Charli D'amelio's LOOKALIKE Comes FOR HER?! James Charles DEFENDING A ONDREAZ?! Addison Rae..

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Prije 28 dana

Charli D'amelio's LOOKALIKE Comes FOR HER?! James Charles DEFENDING A ONDREAZ?! Addison Rae..
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Emely C
Emely C Prije 41 minute
She looks so fake I don’t look like Charlie
Anton Stoyanov
Anton Stoyanov Prije sat
The first girl doesn’t even look like Charlie yeah a little bit not a lot
genesis Rivers
genesis Rivers Prije sat
The way Charlie look-alike dance is weird
Karen Nhau
Karen Nhau Prije 2 sati
yo yall need to stop attaking addison, i dont like her that much but let her breathe for just a few seconds she can hang out with who she wants to so back of and stop throwing hate at james he just human like u he defends who he wants to defend and his personal no none of your business. any protesters reading just stop we get your point dont go walking up in celebs faces just to shame them they called them disgusting and stop comparing famous people to other famous people
Jessica Willett
Jessica Willett Prije 3 sati
Addison shouldn’t get hate she is getting in that show bc she is pretty and she can have time alone
Jessica Willett
Jessica Willett Prije 3 sati
In one of the tik toks she jumps and her face comes of so she is fake!
Diane Garden
Diane Garden Prije 5 sati
love you anna oop !!
Diane Garden
Diane Garden Prije 5 sati
ya'll are all just jelly of addison rae and because you dont have that life doesn't mean you can cause drama! stop hating on people, let them enjoy their life before there gone :(
Kinlee Moreland
Kinlee Moreland Prije 5 sati
Misty•moon Prije 6 sati
Why do I have to be called Julia ;-;
VEISINIA PULU Prije 10 sati
ugh aren't you getting hatez? espeialy the fact that YOU used someone elses face that wasn't even YOURS. i am very stuned. Very stuned that YOUR not canceled. just saying.......
Rohiza Abidin
Rohiza Abidin Prije 12 sati
at this point people are obsessed
Dia Marsha Kazira Satria
Dia Marsha Kazira Satria Prije 13 sati
Let addison friends with whoever she even wants. Those who said those hurtful words or so i thought are just jealous
Idalia Vzla
Idalia Vzla Prije 17 sati
Everyone should stop hating on people , they keep getting involved in people Life’s like can’t you just focus on yours!
Werido Nick
Werido Nick Prije 19 sati
Anna: cuz whose gonna c Cancel them Me: ummm laray
Jaymarie Ortiz
Jaymarie Ortiz Prije 19 sati
Flavia Almeida
Flavia Almeida Prije 22 sati
poor addison she does not disorve this she just wants to be friends with someojne i mean like whats the problem with that leave her ALONE
Bathchira Alcide
Bathchira Alcide Prije dan
can tell the people the they are akting like Kearens
royale . luna
royale . luna Prije dan
Addison is a literal adult, most of the people who leave unnecessary comments are like 11. She is growing up!!! She's not a child anymore leave her alone. Don't just hate because she's friends with celebrities. Let the girl live!!
Mermaid_ Lola
Mermaid_ Lola Prije dan
BuT ~Anna
Anais Muresan
Anais Muresan Prije dan
i feel so bad for some tiktokers :(
Tessa Playz
Tessa Playz Prije dan
Julia got banned but she got a new acc limplus_reborn and now she is asking people to pay 100000 of something like that fore her filter and her pants
SophisLoomtique Prije dan
me when isee anna oop posts: **agressivley grabs chips and throws myself on the couch to see her videoo**
Snuggly Donut
Snuggly Donut Prije dan
Poor char
Zaidine Prije dan
in this julia girls videos, all she does is just admire her self for the filter LMAo
Sherezade Thais Sánchez Ávila
Sherezade Thais Sánchez Ávila Prije dan
So what if Addison hangs out with someone twice her age she 20 people let her live her life like my god you people are throwing hate for no freaking reason
Sherezade Thais Sánchez Ávila
Sherezade Thais Sánchez Ávila Prije dan
I dont think James deserved any of those hate comments anyways im gonna keep watching this video
Sherezade Thais Sánchez Ávila
Sherezade Thais Sánchez Ávila Prije dan
People of the internet stop hating on people just because they exposed the truth and sometimes its fake and sometimes its the truth so this was the truth soooooo back of a bit thank you
Sherezade Thais Sánchez Ávila
Sherezade Thais Sánchez Ávila Prije dan
Ok you can tell that that girl photoshopped her body or face into Charlies like wtfreak is going on
Toca Boca
Toca Boca Prije 2 dana
So much beaf 😭🤚🏼 LMFAOO
half-blood princess
half-blood princess Prije 2 dana
Okay why are people mad that Addison is friends with the Kardashian. Like she is allowed to be friends with whoever she likes and isn't gonna stop because y'all tell her to.
Fatuma Yussuf
Fatuma Yussuf Prije 2 dana
Nobody songs about Addison
Winter Gaming
Winter Gaming Prije 2 dana
Tell me not if she is trying to make it look real well , Julia work on your skills
Jazzy B
Jazzy B Prije 2 dana
honestly yall hating on Addison is just dumb stop trying to find anything just to cancel her y’all are just jealous
Kalliopee Comninos
Kalliopee Comninos Prije 2 dana
Why should someone get hate for hanging out with her friends there is nothing wrong with that and the people starting this drama are just unhappy with themselves in my opinion
Idk -.-
Idk -.- Prije 2 dana
What's wrong with addison being friends with humans such as the Kardashians and people are hating on her wtf-
_ Editor
_ Editor Prije 2 dana
People are so jealous about Addison like just stop!
The Bumble bee sisters
The Bumble bee sisters Prije 2 dana
Hey do u ahve tilt ok
keh moo
keh moo Prije 2 dana
Those people looked like people who escaped from the mental hospital
a persona
a persona Prije 2 dana
Tiktok is hella toxic PERIODT
Romina Sopiqoti
Romina Sopiqoti Prije 3 dana
There's something i don't get! Why would u hate on pple,when they didnt even disturb u! Why would u make yourself looking like a famous person. LIKE WHY. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY??? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR WORLD!
gabby mchenry
gabby mchenry Prije 3 dana
IMAGINEEEEE having a voice like that
fadinqxmocha Prije 3 dana
Tik Tok is an app for sharing content or should i say it ''was'' but it seems as people don't care about the content they care more about the persons personal life and try pick things out of it to start a rumor.
Among us lady
Among us lady Prije 3 dana
Let Addison be friends with who she wants damn.
randomize Prije 3 dana
abigail morales
abigail morales Prije 3 dana
Ok, that’s not photoshop that looks way to real that’s mad creepy...
Meshal Alsbih
Meshal Alsbih Prije 3 dana
I cant believe- Nuh nuh she’s just jealous bc she’s not famous On Charlie in a happy life Julia maybe sad life can’t get famous
Jor Jor
Jor Jor Prije 4 dana
People really need to stop hating it’s not even that big a deal I don’t know what people are trying to do I’m just trying to enjoy my life and get entertained while people are starting drama
cloudxz robloxxx
cloudxz robloxxx Prije 4 dana
the internet can never accept anything, some people need to mind there business and let influencers do what they want cause karma's a b***ch
Amalie Bylov-Dahl
Amalie Bylov-Dahl Prije 4 dana
I think Addison should not deserve that like they are just jealous and it’s freinds if I had a good friend and pp are hating on me like that would not be funny
Griffyndor Granger
Griffyndor Granger Prije 4 dana
Why ppl hating in addi shes just sucsesfull
Danyelle Perez
Danyelle Perez Prije 4 dana
the james charles thing is so stupid ngl
Jazzelle Guerrero
Jazzelle Guerrero Prije 5 dana
She’s a hacker because how can she get 1 million followers on TickTock in a week and she has a real account and I follow her and I could give you her like real account and she is and she think she has like 103 followers on their
Cecilia Mendonca
Cecilia Mendonca Prije 5 dana
btw its not photo shop anna its something called deepfake btw this is NOT a hate comment i love your videos so much!
Roblox Girl22
Roblox Girl22 Prije 5 dana
Your account got banned
Chillixie Prije 5 dana
anna that is a filter on snapchat
Gorgeous Foxy 12
Gorgeous Foxy 12 Prije 5 dana
I think you should have your name as Anna drama
Vladimir Sak
Vladimir Sak Prije 5 dana
i feel bad for every tik toker but not that julia person bc they dont deserve hate and its not okay...
sophia longo
sophia longo Prije 5 dana
ok think abt it as addison's pov, if u got famous for dancing, what are u gonna do delete ur acc? no, ur gonna keep going, and if u had the chance to hang out with a celebrity then u would. all she did was accept opportunities that anyone would
tiny little dancer 2008
tiny little dancer 2008 Prije 5 dana
VxnillaClxuds Prije 5 dana
oh my, oh my, oh my
kinzie preason
kinzie preason Prije 5 dana
if your craving drama just subscribe to anna oop
Azyan Waleed
Azyan Waleed Prije 5 dana
Y’all haters are Cancelling Addison Rea for living the best life pathetic. the internet is shit bro!
TikTok Dances and more
TikTok Dances and more Prije 6 dana
If Addison wants to hang out with the kardasions she can!!!!!!
XxMilkCowXx Prije 6 dana
I like how people are canceling about Addison Rae and the Kardashians being twice her age when jason nash is twice david dobriks age lmaoo
Sandeep Mehta
Sandeep Mehta Prije 6 dana
That girl looks like a egg when she photoshops her head and replaces it with charli's
Cvsmix Lxuise
Cvsmix Lxuise Prije 6 dana
Julia is now doing addi too bc her main got banned so now she is doin addi and char
Mithra Raman
Mithra Raman Prije 6 dana
I feel so bad for Addi! I mean she can be friends with anyone that she wants to be friends with. y'all can't cancel her for being friends with someone. it's as if i say that u can't be friends with ur best for not reason! ppl need to get brains
tiana Prije 6 dana
I honestly don’t know how people can hate somebody for leveling up in they life, they put hate on people who level doesn’t make sense..
yourlocalsimp Prije 6 dana
*I feel bad for Addison so much. She can’t even breathe because of people attacking her everyday. It’s like when it comes to other tik tokers they can pass but when it comes to Addison she automatically gets cancelled and hated on. And it’s tiring and bringing her down and I feel bad for the girl so much* 😔
Kristavia Mather
Kristavia Mather Prije 7 dana
Sorry for too much comments this is too much I mean I am so shocked why I was watching this I had it to get the blanket popcorn and everything get my tea but there was no tea so I got some coffee well son of a b*** * because I am beat these people ass for being stupid for accusing people that is no reason like you don't need to stop I can spank your bongies open and y'all can just leave the room and be like well that b**** crazy but no I am here to protect my b******
POPS Prije 7 dana
I hate that creepy sound ahhhhhh
Kristavia Mather
Kristavia Mather Prije 7 dana
Addison Ray and James Charles not my sisters they should deserve some love I mean if Allison Ray is like on whatever whatever I don't care because that's who her opinion or she just appeared on that show
ᴊᴜɴɢᴋᴏᴏᴋ ᴍʏ ʟɪғᴇ
ᴊᴜɴɢᴋᴏᴏᴋ ᴍʏ ʟɪғᴇ Prije 7 dana
Julia is fat dump
Karami Fatizahra
Karami Fatizahra Prije 7 dana
I’m scared 😱 of charli’s look a like 😰😰😰😶😶
Kimberly Lopez-sanchez
Kimberly Lopez-sanchez Prije 7 dana
Kimberly Lopez-sanchez
Kimberly Lopez-sanchez Prije 7 dana
yeah she thinks shes like hte kardashians
Samantha Prije 7 dana
but how do ppl not tell that the head is photoshopped?
Giulia De Pryck
Giulia De Pryck Prije 8 dana
*me when my name is Giulia😳*
Clover W
Clover W Prije 8 dana
it’s Addison life, people shouldn’t start drama on who she is friends with. If her friends have a show and she was invited on it people shouldn’t be mad, they should be jealous. People just need to stay out of her life.. ITS HER LIFE!!!
Gramasquad Mc
Gramasquad Mc Prije 8 dana
James does not need to be dragged into the Lopez brothers situation
Alvin Felix
Alvin Felix Prije 8 dana
people are just looking for drama to talk about leave Addison alone
Pearl Kinsella
Pearl Kinsella Prije 8 dana
Didn’t lots of celebrities start off as influencers. Lmao I swear people need to keep themselves out of other peoples business. Mad Addisons more successful than they’ll ever be
Leen Osman
Leen Osman Prije 8 dana
Y do u put the weird alien voice during songs?
lana Prije 8 dana
ok i feel like Addison is such a nice girl but messed up a couple of times.. but let’s be honest she’s getting too much hate..ya’ll cancel her for walking. Yall are thirsty for drama and it shows
Free Edits
Free Edits Prije 8 dana
Addison:walks Everyone;CANCELED
Free Edits
Free Edits Prije 8 dana
Shabir Ahmed seedat
Shabir Ahmed seedat Prije 8 dana
Bruh they jealous that Addison Rae is hanging out with famous people so they are hating on her
Victoria :3
Victoria :3 Prije 8 dana
I understand why y’all are defending Addison and it’s ok to defend her, the thing is we/mcyt community dont really like Addison is her 10 year old fans, yes I know some of them aren’t 10 but still we don’t want they’re community to ship or make sexual stuff with the smp members IM NOT SAYING THE WHOLE ADDISON RAE COMMUNITY WILL DO THAT (I’m sorry if this comment offends you in anyway) I truly do feel bad for Addison she truly can’t do anything without being attacked
Victoria Marie Jeanne parks
Victoria Marie Jeanne parks Prije 8 dana
An stop talking about Charlie and adision Ray because yall fake
Celina Lopez Louge
Celina Lopez Louge Prije 9 dana
did addison ever say she thought she was a celebrity? no, so why ppl assuming that she think that. she’s just trying to take advantage of having the luck to be able to go on ellen and y’all get mad at her for that? seriously unbelievable
Celina Lopez Louge
Celina Lopez Louge Prije 9 dana
Why r ppl getting mad over Addison hanging out with Addison like let her hang out with who she wants to seriously-
Mental Health Dropping Right now
Mental Health Dropping Right now Prije 9 dana
I feel like some of the tiktokers get unnecessary hate these days like-people won't even let them breathe 😑 Edit: HUH James getting hate for no reason and Addison getting hate cause she was hanging out with one of the kardashians? 😂 get in the bin.
Batoul Shahabi
Batoul Shahabi Prije 9 dana
Stop being annoying for them this is there life not yours omg what hack people doing if they are famous and have fans that not mean fans can take there life and lite them do what they want lives them alone please I hate my life if I be famous and people want to make me do what they want can you please feel what they feel omg your so annoying
Hazel Mation
Hazel Mation Prije 9 dana
Julia has a Charlie domelio filter on her face
simply_icecream Prije 9 dana
why are animal right people attacking kourtney?
Kaitlyn Ochoa
Kaitlyn Ochoa Prije 9 dana
SIENNA ELREDA Prije 9 dana
yall made Addison famous-
Owethu Mepa
Owethu Mepa Prije 9 dana
Ppl must stop blaming addi its not her fault that ppl followed her yall gave her the likes so bet it
Aalia Girdari-McLawrence
Aalia Girdari-McLawrence Prije 9 dana
her head looks longer than charli's own
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