Nessa Barrett & Jaden Hossler ENGAGED?!

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anna oop

Prije 10 dana

Nessa Barrett & Jaden Hossler ENGAGED?!


tess !
tess ! Prije 17 sati
why cant we just wish them the best…
Jayden Kupa
Jayden Kupa Prije dan
everyone is making such a big deal out of this tho.... if they're engaged ok so? it's not anyones business but theirs. if it's what makes them happy then good for them and i only wish them more happiness and success.
Khelia Inhabire
Khelia Inhabire Prije dan
The dramatic music in the background 💀
toxicriiotsfx Prije dan
wait what.... dam..
evanpetersbae lol
evanpetersbae lol Prije 2 dana
ana poop shut up
alexa Prije 2 dana
Kassy Sanchez
Kassy Sanchez Prije 2 dana
Yes that's exactly what he did
Kassy Sanchez
Kassy Sanchez Prije 2 dana
U are a Faggèt
U are a Faggèt Prije 2 dana
u should lokey mind ur business- its their life
Justine Leigh Schofield
Justine Leigh Schofield Prije 3 dana
I swear this Jaden and Nessa thing should be over by now just leave Jaden and ness alone let them be happy it's fine if there engaged like be happy they are trying to be happy and still you guys are hating like guys stoppp
Hassan Warsama
Hassan Warsama Prije 4 dana
Why do people care so much if they are getting engaged
Brea Taitoko
Brea Taitoko Prije 4 dana
wait... isnt that her right hand or am i stupid? either way i support and wish them the best in life edit... ohhhh i just watched a little more into the video and yeaaaaa
Tiffany Ezeh
Tiffany Ezeh Prije 4 dana
Imagine if nessa and jaden break up.
Gabriella Paige
Gabriella Paige Prije 4 dana
Did y’all forget about a little thing called a ✨promise ring✨ lmaaooo
Audrey Delgado
Audrey Delgado Prije 4 dana
Selna you mean Selena not to be rude but dose she have a accent?
Kxlis 1
Kxlis 1 Prije 4 dana
cloudy roblox
cloudy roblox Prije 4 dana
sorry jxdn is a celbraty [not true]
Bts.legacy Prije 4 dana
So what if their hiding their rings from us. They don’t have to put everything out on social media. And ya know it could be a PROMISE RING
Ina P
Ina P Prije 4 dana
i swear anna oop doesnt have her own opinion she just says what other ppl say and think instead of what she says/thinks.
David Rivoli
David Rivoli Prije 4 dana
How are you gonna take a picture with something you don’t know? I’d be pretty embarrassed if I was one of them
serotonin Prije 4 dana
anna pleaseeee this is not that serious 😭
Anniebanny E
Anniebanny E Prije 4 dana
I wish them nothing but happiness but I don’t trust this relationship I feel as if someone is gonna get hurt
Willow Costa
Willow Costa Prije 4 dana
who ever thinks that jaden is homophobic nessa IS BI and there dating if he was homophobix thatd be the last thing hed do
Willow Costa
Willow Costa Prije 2 dana
Ninti Bey
Ninti Bey Prije 5 dana
It’s a promise ring! If not who cares they’re happy tf Anna actually speak facts and not what you say or hear
Lps Sweet Sundae Production
Lps Sweet Sundae Production Prije 5 dana
Istg it's just a ring I hate assumptions
Bocky Rblx
Bocky Rblx Prije 5 dana
3:00 not gonna talk about how they r watching piper rockelle? 💀
Julianna_ S
Julianna_ S Prije 5 dana
I love u Anna :)
Euvqzo♡︎ Prije 5 dana
“And their hiding them from us.” It’s their choice they don’t HAVE to put everything on social media. I’m happy for nessa and I hope they both treat each other well.
Imjusttmal Prije 6 dana
I think it's a promise ring if they are engaged they will tell us when the time is right. If they are engaged I am happy for them they look happy and cute together 💗
ᴬᶜᴴᴱᴸᴸᴱ ᴼᶻᴼᴺᴵᴱ
ᴬᶜᴴᴱᴸᴸᴱ ᴼᶻᴼᴺᴵᴱ Prije 6 dana
*Nessa Barrett wears a Ring* everyone SHE IS ENGAGED OMGG
Ruby O'Connor
Ruby O'Connor Prije 6 dana
I dont even know why people are cancelling the tik tokers who were forced to put that necklace on as they didnt even know what it was.
Mille Nilsen
Mille Nilsen Prije 6 dana
Forced?😂 if they don’t know what’s it is they shouldn’t do it
Daisy1234 Prije 6 dana
Why the fbi? Call the cops not the fbi. She made a HAND JESTER. It’s funny how they can show up when this shit happens but not when a REAL crime is happening
Daisy1234 Prije 6 dana
Y’all do realize that people wear rings on their left ring finger and they’re not engaged. Either way, they’re happy. Let them be. Y’all hating on them is part of the reason(s) that people keep their relationships PRIVATE.
네코 고양이 🩹
네코 고양이 🩹 Prije 6 dana
They won’t last lmfao she couldn’t even last with her ex boyfriend she cheated on
its rae
its rae Prije 6 dana
why are the tiktokers getting canceled what if they didn’t know what it was… tf
granny smith
granny smith Prije 5 dana
@Mille Nilsen most necklaces dont mean shit. If someone asked me to wear a necklace my first thought wouldnt be it represented a cult.
Mille Nilsen
Mille Nilsen Prije 6 dana
Why are they doing it then
Skyla Fuller
Skyla Fuller Prije 6 dana
I wear rings on my left hand and that finger I’m not engaged-
I x
I x Prije 6 dana
annas starting to piss me off if this was doah she would be supporting them
Jaden Fermin
Jaden Fermin Prije 7 dana
why is it bad that they got engaged? like let em be happy-
Mille Nilsen
Mille Nilsen Prije 6 dana
They haven’t been together for even a year
Tricia Cuballes
Tricia Cuballes Prije 7 dana
Anna just last last week: "my girl nessa" Anna now: "i can't with this girl-"
Katerina Prije 7 dana
I just can’t with y’all anymore 💀
Ella Prije 7 dana
You guys literally always want to start drama *nAsSa mEsSeD uP rEaL bAd* she got engaged deal with it stop telling people how to live it’s her life not yours
tinycoffeepanda Prije 7 dana
Anna sweetie u have become VERY TOXIC
Tay xx
Tay xx Prije 7 dana
And it’s anyone else’s business because? Let them be
Grace D
Grace D Prije 7 dana
anna just shut up your making people mad at this point
Charlotte Prije 7 dana
ok i dont want to hate on nessa and jaden bc if they are engaged then that's good for them, but she seems to be trying to bring attention to it. i think its fake
babieangel jeno
babieangel jeno Prije 7 dana
It's hilarious yet annoying to see people quickly assuming someone's relationship just by wearing a certain jewelry on their left hand- I literally have 4 rings and one of them is on my left hand's ring finger because it's comfortable and all💀
cyberspace Prije 7 dana
if they do then im happy for them
jae Prije 7 dana
or it’s just a normal ring..? wtf
Mahima Luis
Mahima Luis Prije 7 dana
Please make a video on Scientology cult pls..
Hailey Cameron
Hailey Cameron Prije 7 dana
Or hear me out hear me out…. It’s just a promise ring
Mille Nilsen
Mille Nilsen Prije 6 dana
She said that..
Kayla M Brown
Kayla M Brown Prije 7 dana
Don't get me wrong here I love mads but like I ship nessa and Jayden
Yvaine!! mwa
Yvaine!! mwa Prije 7 dana
I think ur the reason why things like this happen. You make things bigger then it is
Cobra Kai never dies
Cobra Kai never dies Prije 7 dana
okay but why are you worried if they get married you weirdo stay out of their business
just your local Kenma simp
just your local Kenma simp Prije 7 dana
I got a Nessa ad as soon as I clicked on the video ☝🏻🤨
Joel Nesamony
Joel Nesamony Prije 7 dana
Hope jxdn treats Nessa they she's supposed, not like the way justin does to Hailey
i love Sza
i love Sza Prije 7 dana
i wear rings on my ring finger all the time, i guess i’m also engaged to jaden 💔
CM Prije 7 dana
I hate they way the got together but imma support.
Nerea Prije 7 dana
“fans started questioning if it was an engagement or promise ring” WHAT ABOUT A FUCKING COMMON RING OML YALL BELIEVE EVERYTHING
Anime! Prije 7 dana
I mean leave them alone
kim Prije 7 dana
Let’s get one thing straight, LET JADEN AND NESSA BE! They could do what ever they like to do, it’s THEIR relationship, if they get married or not or they get a matching tattoo, it’s their problem not yours! Do they bother you? No they don’t do just leave them alone! That’s all you have to do! Don’t make hate on them just to be noticed by them or other celebrities! My mom and me go to Scientology, yes it’s religious, but they don’t sacrifice children, it’s basically like therapy, it helps you get better and think differently, Scientology is a hidden thing that probably most people do t know about, and maybe the people that where included in that video didn’t know what it was about and they just took a picture. Where ever he got that necklace from I know for a fact he knows what Scientology was and did it on purpose and to get views like other people do, for example “vinnie’s ex girlfriend” that was t her, she just used him for clout. And malu I don’t follow her, but I know for a fact she didn’t do that on purpose that she’ll k!ll Yolanda, everyone was making a joke and she was the only one who got the cops and the others didn’t, not saying they should but that’s just messed up, Yolanda killed Selena because of her money and other things Selena had that she didn’t. Malu shouldn’t be going though this and neither should the other tiktokers if they had been called by the cops. Social media is so toxic now days that I just want to stop posting, I haven’t heard of any other “tea’s” and I don’t want too, this is why I have moved onto hp stuff because I don’t get any of this types of stuff any more. Yes the hp fandom was over last year but not for me and the others that like it/ love it.
B I G - Q
B I G - Q Prije 7 dana
it’s there choice 😐
tutorials by koi
tutorials by koi Prije 7 dana
the exact same video malu made was the exact same as the one kali uchis made a while ago so if you're gonna call the fbi on malu then call them on kali too
Matilde Maia
Matilde Maia Prije 8 dana
Y'all think maybe she's hiding it bc she will be dragged for it?
M J Prije 8 dana
Is there a problem? Just let them be happy. Lol
Anamitra Kunte
Anamitra Kunte Prije 8 dana
I honestly just wish them success and happinesss p.s i think its a promise ring but wtv
Aryan Verma
Aryan Verma Prije 8 dana
I think we should not be cancelling them out for getting engaged cause its literally their choice. And actually jaden’s music is way better than all the other tiktokers out there like addison, dixie etc, but they got invited to the met gala but when jaden and nessa who can actually sing and are receiving a award for their hard work why do we have a problem? And also jaden and nessa both have ACTUALLY sung live and it was not any different than the actual song, so i think that they dont use as much autotune than the others at all. Ya’ll dont see the talent, you just see how they blew up or are they a tiktoker. Some tiktokers actually are talented like chase, nessa, jaden, bella and many more . So i think we should just focus on our damn lives than ruining other people’s.
dumbass Prije 8 dana
its their lives its non of OUR BUSINESS
Princess_242 Prije 8 dana
So what if the get engaged like my mummy always say what you can’t accomplish with someone you been in with for years you could come accomplish with someone else in months 🤷🏾‍♀️🗣 and tbh they look happy asf with each other
Keira Gad
Keira Gad Prije 8 dana
wow ig the pick me girl found 'love'
Keira Gad
Keira Gad Prije 8 dana
im sorry WHAT?!
Yasmeen Ali
Yasmeen Ali Prije 8 dana
It’s messed up that everyone forgot how racist and problematic nassa and jaden are, like what they did to josh is fucked up, my dude has to watch them get “engaged” I think it’s for cloud tbh I don’t want anything bad to happen to them but like fr that’s fucked up.
Wajd Ba'Alawy
Wajd Ba'Alawy Prije 8 dana
just be happy for them and get over urself smh
angxl Prije 8 dana
Just fucking move on and leave them alone, its not their fault josh and nessa and jaden and mads arent for each other
Jayda Dwells
Jayda Dwells Prije 8 dana
I don't think its an engagement ring I just don't see it happening this year. if it does good for them but the internet shouldn't pressure them or send any hate. malu should prolly move hours and that boy from the Jonas brother should stop being a clout chaser
Saghar Saber
Saghar Saber Prije 8 dana
Ness and Jaden are trying their best to stay away from drama and focusing on their future . They are so happy together as you can see(or maybe you blind or sth).
no video on this planet has made my blood boil except for miss kadie's reaction video towards Anna. I genuinely love Anna's videos and seeing Miss Kadie make such stupid and invalid points actually makes my blood boil. Anna is the best gossip and horror HRpostr on this planet and I'm saying this from the bottom of my heart. If you are affected by what miss kadie has told you then there is no need cause she is just a waste of time and will never admit that she was wrong somewhere.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bubibanan Prije 8 dana
Can you make a vid about the met galla if there som tea ab it🍵
Kristine Barraza
Kristine Barraza Prije 8 dana
Next they have a child
Josh Richards
Josh Richards Prije 8 dana
Ok but why would u call the fbi on m like that’s dumb af
NoHackJustBun Prije 8 dana
Even if they are engaged its none of you're buisness just let them live, they are beautiful and at this fault you are just obessed like you complain about everything! :D
Amalia Alcantar
Amalia Alcantar Prije 8 dana
Nessa embarrassing herself 💀
Amalia Alcantar
Amalia Alcantar Prije 8 dana
Then what if they break up that will be embarrassing 😂
Amalia Alcantar
Amalia Alcantar Prije 8 dana
And plus shes a teen
Amalia Alcantar
Amalia Alcantar Prije 8 dana
it's sad how she would get married w Jaden but not w josh💀
Amalia Alcantar
Amalia Alcantar Prije 8 dana
She probably wants to make josh mad🤔🤔
Amalia Alcantar
Amalia Alcantar Prije 8 dana
She also gives me PICK ME VIBES🤣🥺
Sonia Prije 8 dana
ThysnakeT_T Prije 8 dana
I mean When Yolanda gets out 💀
Sara Ibraimi
Sara Ibraimi Prije 8 dana
They just want attention
Always._.And._.Forever._. Prije 8 dana
I swear watch them break up or something and then she dates his bsf- ✋🏼
Maureen Michael
Maureen Michael Prije 8 dana
Can you do a video talking about the trend that has been going around about kids going to school and taking things off of school restrooms like toilet seats, sinks, soap dispensers, etc... I would really like you to talk about this situation because it just happened at my school for boys and girls restroom and it has gotten out of control and the people who take these items off steal the items and take them home just like my sister's friend did today and my cousin's friends did because it is not okay to destroy and steal school property since those items aren't cheap and can you also talk about what this trend is called and who started it? I also heard it happened at my other cousin's high school but it happened at our middle school I really think if you address this it will be better and people will be able to see that it is not okay to do this type of stuff They are literally doing a full investigation at my middle school trying to find out who did this and they will be checking tiktok accounts to asking people about this and they are even gonna start checking backpacks to see if we have any stolen items from school so they can find out who is doing this. I saw people taking soap dispensers and trying really hard to take the sinks off, some people even brought screw drivers so they can un-screw
elle :P
elle :P Prije 8 dana
emo wedding
anonymous_Dusky Prije 8 dana
OK y’all really need to stay out their personal business they clearly wanted their engagement off of the Internet and you Guy that should respect that it’s now getting annoying just because somebody is a little problematic (well one of them is a little problematic the other needs to get the hell off the Internet) it doesn’t mean you should get all up in their personal life if someone got in your personal life I know you wouldn’t take too kindly to it especially if it’s clear that you want it not to be spread around like that😑
addy Prije 8 dana
Omg stop. I could have never imagined Matt Taylor to be in THIS kind of drama
Kahalia's world
Kahalia's world Prije 8 dana
it could just be a promise ring
awierems Prije 8 dana
“nessa messed up real bad this week.” “she’s getting ENGAGED and didn’t tell her fans” *yall, it’s nessas life, you all are just people, so stop being pressed that nessa is doing things w her life*
anna oop took drugs now im high and slow
anna oop took drugs now im high and slow Prije 5 dana
@Daisy1234 never liked them, but i never hated them LOL. 💀💀🏃🏾‍♂️💨
Daisy1234 Prije 6 dana
@anna oop took drugs now im high and slow y’all as in the people hating and talking shit about them
anna oop took drugs now im high and slow
anna oop took drugs now im high and slow Prije 6 dana
who's "y'all"?? 😐 always victim blaming the people that did nothing.
CookieTube • 37 years ago
CookieTube • 37 years ago Prije 8 dana
i mean, even if they are getting engaged idk why its our business. shouldn't we just leave them alone? this is literally why every couple exposed to the internet breaks up- because we are always interfering :/ (EDIT) im not saying that they are gonna break up, im just saying that most couples get anxiety being exposed to the internet due to everyones opinions. we should just let them be happy and make whatever decisions they want, even if it means blurring out the ring. they are obviously trying to notch the notice down..
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Prije 8 dana
Ok and? Even if they are getting married, you shouldn’t make a dramatic video about it. Stay out of all these influencers lives.
Saba Playz
Saba Playz Prije 8 dana
around 6:03 and 6:04 it scared me when Anna said shook like that XD
lina Prije 8 dana
why are some people not happy with Jaden’s accomplishments 😪
Jody yassin
Jody yassin Prije 8 dana
Which accomplish? Making a girl cry because of him infront millions of people then acting inoccent abt? or the part when he followed racist accounts?
Aly C
Aly C Prije 8 dana
if he got nominated dont vote for him its that easy, no I dont like him but
Amanda Prije 8 dana
Return of the Snack
Return of the Snack Prije 8 dana
A H Prije 8 dana
is it just me, or was nessas ring on her right hand in the vid anna showed of her in her car? or maybe it’s just inverted? but regardless, let them live their lives without you judging them or their life choices. Anna, I know this is basically ur job but put yourself in their shoes, if some rando was bashing ur life choices, how would u feel 💀
Melody Rossello
Melody Rossello Prije 8 dana
and if jaden and nessa r engaged y’all should just be happy for them . they make each other very happy clearly . if u don’t like them just don’t say anything abt or to them . let them be happy bc clearly they were both in unhappy/ toxic relationships b4 so them being happy is a good thing .
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