Zoe Laverne PREGNANT & ENGAGED? Cynthia Parker JEALOUS of Ellie Zieler? Danielle Cohn NEW boyfriend?

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Zoe Laverne PREGNANT and ENGAGED? Cynthia Parker JEALOUS of Ellie Zieler? Danielle Cohn NEW boyfriend?

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Brxght Moon
Brxght Moon Prije 8 sati
what does she edit her vids with
Anika Trivedi
Anika Trivedi Prije 2 dana
Zoe is 20 right now and 19 when this apparently started. doesn't anyone else think she's a bit too young? I really hope Zoe and her Fiancé change for the better once there baby comes.
moon light
moon light Prije 5 dana
zoe rushing her relationship. not a big surprise zoe
Dana Benzera Taifa
Dana Benzera Taifa Prije 6 dana
I kinda get Zoe bcuz they’re having a baby but at the same time I agree with the other who think it’s rushed
Jordan Stabler
Jordan Stabler Prije 7 dana
I’m actually kinda of happy for Zoe, I hope her baby changes the way she acts
Softie Gang
Softie Gang Prije 5 dana
Jaiden cubero
Jaiden cubero Prije 8 dana
She is trying to change! Why is everyone being such a hater
Aleesya Delisha Christopher
Aleesya Delisha Christopher Prije 8 dana
You spil the tea well what about you
Hannah Prije 8 dana
bye you really did ellie dirty lmfao it's pronounced 'zi-lur' not 'zee-lur'
Hannah Prije 8 dana
edit title lol it's zeiler not zieler...
Makiyah Hunter
Makiyah Hunter Prije 11 dana
Why is Cynthia talking about someone else’s sex life on social media like it’s anyone’s business.
Kenadee Prije 12 dana
i see an IT poster in the back of a zoe scene. i now feel ashamed to be in love with IT. 🙄😬😐😡
Laken H
Laken H Prije 13 dana
I completely forgot about Alex French. I haven't seen her since she first got popular in like 2019.
sweetly Prije 13 dana
anna, you really need to stop being dramatic :)
Amy Khoury
Amy Khoury Prije 13 dana
God help the child
Lux Gaming
Lux Gaming Prije 13 dana
the mikey dude looked 10 and the other girl 20 lmao thats funny xdd
Madison Prije 14 dana
Zoe not getting them food stamps 💀
Strawberry Elephant
Strawberry Elephant Prije 14 dana
How is zoe getting engaged "the worst thing the internet has witnessed" it not there getting married for there child to have a better future
OfficialAkamatsu Prije 15 dana
i got so mad when they kept telling Ellie to stop like it was Cynthia who kept talking
Sophia Dearing
Sophia Dearing Prije 15 dana
Anna not trying to be rude but I’m happy for Zoe so you don’t need to be dragging her and her baby and her engagement .
Emely Sandoval
Emely Sandoval Prije 15 dana
i swear tiktok “stars” are SO childish
Sly ßeasty.999
Sly ßeasty.999 Prije 16 dana
I love drinking tea while Anna spills the tea
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 17 dana
Ellie didn’t do nun
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 17 dana
I don’t like Zoe- but why y’all worrying bout her marriage and baby?💀 they’re just tryna make a stable home for their kid? I don’t get it
Lill Bear
Lill Bear Prije 13 dana
purrfectsophia Prije 17 dana
The woman’s pregnant but she’s like 💃💃💃
bella Prije 19 dana
the fact is she went all off on tiktoker's for no reason and ya'll think just because she about to have a child u think going to change if that's how u feel
jordyn watson
jordyn watson Prije 20 dana
this is BS like she got engaged to someone like that's funny they gonna break up in a day how old is she again
all things dejonae
all things dejonae Prije 22 dana
Some of these tiktokers are just so bored that they wanna make beef with each other like omg y'all are that bored 😐
Notemilia101 Prije 22 dana
Danny is becoming a better person each day. I'm honestly proud of her!
Itsmesophia. Prije 22 dana
Ngl tiktok community got really messed up since this so called tiktokers show up,
SatanXD Prije 22 dana
Zoe becoming the new Kim Kardashian
Katie Cruz
Katie Cruz Prije 22 dana
Dude we want to see Celebrity stuff not tick tockers 😃😒
Mandy Prije 23 dana
Homophobic dad- omgggg I feel so bad for the baby, probably another person who hates queer people :c. Hopefully she has different points of view
Monica Gonzalez
Monica Gonzalez Prije 23 dana
The only thing Zoe wants is to be famous again and and be the bread winner but it completely backfire on her cuz she
mhxhtbdr.yb5 Prije 24 dana
If their kid ends up being part of the lgtbq+ i pray for their kid
anda Prije 24 dana
lol got eyeliner in my eye it burns
Maisha Syed
Maisha Syed Prije 25 dana
Tiktok reminds me of those Hella dramatic 10 year olds in my primary school 💀💀
• S u n n y •
• S u n n y • Prije 25 dana
Just imagine if Zoe‘s baby was part of the LGBT community
Sierra bloxie
Sierra bloxie Prije 26 dana
I’m actually happy for her
•ara©ela• Prije 26 dana
Lmaa not them fighting over a TIKTOK boy?!? 😩😂
Madi Bug
Madi Bug Prije 26 dana
I feel like Zoe could become a good person after she becomes a mother tbh
•ara©ela• Prije 26 dana
Same like maybe her getting engaged and the child would change her :/
Aurea Prije 27 dana
If she says it’s none of our business then why does she post about it?🤣
Cricket Prije 27 dana
She is way to young to be engaged and she is pregnant no way this is happening she needs to go down a noth big time
mae✿ Prije 27 dana
literally no one meh in class watching this👀
꧁P̷u̷r̷p̷l̷e̷ p̷r̷i̷n̷t̷꧂
꧁P̷u̷r̷p̷l̷e̷ p̷r̷i̷n̷t̷꧂ Prije 27 dana
Anyone else see a green line on there screen 4:55
Brooklynn Bowden
Brooklynn Bowden Prije 28 dana
6:23 jajajajja that girl is taller then mikey
Pink Pop
Pink Pop Prije 28 dana
Zoe changed u just hate her tp (anna opp)
Piggybank Prije 27 dana
I hate her too
yyunaaz •
yyunaaz • Prije 29 dana
I never knew Sabrina until that show- i forgot what it’s called
Kou Spills
Kou Spills Prije 29 dana
(NO HATE) I just hope Zoe is a good mother, even after what she did to Connor. I do not forgive her in all honestly, she needs to be locked up for having a sexual relationship with a minor. ((But of course, since she is female, shes not going to jail because things are unfair af) Ngl i wont be surprised if the baby is not even her fiancée's, probs connors XD)
V3XY_ Prije 29 dana
Project Gengi
Project Gengi Prije 29 dana
Zoe company on Champion Zoe better relationship got married under the fact that he's literally looks like he's 10 or 11 or 12
Destiny_ Queen
Destiny_ Queen Prije 29 dana
Not u anna zoey
Destiny_ Queen
Destiny_ Queen Prije 29 dana
This B stupid
kayleen reyes
kayleen reyes Prije 29 dana
Just leave Zoe alone she deserves to be happy with her own family. Idc what y'all say but I support Zoe. She deserves a chance, and deserves to be happy.
Hoe Ra
Hoe Ra Prije 29 dana
At this point tiktokers are just using social media to shade each other like bunch of immatures, then put out their "private live" to online platform where everyone can see like pls stop💀 if you guys had a breakup you dont need to put it out or anything like... They wanted a rest from media so why not just put the drama to rest istg these tiktokers are childlish-
none of your business シ
none of your business シ Prije mjesec
Anna Oop is so problematic 💆🏻‍♀️ likeeee lmaooooo?! This girl has no life. All she does is talks about Drama surrounding TikTokers while shading them. One minute she’s shading them then the next she says she’s not hating on them... bruh 😬
Lil Boba Izzy
Lil Boba Izzy Prije mjesec
I'm watching this so ill know what my straight friends talk about lol
ncxymj Prije mjesec
When I was 10 I was obsessed with Brooklyn queen💀
AWRADI ! Prije mjesec
I believe Ellie,she’s not the type of person to do that while Cynthia on the other hand looks like someone who would say that for attention
A Z U L A Prije mjesec
I don’t trust Zoe...as much as she tries to move on from her past, she can never take away the fact that she IS A GROOMER who doesn’t deserve a platform...
Trini G.A
Trini G.A Prije mjesec
Ok the Daniel and Mackie is really complicated I don't understand
Oceanwxves 730
Oceanwxves 730 Prije mjesec
It’s probably a promise ring…not that serious but 👍🏾
Mork LeE
Mork LeE Prije mjesec
Love your new character🥤😊
xenia Prije mjesec
After she kissed a literal child, she had the mindset into having a child herself...
hej det mig jessica
hej det mig jessica Prije mjesec
0:52 ok like how is that 1sec
Destiny Rose
Destiny Rose Prije mjesec
why does it feel like every time Mikey and Danielle break up they are like "no bad blood, i love her/him i wont drag them, we are on good terms, etc." yet they go and shade each other and beef....every time. Its honestly embarrassing for them both at this point.
Destiny Rose
Destiny Rose Prije mjesec
uhhhhmmmm i think im able to speak on even tho two people have a baby together DOESNT mean they should get married. My sister got pregnant at a young age. Her and her bf at the time where going to get married FOR the baby, but she realized that he was a terrible person so they didnt get married. Now my sister lives on her own is engaged to someone she actually loves and is raising her daughter and the babys father is married on his own but hes still a terrible father. I think even tho you have a baby with someone doesnt mean its a good idea to hurry and get married or even be together bc sometimes being together can be very toxic for the parents and the baby. BUT if they are happy they are happy. :)
YaKu Prije mjesec
Why are these people even verified?
Api life
Api life Prije mjesec
SHE IS HAVING TWINS .At the genderevel.When you Look at the Gras you see blue & pink coming down and when you Look up you see that it's purple .Purple means that they are hateing TWINS. If you dont trust me google it . I am sorry for my English I from Germany.
kpop_anime_vibes Prije mjesec
I don't hate anyone but I think they should leave Zoe and her boyfriend ( fiance) alone.
Kathy May Rose
Kathy May Rose Prije mjesec
Stop exposing zoe
Yewa Gopalani
Yewa Gopalani Prije mjesec
Tiktok toxiccc
Franny Familia
Franny Familia Prije mjesec
but what is the problem that Danielle posted a tik tok with a boy that is not myke ?
Pov safetynet
Pov safetynet Prije mjesec
people who get married ASAP can also divorce ASAP.
perla serralde
perla serralde Prije mjesec
danielle cohn and her ex beefing is literally like a yearly thing 🤣
Luna G-B
Luna G-B Prije mjesec
Has anna ever done a face reveal? Im genuineley curious what she looks like.
aryonna_edits Prije mjesec
Dawson’s came out purple they are having twins.
Nosipho Sithole
Nosipho Sithole Prije mjesec
so wait imagine you're in the LGBTQ+ and having a HOMOPHOBIC DAD
Tanishqa Patel
Tanishqa Patel Prije mjesec
5:56 omg I have seen this guy on Instagram he did a reel I saw him
Periodt Prije mjesec
7:02 not the N word
PRIYA RAWAT Prije mjesec
8 may was my bday
Jordan Laci
Jordan Laci Prije mjesec
Getting married has nothing to do with having a “happy family” most couples who get married just bc they’re having a family normally ends up in a toxic relationship and actually ruins the child’s mental health in the end
Rawda12 Life
Rawda12 Life Prije mjesec
ugh Zoe Laverne is FAKE like her baby bob isn't showing and huge and PLUS how did she know the gender without having a baby bob AND gender reveal happens when ur r between 18-25 WEEKS
vocal stan
vocal stan Prije mjesec
Zoe and her man be looking like 14 year olds i cant look at them and take them seriously sorry
LOVELEE Prije mjesec
How much is the age gab between her and her “husband” again ?
LOVELEE Prije mjesec
How old is she and her “husband” again ?
Jay Eshay
Jay Eshay Prije mjesec
I’m not having them getting on Ellie as if she started the drama when she did not-
no Prije mjesec
Undertaker Luver
Undertaker Luver Prije mjesec
Marriage does not equal love or a happy family. She really didn’t have to rush it but good for her I guess ?
LVNXRIIX Prije mjesec
She's causing unneeded drama. Every time Zoe speaks she just makes herself look worse socially. I feel bad for her sometimes because of the number of times she made herself look foolish.
p brown
p brown Prije mjesec
I'm actually happy for Zoe... she seems happy. And i hope that becoming a mother could change her for the better and change her.❤️
Brylee Carter
Brylee Carter Prije mjesec
zoe is doing way better she got baptized and got engaged and she has a baby
Wamsley Tea
Wamsley Tea Prije mjesec
Wait what he homophobic?!nvm I don’t support HIM
JupiterVlogs Prije mjesec
Why do I feel like she’s trying to pull a prank like Danielle chon did with Mikey
Keana Robles
Keana Robles Prije mjesec
I'm homophobic and it is better to be and why did you have to say that her boyfriend was homophobic
If YOu DOnT ShuT UP BisH
If YOu DOnT ShuT UP BisH Prije mjesec
Wait, so she got pregnant and than engaged? Like huh?
Fetije V
Fetije V Prije mjesec
I actually think that Zoe is trying to change but people bring up her past and it makes people think like "am I actually good enough" but I wish her and her family will live happily ever after 😊
Shian Scott
Shian Scott Prije mjesec
Brooklyn congrats your done with gavin and his mom. You moved on to someone else someone who is more famous to get clout well at least your in anna opps video. Right? no hate just facts
Maya's Lifestyle
Maya's Lifestyle Prije mjesec
"zoe laverne getting married is probably the worst thing the entire internet has witnessed" like bruh whats bad about getting married its not gonna affect yall
Taylor Game Boss
Taylor Game Boss Prije mjesec
Idk how Zoe getting engages and having a gender reveal party is the worst thing ever she is trying to change we should still be happy for her she met someone who she loves and is having a baby which is very special
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