ANOTHER tiktok house gets EXPOSED for being extremely RACIST?!

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anna oop

Prije mjesec

ANOTHER tiktok house gets EXPOSED for being extremely RACIST?!


Cass Prije sat
If an African American says the "N" word does it matter? My OPINION: It does because if there African American it doest matter its still rude and horrible too say. We are all equal and just because the person is African doest give them the right to say the "N" word. Thank you
Desiree Recinos
Desiree Recinos Prije dan
It’s so annoying
Desiree Recinos
Desiree Recinos Prije dan
Why are y’all so sensitive
aya_ daw16
aya_ daw16 Prije 2 dana
bruh yall are toooo sensitive about things wtf
Jemma Prije 5 dana
“I’m not racist my bed frame is black”
Mysterious Guy
Mysterious Guy Prije 6 dana
Yet just another clout chasing house
Now I see why suicide is on the rise!! $stregababeharestreets$
Adriana Amuzu
Adriana Amuzu Prije 7 dana
it is the cut the video for me lol but this ppl crazy no hate
zaddy preminger
zaddy preminger Prije 8 dana
wait didn't that anna girl get exposed for liking racist comments on her tiktoks??
RED Prije 8 dana
Who gives a f***
⟭⟬ Ezra and Gracee’s studios ⟭⟬
⟭⟬ Ezra and Gracee’s studios ⟭⟬ Prije 9 dana
who else started fangirling when they saw jessi-
Maggie Madrit
Maggie Madrit Prije 9 dana
I’m sorry but what’s wrong with reading a script at least there getting there word out there with ought any confusion
Magalí Lemos
Magalí Lemos Prije 10 dana
when having black friends is an excuse to say the N word like it's nothing ?
baddie 2233
baddie 2233 Prije 10 dana
Not anna- I thought she was innocent.
Sarai Prije 10 dana
I don’t know why y’all always hype up the most basic white girls, especially Anna 🙄
Ewan Bennett
Ewan Bennett Prije 10 dana
None of you would last 3@ seconds in a cod lobby
kelsey eidman
kelsey eidman Prije 10 dana
the guy cole is saying “my girls” like he’s their pimp....
𝖩𝖺𝗒𝗅𝖺 Prije 10 dana
tbh, they are all white. its neither the first or gonna be the last time. tik tokers know what they its just they want attention that they dont get...
Chxrry Prije 11 dana
a kid in my neighborhood says he has the "n" pass. I said what? he yea, well my dad does and we share everything. im not saying anything else:(
Alenis Pena
Alenis Pena Prije 11 dana
Why is it so hard for some tiktokers to not be full of bs and do dumb shit? Also how is an apology sincere if you gotta have a script? Idk about anyone else but when I hear tiktokers reading an apology it just sounds so fake like you don't gotta be formal. Just say an apology from the heart and we'll see how sincere you really are. Also if they don't understand why whatever they did or said is offensive then they should go do research instead of thinking an apology will save them.
foreverNwonder Prije 12 dana
5:15 “my girls” idk any of these ppl but I’m getting super creep vibes from this guy.
Simp Prije 12 dana
Bruh just because you have black friends it isn’t gives you the rights to say the n word
Alanna Marie
Alanna Marie Prije 13 dana
Jordan said the n-word in her knew zoo yt video
Katy Kogan
Katy Kogan Prije 15 dana
When I heard that Anne Frank and Boy Scout joke.... GIRL!!! She finds them funny. "I'm sorry, its just my spam account, I wanted 'DARK jokes' Once again..."
LadyRose Prije 15 dana
This is giving me very much "im not racist my cousin's boyfriend's mother's aunty's brothers tattos are black"
L Prije 16 dana
It looks like she is reading a script 3:35
L Prije 16 dana
Can someone please give me her tik tok username ? ( from the girl exposing the racist tik tokers)
soledad meza
soledad meza Prije 16 dana
koky karamelle
koky karamelle Prije 16 dana
11:07 this was three weeks ago but just for any one who is reading this comment please here this , Ian an African Egyptian Muslim and I get ton of hate and racist comments of that type I usually ignore bed ppl like this deserve to be ignored but this is it a creator on tiktok in 2021 saying this and not getting banned from tiktok while ppl address that the black lives matter and Asian rights are something not be joked is disgusting and awful in all ways and I can't imagine a proper " excuse " for this and please guys don't ever do this
あおさま Prije 16 dana
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 17 dana
I rlly have no idea who these ppl are 👁👁
YourLocalStepMom😔 Prije 17 dana
the worst part is that she’s ugly 😔🤚
Carla Goulbourne
Carla Goulbourne Prije 17 dana
But why would they edit n word in the live either way so you can tell she’s lieing
Lacy Bells
Lacy Bells Prije 17 dana
"im not racist i have black pupils"
Jeweli Prije 19 dana
"my best friends boyfriends uncles cousins grandpas nephew has a black dog so im not racist" like wha-
Jeweli Prije 19 dana
if the guy is the one who said it why didn't they just say that- like he's clearly lying for brownie points. not. a vibe...
Keith Terūshima
Keith Terūshima Prije 19 dana
This just shows that both white men and women are equally as racist/bad this is so disappointing and disgusting.
Sidney Fuentes
Sidney Fuentes Prije 20 dana
no hate but when anna oop cancell tiktokers or yutubers she feels so confedent that she is right but when the accusations of the yutubers or tiktokers are not true she never apologize for cancelling the yutubers and tiktokers she just say turns out im wrong then never apologize and just continue to cancelling tiktokers and yutubers then she says the apologize and cry's of the yutubers or tiktokers are fake but you dont even apologize and please dont hate on me bc its just an option
Bam allama
Bam allama Prije 20 dana
I’m black and I don’t even use the N word… how f*cking dare they?!?
JulieFries Prije 20 dana
0:05 jessi ❤
Oncity Once
Oncity Once Prije 21 dan
I think only kpop stan noticed Riujin photo profile
Farida Begum
Farida Begum Prije 21 dan
Bro I'm just saying But if I was an influencer I would be so careful not to cause any beef also who even says the N-word for fun? A dumba**
リヴァイユキ Prije 21 dan
What's funny is how they're only sorry when they get caught. Like, shut up :/
EUGENIE GRACE Prije 22 dana
oh yeah i saw that video to
Amy Dawson
Amy Dawson Prije 22 dana
lmfao Karina sounded scripted too
Jenna Stefanoski
Jenna Stefanoski Prije 22 dana
Let’s take a sec to appreciate Eva cudmor and Emma brooks
Jenna Stefanoski
Jenna Stefanoski Prije 22 dana
3:22 she’s def reading off a script or has something pre written fsfsfs
• Angxl •
• Angxl • Prije 22 dana
Never say never like bruh
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e †
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e † Prije 22 dana
so who gon tell them than they can still be racist, even if they knew someone of race 🥱
SatanXD Prije 22 dana
If only ONE house didn’t make drama
I o q v a c i o u s
I o q v a c i o u s Prije 23 dana
wait guys no hate on Anna or anything but like she only post about white people because when the peaka drama was happening she could of posted about that but she only post about the same tik tokers.
Tuana Ozkan
Tuana Ozkan Prije 23 dana
Bro ı don't undurstand americans
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e †
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e † Prije 22 dana
dont we all
Adrianna Winn-Williams
Adrianna Winn-Williams Prije 24 dana
The girl who talking fast knows she's reading a script like she knows what she's gonna say and the girl with the black hair ion believe her
Natasha Meeks
Natasha Meeks Prije 24 dana
READING A SCRIPT? You can do tell that she was and that she was LYING straight up because she’s blinking too much.
Kylie Carlton
Kylie Carlton Prije 24 dana
Am I the only one who misses the old Anna profile no hate for the new one tho
sanepjin Prije 24 dana
*"I'm not racist, I have black hair"*
foreverNwonder Prije 11 dana
@† s o p h i a b e r n i c e † "you guys are bullying me cos I'm white! Cancel cancel culture!" 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e †
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e † Prije 12 dana
@foreverNwonder *gets called out* "omg so toxic"
foreverNwonder Prije 12 dana
“I’m not racist.” **literally follows that up with something that instantly outs them a racist**
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e †
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e † Prije 22 dana
''im not racist because my moms dads friends grandpa is black''
Ariana Alemi
Ariana Alemi Prije 24 dana
uhm why did u censor “holocaust”??? HOLD ON DID U CENSOR “racist” too????
LaLa Labrinth
LaLa Labrinth Prije 25 dana
Make dark humor that relates to something FUNNY This isnt dark humor this is BEING A SHI HUMAN BEING WHOS FINDS PEOPLE SUFFERING FUNNY CUZ YOU DONT EXPERIENCE ANY OF IT
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e †
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e † Prije 22 dana
Charlyn Demplosi
Charlyn Demplosi Prije 26 dana
It's so weird how she just left this society house from one day to the next....
Shark Demon
Shark Demon Prije 27 dana
why do some people not know the difference of dark humor and discrimination.
LOLWTFSMHOMG Prije 27 dana
your videos are hellarious. rotf. and yes i spelled hilarious with hell on purpous because you are giving these pretentious wanna be sombody brats hell. keep it coming.
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e †
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e † Prije 22 dana
Otis Bush
Otis Bush Prije 27 dana
I am a Jew and it is offensive to talk about the death of millions on Jews. It is bull crap
karma Simp
karma Simp Prije 28 dana
I don't wanna hear apologies from these tiktokers cuz it's bullshit at this point they all make an excuse to be forgiven. And they still have a platform 🙄. Imagine getting clout from a racist app. * white people *
YASMIN SOTO Prije 28 dana
none of them should have a platform on anything
Lynxie Nadeen
Lynxie Nadeen Prije 28 dana
the second hand embarrassment 💀
Alexis Prije 28 dana
i used to like anna shumate...... she was a “gay” icon but....
Hope19 Prije 29 dana
I don’t know any of these people .. but tea is tea 🫖
credulousRegret Prije 29 dana
Who tf is society house?
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e †
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e † Prije 22 dana
ʜᴀʜᴀ Prije 29 dana
My question isss....Why were they at a party in the first place:|
katiegrahamcracker Prije 29 dana
dude. just dont say the n word. its not that hard comon.
Harmony Prije 29 dana
LMAO why are y'all even at a party 😂
Stephanie Bagley
Stephanie Bagley Prije mjesec
omllll just admit it and apologize. like its not hard to not be racist. be better.
jules Prije mjesec
Younghoonq Prije mjesec
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e †
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e † Prije 22 dana
jessi the kpop idol or someone else TT
Ms. Keisha
Ms. Keisha Prije mjesec
Ok my whole thing about racist people is that,howw is me being black or having skin of color affecting you?😭✋🏾-
Skye Colvin-Flowers
Skye Colvin-Flowers Prije mjesec
I literally wanted to throw up when I heard those jokes that anna liked, WTF those were fucking disgusting
Marijah Kelly
Marijah Kelly Prije mjesec
there is a girl named karina and her friend and they say the n word like it a normal word smh
Kiki Prije mjesec
These people's apologies don't worth a dime cos they often lie and never mean what they say.
Kiki Prije mjesec
Why will any young person be following these kind of mindless people.
Kiki Prije mjesec
These so call rascists looks and sounds uneducated and ignorant,how can these kinds of people be so called influences, I really pity our young generation,these people are arrogant and narscistic--athetic.
Suhadi Ibanez
Suhadi Ibanez Prije mjesec
"Im not racist because Im 00000.01 black"
This name is a work in progress K
This name is a work in progress K Prije mjesec
“I’m not racist my friends friend moms aunt is black👺🦶🙄🤭”
Random User
Random User Prije mjesec
Anna oop, and Spill getting there bills paid cause of this low brains "influencers" keep getting exposed. Pop off queens!
Iconic Barbs Daughter
Iconic Barbs Daughter Prije mjesec
Who even are they...?
Baybiez Prije mjesec
Yea I’m back so 1.Youre not black or part black don’t say it , just because you have black friends it dosnt mean you can say it. Karina please stop you can’t vouch for the other two 2..Youre house mates obviously knows it may be true 3... the cole dude is uhhh no he needs to sit down because he just made the attention comes towards him now
Cloudydxe Prije mjesec
“My mom’s friend has tics so I can fake them” PLSSS
Kayleigh Mae
Kayleigh Mae Prije mjesec
about the dark humor topic gen z is so sensitive its a joke and those people who made them arent trying to be rude gtfo ur too sensitive to touch grass
Jezter Maverick
Jezter Maverick Prije mjesec
umm.... can you stop making videos about tiktokers and do more videos about real Hollywood stars like Billie Eilish?
Softly Jinnie
Softly Jinnie Prije mjesec
Wth is that nams
Jazlyn Gadson
Jazlyn Gadson Prije mjesec
How y’all be giving these little girls platforms ? Lol it’s the same thing over and over again . It’s so tiring at this point
Ashley Echeverria
Ashley Echeverria Prije mjesec
I-I’m officially done with TikTok 🤗🤚🏽😃
Akeelah Rice
Akeelah Rice Prije mjesec
It should be a tea house 👀
Minty winkie
Minty winkie Prije mjesec
I am not surprised that they said it I swear white people say the N word more than black people 😑 ( I am a black if you can't tell :) )
Piper Rockelle
Piper Rockelle Prije mjesec
Wht don't you talk about piper rockelle she's had a lot of drama and tea and you never said anything about her why is that because she's been doing longer then most of these people
anime dilfs favorite person ;)
anime dilfs favorite person ;) Prije mjesec
GIRLL I LIVE IN SOUTHERN CALI AND PPL ARE NOT AFRAID TO SAY THE N WORD IDK WHAT THAT GIRL IS TALKING ABOUT SAYING WE DONT DO THAT HERE 💀i hear it mostly from mexicans (as a part of the mexican community i am sorry on my behalf that those ppl decide to use that slur)
Gracie Scheider
Gracie Scheider Prije mjesec
The fact that Jordan is one of my sisters friends-😭🤚🏼
Anna Lea Delos Santos
Anna Lea Delos Santos Prije mjesec
jordan always gave me racist vibes so im not shocked
yellowqrxses Prije mjesec
whats the need to be racist, omg- *its the being a nobody to being an attention seeker for me 💀*
gracielangdon x
gracielangdon x Prije mjesec
Not you using ally form ahs and probably not even know what it’s from
Jangel Prije mjesec
Not trying to be mean or anything but what do you expect from a group of tiktok teenager girls trying to be famous
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