miss addison rae.. you messed up real bad this time luv :/

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anna oop

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miss addison rae.. you messed up real bad this time luv :/
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Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook Prije 46 minuta
: I adisson is canckrf
pea_chy Prije 55 minuta
As soon as I heard Addison Rae I kicked my foot 😒💅🏽
aurelia Prije sat
“she started trending on Twitter for dayssss” isn’t she already trending??
molnarcoockie 123
molnarcoockie 123 Prije 2 sati
The dislikes are the 8 years old Addison fanpages 😂
lava lava lavander
lava lava lavander Prije 2 sati
Uhh you know I'm not hating her but getting a debut? Really? A tiktoker who "dances" and stuff? She needs to train and practice real hard.
i stan charli
i stan charli Prije 2 sati
Nebile Karakoc
Nebile Karakoc Prije 2 sati
If they wanted a tiktoker they could have used nessa because she's the only tiktoker who can actually sing
シMaxineMayfieldシ Prije 3 sati
Am I The Only One Loving Anna’s Oop Book? Edit: in case you will not know it’s on 0:22 Edit 2: Addison Literally Made The Song Herself, y’all are so quick to say cancelled to a person with talent like bruh-
bayayii Prije 3 sati
ITS LOLI WOLF Prije 4 sati
Its her life u can not force her
Luna Moone
Luna Moone Prije 4 sati
Her music is shit tbh. 😂
Nicholas Chimirri
Nicholas Chimirri Prije 4 sati
People gotta stop bringing race into everything😭😭
Chubby Zenitsu
Chubby Zenitsu Prije 4 sati
I’m honestly not surprised abt the other stuff to the point where I don’t give a damn But cmon just WEAR THE DAMN MASK 😒
Renee Davis
Renee Davis Prije 5 sati
Omg your voice is like nails on a chalkboard
Death By Cuddles
Death By Cuddles Prije 5 sati
Did addison need to credit the dances? People on tiktok rarely credit the og creators, seems a lil extra, but for sure addison is an issue
Regine Wenlolot
Regine Wenlolot Prije 6 sati
Why am i starting to like Trisha to spill the tea? Lol
mixture mix
mixture mix Prije 6 sati
Im lovin the titles recently!
Nikita Daisy
Nikita Daisy Prije 6 sati
i hate how tiktokers like addison rae release a song and it becomes a hit but underrated singers on tiktok barely get any recognition. she can dance, sing, etc etc but what about the others? they're just the same as her but she gets hyped up for NO REASON. anyone can sing and dance the way she does.
that is so Fetch
that is so Fetch Prije 6 sati
I love the idea where Black People should take a short break creating original dances and see how some of these people could even pull a good dance.
Dino Dinosaur
Dino Dinosaur Prije 7 sati
I swear why can’t people just do dances made by black people I don’t get it
baby meili
baby meili Prije 7 sati
Ok good cuz she’s so annoying
christenia sinclair
christenia sinclair Prije 7 sati
Me causally watching the video Anna:BUT!!!!!
II_KawaiiKookie roblox
II_KawaiiKookie roblox Prije 8 sati
The fact that she got to perform on the same stage where people like BTS, Rose from Blackpink have, I mean how??
II_KawaiiKookie roblox
II_KawaiiKookie roblox Prije 8 sati
Please I was so eager to see how tf she would sound without the auto tune.. Couldn't see it because it was lip synced and pretty recorded 😂
Jazmine Gartor
Jazmine Gartor Prije 8 sati
the fact that you guys keep coming at her and hating on her for doing black creaters tiktok is outrageous its like you think shes the only white girl thats done a black creater tiktok dance
II_KawaiiKookie roblox
II_KawaiiKookie roblox Prije 8 sati
Stop saying everyone bcuz I don't even care about her?
Francois Edwards
Francois Edwards Prije 8 sati
Damn y'all jealous of her huh
Jazmine Gartor
Jazmine Gartor Prije 8 sati
its the fact that you guys keep coming at her for trying something new. like sorry for not sticking to dancing and seeing if I have another passion
II_KawaiiKookie roblox
II_KawaiiKookie roblox Prije 8 sati
The fact that she could perform on the same stage where huge artists like Alessia Cara, BTS etc. Is really stupid
Nessa Flom
Nessa Flom Prije 8 sati
i simply just dont understand why people like her so much?? 😂
miss Angel
miss Angel Prije 9 sati
Why is ur voice so fucking squeaky
Pusheen Cat
Pusheen Cat Prije 10 sati
I feel so bad for Addison
Pusheen Cat
Pusheen Cat Prije 9 sati
She just doesn’t get it
Pusheen Cat
Pusheen Cat Prije 10 sati
No not Addison 🙁. I liked obsessed until I saw this
Pusheen Cat
Pusheen Cat Prije 9 sati
Julie Walsh
Julie Walsh Prije 10 sati
NOT BEING RACIST but what does being a black creator have to do with it? It would be the same if she took credit from the white creators of a dance, right?
zyiontoraw Prije 10 sati
i know the person who made the dance🤨
Moe&Dino Pranks
Moe&Dino Pranks Prije 10 sati
She don’t care girl
Josey's Channel
Josey's Channel Prije 10 sati
i haven’t been catching up on the tea but once I saw this I exploded- ☕️ *-long slurrrppppp-*
Olivia Stehling
Olivia Stehling Prije 10 sati
Ok but FIRST you accuse her of stealing an idea by wearing that plastic mask I mean did you know more than one person can wear that I mean shook right? And then you say that she think she’s all that because she went on one show and doesn’t want to ruin her makeup well of course she doesn’t I mean who spends literally HOURS on makeup then ruins it so she use her next alternative it’s not like she wasn’t wearing a mask at all ok! (BTW I’m not trying to hate I’m just stating my opinion so please don’t come for me ok)
Gia Hollins
Gia Hollins Prije 10 sati
How trash tries to drag Addison about black people when she is white too and she says the n word and is very racist 🙄🙄🙄 I can’t stand trisha
Wave HotSpot
Wave HotSpot Prije 10 sati
I don't care about any of these tik tokers, but why do you make these videos? I know you get paid, but why?
Amber Martin
Amber Martin Prije 11 sati
Omg 😪 its literally just a dance omg
Dimitri Le-Chat
Dimitri Le-Chat Prije 11 sati
You are mean
kittycatcat 46
kittycatcat 46 Prije 11 sati
All these reasons for being mad at her are just stupid... Y'all just like stoppppppp
Aang Prije 11 sati
isn't that "mask" for hair spray so it won't get on your face????
iisimply_noddles :3
iisimply_noddles :3 Prije 12 sati
I feel like addi new song was suppose to throw shade on Bryce
Flower Army
Flower Army Prije 12 sati
Aracely Rico
Aracely Rico Prije 12 sati
Um why is it addisons fault that the creators aren’t getting credit tf🙄
Maria Agrazales
Maria Agrazales Prije 12 sati
LucidJxlian Prije 12 sati
So long story short people got nothing else to do but cancel peoole now huh? Damn everyone involved in doing those it’s just sad.
hanna Prije 12 sati
constructive criticism: the audio quality is really bad and when you speak a little louder than the rest of the video (like when you say BUT) it's painful
SimplyRxses Prije 12 sati
Let’s just say the only thing that should be canceled is cancel culture 🤦‍♀️
Charles-Antoine Leclair
Charles-Antoine Leclair Prije 12 sati
“ BUT🗣🗣!!! “
Morgan Bledsoe
Morgan Bledsoe Prije 12 sati
Just bc you don’t like a song don’t mean you got to hate just saying and they mad she lip singing ya so did Ariana Grande tick-tock is seriously toxic
Icey Lemon
Icey Lemon Prije 13 sati
Anna cant u stop for a second ur always exposing ppl
Cooking with Family
Cooking with Family Prije 5 sati
I mean there’s just a reason to click of the video :)
ohishe Prije 13 sati
ohishe Prije 13 sati
Hibah Omar
Hibah Omar Prije 13 sati
When Anna was reading the comment at 2:03 I could sense her trying to control her laughter 😂
tristan reyes
tristan reyes Prije 13 sati
y’all are so dramatic i’m embarrassed to be apart of this generation
tristan reyes
tristan reyes Prije 13 sati
how tf is doing a popular dance...... stealing culture..............
Canfae Smirh
Canfae Smirh Prije 13 sati
I’m mixed race and wtf is wrong with everyone dancers make dances for people to learn and dance to black creators shouldn’t get pissed off because a white creator used their dance what else was she supposed to do if your going to get pressed that a white creator used your dance then what’s the point of making one I’m not racist but that shit is disgusting
your.local. mouse
your.local. mouse Prije 14 sati
I give up, im deleting tiktok- 😭 Istg i cannot anymore..
MemeWith DOGS
MemeWith DOGS Prije 14 sati
Sorry but this is ur opinion I support her and I support ur opinion luvvy ❤️
Megumi Fushiguro
Megumi Fushiguro Prije 14 sati
Istg how come it’s always the tiktokers that go on like really big live shows. Like bruh it wasn’t even them who made the dance and to make it even worse she lip-synced her ENTIRE performance 😳✋
max powe
max powe Prije 14 sati
Alexzandrama Prije 14 sati
Black creators deserve so much better they are so talented and they just get ignored
Vannah Macklin
Vannah Macklin Prije 14 sati
Bruh u get on my nerves
Geeny Prije 14 sati
These tiktokers are so repetitive. Same hand movements and no energy.
Alexzandrama Prije 14 sati
Why....just why? JUST WEAR A MASK
truffless Prije 14 sati
fun fact : she’s not white
Riana Kesh
Riana Kesh Prije 14 sati
It’s funny how i watch the video and see that she got hate for literally nothing like if she gets corona is it u ,y’all acting like u can sing better but even in auto tone u bad people are making this look dramatic ,there are people dieing of bombs and stuff but there are still some dumbasses here like ow Addison and Bryce always breakup like shame on u .fuck this spoilt generation
Riana Kesh
Riana Kesh Prije 15 sati
Half of these are not addisons fault like I’m black but other unpopular (white)people do TikTok mashup including the ones made by blacks but there is nothing wrong with that but Addison does a mashup and ohh she got all the credit blah blah blah like that’s complete jealousy sometimes it’s not only the TikTokers fault it’s sometimes the dumbass jealous commenters on social media
Riana Kesh
Riana Kesh Prije 14 sati
And the girl that made renegade dance thinks she is all that like she just made a dance not even the song that dance didn’t get her an A+ or did it get her to heaven or sum like bruh social media is one of the problems why the world is slowly damaging
Norah Hollis
Norah Hollis Prije 15 sati
Y’all obsessed sucks
Rose ?
Rose ? Prije 15 sati
Lol I left tiktok for good. These tiktokers are so problematic I swear.
Jaelynn Jglam
Jaelynn Jglam Prije 15 sati
this generation is so soft omg
natania Prije 15 sati
cancel culture is the real problem. stg get a life tf.
Brittney Brown
Brittney Brown Prije 15 sati
I swear this girl is all about tea☕☕☕🤣🤣🤣
Naveigha Copeland
Naveigha Copeland Prije 16 sati
First of all people should be hating on Addison Rae be on tv. Oh and maybe Addison dream is to sing maybe? Just because famous people on tiktok want to do something else but when it comes to Addison it’s all different I don’t thing she has real supporter! And y’all are saying when Charlie went on there y’all didn’t talk trash and she is a famous Tiktok to. If y’all talk trash then just leave and don’t say nothing simple like who cares Addison has better stuff to do in her life then just do Tiktok so bye
Jessica Moc
Jessica Moc Prije 16 sati
Black people want everything
poutipou Prije 16 sati
Lmao I thought everyone knew that EVERY artists that performs at tv shows are not really singing? It’s just that it’s hard to see
CrowMusic Prije 16 sati
This is why i deleted tiktok Everyone is too toxic
L00_0Q R0BL0X
L00_0Q R0BL0X Prije 16 sati
waittt but its april 1 on this vid post
zxe a
zxe a Prije 16 sati
5:57 miss girls head crooked sheesh
Storytime Prije 16 sati
It's the loud "BUT" for me
Unique Dreamz
Unique Dreamz Prije 16 sati
That roblox Girl Kiki
That roblox Girl Kiki Prije 17 sati
I need more tea give me more to plssss!!!
Shantana Smith
Shantana Smith Prije 17 sati
Anna oop gone go to prison one of these days
kendall lol
kendall lol Prije 17 sati
Why is she even relevant
Katy Cat
Katy Cat Prije 17 sati
Her song is sooooo good tho!
Ranxxas Prije 17 sati
Dandelion Meadow
Dandelion Meadow Prije 18 sati
Sorry i dont get it on tic tok every one does the same dances u know like if a black person or a white person made it up why the hell does it matter so can some one explain thank u
Does Kevin love Jacob or Beyonce?
Does Kevin love Jacob or Beyonce? Prije 18 sati
I absolutely can't stand Trisha Patas but she does have a tiny point. Although she does worse than that.
Sady Prije 18 sati
Being mad over lip-singing I get, but a lot of the tonight show performances are pre-recorded now (probs due to covid, but IDK), anyways, hers is not the first
Old Smurfyy
Old Smurfyy Prije 18 sati
Why are you talking like that its really annoying
larrayen Prije 19 sati
1:03 im just european
Sabah Imad
Sabah Imad Prije 19 sati
Hi Anna ily but pls put Flash warning it's important
ana gabriela garmendia gonzalez
ana gabriela garmendia gonzalez Prije 19 sati
stop making everything into a racial problem its just a coincidence that only black people made the dance, but they do deserve credit
Vanlalhlimpuii Prije 19 sati
Why is everyone canceled for everything they do😩
It’s Lucy I Guess
It’s Lucy I Guess Prije 19 sati
It wasn’t just black creators she did the dances of and she never said she created them she was just dancing to the trend
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