addison rae MOVED ON and has a NEW BOYFRIEND? uhm.. eXCUSE ME?!?!?!

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anna oop

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addison rae has a NEW BOYFRIEND? uhm.. excuse me?
#annaoop #addisonrae #newboyfriend

anna oop
anna oop Prije 29 dana
do you guys think that addison and nate are secretly dating? 👀💖
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods Prije 17 sekundi
No I don’t think so.
Penny R
Penny R Prije 3 dana
シMxlky シ
シMxlky シ Prije 10 dana
Oohh yas
Pink Froggy
Pink Froggy Prije 11 dana
im honestly fine with this because I've seen twin my heart and Nate is a good guy probably better than Bryce
Life with Courtnay and Chi
Life with Courtnay and Chi Prije 19 dana
Miya’s skateboard
Miya’s skateboard Prije 11 sati
trasha i’m sorry babe but you aren apart of gen Z and you will never be ❤️ don’t disrespect gen Z like that again tyvm☺️💓
Micaela Alcázar
Micaela Alcázar Prije dan
Quien viene por Marti Lence?
Hollie Adarraga
Hollie Adarraga Prije dan
this zoe laverne girl gotta go.
Camila Fernández
Camila Fernández Prije dan
marti lol
SKYRIZ_TV Prije dan
ventihaver Prije 2 dana
*So hugging someone platonically is wrong now?...* tf did i miss 😐
iuaxv Prije 2 dana
Why does Addison get hate
Selena Celeste
Selena Celeste Prije 2 dana
People care about rights and lives until it comes to a baby in the womb.
Lachae Thomas
Lachae Thomas Prije 3 dana
Just cause you see her with somebody does not mean she's dating them
Admin Account
Admin Account Prije 3 dana
@anna oop
e r i z
e r i z Prije 4 dana
omg paparazzi is EVERYWHERE. i would hate to be popular/famous bc you literally have NO privacy.
DaPotato Prije 8 dana
It was completely Bryces fault that Addison broke up with him- Because of cheating lol- there’s PROOF! Addison deserves much better-!! And btw Markell is a very good friend- :D
Izuku Midorya
Izuku Midorya Prije 8 dana
U know chipotle is where Trish lives right ? Ik she is not tryna drag her own hometown. Gurl what's wrong wit u???
Ari Amaya
Ari Amaya Prije 8 dana
Dude that trisha lady needs to be cancelled herself....
Ari Amaya
Ari Amaya Prije 8 dana
Ok Danielle wasn't being problematic this time. She was speaking faxs
Random Videos
Random Videos Prije 9 dana
Oh honey I like how you talk about how people use other peoples problems for clout when you’re over here literally doing the exact same thing!!! Also not sure why ya bleep out the word abortion because it’s a real thing that goes on and abortion is also murder of a child so Anna Oop get a life
Lucy Ryan
Lucy Ryan Prije 10 dana
Danielle and Zoe are like to princess fighting for the problematic thrown 👑😒
Lily-Ann Gaskelll
Lily-Ann Gaskelll Prije 12 dana
Why are people assuming Addison is dating nick she haven't addressed it yet and confirmed it smh
Hanane Nammour
Hanane Nammour Prije 12 dana
Marcelle is such a good friend ✌️😩
Simply Me
Simply Me Prije 12 dana
Dixie is pretty chill to me but the way Trisha just said "Dixie's an idoit," out of NOWHERE made me laugh wayyyyy too hard.
Dounia Boulahyan
Dounia Boulahyan Prije 13 dana
me thinking that the DRAMA is done anna be like oh hello i have some flame hot tea for u
Reuben Kumassah
Reuben Kumassah Prije 13 dana
Oofffffffffffffffffff 😮
Lupita Amaya Cruz
Lupita Amaya Cruz Prije 14 dana
Oh My col
Tamana2kazumi Prije 14 dana
I dont care if there not dating its not addison x nate its nate x aisha
aleana serra
aleana serra Prije 14 dana
bUt bUt bUt bUt bUt
Ren lende
Ren lende Prije 15 dana
I love your vids
brittany Pineda
brittany Pineda Prije 15 dana
That’s Nate Wyatt hahahahhahaha addi wouldn’t tho this is fake I’m guessing
꧁Sweet mochi emma꧂
꧁Sweet mochi emma꧂ Prije 15 dana
3:04 OK what flavor is she Hmm taste like roasting other people to a crisp and spreading tea now that’s what I call good ice cream
Lucy lol
Lucy lol Prije 16 dana
The person in the thumbnail is Nate Wyatt- he isn’t dating her bc he is in an unconfirmed relationship with Aisha Mian
Carina Burcea
Carina Burcea Prije 16 dana
I am disgusted by her.
Carina Burcea
Carina Burcea Prije 16 dana
Im talking about Zoe
Theyluvvbellaa Prije 16 dana
Hun just mind your business 😭
Havyn Siebert
Havyn Siebert Prije 16 dana
No he likes likes Aisha
Luis A. Ocegueda
Luis A. Ocegueda Prije 16 dana
Trish rimes with trash lmao 😂 seriously she deserves to be canceled too! Her Slide is not clean okurr!
Komilla M
Komilla M Prije 16 dana
Nate is literally the most unproblematic TikToker ever plzzz don’t come for him 😭
Pearl Prije 16 dana
bruh let them live there life they can do whatever they want and stop stalking her no joke!.
Σοφια Πελωνη
Σοφια Πελωνη Prije 17 dana
Julissa Sanchez
Julissa Sanchez Prije 17 dana
nates with one of the twins 💀 bruhhh
Juhi Agarwal
Juhi Agarwal Prije 17 dana
Nate is doing twin my heart with the merell twins
hannah? Prije 17 dana
she's the old Gen Z i've ever seen🤤🤙
Madison Montgomery
Madison Montgomery Prije 17 dana
Its there choice like leave them alone for once ?
bbxtty Prije 17 dana
aishia seeing this: 👁👄👁
Hailey San
Hailey San Prije 17 dana
Wait so she cant hug nate 🙄 so dumb🙄😐
Evelynn Thoughts
Evelynn Thoughts Prije 17 dana
*If i was Addison i would stay single,no boy treats her right.But herrrr memories with bryce thooo😯😭😢*
Suzanne Kerry
Suzanne Kerry Prije 18 dana
Mark said he bought the flowers
Celine Natout
Celine Natout Prije 18 dana
I think he's not good
Celine Natout
Celine Natout Prije 18 dana
For her Bryce always cheat
Celine Natout
Celine Natout Prije 18 dana
It's better
jessica krm
jessica krm Prije 18 dana
addison is not dating anyone. Leave her alone!
jahnavi sehara
jahnavi sehara Prije 18 dana
Audrey Gozos
Audrey Gozos Prije 18 dana
im sorry but addi and that guy is just gross
Hamizah Ahmad zaki
Hamizah Ahmad zaki Prije 18 dana
BUT! BUT! BUT! RIP my eardrum
Ava Munoz
Ava Munoz Prije 18 dana
question since many people assume to fast is it not normal for friends to go dinner,buy her a flower to be nice and hug?&
Luisa Mejia- German
Luisa Mejia- German Prije 18 dana
Yall act ike she cant have another bf shes grown.
Lizbeth Ramirez
Lizbeth Ramirez Prije 18 dana
Hey It’z Shwetaja
Hey It’z Shwetaja Prije 19 dana
Addison : accidentally looks at a guy and paparazzi catches her looking at a guy... Paparazzi: OMG ADDISON HAS A NEW BOYFRIEND Anna oop : Addison already moved on... and she has a new bf... wtf Like stop creating drama!
The 0.01% germs Left
The 0.01% germs Left Prije 19 dana
Dang , they really can’t just stay home and make their tiktoks
Morgen Poniatowski
Morgen Poniatowski Prije 19 dana
yall be acting like 'abortion' is a bad word like tf- i aint saying abortions are right but aint no cuss word, only time an abortion is right is in a matter of a girl getting prego by being raped, yeah i said raped, that aint a bad word either like tf
Katherine Valentine
Katherine Valentine Prije 19 dana
She is allowed to move on....
alohaxsal Prije 19 dana
Uhm the thumbnail- she cant date Nate Wyatt he is finding a gf on twin my heart so he can’t be with Addison and end the show!
Jailyn Alea
Jailyn Alea Prije 19 dana
so friends can’t go to dinner together 😭
Its Cxrlygirl
Its Cxrlygirl Prije 19 dana
So nobody going to talk about the fact that Nate is LITERALLY IN A DATING REALITY TV SHOW WITH THE MERREL TWINS!!
Brady Thompson
Brady Thompson Prije 20 dana
Y'all I can't Bellevue she gave up on Bryce literally they have been with each other for a while but addi doesn't deserve Bryce because c'mon look at him
Brady Thompson
Brady Thompson Prije 20 dana
Y'all I can't Bellevue she gave up on Bryce literally they have been with each other for a while but addi doesn't deserve Bryce because c'mon look at him
chloe grey
chloe grey Prije 20 dana
at the end when u said: anyways love THE VIDEO OF TRISHA SENT ME😭😭
Lemar Ahmad
Lemar Ahmad Prije 20 dana
"I'm so gen z" girl what
Paisley Polder
Paisley Polder Prije 20 dana
It went just like this: I see the thumbnail I see Nate I freak out And now I'm thinking what the heck is gonna happen in twin my heart. Iykyk
Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson Prije 20 dana
Our groomer Zoe 😂😂😂
klassNina Prije 20 dana
Not everyone dragging James becuz of rumors:/smh
Aya Mezouar
Aya Mezouar Prije 20 dana
Food4Days TV
Food4Days TV Prije 20 dana
literately what is wrong with moving on from a past relationship. y'all are hating on her for dating someone other than Bryce. like what?
Ashley Corderoflamenco
Ashley Corderoflamenco Prije 20 dana
Ok can you just leave her alone i mean it's her life not your's
cassiee326 Prije 20 dana
Dixie is not an idiot
High Priestes Akasha Flightzzz
High Priestes Akasha Flightzzz Prije 21 dan
anna oop spilling the tea ab addison moving on whit a new bf: STUPID FREAKING DINESORS:me hearing what she said: EXCUSE ME?! EXCUSE ME?! WHAT DID SHE SAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Khalid Mohamoud
Khalid Mohamoud Prije 21 dan
Why are humans So worried ,omg Addison IS dating someone WELL Bryce IS Chater ok DONT TALK about Addison Queen plesee let her live her Life please DONT Shame her 🙄❤️🤗
Khalid Mohamoud
Khalid Mohamoud Prije 21 dan
•honey tea•
•honey tea• Prije 21 dan
Addi and Bryce was so cute but the shade they were getting for being together was too much
Kristina Barnett
Kristina Barnett Prije 21 dan
Zoe is right abortions are not the right
bellissima beauty
bellissima beauty Prije 21 dan
dani is really growing on me.
Mary Ortiz
Mary Ortiz Prije 21 dan
So you do all of this for clout right right
Mary Ortiz
Mary Ortiz Prije 21 dan
Let me get this straight ANNA OOP nate has a GIRLFRIEND so get your facts straight before you start drama Gosh
Shanila Schnitter
Shanila Schnitter Prije 21 dan
Oh my God a groomer and someone that likes to lie about their age it's about to go down repeat it's about to go down 😲👊💥🤦
Siilver_Stxr Prije 21 dan
I feel so bad for Aisha
The goat Naj
The goat Naj Prije 21 dan
BUT 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Mitsuki Uzumaki
Mitsuki Uzumaki Prije 21 dan
Bruh she can’t even have guy friends bc she broke up..
Natalia Delatorre
Natalia Delatorre Prije 21 dan
First you can have a abortion but when the baby it 8 weeks and older are you still going to kill it imagine you mother did that to you and if you don’t want it give it up for adoption for ppl that can’t have kids
Chacha Mocha
Chacha Mocha Prije 21 dan
Not zoe again- im tired of dis-
Ms. Frappe
Ms. Frappe Prije 21 dan
Ok, I absolutely do not like Daniel Cohn but........she’s is speaking FACTS!! And it’s sad that Zoe is worried more about her body more than the baby. More reasons not to have a child. And she bout to act like she not bout to gain a bunch of weight after pregnancy. And Trishaaaa you are IRRELEVANT! STOP STICKING YOUR PIG SNOUT IN OTHER PEOPLES BUSINESS! 🐽
Natalie Leon
Natalie Leon Prije 21 dan
look zoe is 19 people have babies at 14 13 14 etc.
JOBIN K CHERIAN Prije 21 dan
The word abortion makes me sad 😢
Esther Agoro
Esther Agoro Prije 21 dan
danielle is literally 16 zoe grow up
Esther Agoro
Esther Agoro Prije 21 dan
guys and girls can be friends first of all why can’t addison be over bryce just let them handle it in private just let them be she can move on stop shaming her because of it
povtyface •
povtyface • Prije 21 dan
honestly bryce is a horrible person he leads addison three times and then every time breaks her heart
Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms Prije 21 dan
Tiktokers and middle schoolers change boys as much as you’d changed clothes😂
Guadalupe Vázquez
Guadalupe Vázquez Prije 21 dan
...╭──────╮ ╭┆...╭────╮ ┆┆...╰────╯ ┆┆....................┆ ╰┆....┆ ─┌....┆ ….╰─╯....╰─╯
The Amazing Myla
The Amazing Myla Prije 22 dana
Wait addi and Nate, Nate is currently on a reality tv show with the Merrel twins called “twin my heart” pls explain
Amel Khan
Amel Khan Prije 22 dana
Addison and Nate have been friends since they both joined the hype house it makes sense they hug each other ?? I've known my guy best friend since we were little and we hug, get each other gifts, and eat together. I DON"T FIND A PROBLEM WITH THAT!
remsvic Prije 22 dana
when did they break up?
plastic taste
plastic taste Prije 22 dana
isnt nate wyatt in twin my heart season 3???
ilene kallala
ilene kallala Prije 22 dana
OmG 🥺😩😱😰
simp.richqrds Prije 22 dana
my girl trisha you arent gen z you are like 30
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