Austin Mcbroom Selling EXPLICIT Pictures of His Children?! *EXPOSED*

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Austin Mcbroom Selling EXPLICIT Pictures of His Children?! *EXPOSED*


ziva m
ziva m Prije 11 sati
imagine dating someone named hubert
Marshmallow1037 Prije 17 sati
I have family that pry on my down fall. Family isn't everything. So I disagree on "If her own cousins don't like her that says a lot about her". Not all family are perfect. Not every relative needs to support you.
mery Prije dan
the way u say neilia instead of nAilea is so funny for some reason
Vanessa Holton
Vanessa Holton Prije dan
Something was always off about them…
Zozo Prije dan
I don’t support trump but people need to respect other people’s politic views like giving someone hate over their views like damn
Naima Clément- Gúzman
Naima Clément- Gúzman Prije dan
Why is everyone checking famous ppls followers like
Lizzy afton
Lizzy afton Prije 2 dana
It’s just the fact that everyone is paying attention to addisons family unfollowing her but not paying attention the the Mcbroom situation and what he apparently did. Like Anna said, and I agree, he makes me VERY uncomfortable. Like what has humanity become? Paying attention the the “tea” and not to the serious problems for me. Smh.
Mqrxki Prije 2 dana
Whatever happened to your voice YOUR vote. Not everyone supports trump some people do. Why should people throw random shade at celebs for their political beliefs and ideas??
Nikki Sumesh
Nikki Sumesh Prije 3 dana
The fact that people are talking about Addison instead of the McBroom family.
teotfw. angst
teotfw. angst Prije 3 dana
Well Trump is better than shit Biden so I like Addison :)
Jay C
Jay C Prije 3 dana
Lord are ppl that immature who cares if she supports trump it’s not like he’s president anymore I don’t like trump but I could careless about someone’s opinion y’all get mad when someone says something about Biden
Ramisa Siddique
Ramisa Siddique Prije 3 dana
I don't get ppl or fans are getting mad over why they don't know a lot abt Addison ur not supposed anyway every celeb has their own life
BrodyWheeler Prije 4 dana
Not to defend Addison but we see it a lot as soon as one family member gets successful family members expect to be financially supported or for everything they ask for to be given and when the successful person creates healthy boundaries family members come out to talk shit. If we are using the logic that if her family doesn’t like her she’s a horrible person because her family is coming out saying negative things then just about every successful person would be a horrible person! The first one that comes to mind is Mariah Carey with her sister coming out! I don’t like Addisons support of trump but I think people are so quick to build people up and then tear them down once they reach a certain level of success!
Amazing TikToks
Amazing TikToks Prije 4 dana
Idk why it’s bad to support trump it’s an opinion
Elly Ezra
Elly Ezra Prije 4 dana
What in the fuck
hads☮️ Prije 4 dana
it's not the end of the world if so one isn't a democrat🤚
lifeis horrible
lifeis horrible Prije 4 dana
aeirume Prije 4 dana
yeah, let's be honest NO ONE likes her.
Hey there It’s kirstyn
Hey there It’s kirstyn Prije 5 dana
Addison looks like a knock off of the witch from Halloween town Marnie I think is her name
London Rain
London Rain Prije 5 dana
lol You literally started with the horrible Trump supporter first, OVER A DUDE BEING ACCUSED OF SELLING EXPLICIT PHOTOS OF HIS KIDS!? are you fkn kidding me
Kathryn Menoche
Kathryn Menoche Prije 5 dana
Stop bashing trump supporters let us support whoever we want to. If republicans acted any type of way you and all of the Democrats act, I think we’d be in a war.
Moses Kahumuza
Moses Kahumuza Prije 6 dana
U should learn to respect other people coz I don't think you would want this done to u or ur fam
Moses Kahumuza
Moses Kahumuza Prije 6 dana
Anna I think u should really watch ur back the cheating rumors not the big of a deal but u brought his kids into this u really think if he sees this vid he will just let if circulate imagine someone saying this about ur dad
ryan zheng
ryan zheng Prije 6 dana
iiamjulisa Prije 6 dana
Anna is like that one kid in the back of the class that knows everything about everyone
Jalaya Spain
Jalaya Spain Prije 6 dana
Jalaya Spain
Jalaya Spain Prije 6 dana
Jalaya Spain
Jalaya Spain Prije 6 dana
okay WTF just because the internet says something doesnt mean its true. NOBODY EVEN SAID HER GRANDMA HATES HER?? like yall are doing WAY to much same with nai, she maybe wants to keep her relationship private; OR THEY ARE ACTUALLY JUST FRIENDS LIKE WTF its none of yalls concern if she doesnt want to share it. Like oh my gosh “fans” think they own ppl sometimes. like just bc your a fan doesnt mean you have to know every little think, and yall need to stop believing EVERYTHING yall here.
Riley Orechia
Riley Orechia Prije 6 dana
People need to stop hating on someone for political views it’s actually stupid everyone has their own opinions get over it ignore it
cool crew
cool crew Prije 6 dana
he has no proof 😟
queen mya
queen mya Prije 7 dana
Ngl the ACE family drama is kinda getting old…✋🏾
Bee Free
Bee Free Prije 7 dana
this is a really serious allegation........
Kaitlyn Sheldon
Kaitlyn Sheldon Prije 7 dana
Addison isnt a trumpie yall only show the small part of the video before that they dared addi to do that
oBadGuy Prije 8 dana
Yeah, Austin didn't get paid that fight. He ain't got millions lol He was too shady so the people who are holding the money didn't give it out yet. Austin had too many contracts and made too many deals with money he doesn't have and money they couldn't generate lol.
cute Prije 8 dana
i feel so bad for elle and her sister i forgot her name
Yeah no
Yeah no Prije 8 dana
*y’all clearly haven’t heard of toxic family, not every grandma,cousin support they’re own family, my own Grandma doesn’t support me, not even my own aunt or my cousin, if I ever succeeded they would throw the same shit as the family did towards Addison, the Donald trump is a different situations tho*
Adamaris_ Lopez
Adamaris_ Lopez Prije 8 dana
Nae-lea LMAOOOO ANNA BEFORE YOU GO SAYING PEOPLES NAMES learn how to say it first pleaseeeee
BeautybyJasmine7 Prije 8 dana
“if her own family doesn’t…” y’all have tiny tiny brains. family or not. they are still people and can feel whatever way they want to feel about someone regardless of blood in veins. just because your blood related doesn’t automatically mean you’re close or have a significant opinion. people need to get over this mindset. just because there’s a family label doesn’t mean they are always a priority or main character/component in someone’s life. idgaf if her “family” feels some type of way about her. they are just another human. but i doubt your tiny brains would understand this since you see celebs and influencers as not another human beings. you put them on a pedestal then report on them when they aren’t perfect. DUH. they are humans, just as much so as your flawed self too. you just hide it from the internet and others.
BeautybyJasmine7 Prije 8 dana
ah yes cancel people for supporting trump but don’t cancel people for supporting biden even though he’s got an entire political career based off of being a racist a*shole, make it make sense. people need to stop worshipping politicians regardless. if you hate trump but support biden youre hypocritical and just as bad.
Samantha Blanco
Samantha Blanco Prije 8 dana
Why aren’t the mcbrooms in jail yet??? My good how much do they have to do until they are put away and those kids are safe????
Yamily Santos
Yamily Santos Prije 8 dana
People leave them, Austin McBroom family alone, it's their body, not yours, they are family, not yours, why are you gonna call the police? If you don't even know.their address
Cecile Umande
Cecile Umande Prije 8 dana
Gal u spill tea by the way ur. Content is the best😄
Daily aaliyah
Daily aaliyah Prije 9 dana
Her family business isn’t are business
Sydney Purser
Sydney Purser Prije 9 dana
omg god forbid she doesnt have the same political views as everyone
Liberty Grace
Liberty Grace Prije 9 dana
Why tf do people hate Addison for liking trump??? It’s her opinion and she can like and support whoever she wants stop making it about y’all’s feelings 💀
jihyo's hair extension
jihyo's hair extension Prije 9 dana
Girl who tf is naylea
Analia Guadalupe
Analia Guadalupe Prije 9 dana
I mean tho Addison doesn’t need to tell social media what’s goin on in her life and her no longer relationship.
priciii Prije 9 dana
this whole austin situation is scary af and if you see there vids elle doesn’t look comfortable
lol lol
lol lol Prije 9 dana
I don't defend Addison idgaf about her but so what if she support Trump? Like ppl can have their opinion America u know?? In my country ppl can support whoever they want and they don't get hate or get cancel
This macaroni Is bussin bussin
This macaroni Is bussin bussin Prije 9 dana
Bro why can’t we all I have a opinions like trump ok whatever just be like cool or be like same Biden I hate both of them when some stuff that happens y’all going to be like Addison I am trump supporter to
Ashtyn Wenrick
Ashtyn Wenrick Prije 9 dana
no but like I generally don't like one of my cousins
Iced_coffe_claira Prije 9 dana
Omg she say her name wrong 😂 naylia 🤣no it’s nailea
Lilhoniee Prije 10 dana
Why was her Bestfriend so aggressive oh my goodness, trying to scare people into liking them like ????
Eva Amaral
Eva Amaral Prije 10 dana
And what if she is a Trump supporter, its not like any of you could change her mind, its just an opinion, stop being so annoying.
lol Prije 10 dana
it’s ‘nie-laya’.
Blair. Prije 10 dana
"Noone Know's how nice Addison is".
tania !
tania ! Prije 10 dana
the way anna pronounces nailea’s name 😭😭
Aubrey Rodriguez
Aubrey Rodriguez Prije 10 dana
Even her grandma?!
Caitlin McGee
Caitlin McGee Prije 10 dana
This is absolutely disgusting
Sima Kalai
Sima Kalai Prije 10 dana
If Addison is not a nice person, her family won't be either 😭
lol Prije 10 dana
What Catherine said seems too good to be true. I feel like I could make a better lie in 10 seconds, than what she claimed. But I do hope that if the rumor is true that they're selling pictures, I hope it gets investigated because it's so scary, like imagine telling your daughter to spread her legs and then take a picture, like wtf-
XiaoRaMyun Prije 10 dana
no wonder mcbroom is named broom cuz he shaped like a broom
Mia Cesnaite
Mia Cesnaite Prije 11 dana
Austin is so disgusting I feel so bad for the kids right now!
jazz h
jazz h Prije 11 dana
i agree with austin being bad, and wish some legal action will be taken against him in the future, and i dont really care about addison.. but you really didn't have to add that bit about nai at. theend bc whether or not she is in a relationship, you dont need to tell everyone that she could be in one. we all know that most tiktokers in a relationship don't want the internet and tea accounts to track their every move (for example noah and dixie), so you really didn't need to put that segment in.
isabellearelle Prije 11 dana
i genuinely don’t care all that much about addison’s political views. can we focus on the fact that austin mcbroom is being accused because of this kind of thing? i really hope that it gets investigated because that is so terrifying.
Sleepy_froggie Prije 11 dana
This is so disgusting for Austin to do, I hope that it just accusations and it’s getting investigated, and I hate that used to enjoy watching them.
Alessandra C.
Alessandra C. Prije 11 dana
you don’t give a “warning” on someone’s criminal activity on social media . LITERALLY REPORT IT , SMH
Madison Allen
Madison Allen Prije 12 dana
Okay so someone can’t say hey to the president? I swear y’all all do to much
qiivtel Prije 10 dana
Yassy Friess
Yassy Friess Prije 12 dana
its pronounced ni-lea
🌸 Frxsh flxwer 🌸
🌸 Frxsh flxwer 🌸 Prije 12 dana
She is a normal human. Who cares?
Jules Prije 12 dana
What’s the problem with supporting trump?
qiivtel Prije 10 dana
r u slow 😨😨
Aly C
Aly C Prije 12 dana
nah the grandma prob got help from the cousin
Penny Prije 12 dana
istg why tf are yalling talking ab addison when u should be talking ab mcbroom
The Amazing kiya White
The Amazing kiya White Prije 12 dana
It’s ni-a-lay-a that’s how u pronounces it just saying
Pretty Gang
Pretty Gang Prije 12 dana
I’m sorry but y’all believe anything
Eva Crockford
Eva Crockford Prije 13 dana
Austin and Catherine are ruining the future of there kids if they actually knew what is going on those kids would be so damn embarrassed
Sharan Kaur
Sharan Kaur Prije 13 dana
Who cares abt adison, can we talk abt how fuck1ng gross the mcbroom situation is???
Katherine. L
Katherine. L Prije 13 dana
I mean I don’t get why people care so much kn who they support I’m not into politics and I don’t support trump nor Biden but seriously I don’t get why ppl hate on others based on who they support smh
M0untain Tr0ll
M0untain Tr0ll Prije 13 dana
Its probably hard for Catherine to believe that Austin has done the things that he has done. Especially when there are children involved.
M0untain Tr0ll
M0untain Tr0ll Prije 13 dana
Addison is obviously xy and z because you put your entire reputation at stake for her lol
vixilana Prije 13 dana
Not Addison’s grandmother unfollowing her, PLEASE 😭🤚
dino sambo
dino sambo Prije 13 dana
I'm sorry Moe thinks there are aliens everywhere, is a crazy antivaxer, and while I don't like the McBrooms in the slightest I don't trust this man. Why would you let someone who is obviously doing this "off with one warning" like please
Perforado Girl
Perforado Girl Prije 13 dana
I honestly think Austin isn’t allowing Katherine to leave who could be doing anything to her , he could be abusing his whole family it could be anything 🤷‍♀️
ilylizdesiree Prije 13 dana
Guys The whole Mcbroom thing Is Fake, There's no proof ppl are just staying lies Lol. I'm js
Queen Kenzie
Queen Kenzie Prije 13 dana
How is Austin and Catherine still not in jail??!! They have been doing horrible things for years and nobody has even did anything about it.
Charles Hedger
Charles Hedger Prije 13 dana
Why wait until one of the kids get really hurt before going to authority's?
Sassy Queen
Sassy Queen Prije 13 dana
He’s exploiting his children for money what’s wrong with him???
Eiman gaming
Eiman gaming Prije 14 dana
I think Charlie is now not her friend because of that
Bao Kato
Bao Kato Prije 14 dana
hun, you cant go from someone selling pics of their kids to a tiktoker being a trumpie. But the situation still needs to be investigated no matter what.
Extra Eli
Extra Eli Prije 14 dana
if u dont stop saying "yeahhh" its really annoying
miri jelly
miri jelly Prije 15 dana
I can't say that. Even though I don't like Addison, the comments with "if your own family don't like u then you should know yk?" Because that's not the case. Theirs people apart of the LGBTQ+ community who get disowned and their family don't like them, they're not the problem. Or mixed couples being disowned by family for dating outside their race. The families the problems.
miri jelly
miri jelly Prije 15 dana
Also, scamming little kids online like the broom family for money is also illegal and criminal activity. Same with selling pictures. Yet people still support y'all, not an opinion it's a fact.
bill Prije 15 dana
Addi she wants to have a private life too so y’all chill
life with naya❤️
life with naya❤️ Prije 15 dana
This is suck ASF your kids are going to grow up telling everyone that they're dad is a rapist this is disgusting
Melissa Johnson
Melissa Johnson Prije 15 dana
Austin has always seem weird to me
carlos manquin
carlos manquin Prije 16 dana
So like wait y’all don’t support trump?
qiivtel Prije 10 dana
Gina Ayers
Gina Ayers Prije 16 dana
I don't believe that bs lies lies lies
🍑Saturn🍑 Prije 16 dana
This is why I think children should't use social media. When I was a kid, I only used internet to like Barbie games and Disneys mv's lol
QL L Prije 17 dana
I have no clue who this girl I came 4 the ace info. But the MeMa unfollowing has me dying🤣🤣
Hannah Mauriello
Hannah Mauriello Prije 17 dana
addison doesnt have to give anyone an explintion. just i hate the trump factor..
Hopeless Prije 17 dana
Excuse me.......
Sanaá D
Sanaá D Prije 17 dana
Her family can just be jealous! It’s probably a money thing.
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