All You Need To Know About The Piper Squad Drama

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anna oop

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All You Need To Know About The Piper Squad Drama


Harris Kpokai
Harris Kpokai Prije 15 minuta
I like the squad, but I think they’re growing up too fast.
manakaxxx Prije 58 minuta
she is the same age as me and here i am not having one friend can't even talk to people and just watching animes and reading manhwa,manga and crying over my anime crushes that don't even exist‼️🤧😋😭
chili dogs
chili dogs Prije sat
this is what happens when ur born in this generation
Rediet Alemayehu
Rediet Alemayehu Prije sat
yesssss anna ooop responded to her
Magnolia Jane
Magnolia Jane Prije sat
APR1LL Prije sat
They are so young starting all this drama, and they're acting older then they're age.
Davon Gray
Davon Gray Prije 2 sati
Chile this is a mess wtf plz at this age I was still playing on the playground Chile
VibeEdits Prije 3 sati
Add a public comment... Oh now im famous?
yaretzi keira
yaretzi keira Prije 4 sati
bestie u forgot about how lev touched piper inappropriately
hi hi
hi hi Prije 4 sati
Did anyone notice how she said blad blood instead of bad blood? 2:11
Daisy Hancox
Daisy Hancox Prije 4 sati
Karlie_karblox Prije 5 sati
Wait Sophie left the squad ok I’m late💀
ashley corbett
ashley corbett Prije 5 sati
elliana didnt throw it back :/
Ryanna Reeser
Ryanna Reeser Prije 5 sati
Piper is only 13 acting 18 and then there are little kids who want to be her. Like please live your childhood. When you are 13 you should not be dating 15 year old boys who are going to high school. My opinion. Not hating.
Mr.Chillx Prije 7 sati
THE TEA 😭😭😭😭
Bailey Davis
Bailey Davis Prije 7 sati
I think it's stupid and people need to leave them alone thay are still kids ya thare going to make some mistakes but that's just how thay grow
Victoria Mazeffa
Victoria Mazeffa Prije 8 sati
I still love piper for who she is same with the squad and don’t say you didn’t get into drama
oophelia Prije 8 sati
The video of Piper crying is not bc of Gavin kissing Coco. Its bc of their breakup. Piper's mother (Tiffanny Rockelle) told Piper to do the crying video. Gavin and Coco kissed and started dating months after Piper and Gavins breakup. Piper and Gavin breakup bc of their mothers. I knew this bc i was in Piper's fandom for 1year before i left.
Lamar Sameer
Lamar Sameer Prije 8 sati
Doggo 2.0
Doggo 2.0 Prije 9 sati
For a long time I wanted to join they’re and I still kinda but not really
Ali Alnufaili
Ali Alnufaili Prije 10 sati
I think that ellianna have a crush on lev because i think in one of lev or elliannas video this where kissing 🙄 am i right? ? ?
Rylee Lundy
Rylee Lundy Prije 10 sati
To be honest I really hate Eliana like Sophie needs to come back and jentzen needs to realize that I don’t like Eliana I don’t know I hate her ewww
Kimmy Nicole
Kimmy Nicole Prije 12 sati
This is rediculous. Where are their parents?
Naww Prije 13 sati
The fact that piper’s audience are kids just disturbs me and there’s so many kids that want to be just like her. Pipers boyfriend is older than her and I feel like that’s the worst part of everything I could never imagine my 13 year old self being with a 15 year old.
dushantha karunappriya
dushantha karunappriya Prije 14 sati
Irislovestrawberry Prije 14 sati
Elliana tho- No hate or anything but she's a little umm..
Hope Lotu-Iiga
Hope Lotu-Iiga Prije 19 sati
I’m sorry but she’s literally 13 and she has a Boyfriend like bruh…
caca Ezra
caca Ezra Prije 19 sati
iam piper biggest fan and i know who is on piper squad there are eliana Claire and lot more and jentsen is eliana boyfriend and piper boyfriend is lev cameron and Ayden is also in the squad and he is also an actor of dhr man
Just 13 Kids!!
Just 13 Kids!! Prije 19 sati
Just 13 Kids!!
Just 13 Kids!! Prije 19 sati
Ugh Gavin and Coco broke up and got back together a couple days kater
Waffle pug
Waffle pug Prije 19 sati
Elementry school drama be like:
banana Prije 19 sati
Hold onnnnnnnnn where's emily
3A09方皓柔 Prije 20 sati
I'm just confused that is Devon in Piper squad?
SabaAziz Prije 20 sati
She is only 13 and gets into drama like i feel bad.
XxLuluLovexX Prije 21 sat
*the squad had to sign contracts to be in the squad and other bad dating and pretending to be someone your not gonna be linking the vid...just so you know*
Alejandro nogueerol
Alejandro nogueerol Prije 21 sat
Anna i know you just didn't try to spill us some middle school drama 💀💀
Alejandro nogueerol
Alejandro nogueerol Prije 21 sat
Coco this girl is 12 💀💀💀
Chadason Rae
Chadason Rae Prije 21 sat
I always wish for this to happen 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🤩
Beatriz Macias
Beatriz Macias Prije 21 sat
and the fact that Eli went back to blonde bc Jentzen didn't like it. uhm?
Mika Villas
Mika Villas Prije 22 sati
lol i love ur yt name ur yt name is anna oop
Zxrii’s World
Zxrii’s World Prije 22 sati
I never thought Anna would make this video
Aeryn Wilkerson
Aeryn Wilkerson Prije dan
Baan Khalili I feel the same
Sheree-Zahra Brown-Woodburn
Sheree-Zahra Brown-Woodburn Prije dan
Check out piper rockelle mom
MB's life
MB's life Prije dan
I hate Piper and all of her "friends" just use her for fame while Piper makes inappropriate videos for disgusting old men to see. And don't get me started on Gavin.
Koko Puff
Koko Puff Prije dan
anna it’s koko here and I have some tea if you check on tiktok there is a video of a lev inappropriately touching piper
Koko Puff
Koko Puff Prije dan
@꧁ KimTaehyungsSocks ꧂ sure
꧁ KimTaehyungsSocks ꧂
꧁ KimTaehyungsSocks ꧂ Prije dan
Wait omg link pls?
C a m !
C a m ! Prije dan
Anyone else remember the old piper squad ;-;
khlood alshehri
khlood alshehri Prije dan
miss anna is defending elliana.. i love elliana btw-
Aanyah Dani
Aanyah Dani Prije dan
I was so bored watching this . Bruh it was a dice roll 😭
Themanmiku79 Prije dan
I honestly do not like piper and her squad thing because they literally act like they are like 20 when their 13, 14 , 15. Also the videos that they do are really inappropriate for the little kids that watch them. The onpy rrason i watch them is for the dog lol
Siri Qualley
Siri Qualley Prije dan
honestly I think the ladies are a bit scandalous with there fits
Kathy Arriola
Kathy Arriola Prije dan
You said piper’s last name wrong
Sarah Mos
Sarah Mos Prije dan
U forgot emily and nick
Skyler Avk
Skyler Avk Prije dan
piper wants to be grown so bad like Croptops,boyfirends,calling my bf daddy,? like piperrr hunny get it together miss gurl and you dont even look good doing it she gets so much hate for good reason
Jasmine Gutierrez
Jasmine Gutierrez Prije dan
Piper and Gavin squad gets back together, like connecting and coco and Piper should be friends again. That's what I think Piper and coco team, I love your videos by the way.
mhc &
mhc & Prije dan
its highschool drama at the end of the day, but like the people who are hating are waaay younger than them, inmature children, but is still messed up
mhc &
mhc & Prije dan
i know who they are, i stopped watching anna's videos because of like how toxic the tik tok drama is, still love her, and when this popped out, believe i clicked faster than (whatever)
Box Potato
Box Potato Prije dan
why did she have to cut her hair
Gabby Corgi
Gabby Corgi Prije dan
Girl you need more of this cuz its getting spicy cuz of old piper bff *Sophie* My sis is into this squad but Girlll I know the truth 👌
kim majury
kim majury Prije dan
wait a second.. jenna is 17- 😃
Pipeslifefan Prije dan
Every body here is just haters her mom is fine with all of this
Ekaterine Gigashvili
Ekaterine Gigashvili Prije dan
dayanara_candy Diaz
dayanara_candy Diaz Prije dan
If gavin and coco are not gf and bf then he don't want coco and piper to be friends again and plus if coco wants to join piper squad is ok is her life not gavins
just jedidah
just jedidah Prije dan
Honestly, I’ve seen people in 4th grade have boyfriends, and get in loads of drama…🙄.
Anoymous Girl
Anoymous Girl Prije dan
This feels like some American Middle school rich and popular kids combined Lol 😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sonalika Sarkar
Sonalika Sarkar Prije dan
That screenshot of Gavin saying not is fully edited cause it's not even his pfp in insta and it was in 2019 so yeah it's fake
C Pinkelman
C Pinkelman Prije dan
Honestly I don't even blame the kids at this point I generally think pipers mom and possibly pipers camera man too are behind all of this and using piper and her "friends" for money
Chelsea Armstead-Smith
Chelsea Armstead-Smith Prije dan
First off all jentzen can have an opinion at elliana new hair like we all have opinions right? . 2 of all Gavin is just an over protected controls freak he just wants to control eveyone like Coco! 3 off all why are you doing this video like I don't think the squad wants everything put out on social media
Swayze Flannery
Swayze Flannery Prije dan
Number one piper became famous on musically and on youtube for making slime
Lujy Timo
Lujy Timo Prije dan
I have been watching their drama since the beginning and i am sorry but u kinda got their drama wrong
Andrea Ngoviky
Andrea Ngoviky Prije dan
The fact I used to watch them ;-; help-
Xinhui Prije dan
i feel like gavin is taking ppl out of pipers squad... like all the squad's ex-members are in gavin's squad, i have a feeling gavin payed them and they joined him out of greed, they then reget that decision and left or something idk..
Alexandra Ferreira
Alexandra Ferreira Prije dan
Eliana didn’t cut her hair she cut her extensions off big difference.
Life With C.A.T
Life With C.A.T Prije 6 sati
Lol true
a totally random chick on the internet
a totally random chick on the internet Prije dan
i didn’t think anyone else knew about her squad 😭 i love the idea of this and i’m glad what they’re doing but it’s a little 😟😟
Alia Alzamil
Alia Alzamil Prije dan
but do you really think ellieana threw it back on lev or it was just a dice roll
Someone Prije dan
why r y'all just coming at Piper for her age like bro it's her life just let her do what she wants
Camilah Valle
Camilah Valle Prije dan
Never did I think anna would make a video on a13 year old
Mia Rensselaer
Mia Rensselaer Prije dan
Bro she's too young for this Idk if her mom allows her to do this on HRpost but tbh i don't get the fact that she have a bf and she's that young 🙄 I'm sorry about that but I'm so confused:)
Shoyo Hinata
Shoyo Hinata Prije dan
#Green Chocolate Bear
#Green Chocolate Bear Prije dan
I just hated her form the start shes so annoying
Um WHY would he say he doesn't like pink my guy thats your GIRLFRIEND your supposed to support her not make her cry
Victoria Amavisca
Victoria Amavisca Prije 2 dana
2:46 lol
Please I thought she was 16 so i looked up her age, mh
Cloudi Angel_tt
Cloudi Angel_tt Prije 2 dana
When she say ayden mekus Me: DHAR MANN ALERT
Sofia Cajas
Sofia Cajas Prije 2 dana
Ok but that “squad” annoys me so much, like I can’t stand pipers voice nor how stupid they sometimes act
Rᴇɴᴀᴛᴀ Oᴋɪ
Rᴇɴᴀᴛᴀ Oᴋɪ Prije 2 dana
gurl congrats on almost 2 million
Karina Rangel
Karina Rangel Prije 2 dana
all the things you said is not true but ok😂
broken_vibes Prije 2 dana
Can u do when Lev tough piper b-
kaleighanne Prije 2 dana
Ngl when I’m having a bad day I watch a piper rockelle video because they are so staged and fake it makes me crack up laughing
ashley roblox youtube channel
ashley roblox youtube channel Prije 2 dana
I want ciper back :(
sxph Prije 2 dana
i rlly don’t care abt piper but she has gone through a decent amount; dolefully due to her being only 13
Rosz Sampson
Rosz Sampson Prije 2 dana
Honestly i have nothing against piper and her squad idk why they get so much hate i enjoy their videos so
Doggie Bears
Doggie Bears Prije 2 dana
Ya she had to make it short but she didn’t cut it she just took out her extensions
Daniella F
Daniella F Prije 2 dana
Drama??? zzzzzzz
Ava Marie
Ava Marie Prije 2 dana
I mean the squad is human and they only live once so give them a break
xNoah_xyz Prije 2 dana
manobangle Prije 2 dana
The fact that they are between the 13 and 17 but they act like they're 20
amlucovo 12
amlucovo 12 Prije 2 dana
They should all just break up the squads come clean and just be friends like why is it so hard be friends without a squad…it’s honestly sad you have to sign a contract to be friends with someone wth!! Also the moms are just T O X I C !
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