Dixie D'amelio QUITTING TikTok FOREVER? Bryce Hall LEAVING Sway House? Tony Lopez HEARTBROKEN?

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Dixie D'amelio QUITTING TikTok FOREVER? Bryce Hall LEAVING Sway House? Tony Lopez HEARTBROKEN?
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Laila Machite
Laila Machite Prije dan
Ur scrolling through the comments to see if anyone else realized she spelt demelio wrong on accident 0:48
Rabia Waqas
Rabia Waqas Prije 2 dana
Fans OVER react too much
Rabia Waqas
Rabia Waqas Prije 2 dana
Fans overreact soo much
kadra mohamoud
kadra mohamoud Prije 3 dana
Ana: says that says that every tick tock house is over Me : what about the mclouing sister
Xiholany Rodriguez
Xiholany Rodriguez Prije 3 dana
Zenell Mangal
Zenell Mangal Prije 4 dana
Anna is the biggest clickbaiter ever
Aaliyah Thorpe
Aaliyah Thorpe Prije 4 dana
Me looking at my clock saying 20:20 and the subject was about tony They r both problematic Oop now it says 2021 and his recap ended what a coincidence
Alyssa Romero
Alyssa Romero Prije 5 dana
Dixie D'amelip!! you misspelled Dixies last name gurl!
PVO Parys
PVO Parys Prije 5 dana
I honestly think that the sister are dramatic when they get hate and like cry or feel sad and like put it on social media so ppl can feel bad about them and get love and more views and followers
VICTORIA CHAPULA (Student) Prije 5 dana
At this point Anna's little bitmoji thingy us considered a real person I can't imagine how her real face looks like, it fits so well!
Kenzie Akin
Kenzie Akin Prije 5 dana
So is Dixie quitting or not!?
madachoo roach
madachoo roach Prije 6 dana
It's not anyones choice to send that package that was Beyonce's choice not anyone else's and also I feel bad for Dixie I never hated on her it was just the hate towards her was getting me sick and tired and stressed out like can you people like take a chill pill and like really think about what you're saying to someone like if you don't like them why are you on their page you idiot
qt Lizard!
qt Lizard! Prije 6 dana
0:49 Dixie D'amelip
Larieyha Baker
Larieyha Baker Prije 6 dana
People on tiktok are problematic! How can you not like anyone? but then when they wanna quit something you wanna switch up?
SavageLøverß Prije 6 dana
Why ppl getting mad bc the queen sent her something not her fault she is nicer than the world
Audrey & Ashley !
Audrey & Ashley ! Prije 6 dana
did yall see the dixie damelip- of just me
Jordan Captain
Jordan Captain Prije 7 dana
I'm so confused, she can talk abt like all the Noah things... But can't address the Bahamas situation during the pandemic
回alicia Prije 7 dana
omg i feel so bad for dixie
Shamarla Tv
Shamarla Tv Prije 8 dana
How did she get 1mil in a YEAR that’s crazy bro keep going anna
Im Royal
Im Royal Prije 8 dana
Y’all need to leave people alone y’all are so damn annoying y’all hate her for nothing
Ally Rose
Ally Rose Prije 8 dana
Sooooooo does EVERYBODY have a bad mental health..people are FULL OF IT!!!
julnar esam
julnar esam Prije 8 dana
Dixie did nothing wrong y’all so dramatic
Lotta Wiemers
Lotta Wiemers Prije 8 dana
i knew that hype house and sway house.. I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG
• Angelic Dreams •
• Angelic Dreams • Prije 8 dana
loved the flying annas in the background
Ana Lopez
Ana Lopez Prije 9 dana
Dixie only had to post the D’AMELIOS family Noah is the beck family so he is not a d’amelio
Alun Leavesley
Alun Leavesley Prije 9 dana
I stg these people say that they quit social media forever just for the support and clout, smh.
Makaela Dodd
Makaela Dodd Prije 9 dana
is she 15 too?
HunnyBeez Prije 9 dana
My tea burnt my mouth
Huda Sana
Huda Sana Prije 9 dana
u spilled da tea gurl! 😌🤚🏼✨❤️
Jessica Barboza
Jessica Barboza Prije 9 dana
it’s literally js a package, stop embarrassing yourself
Tanya Farinacci
Tanya Farinacci Prije 9 dana
its_ Chenii26
its_ Chenii26 Prije 9 dana
I don't feel sorry tho👁👄👁
I eat armadillos
I eat armadillos Prije 9 dana
0:49 who is dixie d'amelip i am dying. literally look dixie d'amelip lmao hahah XD
Sedona Allen-Brodeur
Sedona Allen-Brodeur Prije 9 dana
I used to not like Dixie because I didn't like her music and thought she was just a tiktoker, but I realize that what I said could've been destroying her health, it doesn't matter what I think of it or what anyone else thinks, it matters that she loves it and it makes her happy. She doesn't deserve hate for doing something that makes her happy period. And I'm so sorry I said things that hurt her. I really hope she gets better and ignores the hate and I'm going to try my best to support her now bc I realize my decision to hate on her was wrong. 💙
Yael Gottlieb
Yael Gottlieb Prije 9 dana
Poor Dixie 😭😭
Sydney H
Sydney H Prije 10 dana
People need to make up there minds like Fr and need to stop being so damn sensitive like u either want them to have a platform or u don’t y’all just want Dixie to stay on social media just so y’all can keep bullying her y’all are that bored 😒
Trezeriea Gillis
Trezeriea Gillis Prije 10 dana
this is the real tea sis U.U
im a hashbrown
im a hashbrown Prije 10 dana
0:49 Dixie D'amelip lol
k a t r i n a
k a t r i n a Prije 10 dana
0:49 dixie d'amelip?? whos she?
Ashly Flores
Ashly Flores Prije 11 dana
They really fighting over A PACKAGE smh
Manisha Asrani
Manisha Asrani Prije 11 dana
why does anna seem so upset that an influencer isn't getting hate. i get that her job is too report on stuff going on but that's literally so rude
Sofija Tomasevic
Sofija Tomasevic Prije 11 dana
We are just gonna ignore that its writen Dixie Damelip :D
Kamari Arnold
Kamari Arnold Prije 11 dana
Random thought : I feel like if you aren’t a part of the community that they offended you have no say so in whether they forgive them or not. (I know this isn’t related but forgiving influencers for everything they’ve said and done. They shouldn’t be excused just because they’re sad IMO🤷🏽‍♀️)
Anna Brummett
Anna Brummett Prije 11 dana
They can’t help they got. Icy park package like shut up you are so dramatic like leave them alone
Kilani’s Life
Kilani’s Life Prije 11 dana
OMG ur captions are always so fake it’s anoying 😂
its hxllie
its hxllie Prije 11 dana
'hes a beck' lmao! -sips piping hot tea-
Rich Williams
Rich Williams Prije 11 dana
....So Tony Lopez got his heart broken by a 9 year old?
Jude Hassan
Jude Hassan Prije 11 dana
Anna oop: 😍💅💔❤☕ 😨😮✨ Anna solves: 👻😈 💀 🔪
Jukeelah Seals
Jukeelah Seals Prije 11 dana
Well TikTok need to go back to normal anyways and let other content creators have a some spotlight
Zamia Ski
Zamia Ski Prije 11 dana
xxCloudsForLifexx Prije 11 dana
What happened to the Club House?
Amy Bustos Garcia
Amy Bustos Garcia Prije 11 dana
No1youknow Prije 11 dana
Of course Dixie post a new video two hours ago😐
Peyton Gabel
Peyton Gabel Prije 11 dana
stop your giving everyone hate for no reason soo
Peyton Gabel
Peyton Gabel Prije 11 dana
i can’t even
mikosuroo Prije 11 dana
"Dixie D'amelip Quitting" jsjsjsjsjs 😂 Anyways... 🍿🍿🍿
Millie R.
Millie R. Prije 11 dana
Yass Anna! My yt notifs are trippin.. Glad I got the ping from the discord server
27Leia Kelly
27Leia Kelly Prije 11 dana
The title gave me a heart attack and anxiety : I know its fake they always come back + Bryce hall always lies, like the first time josh Jaden, and Anthony left, but then they got a new house and lived together as a content house, then Quinton lowkey left, then Caleb rock is never heard of but he lived there, also ace cakes, and Tayler holder, now Bryce hall is leaving, like wtf I love sway I just want all the members back into sway and keep it that way, they were the first people that showed up on my for you page, I created 3+ fan pages for sway, ima cry 😭 EDIT: PLS BE A PRANK!!!!
Blossom Edits
Blossom Edits Prije 11 dana
0:50 Damelip?
Madison Seavey
Madison Seavey Prije 11 dana
why does Dixie always sound like she's about to yawn
{Mocha Bean}
{Mocha Bean} Prije 11 dana
thefuture_diamond Prije 11 dana
I love how it says Dixie demilip on the first transition screen lol Love u Anna
Heaven Dupaya
Heaven Dupaya Prije 11 dana
fun fact: 0:49 says “dixie damelip”
Miraza Prije 11 dana
You click bait so much it is so annoying lol sorry I’m unsubscribing this is getting stupid
Lieve van Leeuwen
Lieve van Leeuwen Prije 11 dana
everyone is just jealous they really need to chill jeeezzz
Katie Morales
Katie Morales Prije 11 dana
What are you Tony Lopez got a new girlfriend is she 15😂
OLIVIA SLICNER Prije 11 dana
I think that you’re whacked and dramatic
Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour Prije 11 dana
This is why I dont have Instagram, Snapchat, or tiktok...because of these frickin kids-
lara Prije 11 dana
imagine anna oop gets canceled btw i dont want it but she's always talking about people getting canceled so what if she gets canceled?
Mia Carroll
Mia Carroll Prije 11 dana
Honestly I just want Bryce and josh to be friends
Abigail Snyder
Abigail Snyder Prije 11 dana
where did dixies noods even get leaked
x.Chloe Paige.x
x.Chloe Paige.x Prije 11 dana
was i the only one that completely forgot the sway house was even a thing in the first place?
Blue Fire Moon
Blue Fire Moon Prije 11 dana
quitting tiktok? HAHAH, gurl why would she? where else would she will get her money from?
marlee wells
marlee wells Prije 11 dana
brO she's not talking about her mental health in the podcast, she is talking about quitting social media... Why does everyone have sympathy she's saying "wasn't here anymore" as deleting her accounts NOT being depressed stop sympathizing her smh
Brenna Jeannette
Brenna Jeannette Prije 12 dana
im not defending dixie but how is her fault she got sent a package lol.
Vinessa Ortiz
Vinessa Ortiz Prije 12 dana
I don't like any of them manly bc I don't rlly like that stuff but like if Beyonce wanted to send ivy shut to her just let her she did it for a reason so like can y'all not
charlotte drawzx
charlotte drawzx Prije 12 dana
tbh im getting sick of straight tiktok and their annoying drama so glad im on alt
weird flamingo
weird flamingo Prije 12 dana
Why does it matter to people who beyoncé sent her PR package to? It's her package so stop...
weird flamingo
weird flamingo Prije 12 dana
"He's a Beck, He'S a BEcK" lol I died
Itsannwrld !
Itsannwrld ! Prije 5 dana
He is tho
Maryam Hisham
Maryam Hisham Prije 12 dana
Tiktokers r so dramatic and who doesn’t like it 🤦‍♀️
Sitha Dlulane
Sitha Dlulane Prije 12 dana
I am so sad cause Dixie said the n word
Denise Thomson
Denise Thomson Prije 12 dana
Have you done the full one with just techtock lorries on all together
oqhixlism Prije 12 dana
I love you Anna...but making false rumours about Dixie Damelio quitting TikTok forever is just wrong. Especially when kids are watching this and believing this, girl you could do better than that 😭
Siimply_SofiaYT Prije 12 dana
im sorry but when i say that Tony got heartbroken..... i honestly got excited
Fsf For ltf
Fsf For ltf Prije 12 dana
Your "BUT"'s reminds me about how high I actually turned my volume up.
HlubiSonwabise Siyengo
HlubiSonwabise Siyengo Prije 12 dana
Dixie quits social media 1 week later making TikToks
Sophia Sanzone
Sophia Sanzone Prije 12 dana
“Dixie Damelip quitting” it’s Damelio
Clodagh Kelly
Clodagh Kelly Prije 12 dana
I might be wrong about this so correct me in the comments if I am, but like what does Dixie have to be forgiven FOR. Like cutting her boyfriend out of a FAMILY pic, or getting a parcel from a celeb. Tbh the only real thing I can think of that she should have to apologise for is the Bahamas drama, but apart from that, what is she apologising for? If you know more than me, pls correct me in the comments, maybe I'm missing something.
Addi Plays
Addi Plays Prije 12 dana
Dixie needs no hate
Addi Plays
Addi Plays Prije 12 dana
Addi Plays
Addi Plays Prije 12 dana
Dina Tassan
Dina Tassan Prije 12 dana
Maria Antunes
Maria Antunes Prije 12 dana
I am tired of these people cancelling others wile they do worse , people don’t you have anything better to do?
PiperRockelle _Edits
PiperRockelle _Edits Prije 12 dana
Dixie plz don leave I love Dixie so much
Mae Beline
Mae Beline Prije 12 dana
anna oop thumbnails make me think of j14 magazine covers 🥰
ines nuna
ines nuna Prije 12 dana
Cmon Dixie honey youre sooo late to quit you shouldve quit years agooo since the damelios created dramas and hype house all the tiktok Community, and WHENEVER the damelios getting cancelled all they do is start a live in IG or speak about THEIR MENTAL HEALTH and *HOP theyee forgiving wow
Tsahai McGeachy
Tsahai McGeachy Prije 12 dana
"he's a beck, he's a beck"
•KØßØ_ETN• Prije 12 dana
Dixie D’amelip 😃
Mercedes Lathrop
Mercedes Lathrop Prije 12 dana
i don't care who they are we should just send positivity to all of them for just waking up in the morning.. even the child groomers😖 (please don't come at me)
weronika wojcik
weronika wojcik Prije 12 dana
Dixie DAMELIP is quitting :o
LovelyXRiley Prije 12 dana
Instead of tea can I have hot chocolate pls
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