Charli CAUGHT Lying And SCAMMING Her Fans? Peaches CONFRONTED By Police? Malu Trevejo Wants Vinnie?

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Charli CAUGHT Lying And SCAMMING Her Fans? Peaches CONFRONTED By Police? Malu Trevejo Wants Vinnie?
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Rose ?
Rose ? Prije 16 sati
Honestly, im so done with the damelio family. It was cool at first but their time should be up. Its getting annoying .,.
Ghazalah Nadiri
Ghazalah Nadiri Prije dan
Not everyone being okay with kylie jenners plastic surgery but then coming after Malu 🙄
Divya Sethuraman
Divya Sethuraman Prije 3 dana
“TikTok i now just about drama” hunniiieeeeee thats how TikTok had been from day one and imma enjoy every bit of it-
dianarose duncab
dianarose duncab Prije 3 dana
Please when you say "but" do it in a lower voice
Nicole Aloria
Nicole Aloria Prije 4 dana
wtf is wrong with having a plastic surgery?? Its her body not yours.
h̥ͦ e̥ͦ l̥ͦ l̥ͦ o̥ͦ p̥ͦ e̥ͦ r̥ͦ s̥ͦ o̥ͦ n̥ͦ
h̥ͦ e̥ͦ l̥ͦ l̥ͦ o̥ͦ p̥ͦ e̥ͦ r̥ͦ s̥ͦ o̥ͦ n̥ͦ Prije 4 dana
Thats not OK lovely peaches is a pathecic girl is a annoying a snake
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 6 dana
Also why TF are fans bailing out peaches out of jail if someone is in jail why are you bailing them out please grow up also animal cruelty is the worst please lock her away
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 6 dana
I feel bad for Charlie her parents and Dixie are money and fame hungry and all they do is lie. I think Charlie is genuinely sweet but they've got her caught up in all this now
kksquad Prije 7 dana
Tiktok is so problematic Lmaoooo
bossy Prije 8 dana
Malu, you are irrelevant 🙄🙄
Zero Two fan
Zero Two fan Prije 12 dana
Mya Delagarza
Mya Delagarza Prije 15 dana
Plz not a Lana Stan😃✋🏻
Jazzell GAaMES ON HER YT Prije 17 dana
Sara Hooper
Sara Hooper Prije 17 dana
Honestly I think she kinda wrote the book but it’s still kinda sas
Lizbeth Ramirez
Lizbeth Ramirez Prije 18 dana
Reese Sprague
Reese Sprague Prije 19 dana
Not me watching these just to catch up on tiktok drama I like drama
Y K Prije 20 dana
Many authors do this 🤷🏻‍♀️ why are y'all so dramatic
D r e a m y x v i b i n_.
D r e a m y x v i b i n_. Prije 21 dan
i DoNt ThInK sO hOnEy
Patricia Gatlin
Patricia Gatlin Prije 22 dana
I'm glad my unproblematic Queens are still unproblematic witch are cristian dennis and tyshon lawrence
jordxn b
jordxn b Prije 22 dana
Laila Lebron
Laila Lebron Prije 25 dana
Whoever supports peaches is a a demon and they worship the devil
Richieamf Prije 26 dana
Let me educate you lying about writing a book is not scamming but yo uare click baiting which is kinda scamming
sesilia bajrami
sesilia bajrami Prije 26 dana
I miss wen people don't say shut up fan page and tell de!h threts
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 28 dana
I don’t care about Malus body💀 but I still don’t like her- sis was and still is problematic.
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 28 dana
Peaches has sponsors? 👁👁
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 28 dana
Charlie book wasn’t even good- why are we worrying about it 💀
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 28 dana
Back🧍🏽‍♀️ have to catch up from the last 2 weeks it seems
balck girl palys
balck girl palys Prije 28 dana
booo she made the words anna girl to
cadhla Prije 28 dana
I know im late but PEACHES has FANS?!
Rahma Awan
Rahma Awan Prije 28 dana
Sorry anna but you've got to stop telling lies abt my queen Charlie i meaning if you want to be a tea page then you gotta understand what your posting hunieee
Rahma Awan
Rahma Awan Prije 15 dana
Payton Howard
Payton Howard Prije 29 dana
Well honestly she did kinda write it she said everything and she said her whole story but somebody typed it and put it in a book for her so basically there was 2 authors but I get why people would be mad.
M for life Hall
M for life Hall Prije 29 dana
But how yall doing
M for life Hall
M for life Hall Prije 29 dana
Sorry I was a week late
Nokukhanya Mapalala
Nokukhanya Mapalala Prije 29 dana
Who the hell would bail out peaches like can't you see she is just troubled
Brittany Finney
Brittany Finney Prije mjesec
Who’s she
Sophia Blair
Sophia Blair Prije mjesec
Istg does peaches ever stop like wtf-
Multi_ Cookies
Multi_ Cookies Prije mjesec
Kin Prije mjesec
Can I just revoke my views from her now?
Christina Davies
Christina Davies Prije mjesec
Umm most people, esp hire writers to take their words and put them into a book with correct grammar and spelling.
Araceli Delgadillo
Araceli Delgadillo Prije mjesec
I miss musicly
Heyy x
Heyy x Prije mjesec
To whoever is reading this Jesus is coming soon repent and turn away from your sins before its too late
julnar esam
julnar esam Prije mjesec
She said the words and the women wrote so she wrote it
Janee Mcallister
Janee Mcallister Prije mjesec
I love your videos they are juicy keep up the good work 💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍
marc bromley
marc bromley Prije mjesec
wait wait wait , anna is always saying how people should respect bryce and addisons privacy and to stop giving there personal opinions but then inputs her opinion and talks about them so much like her "job" is to update fans not give her opionion....
Jade bby6938
Jade bby6938 Prije mjesec
Ghina L
Ghina L Prije mjesec
Its not scamming lol-
Makaveli Prije mjesec
Hate peaches updates leave her in the past 🤢
Zoë Josephs
Zoë Josephs Prije mjesec
Why are yall hating on malu for getting plastic surgery
Ailee Scott
Ailee Scott Prije mjesec
im so tired of Malo the last girl I guess flirting with guys and there's a hole page called tinder like she can go on tinder then flirting with guys on tiktok like dam girl go on tinder-
Mimi Silva
Mimi Silva Prije mjesec
Not malu getting at Amador😭😭😭
Susan Lee
Susan Lee Prije mjesec
and yall still giving peaches clout 🙄 “sHe ThReAtEn tO AbUsEd Her dOg” FOR CLOUT DUH just ignore till she actually does it and the police can handle it. yall dramatic asf
Isabella Leavines
Isabella Leavines Prije mjesec
I don't like peaches
cory pierce
cory pierce Prije mjesec
Yo Anna can u elaborate on that tiktok brooke monk made with this guy she had been facetiming with=
I'm Maddie
I'm Maddie Prije mjesec
Ronald Bilius Weasley_chicken
Ronald Bilius Weasley_chicken Prije mjesec
Why are Muggles so toxic :c.Not even malfoy is that toxic-
nikki jacobs
nikki jacobs Prije mjesec
She has said about plastic surgery. ☺️ And She didn't do her whole body😬
dima _kokozidis
dima _kokozidis Prije mjesec
Hello pls explain why did the screenshot of the insta story has greek letter 😱 are you greek ? (2ωρ.) For proof
Nasira A.
Nasira A. Prije mjesec
Why are y’all so surprised about peaches faking her personality isn’t obvious loves? 💖
CeCe Vlogs
CeCe Vlogs Prije mjesec
How hard is it to give someone a fucking shout out.. Jeez😭
Its gacha maker Girlyesha
Its gacha maker Girlyesha Prije mjesec
Screw you your just mad
Anime VIBES Prije mjesec
Why was anyone even questioning Charlie’s book to begin with? The whole thing looks like a big scrapbook and 11 year old to put that together in one day they’re questioning it like it’s a 370 page novel like I’m not dissing her but the fact that they even question it is kind of stupid like it’s a scrapbook with pictures and stickers it’s not a novel.
Just Relax
Just Relax Prije mjesec
I swear charlie is an obsession-
Life as Kenia
Life as Kenia Prije mjesec
atp peaches need to go .
cookie :3
cookie :3 Prije mjesec
What she did with the book wasnt too bad.....!? Was it.....
Xan Prije mjesec
Peaches is a sociopath, I'll tell you that for free.
Indira Christian
Indira Christian Prije mjesec
I like how there’s a kpop idol who got full body plastic surgery and got love and people telling her she was beautiful with or without it, but then when somebody else did it’s all hate.
WENDY VARGAS Prije mjesec
Not people hating on char like im sorry ur unsuccessful and broke like wheres ur book hunny? You guys need to grow up and you guys are probably taking ur own problems on her,so SHUT UP BRO
Malkri Pr
Malkri Pr Prije mjesec
Ur the scammer stealing dobricks content lmfao
awwgoh Prije mjesec
the book has like 3 words per page it doesn’t seem that unreasonable that she wrote it lol
Joury Wan
Joury Wan Prije mjesec
Wait peaches has supporters
Milky Way No way
Milky Way No way Prije mjesec
Peaches makes me throw up
B L U E Y X Prije mjesec
Charlie said that with no hesitation2:18
Kathy Engle
Kathy Engle Prije mjesec
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It’s Savana
It’s Savana Prije mjesec
This TikTok drama is so annoying and holy tomatoes
Emina Cavcic
Emina Cavcic Prije mjesec
Wake up and Stan peaches and not these clowns 🤡
Arianna Geraldo
Arianna Geraldo Prije mjesec
im eating can u not talk about peaches
KittyCorn Roblox!
KittyCorn Roblox! Prije mjesec
The tik tokers marking a mistake be like: its everyday bro
Jeffery Kusi
Jeffery Kusi Prije mjesec
No offence Anna oop, but you're opening your mouth without doing research, when she was talking about her not writing the book she was meant that she got herself A GHOSTWRITER, which is actually fairly common. She wasn't scamming anyone for claiming that she was the author because legally SHE IS when someone hires a ghostwriter to write a book for them for a certain amount of money, the ghostwriter sells away her rights to the book and it is therefore not a book the ghostwriter owns BUT IT'S now Charli's. Don't hide facts just to fit a narrative, it's sad and disappointing that you would go that far for content and attention. smh.
gigi. grande.
gigi. grande. Prije mjesec
Subiyanti Marwoto
Subiyanti Marwoto Prije mjesec
I don't know how I got here. Im explaining to everyone what ghostwriting is.
Melissa Heyes
Melissa Heyes Prije mjesec
She honestly didnt bother me but the fact she put perfume in her dogs eyes for followers i cant she should get followers the right way and i dont think she should be allowed to own pets
Paige Raleigh
Paige Raleigh Prije mjesec
ok, no big deal if she didn’t write the book. lots of ppls dont 🙄
Subiyanti Marwoto
Subiyanti Marwoto Prije mjesec
Hun, having someone else writing your book is perfectly fine and its called ghostwrting
Ιβον Νειτσεβα
Ιβον Νειτσεβα Prije mjesec
Also her makeup is so good and she came up whith the words for the book- and the other girl Is just writing it down like stop hating on char-
ready player one
ready player one Prije mjesec
I have a friend who is a lyric ghostwriter, they get paid to not be credited it's not a new concept 🙄
Anya Prije mjesec
so basically, when a girl gets plastic surgery and doesn't tell anyone, yall get mad. But when a girl tells the truth that she did plastic surgery, yall bully her and call her "plastic"
she said the words though-
Daddy joe
Daddy joe Prije mjesec
Y’all re all annoying... she didn’t scam y’all. A lot of influencers/ celebrities do this
Charli damelio
Charli damelio Prije mjesec
so? what if she didn’t write the book huh?
BxbblyRxses Prije mjesec
It is lying, it’s not scamming because you got what you paid for-
Jaylani Vingal
Jaylani Vingal Prije mjesec
bruh anna its called a gohst writer .......... its she did the story but someone wrote it
Kaylee Huerta-Moreno
Kaylee Huerta-Moreno Prije mjesec
That's how people do those books
makedonas6 Prije mjesec
Είσαι Ελληνίδα?
Moonlight _bae
Moonlight _bae Prije mjesec
To the people who support peaches, there's something mentally wrong with you
Steffani Ng
Steffani Ng Prije mjesec
How did she scam them she just lied-
Mariam Jabita
Mariam Jabita Prije mjesec
Real authors like me don't get acknowledged 😪
Stars TV
Stars TV Prije mjesec
Charli's not scamming her fans, the book is technically still by her. She said everything, she knows everything in it, and it all came from her - so what if she didn't put pen to paper? All the words in the book came from her.
Shawn Leonard
Shawn Leonard Prije mjesec
People see peaches as a bad person which she kinda is but the shit she does is mostly for clout it’s the way she makes her money if we being honest , i feel like everything that she does is a lie for clout and money ..if that makes sense
JAYCEE Dexter Prije mjesec
It should be stupid peaches
SofiArtist LOL
SofiArtist LOL Prije mjesec
Ok buuuuut likeeee when Peaches went to jail why did her fans bail her out like...... she did animal abuse are her supporters that dumb
Shafwana Prije mjesec
Ok but why does she even need a book-
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