Noah Beck DEFENDS James Charles? Mads Lewis dating WHO? Danielle Cohn is a CHEATER?!

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Noah Beck DEFENDS James Charles? Mads Lewis dating WHO? Danielle Cohn is a CHEATER?!


NotHannah Live
NotHannah Live Prije 2 dana
Mikey really needs mental help. He’s just trying to make him self the victim. Just block the girl if she brings you that many issues don’t try to ruin her career
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 17 dana
Do we rlly still care bout Mikey and Danielle 👁👁 I don’t rlly like either
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 17 dana
I don’t think mads and Christian have confirmed their relationship 😃 but I hope they do, cause honestly they seem cute. They probably just like each other 😃 ppl talk before they date
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 17 dana
I’m confused... Noah didn’t defend James 👁👁
Sabrina Otero-Svirska
Sabrina Otero-Svirska Prije 19 dana
hey just wanted to say thta noah loyalty is important no hate but we really dont know that much and we will probably never know james felings and maybe he apologized to god idk just putting this out there
ayesha Prije 20 dana
SatanXD Prije 22 dana
What. The. F*ck.
potatos and unicorns
potatos and unicorns Prije 23 dana
what is the n word i don't get it i hear people saying n word but i don't know what it means and i am too afraid to search it up
Victoria Porras
Victoria Porras Prije 25 dana
Oh my God leave Daniela alone now focus on your own life
DeJay Russell
DeJay Russell Prije 25 dana
Wasn't he catfished, I reckon u are all douches for not letting james defend himself, u all talk about mental health yet you talk to him like that, it's wrong, its terrible and not okay.
avioncorde Prije 26 dana
Yes, he definitely has feelings for James cause they made a lie detector that Noah beach has feelings for james😩😳
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 27 dana
not every guy/girl you see with someone is their gf/bf 🙄
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 27 dana
she moved on QUICK but mad respect tho
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 27 dana
yeah same energy with tony lopez pls 💅🏻
arab clown
arab clown Prije 27 dana
But like... arent we like that with all our best friends?? 🌚🌚🌚
Sajida Azhar
Sajida Azhar Prije 29 dana
I think noah nd james r dating
Deana Markovic
Deana Markovic Prije 29 dana
lmao miljana kulic
Ивана Янчева Нейчева
Ивана Янчева Нейчева Prije 29 dana
bruh, anna it's NOAH NECK!!!
Juls &Amelia
Juls &Amelia Prije 29 dana
Omg this tiktok drama is really getting out of hand ngl-
Soul Prije mjesec
This year is honestly worst than 2020
Hi Prije mjesec
Mads ignored the pap razz I when he said who’s Christian
Aiyanna Leverett
Aiyanna Leverett Prije mjesec
Stuff like this makes me glad im single 🤦🏾‍♀️
ThysnakeT_T Prije mjesec
Lol If their werent famous I'm pretty sure none of us Care lol and Most of us have done the same dating older people Notice how I said 《Most》 meaning 50/50
Janessa Moira
Janessa Moira Prije mjesec
I think its nice that he's still friends with him even tho a lot has happened and it may be quarantine but a person can go out of their house to breathe a bit of fresh air😣😔😋😅😄
Heli and Jade
Heli and Jade Prije mjesec
So everyone just ignoring the fact that Anna is almost to 2M 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 can’t wait
Ciara Pennington
Ciara Pennington Prije mjesec
James Charles is not a perv THERES THINGS CALLED PHOTOSHOP TF y’all need to chill out it’s literally so dumb no should care about that is insta
pupvnilla Prije mjesec
Dixie should break up💅🏽🙄-
Mille Larsen
Mille Larsen Prije mjesec
I was so skated you were gone for to days
Mille Larsen
Mille Larsen Prije mjesec
Sorry 3 days
indies squishys
indies squishys Prije mjesec
1:14 why he drink the water like that lmfaooo😭
Declan Potter
Declan Potter Prije mjesec
Why you. Assuming thing
Rhonda Marie
Rhonda Marie Prije mjesec
And Noah just said that he was still his friend and will always be there for him he never said that James was in the wrong or anything like that stop being dramatic
Rhonda Marie
Rhonda Marie Prije mjesec
Bruh I'm not hating but Noah wasn't defending him he just said he will bounce back that's not defending he's just saying what he thinks will happen
cherrypineapple Prije mjesec
How is ni-ga a bad word it means black ppl like :/ I’m back and I say it so like?
Kitty Mewo
Kitty Mewo Prije mjesec
Yes he did something wrong but he didn't touch, sexualy assaulted, rape under age teens. Pedafiles have done all of those, I'm not saying that Jame Charles did a good thing, but he is a person and people can change and do better if they want. That what I think 🤔 and I hope people can understand what I'm saying but if you don't agree I understand people have there point and views on this subject.
Hail Queen Hailey
Hail Queen Hailey Prije mjesec
Noah and James probably going out lol
Milica Stankov
Milica Stankov Prije mjesec
5:28 Miljana Kulić. I love u Anna bc of this,btw its not a big thing lol but she's from my country so
Keira Michelle
Keira Michelle Prije mjesec
Mikey might be talking ab a diff ex
bob Prije mjesec
I think James may of convinced Noah somehow that he is innocent
Stormshorn Prije mjesec
is it only me who half of the time i have no idea who tf these people are
Adinah Logan
Adinah Logan Prije mjesec
Noah ain’t do anything wrong
Alicorn1199 Playz
Alicorn1199 Playz Prije mjesec
If TikTok Infulencers have THIS many issues with dating, then like just dont get into a They are almost adults and are still acting like children, gurlllll🙄
Payton Welch
Payton Welch Prije mjesec
Who ships James and Noah
Jordanofficial._ Prije mjesec
😃beck probably in a lil relationship with James 👀💀💀
Zykira Blockett
Zykira Blockett Prije mjesec
but Noah never said that he supported what he did he’s saying he supports him as a friend not as a child groomer
Marlyn Tavarez
Marlyn Tavarez Prije mjesec
Coen i thought it was danielle cohn like (con)
Petrina Rankine
Petrina Rankine Prije mjesec
I think Noah like James is it only me think that?????
Alayna Hernandez
Alayna Hernandez Prije mjesec
This barely had nothing to do with noah
Noelle DenBleyker
Noelle DenBleyker Prije mjesec
I feel really bad for Noah Beck i also Support James and Noah!! Period!
Susanna Landry
Susanna Landry Prije mjesec
Im so glad that MadsLewis got a new boyfriend!!!!! she deserves to be happy after being betrayed
Susanna Landry
Susanna Landry Prije mjesec
Noah needs to dump James. He is making so much drama.
Haley Zenus
Haley Zenus Prije mjesec
Honestly, Mike never does anything that isn't problematic...
Alexis Prije mjesec
Noah has no mind of his own 😂
Aneila Ortiz
Aneila Ortiz Prije mjesec
see I' d want a friend that supports me no matter what like noah and james 😂😂😂
yaxibanii Prije mjesec
this is literally dani and mikey’s relationship: 📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉
Ang Ace
Ang Ace Prije mjesec
Theyre all teenagers and idk who tf they are but like always im here for the tea ☕️
Ang Ace
Ang Ace Prije mjesec
Shane got canceled and like i grew up watching shane so i was shocked and upset he left youtube. But like i obviously know why he left . Its just hit hard bc i grew up seeing him before he gained so much people . When he was making skits and his horror movie sleepover
blah rat
blah rat Prije mjesec
James Charles: **groomer ** me: at least now I have a shot 🥵
•Adhieu A•
•Adhieu A• Prije mjesec
Mads got a bf a little too quick, lets not turn this into a Selena Gomez we don't use other people to get over your ex.
Liata Rachel
Liata Rachel Prije mjesec
I never care about the drama but just love ana 😂😂😂 her voice damn!!!
TAETAETV Prije mjesec
Jane Kiwa
Jane Kiwa Prije mjesec
People make mistakes no one is perfect.....!!!!!!!! Noah beck obviously knows James was wrong as a friend he still remains besides him because he is a real one ....proly he corrected him and life moves on..............all those hating on noah ...acting like the holy ones are so fake .......
Heydi A’Drea
Heydi A’Drea Prije mjesec
I like how I watch these vids like it’s the newspaper
Aziza Jbarah
Aziza Jbarah Prije mjesec
Iconic Anna sayings ✨Wowewwwwww✨ ✨hunnyyyyyyyyy✨✨ you guysssssssssss✨ ✨anyways luvsss✨
Daniel Amsalu
Daniel Amsalu Prije mjesec
Anna oop is the best!!!!
Marli Prije mjesec
How is Noah defending him her just said that they were still talking and friends... PLS😭🖐🏽
the amazingsq
the amazingsq Prije mjesec
Bruh wow
Sharon Thomas
Sharon Thomas Prije mjesec
I still like James sorry not sorry :)(
Sharon Thomas
Sharon Thomas Prije mjesec
@taehyun official wait.... HE IS NO NO THATS NOT RIGHT NVMN
taehyun official
taehyun official Prije mjesec
he’s racist
Sharon Thomas
Sharon Thomas Prije mjesec
@saiki k he replied to my comment when I was in so much pain he was so kind it felt like he was protecting me
saiki k
saiki k Prije mjesec
So u like predators
Eraldo g
Eraldo g Prije mjesec
Anna is literally lying that james old twitter account where he posted nigga was not back in 2020 she lying
Communist Cereal Killer
Communist Cereal Killer Prije mjesec
Can y'all stop spamming "STAN ATEEZ".It's annoying and useless. :|
lovely anya
lovely anya Prije mjesec
bruh i disagree with the noah and james charles thing. Why? well bc you can still be someone’s friend it doesn’t mean you support the things the other person does. Noah can be James charles friend but it doesn’t mean that he is giving james the right or supporting him on what he is doing. I agree with noah a friend sticks with the person no matter what and what everyone else did is not right you need to let the person know that what they did was wrong but not just abandon them
Samantha Silva
Samantha Silva Prije mjesec
Why do people try SO hard to cancel people, if you dont like someone DONT WATCH THEM AND SHUT UP
Madeline Meadows
Madeline Meadows Prije mjesec
gurl i can’t even keep up with society thank you for helping with this I feel like that sounded sarcastic it wasn’t
nhi linh
nhi linh Prije mjesec
I can’t with these tt/influencers smh...
Jilanie Taylor
Jilanie Taylor Prije mjesec
I’m not gonna lie, I felt bad for Mads. Yeah she shouldn’t have automatically gone to social media, but Jaden and Nessa should’ve been more considerate of her feelings. I’m glad she’s better now.
Lana-Marie Apollon
Lana-Marie Apollon Prije mjesec
I will always support James no matter what 🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️
Mo1stantine Prije mjesec
Another daily dose of narcissists indirectly fighting each other. Perfect...
Gregory Nem
Gregory Nem Prije mjesec
Thank you Noah Beck to support your friend James. Of course, Noah Beck could not believe clout chasers from Tiktok on such a serious topic. When you are a victim of a predator it is so hard to speak about you would go to the court when finding the courage to speak. You would no go viral on TikTok and then remaining silence. Also no parents went to the court. It is all lies and clout chasers. Shame because this is a serious topic
Adanniya Glorie
Adanniya Glorie Prije mjesec
i cant see the diffrent between mads and madi..
Amber Lincoln
Amber Lincoln Prije mjesec
James isn't a pedophile. He didn't know they were underage and when he found out he apologized and is seriously trying to grow. If you keep bashing influencers about the mistakes they made instead of supporting them for trying to learn and grow, they're not gonna try to do better and eventually stop caring because they are wasting their time. So support them before it gets worse.
Its camillia kalou
Its camillia kalou Prije mjesec
Hopefully Danielle new boyfriend is her age (;
Brie Prije mjesec
Not the grown adult in the situation blaming the child 🤭🙄.
Heya Prije mjesec
Whats wrong with someone unfollowing someone else? I do that it doesn't mean I hate/dislike them.
Heya Prije mjesec
I'm sorry but even pre-school love relationships last longer than these tiktokers. Bruv don't forget their like 3-
Puppyforever Prije mjesec
Tik tok whent from dance to madness from happy to HATE And oh my god I used to want the app tik tok sooo much but now.... if I am honest I don’t want anything 😔it makes me sooo sad that we went throw so much and they are just making eacherothers life a horror 😔😣😢😖
Yvonne Goldblatt
Yvonne Goldblatt Prije mjesec
The fact that this lady is making so much money 💰off social media people *I wouldn't say celebrities* 😌 making fools of themselves and fighting like 7th graders 🤓😎
Faduma Yusuf
Faduma Yusuf Prije mjesec
Plz talk about what s happening in Palestin my people are getting killed for no reason plz spread awareness plz # free Palestine
Brianna Sara
Brianna Sara Prije mjesec
do y’all remember when Mads wasn’t a tiktoker? when she was the actress mads? when she was birdie on chicken girls? i kinda miss those times.. it was just more simple. no drama.
Miyahhmikaylaa_ Prije mjesec
… well i guess im gonna still support james because i grew up watching him..
Art threw a dart Manana
Art threw a dart Manana Prije mjesec
Ngl I'm not surprised about Noah and James
asthicblackpink Prije mjesec
Umm for real doe they look better than...................
asthicblackpink Prije mjesec
Literally mads deserve so much better so happy for her ✋
Moris davila
Moris davila Prije mjesec
IS IT JUST ME OR Daniel just can’t get satisfied with anything and this is just CRAZY RN 😭
Scarlett Prije mjesec
miljana kulic brat
Portia Brome
Portia Brome Prije mjesec
noah is giving me very much getting paid to like james charles get your coins sir but please dont let money do this to you honey
Esther Jantjies
Esther Jantjies Prije mjesec
Noah is in love with James… duhhhh
BaddiewithaFatty Prije mjesec
lolz he's just friends with him. Yall act like you control who he chooses to hang out with😂
Bahar Sh
Bahar Sh Prije mjesec
"I'll be for him anything he goes throw" He is not going throw anything but he's making minors go throw something
Ornia edits
Ornia edits Prije mjesec
Other drama HRpostrs: pls don't send hate to any of these people Anna: send hate, cancel them, drag them, sent them to prison Me:👀😂😂😂
Anezah Waii
Anezah Waii Prije mjesec
I am happy for mads 💕
The past is the past idiots
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