why James Charles’ apology video was a disaster..

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anna oop

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why James Charles’ apology video was a disaster...
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Jaimee Elaine
Jaimee Elaine Prije sat
I don't care about this, for me it's not that big of a deal🙄🙄🙄🙄
Chippy Munky
Chippy Munky Prije 2 sati
Ok but what the hell is up with his hairstyle in his "apology" video??!!
weird Trash
weird Trash Prije 5 sati
This breaks my heart... I loved him so much.
angxl Prije 7 sati
Trisha stepped in the situation too fast. Like after some hours when he posted he's second apology video she EMMEDIATLY had to go on twitter and discuss the situation. To be honest i agree with her and that's rare.
angxl Prije 7 sati
The fact that James had done TWO apologies videos beside 2018-2021 is making me sick. Also he also did this for more views and attention and it looks like tbh. I have been supporting a litaral jerk since 2020. I'm done with him i don't wanna hear or see NOTHING about him in social media. I'm out
Simdaqueen Prije 8 sati
I wish that all this drama disappears and people start actually bringing positive stuff into the world a please
XideX Prije 9 sati
James sucks
Erin Among us
Erin Among us Prije 10 sati
Just want to make clear he did say its 12:56AM and then said how inconvenient but I promise it NOT a joke ... im very disappointed with james until he apologises propley
Anton Balite
Anton Balite Prije 10 sati
Tbh James could have done the apology video differently and y'all would still find something to say abt it. There's no such thing as a perfect apology. Y'all act so self righteous but I'm sure all of you have dirt on you as well. I'm not justifying what James did but at least he is now starting to take responsibility for his actions. Am I saying we should just forgive and forget? No, definitely not. We need to hold James accountable for his mistakes. There's so much hate on social media and that reflects our generation's individual lives. Hating and holding someone accountable are two very different things. Let people grow. Let people learn from their mistakes.
Jisooya Prije 10 sati
Tbh If he is going to "hold himself accountable" he needs to stop to doing this. He can go to jail or he can be sued but he better change or he will suffer the consequences.
Ethan Barr
Ethan Barr Prije 10 sati
First of all, all these allegations are against STRAIGhT men. James has been in a dating life before, now before you start saying “he’s blaming it on the STRAIGHT men” go to the facts hunny not what you hear on social media while your lazy a$$ is to broke to even afford a house, living with your mama. James I’m sorry for the hate you’ve been through
itssofiaaa Prije 10 sati
you know its still shocking to me that there's more likes than dislikes on his "apology" video
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo Prije 11 sati
I was just watching the James apology video and I had the audio on full volume because it was SO QUIET and then I clicked on this one and I’m pretty sure I’m deaf now
Dr. guyman
Dr. guyman Prije 12 sati
He's still innocent until proven guilty. He didn't have to confess, but fascist murderers were hunting him down, so he was scared.
GEN VLOGS Prije 12 sati
Oh James when will u learn!! And the fact is that Noah Beck says he will bounce back up (even his friends/people on the podcast agree to him) but he will just be doing the same crap every time and get canceled, so what’s the point of his friends defending him if he done it several times
Sierra Priest
Sierra Priest Prije 13 sati
sadly noah was right when he said “he’s james charles, he’ll bounce back” and we ALL know the reason why.
Bubbles ;w;
Bubbles ;w; Prije 13 sati
Wow, absolutely disturbing and disgusting. I’m unsubscribing from James...
Ali Suarez
Ali Suarez Prije 15 sati
I’m just upset he went through a whole scandal and didn’t learn anything from that. Hope this time he learns something 🙄
Peachy Cream
Peachy Cream Prije 15 sati
Well well well. Lmaoo.
Faisa Nurr
Faisa Nurr Prije 16 sati
But he’s just young right we use that it’s not big deal she can live her age because it’s her decision not yours guys 🙄🙄🥱🥱✅
baby Quinn
baby Quinn Prije 17 sati
I really don't see why people on the internet apologize because if you don't feel bad for the things that u did u shouldn't have to apologize because you don't feel bad but fans on the internet always ask for an apology and be mad when they get one clearly they not sorry they just gave you what you asked for.
Katy Cat
Katy Cat Prije 17 sati
What the hell. James messed up real good.
qloudi Prije 17 sati
1. No, it’s repeated behavior. 2. He’s literally only sorry that he got exposed, 3. He’s blaming the victim??
Vanesya bella
Vanesya bella Prije 13 sati
Imagine being that guy. Embarrassing.
Vikayla Van Vuuren
Vikayla Van Vuuren Prije 18 sati
I think Trisha needs to shhh cuz she not a Angel. I DON'T LIKE JAMES anymore !!
OrbooOrvay Prije 19 sati
I watched James video and this is basically what it was: I’m so super sorry! It wasn’t my fault it was the 16 year olds faults! Don’t unsubscribe please! Bye sisters!
Vanesya bella
Vanesya bella Prije 13 sati
ItsHeroPLUS Prije 19 sati
He still deserves prison
EREN YEAGER Prije 19 sati
James better leave poor little boys alone! It’s weird let the boys livee
Ryian Hawaiian
Ryian Hawaiian Prije 20 sati
The teens lied about their age saying they where 18-20 when yet they where 15-16 which is a federal crime so they are all in the wrong
Emily Nugent
Emily Nugent Prije 21 sat
bro get him in jail wtff
Skinnie Da plant
Skinnie Da plant Prije 21 sat
Well his behavior has definitely gone too far and as he said, he f*cked up, but he does not blame the victim for I have seen the video, he is just mad that they lied for the first time THEN admit that he should have check their ages and that not doing it IS a huge mistake. I am ambiguous about his situation, for I don’t know him personally and it is always complicated because everyone has a different version of sometimes ONE element of the situation, but if he changes and stop without of course forgetting what he did, he is safe to keep going...
Nessa Prije 21 sat
also codyorlove posted that james was a groomer
JoelGrace Bangana
JoelGrace Bangana Prije 21 sat
Mila Conijeski
Mila Conijeski Prije 21 sat
not the subtitles saying james churros ✋🏼🥴🤦🏻‍♀️ gurl bye- 💀💀
Alive Setlhoke
Alive Setlhoke Prije 22 sati
James Should have known better because Celebrities aren’t supposed to talk or flirt with fans it’s disgusting 🤮
Sharoll B
Sharoll B Prije dan
ok my take.... honestly for all yall saying james is a horrible person well guess what the way james discribes it im honestly going throught EXZCTLY what he going through you guys dont know the pain of gay relationships. ANNA? you dont know the pain of hearing about other relationships and still saying your single. when nome your age that u know seems to like you you get kinda despret. when you want love you get despret. anna this wont stop me from watching you tho you are an amazing drama spiller but like i dont stand with you AT ALL when it comes to this situation.
Faith Charles
Faith Charles Prije dan
james apology video is torture
Pearl Josling
Pearl Josling Prije dan
it’s very far off from holding yourself accountable if all you’re gonna do is victim blame
Rejoice Kamango
Rejoice Kamango Prije dan
He needs a slap man like act shut up
Hdsari06 Prije dan
Body language of James in his apology video by OBSERVE is really good. You guys should watch it. Also SEND HIM TO JAIL
Hdsari06 Prije dan
Kamilla Ahmadi
Kamilla Ahmadi Prije dan
Is this true lol just wanna know
Forty-seven Prije dan
gurrrrrl i just, i just can't
Veeti Rantanen
Veeti Rantanen Prije dan
YourBlackChildMocha Prije dan
I just don't understand where is the PARENT like for real. no hate but you are going back and forward with this grown man you need to go to court and take him to the streets. ---I don't care how famous you are- -.
Katie Gilmore
Katie Gilmore Prije dan
Okay I’m just gonna point this out, you said he blamed it all on straight men. When actually I’ve seen the video multiple times looking for red flags. He actually said (when it comes to the straight men thing) he USED to blame straight men for the problems in his love life. And now that he has takin the time to think about his actions he knows that the real problem was that it was him and the fact that he was desperately find someone. And hey at least he’s admitting to the shit he’s done, there are social media stars that don’t own up to shit even after it comes out. Tony Lopez for example. I say just give James a chance and if he really doesn’t change this time then unfollow, unsubscribe, whatever you want. He seemed genuinely sorry for the actions he made , and I am a pretty good judge on if someone is really sorry if I’m not emotionally involved
Cinnematic Music
Cinnematic Music Prije dan
It’s so sad how quickly people support tiktokers and you tubers. There’s so many people that don’t deserve their platform like Addison, chase hudson. Nessa, that dude Jaden, Tony, ahh there’s so many and it’s sooo annoying to me how people still support people like this.
Octavia Prije dan
Did everyone just forget about tony lopez aswell??
。miakiyunoようつべ。 Prije dan
Bruh💀 Im just a 10 year old girl who does not have tiktok,I just search up random tea channels like "Spill" "Spill and matcha" "Anna oop" ___________ I mean im only here to watch some tea🙄💅
Frank piknimena II
Frank piknimena II Prije dan
Wonder what moniker Donald Trump would give this fraudster, sleazeball #2
T Dot
T Dot Prije dan
It’s Yaa
It’s Yaa Prije dan
He was not victim blaming he said that it was all his fault that he didn't listen to clues cause he was just desperate and wouldn't listen to advice. He was apoligizing for being ignorant and not taking hints gosh
Roblox Girl Gamer
Roblox Girl Gamer Prije dan
I am still waiting for the actions 'lead conices' vid
Roblox Girl Gamer
Roblox Girl Gamer Prije dan
he he
he he Prije dan
dang, now he really is a danger to society.
Frankie Koala
Frankie Koala Prije dan
can yall please tell me if i should stop my james charles fanpage
Kristaly Del Rosario
Kristaly Del Rosario Prije dan
nope never ;-;
Ava Poluha
Ava Poluha Prije dan
i pains me to say this but my respect for Trisha just get up by A LOT
Michi Me
Michi Me Prije dan
James is scary
Mel Ozdemir
Mel Ozdemir Prije dan
I feel super shocked. THEE James Charles, the one who used to be my idle, but I think he took it far. I wonder If James bribed minors to send(You know what I mean?) if the Kardashian's unfollow you, you know your DONE FOR! I feel upset and betrayed. Maybe Trisha was right.. I honestly don't know who to believe anymore.
finniee Prije dan
madeeha mahmood
madeeha mahmood Prije dan
So I think
David Goodman
David Goodman Prije dan
i cannot believe it, why James, WHYYYYYYYYY
Ollza Prije dan
Nelly Nelly
Nelly Nelly Prije dan
the podcast really shows wat its like for them have people hate on u for 5 days and then you are of the hook and people move to the next tea
I'm a teenager
I'm a teenager Prije dan
Is it just me or has 2021 just stared to expose youtubers! 🙄 I mean I see sooo many videos about how all the youtubers are talking to uder age boys/girls.!
• haley •
• haley • Prije dan
i can't believe james bro.. the whole 'apology' video was about his 'dating'. it's honestly disgusting that he tried to deny the rumors. this is a 'sorry i got caught !' situation, i feel so bad for the minors ! nobody should be treated like this. take proper ownership james ! 😩
KingGamer777 Prije dan
James Charles needs to be arrested
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed Prije dan
i already hate james charles from the very begining not sorry
alejandro Ruiz
alejandro Ruiz Prije dan
Trisha has a point
Roblox .singing
Roblox .singing Prije 2 dana
Tbh, I’ve always hated Trisha, but at least she doesnt groom MULTIPLE minors
Tina Do Thuy Trang
Tina Do Thuy Trang Prije 2 dana
At this point the media is full pf apology videos smh
sheldon thomas
sheldon thomas Prije 2 dana
put him in jail.
alondra Dlr
alondra Dlr Prije 2 dana
james lopez
heart playz Rxblox
heart playz Rxblox Prije 2 dana
I’m sorry if nobody agrees with my opinion but I’m just throwing it out there for the people that James supposedly groomed why would you even keep talking to him in the first place why didn’t you block him? I’m sorry but that would just be the logical thing to do if he contacted you first.
Tamreezun Nisa
Tamreezun Nisa Prije 2 dana
Omgggg wtf is wrong with this guy and then he goes making an apology vid as if we're going to believe him and HE EVEN LIED
Hanging out with Erika
Hanging out with Erika Prije 2 dana
I believe james did mean everything he said, but it doesn't make the situation ok and its still not good enough. But he definetly knows he did wrong and is very embarrassed clearly
O̸パンダO̸ Prije 2 dana
tbh this really sounds like Lentotally like wow.
rosie posie
rosie posie Prije 2 dana
fr he admitted he did it, 'apologized' and people forgave him in a month..?
Denzen Prije 2 dana
carson? now james charles? daym whos gonna get exposed next?
flower sassy
flower sassy Prije 2 dana
No one James: "I dOnT kNoW wHaTs The MaNs proPbLeM bUt I sWeAR iTs hEs fAulT nOt MiNeS 😩😫" *cries in groomer😖😖😭😭😢😢😔😔😰😰💔💔🥺🥺😱😱😖😖😣😣"
Ava Swift
Ava Swift Prije 2 dana
Yeah and my sisters hoodie just arrived.....
MaryJane Reyna
MaryJane Reyna Prije 2 dana
AND he probably just addressed 2 victims because the other ones were probably just doing it for attention and James knows they were so he was admitting to the ones that were true
draciesia malfoy
draciesia malfoy Prije 2 dana
The best beauty guru: Bretman! always Iconic and unproblematic
MaryJane Reyna
MaryJane Reyna Prije 2 dana
Ummmm admitting you are desperate ESPECIALLY when your a celeb is hard to do. This wasn't scripted im not with you on this one anna I'm just not
draciesia malfoy
draciesia malfoy Prije 2 dana
@MaryJane Reyna then, I definitely agree with you
MaryJane Reyna
MaryJane Reyna Prije 2 dana
@draciesia malfoy I totally agree that this does NOT justify his actions he shouldn't have done this but admitting he was desperate is hard. He was wrong for doing this
draciesia malfoy
draciesia malfoy Prije 2 dana
@MaryJane Reyna I'm agreeing with the fact that it would have taken courage to admit he's desperate, however, if you think that justifies his actions then I'm gonna have to disagree
MaryJane Reyna
MaryJane Reyna Prije 2 dana
@draciesia malfoy so are you saying you agree or not
draciesia malfoy
draciesia malfoy Prije 2 dana
Admitting you're desperate doesn't justify your actions, but James was trying to do that.
HoneyBee 13
HoneyBee 13 Prije 2 dana
Hahah hahahaha he really should be in prison
Sister Shook
Sister Shook Prije 2 dana
I used to stan James Charles and I even have a couple of his merch hoodies, but now with another incident popping up it makes me so upset and also confused.
maiya Prije 2 dana
we know that trisha is sometimes wrong but shes right james does deserve jail✌️🙄
Abigail Prije 2 dana
This is what the internet has come to🥸🥲👍
Mel Prije 2 dana
This guy should not be followed by nobody🤔
Cloudiiiez Prije 2 dana
Honestly, we all should be mad at James Charles because he did what he did aka flirting. Sadly, we don’t fully know the full story so I think we should rlly all stay out of it. I don’t like Trisha because she gets involved with drama that DOESN’T involve her even though she said she doesn’t like drama and i5 gives her anxiety. I honestly think that he needs to stay off of social media and deserves EVERYONE to not support him.
Trinity Riggins
Trinity Riggins Prije 2 dana
Why James Charles why.
Val Badoo
Val Badoo Prije 2 dana
sadie Prije 2 dana
sadie Prije 2 dana
little dude from across the street
little dude from across the street Prije 2 dana
Anna stfu
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia Prije 2 dana
Trisha likes to expose everybody only so she can stay relevant her karma will come✌🏼
StrawBerry Mochiz
StrawBerry Mochiz Prije 2 dana
Okay im only 4 minutes in and I normally like your videos and I am NOT defending james for what he has done but, you took the clip out of his apology video of him saying something along the lines of "I know it's april fools day and this is a bad day to post this but it cant wait any longer" if his apology really was sincere you just made him look bad for no reason except to start drama.
elle garrels
elle garrels Prije 2 dana
anyways stan bretman and love trish
Debbie Steel
Debbie Steel Prije 2 dana
Bich he's a good man
Leeya Jamdar
Leeya Jamdar Prije 2 dana
uggghh! this is digusting. pls like if u argree
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