sienna gomez.. what u doing bestie?

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anna oop

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sienna gomez.. what u doing bestie?


cherrie 🍒✨
cherrie 🍒✨ Prije 38 minuta
Idk maybe it’s the fact that I’m 19 or even when I was in middle and high school, I didn’t care AT ALL what the drama was or what the” popular “ kids were doing. It didn’t and never would/will have any affect on my life so who cares? I have my own problems and stressors to worry about, I don’t need to care about what some famous social media person is doing.. so many ppl with actual talent that go unrecognized. All I see are an abundance of these kinds of social media personals, it’s old. To be frank, it was old the second it began.
TypicalUnicorn_Girl Prije sat
gurl... u can see like abs very vaguely. BUT THEY ARE STILL THERE! I'm the one overweight(for my height)
lalala Prije 8 sati
I don’t think she’s pretending to be overweight? maybe she just has really bad body dysmorphia.
lokyi J. B
lokyi J. B Prije 23 sati
she rly shouldnt get hate for this because todays body trends are mostly rly skinny girls so she isnt saying that she is fat she is saying that it is alright to not have the same type of body as the trends now.
Sienna Solway -_-
Sienna Solway -_- Prije dan
Its like ur talking to me cause my name is sienna lol :)
Suzana Alkhatib
Suzana Alkhatib Prije dan
She is overweight tho💀
candy Prije dan
Giving me pick me girl vibes 🙄
Noor Shulaiba
Noor Shulaiba Prije dan
it makes me sad that people are saying that they are overweight honestly it makes me think im very overweight
lexitaffy_ yas
lexitaffy_ yas Prije dan
Right sienna doesn’t look overweight at all in fact she looks like the beauty standard if you look at her body pics on ig
Sydneysasmr Prije dan
I am not overweight I’m just bloated a lot
if you see me comment, no you didn't
if you see me comment, no you didn't Prije dan
i thought you meant selena gomez 💀
kalayah lechae
kalayah lechae Prije dan
Sienna isn't even "over weight" she looks perfectly normal in my eyes. Cos girl,, I'm over weight myself..
Alexis Grey
Alexis Grey Prije dan
Must be horrid for SELENA Gomez having such a similar name to her haha
lexa sanchez
lexa sanchez Prije 2 dana
Pa'lela Walker
Pa'lela Walker Prije 2 dana
sienna Gomez is beautiful and not overweight
Artist Or Something
Artist Or Something Prije 3 dana
You'll she's pretty much the same weight and height as me 💀 It's considered a 1-2 kg overweight but it's something so minor to do so much scene over lmao
qrcore Prije 3 dana
poor chase :(
Miraculous Theories
Miraculous Theories Prije 3 dana
I have a quick question. Why are people fine with Chase doing music but HATE Addison for doing music and acting? Like yeah I couldn’t care anymore for Addison but, make up your mind people.
Miraculous Theories
Miraculous Theories Prije 3 dana
I thought the tittle said “Selena Gomez” and I was concerned
Jacob McClelland
Jacob McClelland Prije 3 dana
She thinks just because she had cellulite and dimple on her body she overweight like wtfff
Queen Isha
Queen Isha Prije 3 dana
Omer is …. Not good lookin 💀
Josalyn Chatman
Josalyn Chatman Prije 4 dana
Anna oops always talking bad about tiktokers
Victoria Prije 4 dana
bye at 00:04 i got so scared because of the sound effect i thought a demon or something was right beside me
Mariah Douglas
Mariah Douglas Prije 4 dana
Sienna is giving me I'm not like other girls vibes. So QuIrKy 🤪
Aaliyah Stanley
Aaliyah Stanley Prije 4 dana
girl- I got a body positivity ad ..
𝕽𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖊 ♡
𝕽𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖊 ♡ Prije 3 dana
Lstē Prije 4 dana
people are stuck on chase, instead of being proud of him and supporting him people are using the fact that he is a tiktoker as an excuse to hate him. okay we get that he is a tiktoker and he got what he has right now easily but hating on him isn’t even better. no seriously this could affect chase and his mental health a lot of people are constantly doing this to him. Leave him alone if you don’t like it, or you can support him and spread positivity. He has been away from drama and is focusing on himself and people need to respect that.
nicole dineley
nicole dineley Prije 4 dana
I don’t understand why some people hate on tiktokers for getting up a level how do accept people who are getting millions and millions of views on social media to not get famous and move up. everyone starts somewhere
Isabelle W
Isabelle W Prije 4 dana
sienna is not obese she has a stomach like everyone else on the planet. but if sienna does feel a certain way abt her body i don’t think ppl should invalidate her feelings.
Etin Ida
Etin Ida Prije 4 dana
Guys its not because she is skinny she has weight did u guys see belly its not because our skinny doesn't me u don't have lot's of weight i am skinny but weight a lot 😶 yal weird
Jazmine Cole’s music
Jazmine Cole’s music Prije 5 dana
CODGODDESS 420 Prije 5 dana
It's not about her wanting other people to believe she's over weight. She's clearly self conscious. The most beautiful of people could see themselves different and people have no idea why and think it's for "attention". LET HER BE HER OWN PERSON
Thanisha Kadavan
Thanisha Kadavan Prije 5 dana
no, Sienna Gomez is not related to Selena Gomez.
ItzWolfGamin '
ItzWolfGamin ' Prije 5 dana
She aint overweight -_- her BMI is 24.25 meaning it's normal, mine is 25.37, I'm an overweight ._.
Senthia Joseph
Senthia Joseph Prije 5 dana
She might be overweight for her age range, I think? Cause my ACTUAL DOCTOR told me the same thing about me (me and Sierra are around the same size) but idk 🤷‍♀️
Ruby Holtshouser
Ruby Holtshouser Prije 5 dana
SIENNA- youre normal weight bestie!
Tinoo Prije 5 dana
Who tf is sienna I misread the title and thought it said selena gomez
𝕽𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖊 ♡
𝕽𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖊 ♡ Prije 3 dana
Me too
You_know _me
You_know _me Prije 5 dana
I didn’t think Chase changed but when I saw his face during the interview, I can actually see him changed. He looks really happy talking about music
Silvia Clemente
Silvia Clemente Prije 6 dana
give chase a break, he has tried to stya out of the drama
Keke’s Dynasty
Keke’s Dynasty Prije 6 dana
She’s literally not overweight…..we are literally the same size and I’m like 195 sooooo
Aliyah Sue Galla
Aliyah Sue Galla Prije 6 dana
Ty but good y dinner Kno isu user idk
butter Prije 6 dana
When skinny people doesn't deserve to talk body positivity? Hello!... underweight people exist people get a grip
Ffion Roberts
Ffion Roberts Prije 6 dana
*overweight* gurl if she is over weight then I don’t know are you kidding me you make me feel horrible by saying that 🖕
baked bean
baked bean Prije 6 dana
ngl chase is a teenager and he's getting so much hate that it eventually might end up being depressed because its especially hard to deal with negativity as a kid. anyways i think he is improving/trying to improve and his voice is also good in my opinion. his songs lyrics are thankfully not about girls drugs and money, thats actually what i expected him to write. so maybe we should give chase some time.
Raneé Prije 6 dana
There's no way she's 145lbs. Her proportion is so good.. I'm jealous with her body😭
Savannah Kate
Savannah Kate Prije 6 dana
okay i see how people can see why it might jot be fair when Chase gets to be featured on vouge but it’s not like he wakes up one day and says i want to be on vouge and he’s in there….vouge has to invite them and ask them if they want to do a video or a photo shoot with them…like how hard is it to put that together
Lindsey Cortez
Lindsey Cortez Prije 6 dana
i’ve never liked her i’m so glad
Emily Eliza
Emily Eliza Prije 6 dana
When she has like the same body type as me: .... so... im overweight? tf lmao
purin sanrio
purin sanrio Prije 6 dana
i don’t want to sound rude or anything sienna has a great body but i calculated her bmi and according to her age, height and weight she’s 9lbs overweight. not saying that there’s a problem or anything
Eq Claudia
Eq Claudia Prije 6 dana
yesss! i mean, what is chase having amazing opportunities do to you? why does it matter? if it’s not harming anyone or anything then it doesn’t matter. jealousy 🤦🏼‍♀️
demians Prije 7 dana
i weigh more than her and im 13, she’s normal size i don’t understand why she acts like she’s fat when actually fat/overweight ppl are insecure about themselves all the time.
¡Ferret_with_a_crown! Prije 7 dana
Currently crying cause I’m pretty sure I broke my foot and mother dearest isn’t doing anything so watching your videos make me happy 😊 definitely one of my favorite commentary channels
benni Prije 7 dana
Sienna is a 5'4, 17 year old female that weighs 145 pounds Im a 5'4, 12 year old female whos sadly also 140 pounds Sienna Gomez posting her weight did not boost my confidence or help at all, she's NORMAL WEIGHT, I am obviously over weight for my age. Her saying she's over weight when she clearly sees there are more people bigger than her makes me so angry. I'm trying my best to make my words make sense but do you see my issue...
Mx froggie
Mx froggie Prije 7 dana
She’s making people bigger then her making them thinking there overweight
nikes multiz
nikes multiz Prije 7 dana
Wtf is wrong with u everone thinks different if you think that your skinny and someone else thinks there fat you wanna say some your body shaming wtf i use to support u
Felicia Prije 7 dana
The literal problem is that she makes it look like she is what society considers “ugly” and fat, when she’s clearly not. Of course everyone’s insecurities are valid, it just sucks when people who are considered beautiful in society take away the body positivity movement from the people who are constantly mistreated for the way they look. Hope what I said made sense.
outdated Prije 8 dana
listen, sienna has done many awful and condemnable things. but nobody gets to dictate how she feels about her body. body positivity movement is a heartbreakingly exclusive place to be.
peachy Prije 8 dana
me actually overweight: *eats popcorn*
PewTew in Genshin
PewTew in Genshin Prije 8 dana
Zyrafete Hoxha13
Zyrafete Hoxha13 Prije 8 dana
Bro kinda feel bad for chase he sounded hurt when he was talking or is it just me?
eggytheeggs Prije 8 dana
I like how sienna says she’s over weight while I’m 12 and I’m 160+ and I’ve been having trouble losing weight
Lerato Iobel
Lerato Iobel Prije 8 dana
Have we thought that while growing up Sienna was told she was fat??? When I was 19 I wore a size 32/4 and now I'm a 36 and looking back I'm like Nxaaa these people be dumb telling me I was fat!
kennedy armstrong
kennedy armstrong Prije 8 dana
yall just immature if you blame chase? he just wants to make music
drinalda hoxha
drinalda hoxha Prije 8 dana
Amber Aguilar
Amber Aguilar Prije 8 dana
She’s literally so tiny wtf
Who’s she
Who’s she Prije 9 dana
Sienna is probably going through body dysmorphia you guys jump to many problematic things that DONT include you just mind your own business and worry about yourself.
Cyberu Prije 9 dana
Bro im literally so done with the tiktok drama with these teens
Kayli Burke
Kayli Burke Prije 9 dana
Im having trouble understanding why Bryce is getting so much hate, he's minding his business, like wtf
chloe schultz
chloe schultz Prije 9 dana
I don't understand why anyone would get hate for following their passion. Chase didn't even do anything and y'all are still hating on him, makes me think that people are just jealous and rude in general.
FGG Prije 9 dana
she really came back as if nothing happened smh.....
Iris Prije 9 dana
come on people leave lil huddy alone he just want the hate to go away stop put your issues on someone else leave him ALONE people please he just like you people he want no drama please. if him you hate him so much just don't watch . this drama people
mxrningsunset ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
mxrningsunset ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Prije 9 dana
Horrible. I know it’s a good thing but this can drag teens thinking they are obese when they are not. Her stomach is literally flat. I’m 45 kg but I’m 13 and I also b,oat after eating it’s normal.
Linh Tran
Linh Tran Prije 10 dana
I just dont get why chase gets hate cause his passion is music and we should support him and also he has been unproblematic so far and the fact that vogue reached to him to.
MiaKahilli Prije 10 dana
ANYONE can stand for body positivity. Also skinny ppl. Ofc, what she's doing is wrong, but no Anna
Evelyn Ortiz
Evelyn Ortiz Prije 10 dana
But the only things I don’t understand is why people bring race into every thing
devon proscia
devon proscia Prije 10 dana
okay like i have conflicting opinions on sienna but regardless, she doesn’t need to be “fat” to spread body positivity? like why does it matter whether she is technically “obese” or not? like body positivity means loving your body and accepting it. that doesn’t mean you don’t need to change or lose unhealthy fat however you can still love your body and know that there’s room for improvement. like why does it matter whether or not she’s fat? maybe i’m dumb but that just seems irrelevant and quite hypocritical is you ask me
シD1N0 CH0C0L4T3Sシ
シD1N0 CH0C0L4T3Sシ Prije 10 dana
Frieda Campos
Frieda Campos Prije 10 dana
Ok why do u have a problem with someone like sienna's body type being "the face of body positivity" is it cuz shes not plus size? Why is it that girls who are seen to be "skinny" get judged for being body positive? @ time stamp 1:21
Frieda Campos
Frieda Campos Prije 8 dana
@Cookie-Monster Sienna isn't the face of plus size clothing she is showing body positivity. I am fat size 16 to 18 and I hate it when "skinny" to mid size girls get hated on and discriminated against for not being fat enough so why shouldn't they be able to make content about loving their body? Is it because to you people their bodies aren't imperfect or fat enough to deal with self insecurities. Smh 🙄
Cookie-Monster Prije 8 dana
Yes it's because she isn't plus size. Would you be okay with it if an actual plus size person was used as the face for skinnier women/clothing types?
Samantha Abigail
Samantha Abigail Prije 10 dana
she never said she was overweight
Samantha Abigail
Samantha Abigail Prije 10 dana
Anna….literally stop you know what you did
Hailee Marie
Hailee Marie Prije 10 dana
just because she isn’t “fat” doesn’t mean she’s not overweight…she is 5’4 and 145lbs THAT IS OVERWEIGHT for someone who is 5’4😀 do your research
may Prije 10 dana
i have the same body as sienna and also have body dysmorphia so seeing her really made me think i was overweight
Lyla Scott
Lyla Scott Prije 10 dana
being 17 and weighing 145 is not being over weight.
Kate Temple
Kate Temple Prije 11 dana
me being the same size as her, i thought i was pretty skinny, but shes saying that bodies likes that are overweight, bestie there i aint overweight
Iam Kelly
Iam Kelly Prije 11 dana
Christine Derosche
Christine Derosche Prije 11 dana
The average weight for a 17 year old is 142 lbs so like… who tf convinced her she was overweight?
Azz Prije 11 dana
addision really has something on bryce
_Avakin. Ghost_
_Avakin. Ghost_ Prije 11 dana
i meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn yuh
Perrine Bk
Perrine Bk Prije 11 dana
Emma chamberlain was on vogue too
Mika Langford
Mika Langford Prije 11 dana
Well to be fair if she was ever over 145 pounds she was technically over weight according to the BMI calculator. Maybe that's where she got that notion from.
kaybrazy Prije 11 dana
I just feel like Tik Tokers aren’t celebrities like just bc you make videos of you dancing or lip syncing or whateva to a song and you have a bunch of followers that doesn’t mean you’re a celebrity.
• cinna •
• cinna • Prije 11 dana
aint this the same girl yall was screaming abt being so pretty and shit and how much yall love her, from the one fucking video she did in a white crop top and jeans and she had her belly flopping over her jeans dancing in the middle of what looked like nowhere?? oh ok.
Lily Vanhess
Lily Vanhess Prije 11 dana
The Sianna Mae situation is so stupid she shouldn’t be getting hate.. she’s spreading body positivity and no one knows she possibly could’ve lost weight smh
Piper Hylen
Piper Hylen Prije 11 dana
Love your self
Piper Hylen
Piper Hylen Prije 11 dana
No ones overweight
Elisa 🌱🌺
Elisa 🌱🌺 Prije 11 dana
How did we get from sienna gomez to chase?? Like.......
Emily Erickson
Emily Erickson Prije 12 dana
I don’t support Sienna at ALL, but body dismorphia?
miley Prije 12 dana
Sheyla Alvarado
Sheyla Alvarado Prije 12 dana
Arent people mad bc chase is going or joined weavers?
HayleeTheHalo Prije 12 dana
Sienna ain't an over weighted person like i'm 5,1 and 120 something lbs... miss girl- no you're not an over weighted person
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