Danielle Cohn EXPOSED For Lying About Her SEXUALITY?!

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anna oop

Prije 28 dana

Danielle Cohn EXPOSED For Lying About Her SEXUALITY?!

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Cvroski 02
Cvroski 02 Prije sat
im bisexual, i definitely have known people being claiming to be "apart of the lgbtq community" for attention. However, there are also people who were in denial of their own sexuality, and definitely people who questions their sexuality. they're always valid. all i can hope for is that she isn't using it for attention, because people do misunderstand the discrimination lgbtq community has faced for its labels and identity. we didnt make it all the way through these years, fighting for our rights to breathe and live just so people can profit off and gain attention with.
Mxilliwastaken Prije dan
The fact that it’s a trend to have a sexuality is disgusting…..
Laisa M.
Laisa M. Prije dan
Sadly queerbaiting is something really common nowadays and I could actually see Jen making Daniel do it, or even Daniel herself. However she is still very young and definitely could have been in the closet back then, so I think we should not jump to conclusions with this one. + her manager is an a*shole and i could definitely see him lying about this!
Erin Mochan
Erin Mochan Prije dan
Before I came out I claimed id never date a girl. I was trying to hide the fact I was gay most people have done that
Makenna Prije 3 dana
You know what’s funny? My World history teacher is Noah Beck’s dad. He comes to Arizona to see ppl abs even comes to my high school. He’s done it in the past but I have seen him yet, but upper class men said he’s been there. His dad is actually cool and we were surprised to actually know his dad!!
Sopjie Prije 3 dana
I mean you can be pan and just perfer not to date women, maybe she's just more interested in men and nonbinary folk (or any other identity)
Suga Prije 3 dana
Guys denial is a thing
valen Prije 3 dana
i don’t like her at all, but why are ppl trying to tell danielle her OWN sexuality? people are always so accepting until someone problematic comes out, it makes no sense. people do realize that she might’ve been in the closet when she said she would never date a girl, etc.
Babiegutz ö
Babiegutz ö Prije 3 dana
Besties pansexuality = bisexuality 😐
Jae Prije 3 dana
Getting mad at James for liking that tweet is reaccchhiinnngg
Jae Prije 3 dana
Is nobody going to talk about the intro?
phoenix boyd
phoenix boyd Prije 4 dana
I don't understand the James Charles one. its just a relatable post that was relatable to him. he is over 18 and we all know that he doesn't drink or smoke.
Autumn Parker
Autumn Parker Prije 4 dana
She was probably closeted then and had interinaolized homophobia or was lying to herself saying she was straight. I used to lie to myself and then couldn’t take it and found out I’m lesbain.
Crimson JaQ
Crimson JaQ Prije 5 dana
idk bout yall but that intro gave me life
Human being
Human being Prije 6 dana
She’s pansexual she just has a preference towards boys
💙 𝓈𝓁𝑜𝓌𝑒𝒹 𝒽𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓉 💙
💙 𝓈𝓁𝑜𝓌𝑒𝒹 𝒽𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓉 💙 Prije 7 dana
Alright , As a pansexual , before I came out I used to say ''I would never date a guy or girl OR anyone in the lgbtq community" , when i was about 13 I realised that it's ok to have these kinda feelings for anyone no matter what gender and even still to this day I'm in and out of the closet because I'm nervous and confused about all of this. I hope Danielle is telling the truth and I hope people stop trying to act like they know somebodies sexuality because there really is no telling.
『w0lf1ee』 Prije 7 dana
Im questiong pansexual and bi
Kai Prije 7 dana
i’m apart of the lgbtq and. i know what i might say may seem problematic but Danielle is still just a teenager her sexuality may change it can indeed be a phase
betsy burt
betsy burt Prije 7 dana
honestly if your not lgbtq+ then you don’t really get a say in this
Emma Bondarchuk
Emma Bondarchuk Prije 7 dana
I swear they all look the same LIKE WHATS THE DIFFEWMCE LMAO
Lindsey Cortez
Lindsey Cortez Prije 7 dana
she was in the closet y’all stupid asf
ColdTrix Prije 7 dana
im not a fan of Danielle, but her likes CAN change just because she said she would "NEVER" date a girl doesnt mean she isn't gonna change, if she pansexual, thats fine.
Ugly potato
Ugly potato Prije 7 dana
7:46 Okay what part of that tweet mentioned minors, like how deep do you have to be to think "that's why Charles liked the tweet, he wasn't agreeing but it's because of minors 😌" like wut.
Oliver Altier
Oliver Altier Prije 8 dana
She can explore her sexuality. She’s a young and learning to find herself and what she likes.
Tal Prije 8 dana
People should just shut tf up, why are we discussing a teen/ childs sexuality? It's Danielles journey, she is discovering herself. She has every right to experiment and find what best flows with her. I'm not even a fan of Danielles but people should just support her regardless, its her discovery, no-one else can dictate her life, nobody can choose her sexuality/ identity and nor can she even choose, but she knows herself more than anyone else.
not Aoife
not Aoife Prije 8 dana
anna…this ain’t it, you don’t have to date your own gender to know..
Emerald Faught
Emerald Faught Prije 8 dana
Lola Rae
Lola Rae Prije 9 dana
She need get off the internet omfgg
RaeKnox Crown
RaeKnox Crown Prije 10 dana
I rather let them destroy their careers
I’m offline
I’m offline Prije 10 dana
The intro is just ✨❤️✌️
kaden my beloved
kaden my beloved Prije 10 dana
why yall hating when everything’s true but I agree with some people lmao
kaden my beloved
kaden my beloved Prije 10 dana
that made 0 sense I’m sorry
anime _man_simp 11
anime _man_simp 11 Prije 10 dana
I'm pansexual and I don't see a problem with her lying about her sexuality it's just not important there are way more problems in the world and this isn't just one of them if they wanna lie well then let them lie
dear, deer
dear, deer Prije 11 dana
You should never say “out of the sudden they are ***sexuality*** ? ” bcs you don’t know if they discovered or hid themselves before coming out. If I came out to my friend and they told me that, I would punch them-
黄huang Prije 11 dana
Anna Oop is pansexual
Romy Abbott
Romy Abbott Prije 12 dana
Yall I said I would never date a girl it's internalised homophobia or she just wasn't ready to come to the conclusion she's pan- I was the exact same 💀 I'm pan BTW
bri madison
bri madison Prije 12 dana
no offence but her sexuality is her business pls stay out of her business.
Liv Risi
Liv Risi Prije 13 dana
Why tf would she trust that man as her manager lol
༺ᴊᴏᴜʀʏ༻ Prije 14 dana
Closeted_Lesbian Prije 15 dana
I used to say dating a girl was disgusting and I'd never do it. Not even a year later I came out as lesbian 🤷‍♀️ So yes, she could've been In the closet or she just didn't feel like it was the right time to say anything about it
𝙶𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚛 𝚐𝚒𝚛𝚕💀.
𝙶𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚛 𝚐𝚒𝚛𝚕💀. Prije 15 dana
As a bi this b is faking it for clout 😒
Hermione Jean Granger 📚 🪄
Hermione Jean Granger 📚 🪄 Prije 15 dana
It’s SO odd for me to defend Daniele but, NOBODY deserves to be on a teapage after trying to tell somebody that they’re pan. I’m bisexual and it took me a WHILE for me to announce it to my family, friends, school etc. She was probs in the closet. Either tho, if she does come out as pan I’d be so proud of her for figuring out her sexuality. LGBTQ+ people matter too!! 🏳️‍🌈
Hermione Jean Granger 📚 🪄
Hermione Jean Granger 📚 🪄 Prije 15 dana
Shes still a Kid. Leave her alone. Even if she Pansexual, that’s her life not yours. I’m bisexual, and for her to do this as a 15 year old IM SO PROUD OF HER!
Nagito Komeada
Nagito Komeada Prije 15 dana
At this point who cares if an influencer is a clout chaser we are the reason there famous
noudimissnoopy Prije 15 dana
i feel like danielle isnt lying, and the people saying she said she was straight are obviously so dumb?? she was probably in the closet, it would be hard to say that shes pan when so many people know her and would have the exact same response as they do now, i dont support her but she’s honestly brave for coming out when she has a huge platform
Royalty Prije 15 dana
Im pansexual and I used to say i would never date a woman and i was mega homiphobic
Ori Prije 16 dana
@That Vegan Teacher
Kateri Prije 16 dana
Danielle and her mom need to own up, it's alwayssss someone else's fault and never theirs🙄 I still think Danielle needs to be removed from her toxic household but she also needs discipline.
Michelle Bird
Michelle Bird Prije 17 dana
As someone who has lied about being straight her whole life only to try and convince myself it's true so I didn't have to accept the fact that I am bisexual. We don't know about Danielle. When I see videos made about her I click on them straight away, as I don't like her, well mainly her mum. I just feel sorry for how she is being treated and explioted for money and sexalized at such a very age for views. I would never question anyone's sexuality. Coming out is hard and especially accepting it, this is coming from someone who is still very comfortable being in the closet and not wanting to come out due to not being comfortable in their own skin or comfortable in life.
parker caldwell
parker caldwell Prije 17 dana
Honestly Anna is the main reason for drama…she encourages it. how do people sleep at night knowing they hate on ppl and tell them to go die?! Like, ppl are real and have REAL feelings. Let’s cancel anna
Sofia Tolordava
Sofia Tolordava Prije 18 dana
thats really embarrassing from her. i am a Part of the lgbtq+ and it hurts to see people who use it for cloud....
JesusLovesYou! Prije 18 dana
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Orville Duncan
Orville Duncan Prije 18 dana
The song
Hange Zöe
Hange Zöe Prije 18 dana
As someone in the lgbqt , I’m very mad 😀✋🏻
ashley tan
ashley tan Prije 18 dana
Danielle's manager is the same person that helped Tana Mongeau make TanaCon
Talia Isabel
Talia Isabel Prije 19 dana
I hate how people are telling the public Danielle's sexuality when she's already stated it. Like- it's actually disgusting how people don't believe her The exact same hing happened happened me and its rly rly damaging and invalidating when people tell you that u aren't lgbtq just because u stated that ur "straight" I the past. People get scared, and people just aren't ready to come out yet, and that's okay
Fran Prije 19 dana
As part of the Lgbtqia+ community i also said stupid things when i was in the closet, I couldn’t accept me so I thought homophobia was a way of “making myself straight”, now i know how stupid this was, but I understand that when we are trying to accept ourselves we can do and say stupid things.
Sup Its Syd
Sup Its Syd Prije 19 dana
I really think we should stop posting about minors on tea pages..
Peach Milkshake ♡︎
Peach Milkshake ♡︎ Prije 19 dana
Wait- does she have a nose ring and tongue piercing?! Isn’tshe like...14?!?!
Lillivette Prije 19 dana
Love how if its anything about Danielle Cohn, its a lie. Honestly why question her sexuality? Because she hasn't dated anyone but males. You can still be attracted to others even if you have only dated certain people or gender. And just because she's said she'd never date a female doesn't mean anything. She has millions of eyes on her and imagine the amounts of hate she didn't want before coming out. Just like lil nas x, he lost lots of respect and fans after coming out.
TaE's _EsOpHAgUs
TaE's _EsOpHAgUs Prije 20 dana
isnt over 18 like 19, 20, 21? those arent minors
Jelly fruit
Jelly fruit Prije 20 dana
This is why I stay out of that section of TikTok
Kara Biel
Kara Biel Prije 20 dana
My opinion is that Danielle is just lying to get more viewers.
tulsajesusfreak Prije 20 dana
I REALLY Hope she isn't doing this for clout and that even if she's contradicting at times, may it be because she actually wants to find her identity and not the clout :(
Sadachbia Prije 21 dan
what if james just agreed to the tweet? just bc it said "over the age 18" doesnt mean that he prefers to hang out with minors. that makes no sense to me im sorry. ppl r too fast with coming to conclusions lmao. (sorry if i made any mistakes im german)
Paxtonskil Prije 21 dan
Honestly Daniel was most definitely closeted back then
It'sjustMyneshia _ savage
It'sjustMyneshia _ savage Prije 21 dan
Omg are y'all serious don't do James 🙄
Tiara Prije 21 dan
I do hope she isn't lying about serious things like this but then again she is forced to lie about her age
Fearne Hodge
Fearne Hodge Prije 21 dan
With the James one it was just a jokey tweet people honestly get over it I know what he did was bad but it’s like your purposely trying to cancel him for no reason
It’s Mahaut
It’s Mahaut Prije 22 dana
Idk about James Charles. He said he didn't like drinking and just didn't get it so that's DEFINITELY a reach
Mimi0w0 Prije 22 dana
I feel like she’s aloud to like change her opinion on her own sexuality she’s still pretty young
mahdi edit
mahdi edit Prije 22 dana
The Straights can keep she's all yours breeders
🪐 Prije 22 dana
listen i know that danielle has done some problematic things but as a lesbian who has and still is in the closet i too have said that i wouldn't date girls. she was probably just in the closet or hadn't realized yet. it took me 13 years for me to realize and even then i thought i was bi. let her discover her sexuality and if she really is 15 even more so. she's still young many people are not sure about their sexuality and sometimes it takes longer for people to realize that they're part of the lgbtqia+.
Ruhe Prije 22 dana
How old is Daniel cohn ? I feel she's still the 13 year old girl again 😂
kacie hamilton
kacie hamilton Prije 22 dana
I may not be pansexual but I am bisexual and I hateee, with a passion when people use the lgbtq+ as an excuse of getting attention its honestly disgusting and even if it turns out she isn't lying because yes shes 15 and still growing up and learning about herself and may be confused or whatever but I was 14/15 when I came out as bisexual and I'm now 17, thats my opinion on this topic
*_peach_*✨ Prije 22 dana
Good video tho
*_peach_*✨ Prije 22 dana
She vas just in the closet tho
BRUNA CALEGE Prije 22 dana
the music kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk cristooooooooooooooooooooo
Mille Prije 22 dana
It is honestly disgusting that people are trying to tell danielle that she is lying about her own sexuality. Like maybe she wasn't comfortable coming out before now.
girl Prije 22 dana
ur weird ngl
Murad Coleman
Murad Coleman Prije 22 dana
People who bring up the fact that she wouldn’t date a girl don’t know what pansexual means because being pansexual means you don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl.
Джесси Барлингейм
Джесси Барлингейм Prije 22 dana
She is a freaking child , she can be confused with herself simply
chi. 018
chi. 018 Prije 22 dana
Anna is a massive HYPOCRITE. One minute she praises them and the next she completely HATES THEM!
mochi lochi
mochi lochi Prije 22 dana
why are we talking abt a MINOR’S sexuality, thats fucking weird
Tam Mat
Tam Mat Prije 23 dana
WAIT, isn't this the same dang manager who got exposed on dr phil for manipulating and mistreating the workers at Tana Con? I'd like to believe Danielle really isn't lying.
Inez Ahmad
Inez Ahmad Prije 23 dana
Dont like Daniel but just bc u say something in the past or when u were younger like how she said she would date a girl doesn’t mean that u can realize later on what u want. Also she was prob closeted before
nickyplays YT
nickyplays YT Prije 23 dana
This is so annoying ticktok is toxic and influenceers are nothing just Bc :/
Ava Loves daisies
Ava Loves daisies Prije 23 dana
Tbh I feel like she’s telling the truth but don’t use the lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 I also tried to deny it at a point but I am who I am
•Eijiro Kirishima•
•Eijiro Kirishima• Prije 23 dana
Okay but why does it matter?
Norma Guerrero
Norma Guerrero Prije 23 dana
Yes love is love but why you get to lie to people you gay WHEN YOU NOT WHY ugh some people
Deleesha Landveld
Deleesha Landveld Prije 23 dana
People rlly reaching over the james charles one.
Adelaide Wilson
Adelaide Wilson Prije 23 dana
Being pan she better not lie
Riley F
Riley F Prije 23 dana
Not saying James is in innocent but people are reaching a bit
Xavier the freak
Xavier the freak Prije 23 dana
ni know y'all are serious apt this and im mad at her but I like how she just bought some lucky charms and filled her bath with them and was like lOvE iS lOvE❤️‍🔥
Grace Zuern
Grace Zuern Prije 23 dana
I genuinely hate James Charles- the problem is, if you watch a video of James’ you see all of these supportive comments. It’s ridiculous- he’s disgusting! And the comments are all like, “Omg! Yasss! Love this look! Keep up the good work!” Like what- 😱💀
mrfailfall Prije 23 dana
Mariam Akerman
Mariam Akerman Prije 24 dana
Closet yeah right, I don't get how underage kids get to be with few boys and do play bunny costume reviews and HRpost doesn't demonetized that while adult can't even say word "Jesus" in vids, besides is not that the girl who everybody forgot about so she tried to use specifically time when evebody just now started to support LGBTQ?! I am mad bc she lied about her age, relationship, her "nationality" ( Hispanic yeah right), pregnancy even, and u don't doubt her intentions?! I am pentasexual and I don't think she even knows what that is bc she doesn't have the brain and pattern to say that she is attracted to ppl's intellect and personality regardless of gender 😒😤🙄
loubna benacha
loubna benacha Prije 24 dana
Wait how old is she and im 14
romyy gabriëlle
romyy gabriëlle Prije 24 dana
no y’all are REALLY not canceling james for like a tweet talking about how adults drink&do drugs cuz thats actually true
Guillens.Island Prije 24 dana
I mean you can always change your mind abt your sexuality.. finding out who you are.. like how all of us "start" straight from the womb bc of society, then become gay, bi, pan, etc.
CheeryStoneplayer03 Prije 24 dana
Bruh it's like LGBT is a norm nowadays it's just like when people were faking depression. I'm not gonna guess why everyone is LGBT because the answer is TikTok :/
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