nessa barrett.. jealous? over mads lewis? pls...

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anna oop

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nessa barrett.. jealous? over mads lewis? pls...


Always._.And._.Forever._. Prije 15 sati
I used to love nessa but now I can’t stand her at all
Moo moo
Moo moo Prije 3 dana
This whole thing with nessa and mads is such a waste of time. Literally move on. Nessa and jaden are clearly happy together and moving on. No I am not excusing behaviors they’ve done in the past. But it’s been months and y’all are just looking into stuff way to much. The song is about being in a really toxic relationship. Nothing to do with mads. Get over yourselves. Like I get bored so I listen to this dumb drama bc it’s honestly so ridiculous. Y’all see one thing and then jump to conclusions this is why I’m not on tik tok. It’s always one thing or the other and people not taking accountability or people being blamed for stuff that makes no sense. Lets not even start with the whole danielle situation. Okay yes she makes really weird decisions and yes people do believe she is younger then she really is. But guys this has been going on for years are we really gonna keep bringing this up?! She clearly doesn’t care what you guys say nor her mom. Yes I do think it’s disgusting that she’s dating way older guys and the way her mom uses her. But let it be known it’s the environment she’s been in for so long it’s probably difficult and who knows what her mom really puts her through behind clothes doors. We can only give constructive criticism. I’m not a fan of her at all I’m just stating my opinion. But you guys need to know everyone is their own person and it’s their choice if they want to take the advice or criticism or not.
Maddie Clone
Maddie Clone Prije 4 dana
The song was about her abusive ex it’s absolutely disgusting to turn that of anything into drama
balaskoo Prije 4 dana
This isn’t an accurate video and ppl shouldn’t be influenced by this opinion
Aidaaa.:)♾ Prije 4 dana
You can tell Anna oop is running out of content 😭
SANAE BRYAN Prije 4 dana
Nessa are you that bored
maarah. Prije 7 dana
Lmao everyone in the comments coming for Anna
Lolyoursofugly Prije 7 dana
I knew anna oop would start fake drama :/
Davidaa Prije 7 dana
*Unfollows* sis stop clickbaiting-
Zaara Satar
Zaara Satar Prije 8 dana
Anna is litterly so annoying she's so dramatic lol
Itsyurgurlgaby Prije 9 dana
Honeyyyy this is clickbait she was talking bout her toxic relationship stop it bestie!!
mybootyitches Prije 10 dana
Anna…your always being dramatic. Cut this out.
Caitlin McGee
Caitlin McGee Prije 10 dana
Xsorry ness is too busy killing it in the music industry to be jealous of anyone
mandi johnson
mandi johnson Prije 11 dana
what people? girl it’s not to late to delete this
Zbnsnxn Bxbxncnmx
Zbnsnxn Bxbxncnmx Prije 11 dana
Honestly u should quit
Kat Jones
Kat Jones Prije 11 dana
She is talking about josh not Maddie. Sorry. Try again
Preet Lakhani
Preet Lakhani Prije 12 dana
lmao so your telling me if someone wears something , someone else wore its jealousy or her shading mads , any clothes store isnt open only for a single human being i literally have the same pants and im sure thousands of people also do if somethings in fashion everyones gonna wear it
anti.X gacha.hEat.x
anti.X gacha.hEat.x Prije 12 dana
Gurl- the song was not about mads where do you get the informations from?💀 you start this drama by you're self
Wolvy Prije 12 dana
unsubbing ur clickbait bs
Connie’s Channel
Connie’s Channel Prije 12 dana
There’s no way I’m older than Daniel by 1 month and a day💀
Sosxsa Prije 12 dana
Some girl has the same hairstyle as me* “Momma she copied me :(“
𝖑𝖆 𝖉𝖎 𝖉𝖎𝖊
𝖑𝖆 𝖉𝖎 𝖉𝖎𝖊 Prije 13 dana
Ok the song is on repeat for me tho…
bbybutterfly Prije 14 dana
Nobody cares ahitt ur your shorty videos
bbybutterfly Prije 14 dana
Shut up.
bbybutterfly Prije 14 dana
Shut up and leave them alone
bbybutterfly Prije 14 dana
bbybutterfly Prije 14 dana
Anna poop is literally the reason all of this drama is still going on. Shut up. Get over it.
bbybutterfly Prije 14 dana
Girl I’m tired of you. Just shut up. You are the REASON this drama is still going on. I unsubscribed for weeks now.
Soho Alice
Soho Alice Prije 14 dana
I used to like anna oop but…. Like shes starting the drama..
Evin Solis
Evin Solis Prije 14 dana
Your annoying Anna oop
Angel Sureja
Angel Sureja Prije 14 dana
alexis jones baker
alexis jones baker Prije 16 dana
Will you let the girl live a lot of people break up GET OVER IT AND GROW UP😒😒
anqelics _
anqelics _ Prije 16 dana
anna now ur just making up shit
Yiqing Gao
Yiqing Gao Prije 16 dana
girl dont even YOU are starting unnecessary drama oml
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 17 dana
at this point, if danielle is doing something, i’m blaming her mom for forcing her to do it
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 17 dana
sienna needs to go
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 17 dana
dude she’s not copying mass cuz she’s jealous its her way of calling her out tf
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 17 dana
so she gets hate on for writing abt ppl but other artists like olivia rodrigo don’t? HUH
Dhyana Devnani
Dhyana Devnani Prije 17 dana
Nessa wrote a song to express how she felt and that's okay :) Please Anna stop click baiting... every song writer does the same thing.
The big hole That is kpop
The big hole That is kpop Prije 18 dana
Honey your the one thats creating unnecessary drama 😜
DWARAKA •Y Prije 19 dana
I just unsubscribed, The clickbaiting is getting so bad like wtf.
Miraculous Ladybug
Miraculous Ladybug Prije 19 dana
Girl we need to cancel you idc your just making fun of people lol stay mad
Bugaboo🐞❤️ Prije 20 dana
i feel like from the hate comments in this video could make her a video for herself
zohra khan
zohra khan Prije 20 dana
Didn't Olivia did the lyrics things tooo I mean like they are expressing about the way they felt or feel like she isn't funckin shading officially like 'this is for you mads' or some shit ......
mwxvideos Prije 20 dana
anna, please stop clickbaiting, you’re not cool
rovoix Prije 20 dana
Following ur ex doesn't mean your back with them 😐
cutepusy Prije 21 dan
Stop clickbating Anna
just stop.
just stop. Prije 22 dana
don't mind me... im just here reading these ppl arguing in every comments lol
Brenda Olivas
Brenda Olivas Prije 22 dana
Sorry Anna oop, but you changed. Unsubscribed
ShAwtie_like_a_melodie In_MàÂ_hĔď
ShAwtie_like_a_melodie In_MàÂ_hĔď Prije 22 dana
I understand how problematic this anna oop girl is but I only watch her for teas and all that
TA NIRA WILLIAMS Prije 23 dana
Also I'm sorry Anna, but You always say you hate making assumptions but then you still do it.. like for example you don't know if Dani got back with Ethan or not but you still assumed my advice for you is to practice what you preach.
TA NIRA WILLIAMS Prije 23 dana
Is it just me or did Sienna say that she was Hawaiian like a few months ago does this mean she was mocking her own culture or what??
Elle Prije 23 dana
Ana. you literally pick and choose on who to hate on. share news not ur opinions. spill sesh >>>>>>
Rose Love
Rose Love Prije 24 dana
Anna shut up 😂
mars edits
mars edits Prije 25 dana
uhm… i’m hella confused , i thought her song was abt josh and her toxic relationship.
Melika asl
Melika asl Prije 25 dana
Anna only starts up drama, she wasnt taking about mads💀
Brudget Pembele
Brudget Pembele Prije 26 dana
0:41 when she say "gurl" like that I know that she uses AAVE like it’s the trend in the internet but in her previous videos she has the audacity to speak about the n-word and others slurs of different cultures like drama Like damn please if you are black and you lived in the hood, you know the way she speak is not natural PS : and yet she dares to put a white skin girl with braids like it was trendy I’m confused 😣
allyx tveraa
allyx tveraa Prije 27 dana
anna- love u lots but THIS is not it. 🤦
Backstreet Barbie
Backstreet Barbie Prije 27 dana
Dang now annas getting cancelled
Theonly Tierra
Theonly Tierra Prije 27 dana
Ok girl now your just starting drama.
JustCrystal Prije 27 dana
7:36 she didn’t lie. Y’all just assumed she was
hanny Prije 27 dana
3:53 having sa allegations isnt “drama” it’s an actual crime.
madisoninmay Prije 27 dana
0:41 umm??
Brudget Pembele
Brudget Pembele Prije 26 dana
Yeah 😑
Keiira Prije 28 dana
not everything ness does has to do with mads 🙄
Antonette Go
Antonette Go Prije 28 dana
I used to love Anna’s videos before. Now she now the problematic person on EARTH. Stop making up stuff Anna!!
Antonette Go
Antonette Go Prije 28 dana
Girly Boss
Girly Boss Prije 28 dana
I was actually vibing to Nessa's song until I listened closely to the words and then went to see who the artist was and saw it was Nessa 💀
Zaynab <3
Zaynab <3 Prije 28 dana
Finally yall calling anna out. She starts sm drama.
Aya :)
Aya :) Prije 28 dana
Mads doesn't own this outfit bitches
Aya :)
Aya :) Prije 28 dana
Ppl are not mad abt the song ppl love it + why tf when u put the lyrics the sound was like that
Isabella Lugao
Isabella Lugao Prije 28 dana
I used to like u n now ur literally so problematic and ur so annoying now, whyd you have to make everything problematic
𝚂𝚕𝚒𝚖𝚎 𝚂𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚜
𝚂𝚕𝚒𝚖𝚎 𝚂𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚜 Prije 29 dana
Not siena goemez its siena-no head
asher_xepica Prije 29 dana
Anna is costing drama
Nadylaine Suguitan
Nadylaine Suguitan Prije 29 dana
Girl you just making up things now nessa aint talking about them💀
abby.l Prije 29 dana
I just went on her page and she did not delete the video sooo.......
Ayla Rosalez
Ayla Rosalez Prije 29 dana
IxPerraVida Prije 29 dana
Madds for life
BellaDaElf Prije 29 dana
She goes around and tries to start unnecessary drama.." IT was about her relationship I love your videos but this one I don't agree with. Don't start drama...
skye Prije 29 dana
i’m sorry it’s about her toxic relationship, not mads. get ur facts right .
Liora Chowdhury
Liora Chowdhury Prije mjesec
Anna stop clickbaiting
Emma Arakas
Emma Arakas Prije mjesec
Girl- u do these now for views and clickpait
qeenjayjay14 Prije mjesec
aesthetic beauty
aesthetic beauty Prije mjesec
Anna, my girl, sToP
Sufrina Laipubam
Sufrina Laipubam Prije mjesec
Anna please stop Clickbaiting And the song wasn't for mads and itssss allll about her toxic relationship that she got out of it so please stop this and like that jealousy title doesn't fit at all as you can who is more successful and hardworking like girl :)
Zeina Ahmed
Zeina Ahmed Prije mjesec
i 😘 don’t 😉 know 🤔 i 😍 think 🤨 i’m 🥸 just 🥶 like 👍 a 😢 very 😊 brocken 😭 person 🤦‍♀️trying 😁 to 😇 live 😜 life 😎
Jessy Anne
Jessy Anne Prije mjesec
Anna get your facts right. Lately you have been getting a lot of things wrong..
charlee harris
charlee harris Prije mjesec
ok but nessa looked better in that outfit……
A' Lexus Deanes
A' Lexus Deanes Prije mjesec
I just can’t bro🤣🤣🤣
miu Prije mjesec
nessa was singing about her toxic relationship, not mads.. sorry anna.
apple Prije mjesec
this is literally misinformation and ruining a person's reputation
Simply_supa Prije mjesec
Hailee Bricker
Hailee Bricker Prije mjesec
That song isn’t about her🤦🏼‍♀️
Shuddup Seriously
Shuddup Seriously Prije mjesec
Y'all getting mad for Anna click baiting but that's what her job is
useless kid
useless kid Prije mjesec
wtf is wrong with tik tokers lol
Pop Candy
Pop Candy Prije mjesec
Why do you keep shading Danielle Cohn when it's predominantly her mother doing all this?
☹ peaceful ☻
☹ peaceful ☻ Prije mjesec
Anna… just, I watched you because your telling me what’s happening and I’m nosy for that. But your spreading false information… the song was about her toxic relationship 🧎🏽‍♀️
Sara Jevsenak
Sara Jevsenak Prije mjesec
It's literally just a song. You can't know about who it is. And Nessa probably didn't even know Mads wore than outfit months ago. Not everything Nessa does is a shade towards Mads or Josh. And when mads was shading Nessa y'all were hyping her up but now that Nessa made a song y'all assume is about mads you jump on her immediately.
Sophie Altawil
Sophie Altawil Prije mjesec
This video was made on ✨ my b day ✨ perfect timing to post tea about nessa
wxxverboii Prije mjesec
not abt mads-
itzel trejo
itzel trejo Prije mjesec
Anna correct yourself because she did not delete her tiktok video
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