Charli D'amelio Is BEING CONTROLLED & FORCED By PARENTS?!, Nikita CAUGHT Dating WHO?!, Vinnie Hacker

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Charli D'amelio Is BEING CONTROLLED & FORCED By PARENTS?!, Nikita CAUGHT Dating WHO?!, Vinnie Hacker
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Genevieve Renteria
Genevieve Renteria Prije 5 dana
Alejandro is a adult now he is 18!
potterheads Prije 6 dana
its SO funny how u ask about z*e l*verne becoming a groomer SHE DOES anna oop predicts the FUTURE
potterheads Prije 6 dana
12x._ Kylie.
12x._ Kylie. Prije 8 dana
Why dose the anmie uhave 1 ear? And y is the earing inside😂
Idk Idc
Idk Idc Prije 9 dana
I just feel really bad for vinnie having the MOST controlling fans
sugaplum Prije 11 dana
i dont know dixie personally but ngl when dixie was saying those things bout tea pages it honestly sounded forced-
Samar Fatima Khan
Samar Fatima Khan Prije 14 dana
Be Muslim if you want....
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 16 dana
I mean - he 18 now💀 y’all can’t rlly say nun to her
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 16 dana
She’s honestly not wrong bout the tea page thing lmao
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 16 dana
Lmao- the way anna said “bestie :(“
Danielle T.v
Danielle T.v Prije 18 dana
life of shakira 2
life of shakira 2 Prije 19 dana
Dixie: "i hate pages" anna oop: :(
Cozysheepsuzy Prije 19 dana
I hate tea page . Ana oop Watch ur mouth
Dana Mckenzie
Dana Mckenzie Prije 20 dana
For once I actually feel bad for a tiktoker-
{Mini Panda}
{Mini Panda} Prije 20 dana
What about charil boyfriend I FoRgOt ThErE nAmE
christine Prije 20 dana
Perla Robles
Perla Robles Prije 21 dan
I miss the old tiktok
Shalom Abraham
Shalom Abraham Prije 22 dana
Lauren Anderson
Lauren Anderson Prije 22 dana
Nikita find your self someone over 25 AT THE LEAST
Hrishita Sawant
Hrishita Sawant Prije 22 dana
Honestly I wouldn't be surprised that Charli's parents are forcing her to do this. She's their only source of income. The whole family doesn't have actual jobs and are simply living off of a 16 year old's money and fame. If she quits social media , they won't have anything to do lmao.
Adopt Me Players I
Adopt Me Players I Prije 22 dana
I don’t understand why people think it ok to cancel people for supporting trump. No matter who you are your able to have your own opinion.....
Lexani Freitas
Lexani Freitas Prije 22 dana
i think the thing with alejandro and nikita is fine, they are both adults and they can both make their own decison's but with tony and zoe that's a whole other story.
Katie Lake
Katie Lake Prije 22 dana
Not me that has watched nearly all of Anna’s vids in 1 week
Isaacツ Prije 23 dana
3:28 I'm dead
Mina Prije 23 dana
Anna u r the best
Tiana Barbucci
Tiana Barbucci Prije 23 dana
Wait I thought that girl that's being shipped with Vinnie was avani
Maya Smith
Maya Smith Prije 21 dan
Her name is nailea lol not avani
Denise Salazar
Denise Salazar Prije 23 dana
It's a rumor because if Marc told charlie to post more she would've post more but she doesn't so it has to be a rumor
Eve Rogerson-Paddock
Eve Rogerson-Paddock Prije 23 dana
ok but her parents will control her because they are her parents and shes under 18, but I see what u mean
Ebba Eilish
Ebba Eilish Prije 24 dana
but like, the fact that anna shades tea pages when she lowkey is a tea page.
Jaydie Vlogs
Jaydie Vlogs Prije 20 dana
FR, but other tea pages be spreading fake information
Ebba Eilish
Ebba Eilish Prije 24 dana
WHY IS SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE THIS? Literally no one can be themselfes and having fun anymore without getting hate or controled by the internet.
Erika Guerra
Erika Guerra Prije 24 dana
Anna, if you actually did your research you would’ve seen that vinnie and nailea actually were talking/seeing each other. Your video makes it seem like they never talked before until they were “forced” to hang out. This is NOT true. If there’s one commonality with Vinnie is that he won’t post a girl in his TokTok unless things are at a relationship status level. Go watch his live streams, there are MULTIPLE clips of him and Nailea hanging out one on one with no one “forcing” them. They were building an organic relationship but then people took notice, got excited and his fan base became hysteric. Vinnie doesn’t like pressure when it comes to relationships so I understand why him and Nailea made psa announcements for people to calm down that they’re “just friends”. (They still could be talking in private though). However, please do more research before making assumptions about people.
Anas Gengi
Anas Gengi Prije 24 dana
she talks about tik tok BUT! don't have a tik tok account 😂😂😂
Haley Gomez
Haley Gomez Prije 24 dana
iiunxqueii Prije 24 dana
Nostalgia Prije 24 dana
Those “BUT”s are so fucking annoying with peace and love ❤️
Aʂԋʅҽყ Jαƈƙʂσɳ
Aʂԋʅҽყ Jαƈƙʂσɳ Prije 24 dana
I'm telling you this is gonna get you a documentary show about 👉Tik Tok👈
Venisslava Veleva
Venisslava Veleva Prije 24 dana
GUUUURL YESTERDAY NIKITA JUST POST A VID OF HER AND ALEJANDRO I MEAN .... (I think in the vid u can see for a sec that he looked at her a$$ ) NOPE......👁👄👁make a vid about it pleaseeeeee
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean Prije 24 dana
Dixie that made me really really really really sad when you said you hate tea pages
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean Prije 24 dana
Miss renegade needs to leave that house hold
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean Prije 24 dana
Love you anna ❤
hui hwa tan
hui hwa tan Prije 25 dana
laila lee
laila lee Prije 25 dana
dixie: "i hate tea pages." anna oop: "I'm in paaaaainnnn"
Toxic Chris And Camlia
Toxic Chris And Camlia Prije 25 dana
hello Anna oop
Toxic Chris And Camlia
Toxic Chris And Camlia Prije 25 dana
I edited it bc it said Anna poop 😂🤣
do I exist
do I exist Prije 26 dana
I wasn't buying the rumors of Charli's parents controlling her, but the way she was holding onto her arm like that idk anymore..
Eva Cardenas
Eva Cardenas Prije 26 dana
"Nai-lea" not "neigh-lia”, thank you.
Amerti Merga
Amerti Merga Prije 27 dana
Amishi Paul
Amishi Paul Prije 27 dana
this is why i dont beileve anything on internet u or drama unless it spoken abt it by an influncer who actual knows whats happening
Ayessa Panlilio
Ayessa Panlilio Prije 27 dana
I honestly ship nailea and vinnie
Maria Abreu
Maria Abreu Prije 27 dana
bluexberry Prije 27 dana
no one : The vid Imagine- but grammerly can help!
Lady Strawberry
Lady Strawberry Prije 28 dana
Anna Its Nailea but you pronounce it nai-Lay-a
Norris Jayes
Norris Jayes Prije 28 dana
i always knew their parents were evil, i couldnt never trust them...
Norris Jayes
Norris Jayes Prije 28 dana
yall dont need to keep up with all the tiktok drama- just come to anna oop she gotta whole tv show here :)
mvadiee Prije 28 dana
Tbh Nikkita just said she wanted a friend
Mia Farris
Mia Farris Prije 28 dana
Lol the way she pronounces Nailea's name. It's "NAIH - LAY - UH"
Zaria Dennis
Zaria Dennis Prije 28 dana
So does nobody care about Dixie saying the n word
Haven Calloway
Haven Calloway Prije 28 dana
Damn the D’Amelio‘s (or however you spell there last name💀) has deep ass voices😅✨
Axuii Lol
Axuii Lol Prije 28 dana
Istg I hate Dixie damelio she thinks we care we care weather she likes tea pages or not . Like not all tea pages such as Anna oop posts shit like what is coming out her mouth. The fact all tea pages only spill what’s going on in tik tok . She’s literally one of those problematic people and is mad abt it
Aisha Alnassay
Aisha Alnassay Prije 28 dana
It’s not neigh-Leah it’s Nai-lea
gunveen ;P
gunveen ;P Prije 29 dana
Tik Toks For fun
Tik Toks For fun Prije 29 dana
im just binge watching ur page tryna catch up on everything bc i cant go n my phone👁👄👁
SHAO ZIHAN Prije 29 dana
Ok I'm might get hate but I don't think Nikita and Alejandro (did I spell it right) are suitable for each other 😂😪
Jedidiah Smith
Jedidiah Smith Prije 29 dana
Pizza P
Pizza P Prije 29 dana
Anna I luv your vids some times but stop saying things like Nailea and Vinnie were forced to hang out. No they weren't. And that comment about you was true you keep making things exuistly dramatic for no reason.
anna oops
anna oops Prije 29 dana
anna nowadays tries to create dramas where there isn’t any.
Suruthi Sureshkumar
Suruthi Sureshkumar Prije 27 dana
@anna oops if u dont like her then wtf do u have her user on yt LOL..she didnt say that it was controlling bro she said that other people said that like ohmygod- we really dont need people like u in this tik tok community...
anna oops
anna oops Prije 27 dana
@Suruthi Sureshkumar she freakin is and i’m sure you are like her too bruh literally how is pulling her sweatshirt “controlling” and forcing” wth
Suruthi Sureshkumar
Suruthi Sureshkumar Prije 27 dana
how is she creating drama? she is just telling us whats going on...the people that are actually creating drama are the tik tokers giving false rumors...anna isnt doing anything wrong, she is just filling us in with the drama like many other channels inform us too...
bella granger
bella granger Prije 29 dana
I kinda think she is controlled because she used to be soooo much more energized. I thought maybe she is just tired but like it her way idk about them :/
Katrina Chalk
Katrina Chalk Prije 29 dana
Ngl tea pages can be toxic (not u as u say apparently and stuff like that) and ur not even a tea page ur a filpin tv show!
flxwers Prije 29 dana
Talia Hadden
Talia Hadden Prije 29 dana
Omg LEAVE the 16 year old girl ALONE😭. I UNDERSTAND that y'all are trying to help. But YOUR making it WORSE. U don't know what is going on at there House so don't start stuff🙄 . Why do u care if they support trump or NOT🙄✋🏼. Get a LIFE. 🙄
Tehee Heee
Tehee Heee Prije mjesec
not to hate or anything but why is she saying nila LMFAOOOOOOO its na-ee-le-ia
Isabella Valladares
Isabella Valladares Prije mjesec
Keeping up with thé damilios
RED VIPER Prije mjesec
Anna isn’t a fake news tea page she just explains what’s going on in the influencers world
keiraxoxo5 Prije mjesec
Nikita is the hisoka of the world 😭😔
Taemily Taemily
Taemily Taemily Prije mjesec
That damelio vid was something a mother on the Internet would do normally. You’d want your daughters to be smiling at the camera not frowning or looking rude, especially since the viewers are young
Nia Thompson
Nia Thompson Prije mjesec
Nikita dragun caught dating who?!, vinnie hacker.... I confuses
JaSiyah Pendermon
JaSiyah Pendermon Prije mjesec
NAME:Anonymous NICKNAME:unidentified
NAME:Anonymous NICKNAME:unidentified Prije mjesec
Nikita only asked if he’s 18 she never simped anna oop i dont agree with you most of the time and i swear you annoy me a lot by talking bout people i like but yh whatever
Peres Noutchie
Peres Noutchie Prije mjesec
Yeah Anna! Dixie be talking about u
Roblox role plays and More
Roblox role plays and More Prije mjesec
He’s a grown man well legally
FunnyStuffweird Prije mjesec
Let him do what he wants to do fans can't control a person's life let him choose what he wants to do
FunnyStuffweird Prije mjesec
I think Nikita made the right choice Tony lopez I don't like how Tony lopez does the 14nyr old stuff but Nikita also made the wrong choice dating a 18 yr old 24-6=18 so yeah I did the math
Amelia brown
Amelia brown Prije mjesec
Anna doesn't really spread bad and toxic things tiktokes create their own scandles themselves
Ava 19
Ava 19 Prije mjesec
¨ny layah¨ not ¨ny lea¨ (FYI)
vovo Prije mjesec
are parents not allowed to touch their kids anymore
Rainy Daisy’s
Rainy Daisy’s Prije mjesec
Face reveal please:)
Niyah Prije mjesec
Poor Vinnie
the ppl behind the scenes
the ppl behind the scenes Prije mjesec
Anna pop: BUT
Livxyh h
Livxyh h Prije mjesec
Jillian Felder
Jillian Felder Prije mjesec
ANNA MISS GIRLL I died when that comment mentioned you. The way you respond was ICONIC
U R A R A K A O C H A K O Prije mjesec
4:06.WTH is peaches doing 😹
Yara Sanad
Yara Sanad Prije mjesec
its nialea [na ya le ya] not nelia lol
AZTEC PLAYS Prije mjesec
Anna oop. :(
me Prije mjesec
Vinnie's a poet :)
Ajda Čatar
Ajda Čatar Prije mjesec
Tiktoker hangs out with friend and makes tik tok, the HOLE tiktok community: THERE A CUPPPLE OMGGGGGG
Ajda Čatar
Ajda Čatar Prije mjesec
Not me thinking they said teen pages💀
Saanvi Singh
Saanvi Singh Prije mjesec
the vinnie hacker thing also happened with colbybrock
Bts and ariana are World domination
Bts and ariana are World domination Prije mjesec
Naylia 💀😂 its nai-lea
Natalia Larios
Natalia Larios Prije mjesec
nailea (nie-lay-uh) sorry it was weird how you were saying it
Taj Ramy
Taj Ramy Prije mjesec
Opinionated Prije mjesec
It's sad that Dixie just insulted Anna's whole page- And like honestly tea pages r giving them much more clout, honestly tho it's making them more relevant
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