Addison Rae BREAKS UP with Bryce for CHEATING? Lil Huddy & Nick CALLED OUT? Cynthia & Quinton OVER?

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anna oop

Prije 14 dana

Addison Rae BREAKS UP with Bryce for CHEATING? Lil Huddy & Nick CALLED OUT? Cynthia & Quinton OVER?
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Kaydence Malfoy
Kaydence Malfoy Prije sat
Bryce broke up with Addison tho
Ices Duran
Ices Duran Prije 18 sati
Does anyone else think the boxing 💩 is dum
frenk Bradley
frenk Bradley Prije 19 sati
This is such a toxic 😶🙄
Natalee Calvillo
Natalee Calvillo Prije 3 dana
Sorry now I get to have Bryce lol but I loved they’re relationship but yea
- Toasty -
- Toasty - Prije 3 dana
Hey Anna your voice sounds sad or tired make sure you eating, drinking water and getting your beauty sleep❤❤
Jana Jana
Jana Jana Prije 4 dana
You look not good girly of your voice you ofc sick of the drama love you girly
d3anna Wow
d3anna Wow Prije 4 dana
Are you sick
Natalia Mikaelson
Natalia Mikaelson Prije 4 dana
it’s the toxicity of social media. which is why these couples are breaking up or cheating on them, The Hate is Getting In their heads and minds.
Just Isabella
Just Isabella Prije 5 dana
I forgot about lil huddy..m
alice lexie
alice lexie Prije 5 dana
YALLL- first y’all hate on anna for being AnNeRgEtIc now y’all like “i’m so sorry for hating you i hope u get better 😔😭😫😕”
ridiculous utterly ridiculous
ridiculous utterly ridiculous Prije 5 dana
I'm cat noir yeah cat noir, hello m'lady my bugaboo ;) plagg who turned u into a sock? They see me cat walking.. they hatin
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 6 dana
This tanner kid is annoying asf 🤣 he wouldn't be able to fight anyone Dixie would beat him and I can't stand her
Baking With Vi and Mi
Baking With Vi and Mi Prije 6 dana
And that’s why you don’t get matching tattoos together
Alexis Lai Fang
Alexis Lai Fang Prije 6 dana
Lil noddle is gonna be fighting? Nah he won't be able to beat them sadly
Amaya Buenrostro
Amaya Buenrostro Prije 7 dana
well at least cythina did the right thing and didnt make it negative, yall so focused on other peoples life then your own like BYE-
Madi Edits
Madi Edits Prije 7 dana
Your voice sounded different sis I thought you were a different person
The Real Makayla James
The Real Makayla James Prije 7 dana
Anna hunnny... you sound kinda sick so if you need to take a break you need to!! You shouldn’t feel obligated to post all the time. We love you and support you!! Love you
KK’s World
KK’s World Prije 8 dana
Jasmine Rhodes
Jasmine Rhodes Prije 8 dana
addison and bryce's break up scandals keep them in the media, I wouldnt be surprised if its pr
Katy Cat
Katy Cat Prije 8 dana
I feel so bad for bradison. They where so cute!!!!
Layla Vargas
Layla Vargas Prije 8 dana
You sound sad
Emily Soriano
Emily Soriano Prije 8 dana
Cynthia deserve a better man
Amro Chatzi
Amro Chatzi Prije 8 dana
Im sorry but who tf looks up who unfollows who or am I missing sm
Mariah Martin
Mariah Martin Prije 9 dana
Let’s be honest lil huddy would win y’all cant underestimate him
Arlen Schmidt
Arlen Schmidt Prije 9 dana
Are you sick? Your voice is so tired
Matilde Eriksson sesseng
Matilde Eriksson sesseng Prije 9 dana
I think tanner should leave nick and chase. Like if they don’t want to they don’t have to
Dxrkie Prije 9 dana
Why is everyone talking about other people's relationship? I mean wtf.
Baldii Cola
Baldii Cola Prije 9 dana
I swear if Addison and Bryce get back together and break up a day later ONE MORE TIME
soft kixses
soft kixses Prije 9 dana
ok but can we appreciate how much work she puts into the video -😟
Simplest Cricut Tutorials
Simplest Cricut Tutorials Prije 9 dana
Is it just me or does Anna sound different in this video
ivana amira
ivana amira Prije 9 dana
this is off topic but is anna's voice breaking or am i just thinking to much
Ella._.Bright FanPage
Ella._.Bright FanPage Prije 9 dana
No hate but Br the confirmed that he didn't cheat on addison
Aiyana Smith
Aiyana Smith Prije 9 dana
omgg what next?! Noah Beck being in the boxing match??!!
Jena Ostertag
Jena Ostertag Prije 9 dana
Dang straight people are weird
Just Eve
Just Eve Prije 9 dana
Anna if you are reading this hi
aclarke0206 Clarke
aclarke0206 Clarke Prije 9 dana
U guys are commenting about the tea but, Is ANNA OK? I'm sorry but her voice was a little too low for me in this video, she didn't seem to put in as much effort and I hope she's OK. P.S this is not a hate comment, im just making sure anna is ok.
Itz_Imani Ellis
Itz_Imani Ellis Prije 9 dana
Anna sounded so sad. Is she OK?
8bitDayDream Prije 9 dana
So over bryce being a jerk. Addison you deserved better!!
Sagal Mohamed
Sagal Mohamed Prije 9 dana
Hey queen!I just wanted to say that u haven’t uploaded in four days and I have some tea for you to spill about Olivia Ponton coming out bi sooooooo is you could post abt it I would really appreciate it! :)
Estelle Lukasiva
Estelle Lukasiva Prije 9 dana
Where are you y.y
ItzSam Prije 9 dana
I swear this kind of channels kinda have some leis in it, but some things are true
Noooo i want your energy back
Milda sofija
Milda sofija Prije 9 dana
Anna, is everything okay? Bc you seem less energetic and a little quiet. If your feeling down, i understand, just know that im here for u and your fans are too
Mal V. Sings
Mal V. Sings Prije 9 dana
I hope Anna's okay she usually posts everyday except Sundays but this is her most recent video I'm scared
Michele Piccolo
Michele Piccolo Prije 9 dana
U neeeeeedddddd to react to addison rae’s song “obsessed” like and dont forget to 👀 at the comments
Valeria Quintero
Valeria Quintero Prije 9 dana
Anna can you pls talk bout the lil nas x scandal? pls and thank you!
Nomi Kins
Nomi Kins Prije 9 dana
Anna I hope your ok I noticed you haven’t posted in a while I hope your doing ok and ms kaDie hasn’t done anything
Nomi Kins
Nomi Kins Prije 8 dana
@Hallie Ruck aw Tysm!
Hallie Ruck
Hallie Ruck Prije 9 dana
Wow! I just want to say that yall care so much about anna and it warms my heart.
Slut pig nigga pussy S
Slut pig nigga pussy S Prije 9 dana
Guys is she ok she sounds different
Daya Paulson
Daya Paulson Prije 9 dana
Anna gurl where are you
Naomi Cross
Naomi Cross Prije 9 dana
it has been like 4 days since you have posted
Julissa Villeda
Julissa Villeda Prije 9 dana
Why is he not posting?
Daisy Boo Keogh
Daisy Boo Keogh Prije 9 dana
Katie Coughlan
Katie Coughlan Prije 9 dana
Anna are u ok you sound sad or like sick?
Misty Gacha
Misty Gacha Prije 9 dana
Alanah Curbeam
Alanah Curbeam Prije 9 dana
anna girl- you shouldnt have posted you sound sick, hope you feel better love
BRIANNA ODOM Prije 9 dana
it is funny how none of these tik tokkers are on my fyp anymore
FOOTBALL OMG 0: Prije 9 dana
Loveeee you too girl.
Ari’s Angels
Ari’s Angels Prije 9 dana
These ppl need to stop like gurl-
Lilya Devauw
Lilya Devauw Prije 9 dana
Are you okay Anna?
Tiktok Top
Tiktok Top Prije 10 dana
The comment: lil huddy is unproblematic me:bruh he say the n word
yep it's mee mood
yep it's mee mood Prije 10 dana
Yell uhmm
Ciska van der Goot
Ciska van der Goot Prije 10 dana
Maybe Anna was sick? Bc of her voice
katherine grace
katherine grace Prije 10 dana
vegan teacher made ANOTHER video about you..... 😬🤬
Caithlyn Winkens
Caithlyn Winkens Prije 10 dana
I dont care
runqz-ランキュー Prije 10 dana
Where r u arn't u posting?
Calypso Plays
Calypso Plays Prije 10 dana
I like your old energetic voice, you seemed so much more happy 🥺❤️✨
Sara Hussain
Sara Hussain Prije 10 dana
Your very annoying this tea thing is not ok
Yasmine Al-rawi
Yasmine Al-rawi Prije 10 dana
Girl what happens u haven’t posted anything in three days waiting for you content love You
smelly cat
smelly cat Prije 10 dana
I think it's because she has 2 channels
Naz Vids
Naz Vids Prije 10 dana
Is it me or is Anna ice because she hasn’t been posting a lot of tea and her voice kinda sounds off I hop she’s ok
elli gkouma
elli gkouma Prije 10 dana
pls post a new videoo i am waiting annaaaaa
Raluca Laica
Raluca Laica Prije 10 dana
Post bowwww
Julitte Senekal
Julitte Senekal Prije 10 dana
Guys anna hasn't posted since this and its says drama recap 193 final..... am i just crazy or sum
Riley ø Aesthetic :3
Riley ø Aesthetic :3 Prije 10 dana
U ok Anna..?
Martika Evans
Martika Evans Prije 10 dana
Omg he is so 😡
I'm Hala
I'm Hala Prije 10 dana
When i looked in my notification center to watch this video it said that the video was called “ Anna oop drama recap 193 final” so I’m not sure whether or not she’s quitting or not.......
Hadiyah Tahir
Hadiyah Tahir Prije 10 dana
Why aren’t u uploading
quitey jr
quitey jr Prije 10 dana
Wait why she sound depressed
Isabelle LaMar
Isabelle LaMar Prije 10 dana
wait i think i missed a chapter why is she talking like that
Sukaina Duvilaire
Sukaina Duvilaire Prije 10 dana
Are you ok Anna?
Akhanya Ngqongwa
Akhanya Ngqongwa Prije 10 dana
Gurl u said only Sunday u rest but it’s Wednesday and u have not posted in like 3 days?!
star sea38
star sea38 Prije 10 dana
I feel so bad for addison, she so kind and amazing
Billieselmo Prije 10 dana
Nick shouldn’t have signed the contract if he wasn’t gonna fight
ᴠɪᴄᴋʏʏʏ Prije 10 dana
Anna we love you! If you are not feeling well you do not have to force yourself to post! Take care, and have great nights and mornings!!
reeses puh
reeses puh Prije 10 dana
Anna, are you okay? Your voice seems low ;(
ChiChi’s Channel Of Clips&Scenes
ChiChi’s Channel Of Clips&Scenes Prije 10 dana
okay you KNOW somethings up when anna hasn't posted in 3 and a half days :0
Badx Boujie
Badx Boujie Prije 10 dana
anna r u okay? u have not posted
mary lamonica
mary lamonica Prije 10 dana
Umm Anna you good? Haven't posted in about three days. Love youu
Dy Prije 10 dana
Isn’t this like there 8th time breaking up? 😳🤚
Dy Prije 7 dana
@that weeb kid PuRrRrR
that weeb kid
that weeb kid Prije 10 dana
glamour bakugo 😌 ✋
Skylar Atkinson
Skylar Atkinson Prije 10 dana
stxrry._audios Prije 10 dana
the whole comment section is talking about it..
HonestGee Prije 10 dana
Wow this is how you can people have no life’s if you have to follow somebody that you don’t know around all day. And then you have those messy ass people like that dude who supposedly caught Bryce at dinner who feel like it’s there job to tell other people business. Wow just wow this is a sad ass excuse for a world we live in
giadawolfhard Prije 10 dana
ur voice is weird now HAHAHAH your energetic voice was better!!! 🤪
princess sammy
princess sammy Prije 10 dana
She sound so quiet in this vid. Butttt spill the tea sis!
Peyton Sizemore
Peyton Sizemore Prije 10 dana
Bryce broke up with Addison. He didn't cheat
11 - Sama Ahmad
11 - Sama Ahmad Prije 10 dana
braddison: break up, get back together, break up, get back together, break up, get back together
Lexiaan Prije 10 dana
Me waiting for her to post: 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶
Delaney Blaize
Delaney Blaize Prije 10 dana
The boxing match dumb but I got my money on ddg
bestie XD
bestie XD Prije 10 dana
Anna opp are you okay? You seem really sick or tired from your voice if you need a break take it you need it
that weeb kid
that weeb kid Prije 10 dana
Xav Prije 10 dana
honestly, i feel so bad for anna..
lenora lemonade
lenora lemonade Prije 10 dana
@Xav she uses AAVE. and she uses clickbait.
Xav Prije 10 dana
@lenora lemonade oh bc people are basically making fun of how she talks and acts
lenora lemonade
lenora lemonade Prije 10 dana
Jayden Kuhlmann
Jayden Kuhlmann Prije 10 dana
Plzzz make another video I'm dying
Jocelyn R
Jocelyn R Prije 10 dana
um did anna die?
lenora lemonade
lenora lemonade Prije 10 dana
Cockroach Prije 10 dana
Just because she's taking a break doesn't mean she's dead.
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