people do NOT like addison rae's acting..

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anna oop

Prije mjesec

and the oscar goes to... 🤥 miss addison rae!!!!......... um
people do NOT like addison rae's acting..


᤻TʅαɳɳυɳɠιPαƈԋυαυ”°º× Prije 6 sati
I don't think her acting was bad tho. The movie storyline was just boring
Amanda sowiak
Amanda sowiak Prije dan
Let’s get this gurl to 2 mil!!
Millie Vlogs
Millie Vlogs Prije 2 dana
I used to like Anna opp but now she just judges people and her voice is soo annoying
Andell1x Prije 3 dana
why is it this big of a problem that shes not as good at some of the stuff she does, the point is that u gotta do a lot of stuff if u wanan get the bag uk?
Rania R
Rania R Prije 3 dana
The movie is bad, her acting is bad too.
Michael Fuentes
Michael Fuentes Prije 3 dana
I think your a hater of adisson rae......
Lily -
Lily - Prije 3 dana
I'm happy to be here gossiping other gurls
M T BUNS Prije 3 dana
The movie is amazing wth aer you tallking about
Jessica Summer
Jessica Summer Prije 4 dana
Stop hating on her for trying her hardest Addison just wants to try something new
valerie brister
valerie brister Prije 4 dana
i actually think the movie is pretty good tho- have you ACTUALLY watched it? and don’t hate me i’m not a addison fan i just genuinely like the movie
Emily Erickson
Emily Erickson Prije 5 dana
babe weren’t you supporting addi just yesterday?
🖤BLIИK💗 Prije 6 dana
i dont think addi´s acting is THAT bad i mean she did just follow the lines. Just bc she is a tiktokker doesnt mean yall have to hate on her. im not a sunrae its just that for me she is just actin like the other actors.
Silvia Clemente
Silvia Clemente Prije 6 dana
I did not like how they gave the whole plot away. It just ruins the film
Giana😩😳 Prije 6 dana
yea i watched 5 minutes of it her acted sucked so i left 😋
Abby̴y̴_ Prije 6 dana
Idc what y’all say, Addison acting was pure trash🙏🏾she lucky she even got to kiss that fine ass man😐
Warsrid_0 Prije 6 dana
I actually think shes a really good actor, she can be who she wants, she did really good for a first movie
Dovetail ampil
Dovetail ampil Prije 7 dana
Girl stop your just jealous lol no hate
shay a
shay a Prije 7 dana
Anna this is so rude!
Yussde Prije 7 dana
Meh her acting is a little overdramatic but its not that bad
Madysen fields
Madysen fields Prije 7 dana
You forgot she wants to be a news reporter
heavenly audios
heavenly audios Prije 7 dana
the problem with addison isn't that her acting is bad, or her singing. it's the fact that her songs and movies go viral simply because she was the girl on tiktok who waved her arms in front of the camera. many people work hard to get record labels and roles in movies while addison doesn't have to even try, she breathes and it's handed to her.
Adrienne Damons
Adrienne Damons Prije 7 dana
you know that shes watching her fans being rude to dspm fans so rude
Miraculously perfect ✨
Miraculously perfect ✨ Prije 8 dana
Guess Anna oop got HERSELF into drama Anna I love you girl, but I can’t help but agree with these people in the comments
Michelle Bird
Michelle Bird Prije 8 dana
Whoever said to Addison that she can do anything she wants in life isn't true. You need talent to be able to sing and act. I guess someone didn't get the memo.
ayumi Prije 8 dana
i dont get why people are mad that shes acting let her do whtv the f she wants to do bruh im not much of a fan of addison but i think if she wants to try acting she should go for it. i dont think that just because u got famous for doing tiktok u cant participate in anything else yes her acting wasnt the best but considering it was her first time but it was fine..tiktok isnt gonna last forever and if influencers actually wanna be something and do something and build a ACTUAL career i dont see the problem with that... yes some tiktokers are doing things that they arent even passinote about literally i dont get whats wrong with it if u dont like it dislike and LEAVE but some tiktokers actually care and wanna do something. when she was doing tiktok yall hated on her for being famous just for doing tiktok and now that shes exploring other things yall still be hating yall are legit absurddddd GROW UP.
CHERR1BERR1 Prije 8 dana
She not bad at acting she’s good at it and it’s pretty good
Ems Prije 8 dana
Ok? If Charlie and chase are dating that's great good for them they were always cute together, and If their just close friends that's cool too their friendship is everything.
liz Prije 9 dana
shes literally not even that bad
Abigail Forbes
Abigail Forbes Prije 9 dana
ehm since when were YOU in the position to judge her like you judge people for a living like bro
Hange Zoe
Hange Zoe Prije 10 dana
I actually liked the acting-
paimon Prije 10 dana
Nah people, her acting is bad but not THAT bad. You guys can't handle that people can't always do beautiful, realistic pretty crying.
lushxs Prije 10 dana
Just leave her alone.
OopsItsTwanTwan Prije 10 dana
It’s not the acting it’s just the movie is cliche I rlly like the movie lol
0rchid Prije 10 dana
Would y’all stop hating on her so much? Addisons movie isn’t that bad. You guys just want to agree with people so people like you😐
girl gamer5461
girl gamer5461 Prije 10 dana
I just subed to her bc i love the tie
␈LeQxueen␈ Prije 11 dana
The move is actually Not that bad some scenes were really cringe but overall literally not even that bad-
Nadege Alipoe
Nadege Alipoe Prije 11 dana
Anna just stfu and quit already
♡Toca Babe♡
♡Toca Babe♡ Prije 12 dana
Like you’re better than her?
晴れSunny Prije 12 dana
I don't get it. While other actresses/actors who actually have talented acting skills work so hard just to be shown in a movie for 5 minutes, people who don't even have a talent in acting gets to be the main character in a movie. Is this how modern life is now?
Charlotte Prije 12 dana
Anna just shut up😭 she’s going after her dreams? Your always switching up. I’m not a addison rae fan but I wanna see you make a whole movie..
Imao _maxine
Imao _maxine Prije 12 dana
Bella Jolie
Bella Jolie Prije 12 dana
What's wrong with being a Trump supporter?
x x
x x Prije 13 dana
So in her first movie y’all expect her to be a Jennifer Aniston? People aren’t allowed to start somewhere these days? Idk her idc for her but I saw the movie and it wasn’t that bad it was the typical teen coming of age after 2008 movie. Nothing special, quirky jokes, and social media references. Not sure what y’all were expecting.
ayesha Prije 13 dana
Its kinda annoying cause its Addisons life if she wants to act and sing she could do it and shes a dancer not an actor so we can't say she has a bad acting even tho its her first time. Second, her being a donald stan isn't bad. It is still an option and i know there are some people that still support donald so why aren't we mad at them?
Carson Lance
Carson Lance Prije 14 dana
The movie was actually good
val garcia
val garcia Prije 14 dana
It’s not even that bad.
raspberry spills the tea
raspberry spills the tea Prije 14 dana
Girl i love u and all but her acting isnt bad i loved the movie for some reason i think u jealous.
Wolf squad
Wolf squad Prije 14 dana
I watched this on my birthday
T wrld
T wrld Prije 14 dana
her movie was good
John Carlo Jordan
John Carlo Jordan Prije 15 dana
I just watch it honestly her acting is just fine and even the movie is cliche I kinda enjoy it!
INVISION YT Prije 15 dana
i love the movie
Dana Alhammadie
Dana Alhammadie Prije 15 dana
i watched it it was kinda good, i enjoyed it
--,~*fairy*~,-- Prije 15 dana
My mom watched her movie 😭
Mollie Prije 15 dana
wait i didn’t think it was that bad
Elena Velasquez
Elena Velasquez Prije 16 dana
i feel like with her acting she should of been in a smaller role and then should of seen how the smaller role turned out to see if shes good enough for one of the main characters ( if that makes sense)
SlowHand Prije 16 dana
Shut up man its part of movie this face
Lacey Henrick
Lacey Henrick Prije 16 dana
What The. F!!!!!
Hange zoë
Hange zoë Prije 16 dana
Jesus loves you and died for your sins You all are His masterpieces and made in the image of God God bless
Armenia🇦🇲 Prije 17 dana
Her acting is not bad, can you not hate?? who even are you guys to hate??? wth is wrong with you guys? STOP! LEAVE YOUR LIFE! MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS!!!
𝚂𝚕𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚐𝚒𝚛𝚕 Prije 18 dana
People should stop hating on my girl Addison rea
Emily Dean
Emily Dean Prije 18 dana
I think I may be people
WhoAreyou Prije 18 dana
The movie is not that bad pls.
Allessandro Williams
Allessandro Williams Prije 18 dana
Addison is a good actor stop hatin
Brianna :3
Brianna :3 Prije 18 dana
LMAO not the minecraft skeleton sounds when she’s dancing I’m dead💀
Spaghettea Prije 18 dana
I honestly can excuse her mediocre acting cause of the cliche plot
Sai Yoshie
Sai Yoshie Prije 18 dana
The acting isn’t bad, I just hate the movie in general.
Shaun Cottle
Shaun Cottle Prije 18 dana
I loved the movie
danesh Prije 18 dana
the show is literally a typical white girl problem
Evy Dp
Evy Dp Prije 19 dana
Her acting is not the worse I have ever seen. I think the movie was just not it.
olive Prije 19 dana
u should cover the thing with the sunsh*ts and tommyinnits fanbase.. they made some of us literally commit, its an important topic-
Rejoice Luanda
Rejoice Luanda Prije 19 dana
Not anna acting like she could do better at acting. Oh and Anna, Addison is still young so she is still trying to find her path and loads of people love it. If She wasn't a tiktoker you guys wouldn't criticise her as much as you are now. While you are making videos like this (I know you're making money too, but she's making much more hun) she's busy make millions of dollars. Everyone's fist times aren't always the best, She just started and I'm sure that with more training she'll be a bigger star than she is now. Addison is such a nice human being but you guys hate on her like she has ever done something to you guys. A lot of young teens watch your videos and you're literally such a bad influence because instead of spreading positive energy amongst others, You are doing the opposite. Don't start becoming a young Karen now darl!🤍x Luv ya! x
sakina rangoonwala
sakina rangoonwala Prije 20 dana
Her acting isn’t that bad, everyone’s firsts aren’t always the best, plus the movie was just cliche
peter cows
peter cows Prije 20 dana
the movie was good wtf
Theyadore wynter
Theyadore wynter Prije 20 dana
I like the movie in my (opinion)
Ifeoluwa Owoborode
Ifeoluwa Owoborode Prije 20 dana
Tbh I watched the movie today and it wasn't that bad
Nova kayy
Nova kayy Prije 20 dana
Addison can be what ever she want Anna! so shut up
Breann Ritchie
Breann Ritchie Prije 20 dana
I watched her movie it was one of the best movies I ever watched
orange Prije 20 dana
bro Anna keeps switching up. One day she’s all like “why u hating on my girl Addison” the next day “Addison is so embarrassing” like girl pick a struggle
peter cows
peter cows Prije 20 dana
Breann Ritchie
Breann Ritchie Prije 20 dana
Alya Sinani
Alya Sinani Prije 20 dana
You guys always hate when a Tiktoker do something good dont you guys have something to do 🙄🙄🙄😐😐 This is sad😞
Sylvia Bayoh
Sylvia Bayoh Prije 20 dana
Now I actually know you’re spreading lies people ACTUALLY like her acting are u on something?
Lenna Prije 20 dana
literally just stay on tiktok please
Carris Sparkes
Carris Sparkes Prije 20 dana
You’re just a hater lmao, your whole career is based off other people
zoe_xhx Prije 20 dana
Anna is just an hater atp Addison rae wasnt that bad
Kenny Oyediran
Kenny Oyediran Prije 21 dan
She is a good actor yk
Prije 21 dan
Nobody *bubble girl*
ashleigh wroe
ashleigh wroe Prije 21 dan
I thought that movie was good tbh
Saffron Gersbach
Saffron Gersbach Prije 21 dan
she isnt that bad prob bettr than kourtney
Yveszdyk Prije 21 dan
What the fuck I came here to see Addison’s bad acting not her whole fucking life story. Thanks for wasting my time.
Pres Valderrama
Pres Valderrama Prije 21 dan
I dont think its addisons acting i think its the movie i say she can go after whatever she wants and i think the trump thing is stupid i would say high to a rich ex president too it doesn’t make me homophobic and raciest
VintageKiwi Prije 21 dan
She gets her own show on Netflix 💀💀💀 and it’s no.1 in Uk 💀💀💀
iisxvvy Prije 21 dan
I have seen the trailer i don't think her acting is bad the movie is just basic
Nathalia Holbik
Nathalia Holbik Prije 21 dan
Excuse me but where is your talent at besides being obsessed with drama and exposing others and for the record never talking about yourself.. that’s just depressing. And you must have watched the movie to know if her acting is “bad” lol and by the fact that you do not want to spoil it just proves you did ... and tbh her acting is pretty good and it’s her first movie she still needs a little bit more of practice but it’s good overall, jealous much anna? 😬
shabera fazilally
shabera fazilally Prije 21 dan
being a trump supporter is not bad idk why everyone hating on my queen addison
Maitha Almail
Maitha Almail Prije 21 dan
Ngl her acting isn’t that bad just cuz some ppl hate her acting doesn’t mean we all do
rainbow gaming
rainbow gaming Prije 21 dan
The movie isn't that bad tbh
renee Lititiyo
renee Lititiyo Prije 21 dan
Her acting isn't bad shes just inexperienced
✰𝘆𝘅𝗰𝗸𝘅𝗳𝘅𝗰𝗸✰ Prije 21 dan
The damelio’s movie n Hulu is almost here and they put it on a ad 😰😰😣😭😭😭😭
ayooshawtyy Prije 22 dana
Girl u enjoy hating on others- she was acting great and for sure better than u even if i havent seen u act.
Gigi~Hadid ❤
Gigi~Hadid ❤ Prije 22 dana
Yall it's none of ur business what she becomes, like she wants to know what are her talents and she's good at everything
The more you hate the she makes
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