Charli D’amelio PAID To Be FAMOUS?!

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anna oop

Prije 27 dana

Charli D’amelio PAID To Be FAMOUS?!


Ajda Ajdnik
Ajda Ajdnik Prije sat
people are finally waking up and realising that it was all fake and im here for it.
corleesha taylor
corleesha taylor Prije 11 sati
Yea it’s not smart to sue the man that literally made you what you are. Shi lemme call him real quick
kids asmr and vlogs
kids asmr and vlogs Prije dan
Cancel urself anna oop
Pr1stinWeMissYou Prije 2 dana
.-. i thought every influencer did this?
Emely Vazquez
Emely Vazquez Prije 2 dana
at this point us haters are making this tik tok people more famous LMFAO
Pxstelloxo Prije 3 dana
I have to agree with that person saying “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” I mean if you really got famous through needing someone’s help then embrace it, don’t take the credit for your self.
SZA ♪ Prije 5 dana
every famous person gets paid if your stupid
Ella Mcdonald
Ella Mcdonald Prije 6 dana
Addison Rae got invited what about Khloe kardashion
ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ Prije 7 dana
i love ur contect but gurl... ur voice is not it ngl.
dashialanai Prije 7 dana
Well where tf is this fame maker at? I need money to pay for college
Cat Person
Cat Person Prije 8 dana
Hi from the day after the met and Addison was there and she looked like she got her fit of Shein
•Evy• -Yuh-
•Evy• -Yuh- Prije 8 dana
Nahhhhh I totally didn’t know this like 2 years ago 🕶✌🏼
AnimeDweeb Prije 9 dana
What rlly?
valerie brister
valerie brister Prije 9 dana
i honestly dont think tiktokers should go to the met gala bc these are the people who got famous off of DANCING for 30 seconds .--.
valerie brister
valerie brister Prije 9 dana
Kiqoki Prije 10 dana
don't believe things on the internet until they confirm it's true.
Nicole Prije 10 dana
Fun fact most people usually like to follow or like a tik tok page according to how many followers or likes they have
Rose Gold
Rose Gold Prije 10 dana
And then in your next video your gonna support them. Saying “tHeY nEeD aN aPoLogY”
ItsjustB Prije 10 dana
Bro if Charlie is a child than why is she in a club??
Esperanza Zumaran
Esperanza Zumaran Prije 11 dana
no bc istg if i see adDisSoN rAe at the met galla.... that is going to be my last straw, she doesnt bring anything to any industry unless its tik tok, i mean... our girl is only white and pretty
°adorbsxruby° #roadtothirtay
°adorbsxruby° #roadtothirtay Prije 11 dana
Hasn’t James been to the met gala before so um is that embarrassing
Kegan Watson
Kegan Watson Prije 11 dana
Can anyone else agree that Bryce looks a tiny bit like Albert(flamingo)?
lainab alonto
lainab alonto Prije 11 dana
ok i love your vid but everytime you say "BUT" it scares me so be gentle
Chinenye Urama
Chinenye Urama Prije 13 dana
This Sway house ir house house drama will always be beyond me😭😭💔. I've never seen such dramatic people online. I always thought they would kiss and make up, but nooo😭😭 that's too much to ask. Although it is quite entertaining, it's quite sad to see this 'once happy' family (friends) fight and eat each other up each day
Jie Prije 13 dana
Not James Charles and Addison Rae briging disappointment to the Red Carpet of the Met Gala-💀💀
Jie Prije 13 dana
The tiktok communtiy is basically highschool drama with adult pick mes-💀💀
Madison Typer
Madison Typer Prije 13 dana
u simply cannot say she doesnt like being famous. if she didnt she should hop off the internet and move back home. “she didnt ask to be famous” THEN DONT DO BRAND DEALS. THATS PURPOSEFULLY PUTTING YOURSELF IN THE PUBLIC EYE???
Nourimane Jansen
Nourimane Jansen Prije 14 dana
imagine Khaby lane just payed for the followers
Iamcluess:) Prije 14 dana
And that’s how they came out with a new tv show
Roblox Cookie
Roblox Cookie Prije 14 dana
Ok But like why gotta bring up Addison rae on every topic like chill out-
محمود جاسم
محمود جاسم Prije 14 dana
Tbh im not suprised a girl of all girls who all dance and just do the same stuff just gets 100m out of no where
Gennyo Prije 15 dana
So she’s mad she’s not famous enough? 🤦🏻‍♀️
Sanaá D
Sanaá D Prije 15 dana
Addison got famous cause everybody mad fun of her she embraced the game like he said about Kim! Charlie is ungrateful she paid for fame now is mad?
Lei Crizzy
Lei Crizzy Prije 17 dana
Smooth transition from sway to Addison rae
Elie Prije 17 dana
Have a great day God love y’all .
parker caldwell
parker caldwell Prije 17 dana
Honestly Anna is the main reason for drama…she encourages it. how do people sleep at night knowing they hate on ppl and tell them to go die?! Like, ppl are real and have REAL feelings. Let’s cancel anna
Always._.And._.Forever._. Prije 17 dana
Just bc josh made a TT with the same sound doesn’t mean anything ppl take things to serious-
Dea Shishinashvili
Dea Shishinashvili Prije 18 dana
Gurl of ya don't stop the Damelio family might sue you-
Jocelyn Haughenberry
Jocelyn Haughenberry Prije 19 dana
Anna should be dragged I swear if she does I will follow that person 😭💀
Sophia An Icasas
Sophia An Icasas Prije 19 dana
She became famous beacuse of the renegade trend sorry Sorry for the wrong spelling
Christelle Murugan
Christelle Murugan Prije 19 dana
JESUS IS KING GOD IS THE GREATEST AND THE HOLY SPIRIT IS POWERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS AMEN I believe in God our Father I believe in Christ the Son I believe in the Holy Spirit Our God is three in one ✝️💖🥰❤️
zachary goldstein
zachary goldstein Prije 19 dana
Anna is Dixie sister ok
Arianna Richardson
Arianna Richardson Prije 19 dana
I always want to become famous but know when I watch your video it's like I don't want to be famous and don't want to be in any drama lol 🤣🤣
✨Victoria✨ Prije 20 dana
Her “BUT” is iconic
Cupcake and rainbow
Cupcake and rainbow Prije 20 dana
0:02 when she uses cardi b i find it funny
Ashley Plays
Ashley Plays Prije 20 dana
Anna ilysm but why do are u agreeing with Bryce now but all your other vids about him was like “Bryce hall cheats on Addison?!?” Or sum like dat
Zehra M.
Zehra M. Prije 20 dana
please just stop screaming ''but'' im literally going deaf.
Xlhpnotized Highlights
Xlhpnotized Highlights Prije 20 dana
Honestly I don’t know why tiktokers are even considered to be a celebrity/ influencers like they cause the DRAMA ANYWAY
charli Prije 21 dan
bro who doesn’t get paid to be famous ..
ANGELA ✿ Prije 21 dan
The way anna say “ BUT” tho 😭😭😭
Sophia Greco
Sophia Greco Prije 21 dan
Yeah, no shit. Being paid to influence and be famous is like the basis of Hollywood/social media
•darling xdemon •
•darling xdemon • Prije 21 dan
her BUT is iconic.
Eva Francomano
Eva Francomano Prije 21 dan
Guy she didn’t pay to be famous she paid for marketing Brands. It’s something that’s so many Hollywood celebrities do
Hvvnvv Prije 21 dan
Well I approve of this like if you think about it everyone has been thru this Justin, has Logan Paul and hella other people
Hvvnvv Prije 21 dan
Ohhh woahhhh
Favour Jonathan
Favour Jonathan Prije 21 dan
I dont get why people are mad at noah like if u have a bad influeced friend aka bryce you would distance your self to like bryce is the by far worsed influencer i have seen so f off
Favour Jonathan
Favour Jonathan Prije 21 dan
Every one on tiktok paid some one to boost them or stole a dance etc so idc tiktok is litterally so fake
Galina Prije 21 dan
YoU mAdE mE HAtE tHiS CiTy
KAREN 0.0K Prije 21 dan
MimZikZ Prije 21 dan
Yes, I saw it
Prije 21 dan
Of course what do you do with a problematic make up artist Invite him to a met gala when we wore that trash at 2019
Lola Prije 21 dan
Is this why all the celebrities don’t show up on my fyp💀
It’s Mahaut
It’s Mahaut Prije 21 dan
Tbh I'm not shocked they had marketing deals. It seems pretty logical at that point. We don't the whole backstory so maybe Charlie is right for suing him or maybe not.
Sam Kelly
Sam Kelly Prije 22 dana
It’s simple people go different paths, a lot of friends simply don’t stay friends
ur mom
ur mom Prije 22 dana
Yall actually believe this ?? 💀
Alina Villalobos
Alina Villalobos Prije 22 dana
why she is barely the active on TikTok Instagram don’t you have to have motivation to be a celebrity/influence
Jackie Prije 22 dana
girl- you make drama so much worse i can’t even.
Get back in the comment section
Get back in the comment section Prije 22 dana
Yall are so gullible she literally got famous for duet a woman ..
Amanda C
Amanda C Prije 22 dana
Robloxgirl Cortez
Robloxgirl Cortez Prije 22 dana
i forgot about james charles 💀
Braelyn Bolton
Braelyn Bolton Prije 22 dana
i hate how all these influencers/celebs dont talk things out in private because when one person brings it on the internet it becomes sm worse just like the jxdn, nessa thing because for example its all just high school drama like if the thing that went on with nessa, jxdn, mads, and josh happend off the internet no one would get death threats and have it being constantly brought up. and in all these interviews like people should be smart and not say anything that they shouldn't cause then they complain about the hate because of the situation.
Arshell Prije 22 dana
But jame has been invited to the met gala before
Arshell Prije 22 dana
Okay she got famous by that dude helping … somebody tell me what is wrong with that
Bloop Prije 22 dana
i don’t really care how she got famous, she’s having fun. there’s no reason to hate on her.
Amina Cabral
Amina Cabral Prije 22 dana
Ohhhh mah gowd why didn't i knew about this like i just Heard about this mah gowd
aesthetix blink
aesthetix blink Prije 22 dana
can one day there was no drama about tik tokers? so that’s ur tik tok queen?
Phoebe Legg
Phoebe Legg Prije 22 dana
Moka_ dotz
Moka_ dotz Prije 22 dana
“Charlie didn’t ask to be famous” well she technically did and was the 100million not enough or???? Like do you need enough to support the next 10 generations???
Moka_ dotz
Moka_ dotz Prije 22 dana
Also the way she even got viral was just wrong she never addressed the situation and the poor girl never got the justice dhe deserved
Mariam Xo
Mariam Xo Prije 22 dana
I love how anna is no longer putting her opinions in her vidoes as much as she used to it makes it more fun idk why
Reki Kyan
Reki Kyan Prije 22 dana
It's always the "stop harrasing I a child" ppl. Like they clearly don't know what a child is.
SMDOS Prije 23 dana
Stop forcing your fake voice please...
Romyna’s happy wondeland🌈🌸
Romyna’s happy wondeland🌈🌸 Prije 23 dana
Ellie Playz
Ellie Playz Prije 23 dana
I would throw my iPad if it was true because it’s not true
Dayyyyy Prije 23 dana
🦋JustBeingSabirah🦋 Prije 23 dana
The fact that there tea everyday, is not even surprising XD
Twilight. Gacha
Twilight. Gacha Prije 23 dana
stop lying
Success Dance Company Roblox
Success Dance Company Roblox Prije 23 dana
bruh all he did was a video he ain’t harass her and she dead ain’t a child like chill.
Don’t read my profile
Don’t read my profile Prije 23 dana
Aren’t all famous people paid from their fame?
Bella Cacciotti
Bella Cacciotti Prije 23 dana
I feel lied to...
marianne d
marianne d Prije 23 dana
the whole world is fake and disturbing
Xavier the freak
Xavier the freak Prije 23 dana
tbh James Charles isn't problematic I don't get why yall want him dead 😐
Maria Nadeem
Maria Nadeem Prije 23 dana
the solution is literally fckn to be more mature, they should be more mature, that's it
_wiiyou_ Prije 23 dana
Not them using billies breakup song to throw shade at each other 😭😭✋🏽
Hey me
Hey me Prije 23 dana
“B*tCh I aM tHe BrAnD dEal” -Bryce hall 2021
Vayishnavi Sanjeewan
Vayishnavi Sanjeewan Prije 23 dana
Isn’t that what a manager does
HappyMarvell Prije 23 dana
Anna is bullying people and know one is saying anything about it?! Just a few days ago Anna was bashing addison Rae for getting “invited” to the Met Gala, now she’s telling people to stop? Anna’s hole page is about bullying people and know one does anything about it not cool
sydney kirkland
sydney kirkland Prije 23 dana
y’all do realize that most celebs/influencers plan out their rise to fame 😭 what are you so pressed for
Ayesha Rais
Ayesha Rais Prije 23 dana
Hey you yeah you stop making fakes rumors about the damelio sisters they didn’t paid they started tiktok because her friends starting to have tiktok they didn’t paid they waited till they get famous or gain a lot of followers and likes without even paying it they work hard so please don’t make rumors about my loves
Ava Jane
Ava Jane Prije 23 dana
anna tbh you only have subscribers because of the tik tok community you basically live off them
kelly Lavigne
kelly Lavigne Prije 24 dana
Also bella poarch is sus too
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