The TikTok Party That Got Over 100 People Arrested...

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anna oop

Prije 23 dana

The TikTok Party That Got Over 100 People Arrested...


QakiVietnqm-Alqania YT
QakiVietnqm-Alqania YT Prije 10 sati
they are literally vandalizing police cars and climbing trees. Like those light things that exploded and vandalizing cars. This is not okay. If The police can’t do something with this Then I don’t know what to do
Mia Prije 12 sati
He didn't even attend the party Like bro
US had the best chance to eliminate all the cancer at once
Ayo Prije 2 dana
Is it just me who doesn't know who tf is Adrien?
doja santana
doja santana Prije 2 dana
I literally feel like we're on FaceTime and your just spilling me all the tea
pumpkin Prije 2 dana
Why are u so annoying tho--------------
Ri Ri
Ri Ri Prije 2 dana
This frustrated me on another level. I tend to not bring race into situations as many people are uncomfortable about speaking on it but at this point I could really care less.... The fact that this is simply seen as an unruly group of teenagers that had a tik tok party yet when black kids in Miami did similar things for spring break they were being shown as unruly rioters who were apart BLM yet the white kids there were rarely televised (but HRpost interviews from that whole week show exactly how mixed the crowd was)🤦🏾‍♀️ even worse when genuine protests happen for blm or racism in general they are seen and treated as riots. We have a bunch of teenagers acting a fool because Covid has them feeling trapped, yet it was just a tik tok party not considered a riot on the news or HRpost channels at all. Anna has always shed light on black issues and made sure to be extremely fair and respectful so this isn’t a jab at her. I’m simply disgusted by these behaviors man 🤦🏾‍♀️ it makes it harder for genuine progress to be made and sets us back so much. Yet, these kids were thinking about having fun not even their own safety lord
tsutsuji Prije 2 dana
..>_> how illegal
Dayzcia Prije 4 dana
James Charles, Lentotally, Zoe Lavern, Griffin Johnson, much more do we need😭
✨Simp✨ Prije 4 dana
These tik tokers-
mistyfidgets Prije 5 dana
Man should be spending his birthday behind bars 👋🏼😒
koren huntley
koren huntley Prije 5 dana
Yaaaas miss Rona got front row seats and backstage passes
Joce Norah
Joce Norah Prije 6 dana
The most intelligent animals also happen to be the stupidest.
Yolanda Resendiz
Yolanda Resendiz Prije 6 dana
tbh tik tok influencers think they are above the law cause they have a huge platform and they think they can do whatever they want like Adrian's kickback they had to shut down a whole city what is up with these influencers
Todoroki's Baybay
Todoroki's Baybay Prije 6 dana
I went to that party with my sister. she forced me too.
Shakila Lezama
Shakila Lezama Prije 7 dana
Nooo Griffin we were all rutting fir you
Shakila Lezama
Shakila Lezama Prije 7 dana
From time I heard part me Bryce and when I heard not Bryce Hall I was surprised
Jamal Smith
Jamal Smith Prije 7 dana
These influences are dumb Covid-19 is real Like stay home it is not that hard
Ashlee Stewart
Ashlee Stewart Prije 7 dana
They deserve everything that happened to them and i don't regret it! ;) People really were desperate for going to a party...So Sad... Whoever was at that party that wasn't invited are basically LOWLIFE criminals- literally they attacked police for something very stupid they did! My respect for these police "this time"🤗
Kasey Cuellar
Kasey Cuellar Prije 7 dana
Prije 7 dana
LMAO I am now glad that tiktok is banned in my country geez
Laura Gamez Arzate
Laura Gamez Arzate Prije 7 dana
I knew it was going to be about the Adrian kickback my brother and he is kinda friends and he had more friends that he works with but his friends didn't go and I told my brother is he's going he said "hell Nah" so yeah
sarita rani
sarita rani Prije 7 dana
this is literally project x
Ela Kologlu
Ela Kologlu Prije 7 dana
Littarly inviting 100 people. To his birthday party. Me not having a birthday party
Eliannah Nguyen
Eliannah Nguyen Prije 7 dana
Aww griffin needed adult supervision to get back on Twitter good for him ✌️
Rohma Sami
Rohma Sami Prije 8 dana
Tiktok is cancer
Asiya salah
Asiya salah Prije 8 dana
If TikTok wasn’t a thing would Anna oop be a thing?
Kyaria Matthews
Kyaria Matthews Prije 9 dana
I mean the Bryce thing is between him and that girl. If she felt assaulted she could come out during the drama and say it or she could come out and say she did concent. Otherwise it is between them and really no one else's business.
Timi Dudu
Timi Dudu Prije 9 dana
It's kinda funny how these tiktokers are so popular In my country they're not even considered as celebrities🤦
Tahiyat Iqbal
Tahiyat Iqbal Prije 9 dana
Bruh this reminds me of the movie Project X lmaaaaaaao
Hannah Durham
Hannah Durham Prije 9 dana
I love the new look😆
rahimah yasir
rahimah yasir Prije 9 dana
bro what's up with tiktokers n SA? 👀😂
bubblycore Prije 9 dana
bubblycore Prije 9 dana
Sienna Pratt
Sienna Pratt Prije 9 dana
i lov anna
Dumster Truck
Dumster Truck Prije 9 dana
I still dont see what he did wrong, he didnt have control over people and it doesnt SEEM hes lying about wanting so many people at a party, why would he want so many people in the first place. I mean he did post it on tik tok, you never know what can go viral on it but still, he didnt have control over what the people did. I would never had expect that to happen
nia Prije 10 dana
this is honestly SO embarrassing...
DOLLIE DOTTIE Prije 10 dana
California is a mess ive been there and i was so glad I don't live there
•haikyuu• Prije 10 dana
This isn't fair we in Germany are struggling to get to school because people can't stay at home we deserve this rn today was my first school day after a half year
Lupe Villa
Lupe Villa Prije 10 dana
Pls don't tell me Bryce will turn into tony
Silvia Johnson
Silvia Johnson Prije 10 dana
virat kohli
virat kohli Prije 10 dana
I am so glad we banned tiktok here in india.
blueberryxbff Prije 11 dana
its the mask on the wrist for me...
Dreamy Ella
Dreamy Ella Prije 11 dana
just run them over please 😭🤚
- izzy -
- izzy - Prije 11 dana
I have a comment for ALL of these topics. Topic #1 Why would you even do that? If it was meant for your school or whatever why didn't you just put up flyer or ask people if they wanted to come? That's just stupid. Topic #2 At this point nothing surprises me. Just because you guys were 15 and sober doesn't explain why y'all were doing that in the first place. If you are gonna tell us this, make it clear. Topic #3 Not you standing up for griffin. Just because you met people from Hollywood doesn't mean you know their real personality and that didn't concern you. Griffin never shouldn't have comment that stuff in a 14 year olds comment section like bro aren't you 21? Btw, she could've blocked him.
Kitty&Cloudy Prije 11 dana
This is gonna be the death of TikTok-
Shelsea Belizaire
Shelsea Belizaire Prije 12 dana
tiktokers: let's throw a party me: Ever heard of Corona?
iiSunset RiversYTii
iiSunset RiversYTii Prije 13 dana
Wooooooooooooww I never knew that there was such thing as PRIVATE snapchat story
🧋Mayra 🧋
🧋Mayra 🧋 Prije 13 dana
I thought TikTok was just a fun App now it’s a toxic App
Twiggyxfme Prije 13 dana
What's so special about that party that 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮𝙤𝙣𝙚 wanted to go?🤨 I don't get it.
editz Prije 13 dana
if these influencers thing there cool there not sorry to break it
Play Games
Play Games Prije 13 dana
The people now when there back from the party: 🤮🤒😷🤠⛓⛓
Alien ElinPup
Alien ElinPup Prije 13 dana
At this point whoever I defend turns out to do something bad :/ at this point everyone on tik tok is toxic. I don’t even want to defend the one and only innocent josh richards
Alien ElinPup
Alien ElinPup Prije 13 dana
I can’t believe there called influencers my 6 year old cousin was wearing a mask and telling everyone to social distance like ? A 6 year old GIRL is more responsible than u? Wow..
Alien ElinPup
Alien ElinPup Prije 13 dana
I swear my cousin had Covid and she didn’t invite anyone to her b day to keep us safe and one of my friends who WAS COMPLETELY HEALTY didn’t do a small party to keep everyone safe and these people just don’t care do they
•Luisenstraße •
•Luisenstraße • Prije 13 dana
am i the only one who saw the actor for Regina George? 2:25
`ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́-
`ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́- Prije 13 dana
Lol that's a gif its not actual footage of the party
Minty winkie
Minty winkie Prije 14 dana
These *influencers* literally never learn , like just have a party with 5 or 10 people it is not that hard smh 🤦🏾‍♀️
ExGRILDRAGON Venghaus Prije 14 dana
De dont now wat corona is dummys
Isabella Granados
Isabella Granados Prije 14 dana
the people at the party: I did it because I'm so DONE with covid and I miss being with people! me: well covid is not done with you.
Sarah Partridge
Sarah Partridge Prije 14 dana
I kept hearing about it I just thought it was like a meme
Sunshinespy Prije 14 dana
It seemed she was screaming
ebkatherine333 (ebkatherine333)
ebkatherine333 (ebkatherine333) Prije 14 dana
What the tana con
40k_Cj Teehee
40k_Cj Teehee Prije 15 dana
I dont understand why know you finna get cancelled for hitting on a minor
40k_Cj Teehee
40k_Cj Teehee Prije 15 dana
Bruh how you like 20 and hitting on a MINOR
alanna malia
alanna malia Prije 15 dana
XxBubblyLilithxX Prije 15 dana
I mean most police are a**holes but like don't block the roads and throw huge parties 2 or 3 people is fine but 3000?
Amari Bennett
Amari Bennett Prije 15 dana
You know you're lonely lonely when you invite 300,0 people to your sad birthday party
Leah Moncada
Leah Moncada Prije 15 dana
I thought Adrian's kickback was funny
Moo moo
Moo moo Prije 15 dana
3:25 pffftt and people say BLM protests are bad
Misfit Yass
Misfit Yass Prije 15 dana
You know what I sometimes think they should ban TikTok just because these “influencers” are a waste of time and brain power
Victoria Porras
Victoria Porras Prije 15 dana
Love you Anna oop❤️
Victoria Porras
Victoria Porras Prije 15 dana
Do y’all not know we’re still in this pandemic why are all these stupid TickTock or‘s over here throwing parties just to get drunk y’all need to act up
Yoselin Trejo
Yoselin Trejo Prije 16 dana
Looks like fun bruh😭
Jk 320
Jk 320 Prije 16 dana
Shinobu's Fan
Shinobu's Fan Prije 16 dana
Please tell me those people who got arrested are getting charged?
Ianfromtheotherside_uwu Prije 16 dana
Everybody repeat after me: “These influencers are S.T.U.P.I.D!”
zz Prije 16 dana
“These influencers are STUPID !” 💅💅
Killer Of The Night
Killer Of The Night Prije 16 dana
At this point, lock everyone up
j2cinvestments Prije 16 dana
ok listen. i wouldnt have a problem is most of them were vaccinated and the other ppl were at least wearing masks but like really guys- even if yall were all vaccinated yall shouldnt be doing all this yet people are trying to come back and get Jobs again Act Wisely please
• Dreamy nicki •
• Dreamy nicki • Prije 16 dana
Queen Ariana Queen nicki
Queen Ariana Queen nicki Prije 16 dana
It's not Griffin it's groofin Joans
Ash n' Shameless
Ash n' Shameless Prije 16 dana
*Im pressed.*
Official ..seiever
Official ..seiever Prije 16 dana
Thanks God bryce didn’t throw it bc I thought this will be abt him but turns out it wasn’t!😭😭
Official ..seiever
Official ..seiever Prije 16 dana
It’s so fcked up what Bryce did😐
Lulu Prije 16 dana
Imagine they get banned from social media and have to get a job that will be like a dream come true
nailah Abdullah
nailah Abdullah Prije 16 dana
And these are the same people dragging TikTokers for not social distancing... kmt👀🤧💀
royale high ixnurah
royale high ixnurah Prije 16 dana
can you just short up and not tok about people like that place
Alexsys Slates
Alexsys Slates Prije 16 dana
• mqmasx
• mqmasx Prije 16 dana
i didn’t even know we were still in a pandemic bc everyone ik is out and about 💀
Cooking with Jamila and friends
Cooking with Jamila and friends Prije 17 dana
i don’t like politics but trump shoulda banned tik tok
Larieyha Baker
Larieyha Baker Prije 17 dana
But the thing is Adrian didn't think thousands of people were gonna show up! So you can't really blame them 💀!
Jenece Balderas
Jenece Balderas Prije 16 dana
SophiaPlayz Prije 17 dana
It’s a literal birthday party just have cake open presents and have fun oh and here’s a tip don’t bring more then 100 people at a birthday party we’re literally during a pandemic and don’t post it everyone needs to get a life😐
Kaila rocha
Kaila rocha Prije 17 dana
it’s so sad cause hungtion is such an amazing and family friendly place to live and this gives hb such a bad rep.
M M Moeen
M M Moeen Prije 17 dana
The owners of the properties should sue them and get them in jail all of them!! Yes Police do your job 150 only should have arrested all call in many many backups!!
Amy Ebu
Amy Ebu Prije 17 dana
Gen z 😖😔
Nihachu24int ♡
Nihachu24int ♡ Prije 17 dana
Damario Hinds
Damario Hinds Prije 17 dana
Thanks for this information i haven't seen the news
Buttercup Prije 17 dana
Anna oop she curse now I like this but don't promote cursing aight
T0kyo.2008 Prije 17 dana
I’m so embarrassed with my town....😑💅🏼
Orange juice
Orange juice Prije 17 dana
Sigh* how many times we finna say this BE 1 METRE APART , AND STOP BREATHING ON MY NECK TF'
Gianna_Simmer Prije 17 dana
Where there fans at the party-?
sayomi Prije 17 dana
i still dont get how griffins a groomer when there is n evidence that he actually did anythung physical??
Sara Fabricius
Sara Fabricius Prije 17 dana
That party is very much like a movie we all have seen 😂
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