel
Sarah Abouelela
Sarah Abouelela Prije dan
Azeenan J
Azeenan J Prije dan
It's so beyond fucked up people blamed her ex. Even if she had taken her life because of the break-up this still wouldn't be the guy's fault, people break up all the time ! It's typically no reason to commit suicide, he had every right to break up with her wtf ? But I'm not blaming her either, what I'm saying is that if a break up is what pushed her to this... the real issue was obviously her mental health, not the ex. Overall it's a tragic situation
Malachi Pio
Malachi Pio Prije dan
R.i.p 🥺💔😭
Malachi Pio
Malachi Pio Prije dan
No 🥺💔😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💔💔💔😿😿😿😿😣😖☹️😫😩😟😕🙁😔😞
Ayessa Gail Cañete
Ayessa Gail Cañete Prije dan
RIP Dee/Dazhariaa,Fly high Sweetheart 💛
Rahaf Alhomedi
Rahaf Alhomedi Prije dan
Aww I was CRYING So much she looks so beautiful And she was so kind I feel bad for parents and for a boyfriend!! I hope she goes to heaven I’ll pray!
mystique. Prije dan
rest in piece, dazhariaa. fly high dear angel.
Nia Prije dan
I heard that her mom was the reason she commited suicide.
Whit tay
Whit tay Prije dan
These comments are unfortunate
Mia Isabelle
Mia Isabelle Prije dan
I hope the dude is ok,as well as her family.
Akira Manning
Akira Manning Prije dan
This comment might sound rude, but I swear I have good intentions.. Blaming someone for someone else’s death won’t fix the problem. The reason for her death isn’t the cause. She took her own life. He didn’t make her do anything. Yes it’s sad, but no one made her do it. Instead of blaming other people, how about you try and think about how they’re feeling? Especially since they were close with her. She wouldn’t have wanted you to blame her friends or family members. At the end of the day, she did it & whatever the reason may be, we’ll never know. So stop blaming others.
Mariah Audie
Mariah Audie Prije dan
this gave me chills
Chelsea Mendez
Chelsea Mendez Prije dan
There right it isn’t her boyfriends fault at all
Aliyah Waterson
Aliyah Waterson Prije dan
i was just watching her tik toks where she layered all her bras and stuff and her mom walks in she was so funny🥺😩 Prije dan
RIP Dee you will be missed and made many others including me happy. We may have lost dee but heaven has gained an angel❤️
Sebastian Salazar
Sebastian Salazar Prije dan
LilyRosev09 Prije dan
The fact that yall are commenting "first🥰" or "early" just shows that yall dont care this video is about a queen who just passed away RIP Dee 🕊✝️
LilyRosev09 Prije dan
RIP sweet Angel you will forever be loved ✝️🕊
caca Vibes
caca Vibes Prije dan
Rest In Peace🥺💔
Nobody Is Here
Nobody Is Here Prije dan
Definitely deserved it, happy as hell 😂😁🥳 Come at me, idgaf 💖
Nobody Is Here
Nobody Is Here Prije dan
@pookie she deserved it 😂 celebrating lol 🥳
briar rose must die
briar rose must die Prije dan
@Nobody Is Here damn dude. you good? Is everything ok at home?
pookie Prije dan
ur sick
hxnnxh Prije dan
`ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́-
`ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́- Prije dan
Kay Morales
Kay Morales Prije dan
Also Dee might did it because it may be her mom she is is DRUGS.
Kay Morales
Kay Morales Prije dan
RIP Dee.
Hareshaa John.C
Hareshaa John.C Prije dan
a day before val
ty6p • 231 years ago
ty6p • 231 years ago Prije dan
I never watched you for 5 months
ITz Anxlia
ITz Anxlia Prije dan
anna Prije dan
She killed herself because of her mom. Her mom did drugs there are videos on it!
rajwinder kaur
rajwinder kaur Prije 19 sati
anna Prije dan
I loved her 😭 Rest In Peace ❤️
•Shy Bean TvT•
•Shy Bean TvT• Prije dan
People are saying that her death was caused by her mom choosing drugs over her.
pls vibe with me
pls vibe with me Prije 8 sati
It’s true dumbass even see said it
ItsDanica Prije dan
Umm the editing is unnecessary
zyi Playz
zyi Playz Prije dan
We didn’t ask srry
katie cherry
katie cherry Prije dan
i don't like how dramatised this video is. i get the video needs to be interesting but its literally about a young girl how sadly passed away and it just seems disrespectful
ItsDanica Prije dan
RandomEditing Prije dan
I dont know who she is but rest in peace, hope youre at a better place 💕🙏🏻
Paige Gnazzo
Paige Gnazzo Prije dan
Lost my cousin to suicide 1 1/2 ago. I wish she would have reached out to somebody❤️ this hits close to home I’m sure for so many people. Rest In Peace beautiful and I hope you found the happiness you always wanted ❤️❤️
Prije dan
RIP TO DAZHARIA..... we love you
Editsby._.laylay Prije dan
Its so hard to talk when you want to kill yourself. That's above and beyond everything else, and it's not a mental complaint-it's a physical thing, like it's physically hard to open your mouth and make the words come out. They don't come out smooth and in conjunction with your brain the way normal people's words do; they come out in chunks as if from a crushed-ice dispenser; you stumble on them as they gather behind your lower lip. So you just keep quiet
Glassoella Prije 2 dana
Rest in peace my love❤️
Sophia Rodriguez
Sophia Rodriguez Prije 2 dana
boosting for money
Pa'lela Walker
Pa'lela Walker Prije 2 dana
only god knows the truth
Pa'lela Walker
Pa'lela Walker Prije 2 dana
something important to tell you 1.god loves u 2.your beautiful don't let nobody tell you different 3.pray rip a beautiful girl
AYSHA ALKOORY Prije 2 dana
rest in pace
Cloudy Claire
Cloudy Claire Prije 2 dana
The people saying “Early” or “First” are absolutely DISGUSTING. Dee is no longer here an y’all don’t care?
Bora LOL
Bora LOL Prije 10 sati
@kat conleyy your ignorance is showing
Tony Lopez Love_x.o.x.o
Tony Lopez Love_x.o.x.o Prije 15 sati
Didn’t you see that on comments hun give CREDITS
I WoNt hEsiTaTe BiTcH
I WoNt hEsiTaTe BiTcH Prije 19 sati
@kat conleyy I-
kat conleyy
kat conleyy Prije dan
Akira Manning
Akira Manning Prije dan
You don’t need to be talking about that. Don’t even show them attention.
#We Rule
#We Rule Prije 2 dana
i feel dee i know how it feels she did not have to do it she should think it will get better rip :(
insomnia Prije 2 dana
I remember someone wrote a s%%*cide note in the Discord Server I was moderating and it happened yesterday. Please know that your life matters deeply and if you ever need to vent or seek mental help, DO IT! I want you to get better, and I want you to go out fully with pride and courage.
Chloe Johnson
Chloe Johnson Prije 2 dana
RIP angel.... we'll miss you lovely!!
Nika Bašnec
Nika Bašnec Prije 2 dana
leila !!
leila !! Prije 2 dana
fly high baby...
Gewoon Soad
Gewoon Soad Prije 2 dana
R.I.P Dazhariaa💔 she got her wings to early 🕊️❤️
MIni Sssniper wolf Lady
MIni Sssniper wolf Lady Prije 2 dana
I never knew her, but I hope she is happier now. RIP angel
alexa Prije 2 dana
saying things like *"early"* or *"first"* is getting quite old especially when you decide to say it on a video announcing someone's passing. have a heart, and please think before typing something. Rest in Peace Dee, we love you angel❤️
Molly Clist
Molly Clist Prije 2 dana
Chlimon Lazar
Chlimon Lazar Prije 2 dana
Manuel Vazquez
Manuel Vazquez Prije 2 dana
RIP dee
_Naikeen _
_Naikeen _ Prije 2 dana
Suicide doesn't end it. It makes it worse...
Theleafshero Prije 2 dana
Tf are yall saying " first " for??😐this girl just committed suicide show her some freaking respect🙄 R.I.P dee🕊️❤️
trey. is. my. man seays
trey. is. my. man seays Prije 2 dana
Rip. D. May. She. Rest. In. Pace. Just. So 😥 that hurt my. ❤ now i hope. She. Resting. In haven. 👨 this. So 😥
ʚaɞ Prije 2 dana
Suicide and depression is no joke, the thoughts really fuck with your head and make you believe shit that isn't true. I wish there was a way to put an end to suicide, seeing this stuff breaks my heart, as someone who survived a suicide attempt I feel for this girl I didn't know who she was, I wish I could've been there for her though, please don't ever be afraid to reach out to someone, even if its a stranger someone out there cares don't give up on yourself no matter how hard it gets your life is precious even if it doesn't feel that way at times. May she RIP.
Darling Mina
Darling Mina Prije 2 dana
Rest In Peace.
sianni pantoja
sianni pantoja Prije 2 dana
🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ruby Hernandez
Ruby Hernandez Prije 2 dana
Okay but if he “loved” her then he wouldn’t have left/broken up with her
Donnell Okafor
Donnell Okafor Prije 2 dana
Noone is obligated to stay with someone.
Angelina Bro
Angelina Bro Prije 2 dana
R.I.P we miss you but ur in a batter place now I don’t know what I am supposed to do now I loved your vids so much I miss you dee😭
Red Dot
Red Dot Prije 2 dana
Melanie Chavez
Melanie Chavez Prije 2 dana
Aww i feel bad for her rip🥺😭
Alyssa Greenwood
Alyssa Greenwood Prije 2 dana
hey you yes you i know things may be hard right now but i want you to know your not alone and yes things may be challenging you will get through whatever you are going through . you have so much potential and so many wonderful memories to make and friends and family who care about you . you have a future a present and a life to fulfill and i may not know you or know what your going through but what i do know is we are all struggling in some way and that we’re all human and sometimes all we need is someone to tell you everything will be okay . and if your thinking of suicide or know anyone who is suffering i want to say that you are stronger than you think and pain is temporary and you have so much to live for . put the knife down put the rope down the pills the alcohol put anything that could hurt you down . your an amazing person okay and your smile is so bright and your soul is beautiful. if you feel alone and that you feel that your the only one in a crowded room or even feel your not enough well your more than enough and to any girl or guy reading this you are loved and you are vailed your valued and you have so many friends and your family who care and love you . i may not know you but what i do know is your strong your beautiful your handsome intelligent funny caring and good person who will get through whatever you are going through . suicide dose not fix anything or stop the pain it passes it to the people who care about you . and if no one told you today i’m so proud of you 🥺 and i mean it i’m proud of you for waking up eating your breakfast going to school and for living . and please remember you are valid and you are loved I’m so proud of you i love you and we’re here for you i’m here for you . you got this ❤️
Kylee the Latina Period
Kylee the Latina Period Prije 2 dana
R.I.P❤️💔 She was such a sweet girl and is in a better place now. I love you dazhariaa. Have an amazing life in heaven ❤️😖😔
aliyah Castileo
aliyah Castileo Prije 2 dana
R.I.P. beautiful angel😔🕊
incopleta Prije 2 dana
dolls Prije 2 dana
NK Vlogs
NK Vlogs Prije 2 dana
RIP 😭🥺🙏 I didn’t even know who she was 🥺
IT'S TAIJAE Prije 2 dana
sexually slowed
sexually slowed Prije 2 dana
I miss her
Jacqui Dwyer
Jacqui Dwyer Prije 2 dana
Rest in paradise Dee
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