Sienna Gomez EXPOSED For RUINING Her BF?!

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anna oop

Prije 17 dana

Sienna Gomez EXPOSED For RUINING Her BF?!


Obito Marshall
Obito Marshall Prije 13 sati
Some women trying to do the same thing to jake paul haha and she got exposed she even cancel her comment's woman sure do love to manipulate men
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson Prije dan
Yall not realize that anna is problematic
Roblox Girl
Roblox Girl Prije 3 dana
She didn’t do anything u are not right this is fake she didn’t do anything it is clearly someone doesn’t know
ItsElianaDuh Prije 3 dana
I was about to fall asleep but right when she said “the Lopez brother’s being innocent” my eyes POPPED right open.
Lémor Von Wielligh
Lémor Von Wielligh Prije 3 dana
I knew she was problematic the moment I saw her!😂 but everyone called me crazy
Me e
Me e Prije 5 dana
Sorry but like are we in middle school why tf do people care if they follow or unfollow each other
batool al shammari
batool al shammari Prije 5 dana
whats s.a?
Muskan Lakra
Muskan Lakra Prije 4 dana
s*xual a*sualt
Tolu Oyesanya
Tolu Oyesanya Prije 5 dana
hailey is such a vibe
Ava Poluha
Ava Poluha Prije 6 dana
maybe I'm just slow but what does [as] mean? i literally looked it up and nothing showed up. someone plz explain thank you
Muskan Lakra
Muskan Lakra Prije 4 dana
@Ava Poluha hahaha what even is adult swim 👁️👄👁️
Ava Poluha
Ava Poluha Prije 4 dana
@Muskan Lakra oooooooo ari, i thought it meant adult swim
Muskan Lakra
Muskan Lakra Prije 4 dana
s*xual a*sault
lyza Asuncion
lyza Asuncion Prije 7 dana
no because everyone was praising sienna and i literally get bad vibes to some of her videos
toffeeツ Prije 7 dana
I just went on her tiktok and saw hate comments and those fucking idiots act like they cant just say explain what happened.
toffeeツ Prije 7 dana
Damn, toxic couple checkkkk
Cloudy.yoon16 Prije 8 dana
Bruh the second hand embarrassment I felt for Gulia was terrible. Not only was it embarrassing, but comparing her to someone else is not something you do
R&R Prije 8 dana
Your such a clout chaser
Ella Nilsen byberg
Ella Nilsen byberg Prije 8 dana
who's gonna tell her that ø isnt an aesthetic o-O
Eden Gentry
Eden Gentry Prije 9 dana
ok but like i never really trusted her
Someone ??????
Someone ?????? Prije 9 dana
tbh most of americans are embarrasing also I AM GLAAAD that i never supported ANY popular tiktoker
Gii :D
Gii :D Prije 9 dana
idk abt y'all but anna is getting more and more useless lately (ALSO NO HATE) i mean that at this point everyone is tired of always seeing that every freakin tik toker is problematic asf... its just boring at this point
Misty Moon
Misty Moon Prije 9 dana
I got second hand embarrassed from Brice and Addison...😂
Crystal Mejia
Crystal Mejia Prije 9 dana
Anna: Jack unfollowed Sienna on Instagram *shows picture of Sienna unfollowing Jack not Jack unfollowing Sienna* I’m sorry, I just had to point this out because I thought it was funny 😂 I’m not hating
Joey Loss
Joey Loss Prije 10 dana
Am I the only one who didn't know who sienna mae was until this controversy?
Brittany Bish
Brittany Bish Prije 10 dana
Can we also talk about how she calls herself a plus size girl because she has some jiggle to her stomach and thighs...girl you’re not plus size at all😂
꧁Mocha Latté꧂
꧁Mocha Latté꧂ Prije 7 dana
isabella Prije 10 dana
“golllyyyyy” PLS
Adeena.T Prije 10 dana
Yea a vid was leaked abt his mom talking to them abt it and there’s no way they’re innocent (Lopez idiots)
•haikyuu• Prije 10 dana
Something ain't right here The "Victims" are coming out now about see group chat I do believe that BUT they know that they are ruining someone's live not one but two and I'm not for the Lopez brothers but I used to love them that's why it's hard for me to believe and they were multiple people that did this just to get the tik tokers attention like wtf, you're completely right
Hayden Maye
Hayden Maye Prije 10 dana
they were never dating....
Sangwx Prije 10 dana
What’s sa???guys help I’m stupid af
KESi hates milk !
KESi hates milk ! Prije 10 dana
how much did they pay her to post that 😭
Bora Rexhepi
Bora Rexhepi Prije 10 dana
Idk why do you watch everyone business like stopp it girl
siennabuilds Prije 10 dana
They were never dating😅😅 they were best friends
Straz Prije 10 dana
What does SA mean?
claire Prije 11 dana
pls i had the biggest mf crush on her
Official Justice
Official Justice Prije 11 dana
When she said Lopez brothers were innocent my eyes lit up😳👀
SimplyyArt Prije 11 dana
Mike Cortan
Mike Cortan Prije 11 dana
Yo that's crazy.
Sydney E
Sydney E Prije 11 dana
Absolutely sick of you editing sad faces/just editing faces in general of the victims you talk about in your videos. You literally edited tristyn, the girl who was murdered a few weeks ago with makeup on and different eyes. Disgusting.
LILY BERG Prije 11 dana
always believe the victim first even if it's a man
Ellie Prije 11 dana
Jessie Prije 11 dana
they were never together
__evanotfound__ Prije 12 dana
she literally said that she is a victim of cancelling. which is really messed up she even said that lmfaooo
Mille Prije 12 dana
Ondreaz is innocent.
Andrea West
Andrea West Prije 12 dana
I’m sorry but that Hailey and Addison clip 😭😭
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
girlie better watch out bryce coming after her next 😂
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
sooo bryce has a type 🙄
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
love how actual tiktokers and influencers with a following don’t believe the brothers’ bullshit
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
did the lopez brother pay for this statement orrrr. sm not sittin right w/ me
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
and we all thought she was some positive influencer on tiktok 😒
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
i love how you figure out if people are together or not by going into their instagram follows LMFAO we love the modern world
Onlysyarra Prije 12 dana
Can someone tell me what sa Jack mean
Sarah Ramos
Sarah Ramos Prije 12 dana
S*xsually a*use
Ianxiety Prije 12 dana
I’ve lost to much brain cells today 💀
sadie Prije 12 dana
i don’t belive sienna or jack, of course belive the victim but he hasn’t said anything except a few paragraphs that gave us nothing at all
Elisha Bragg
Elisha Bragg Prije 12 dana
The only TikToker I Stan is Jaliyah hermon😌😍💞
Idk lol
Idk lol Prije 12 dana
These tiktokers just getting worse
XᎪᏁᎥᏒ Prije 12 dana
The only couple i have faith in is kouvr and alex i cant do these other tiktok couples
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez Prije 13 dana
Omg I'm so sorry I feel like a bad person now cause when she was like the Lopez brothers being innocent I was like peeling an orange and then when I heard that I was like what and I was shocked and I was like I feel bad now lmao I was like why did that shock me cause I don't even know really Abt their situation lmao
A r i a n a
A r i a n a Prije 13 dana
Hailey doesn’t give a Shit-
Astrid Prije 13 dana
I can’t believe I supported her or Zoe-
Sienna Renée
Sienna Renée Prije 13 dana
Just when I thought I had a unique name and now it’s the most hated 🙄
Fairy Prije 13 dana
Annie Dino
Annie Dino Prije 13 dana
*I wonder what Brad Mondo has to say about Sienna* also their is no way the Lopez brothers are innocent!!!!!
Intle Nyangaza
Intle Nyangaza Prije 13 dana
I always had this feeling not to like sienna , cause I always had this instinct that she's not a good person but I didn't know why , then this happened now.
Jello Prije 13 dana
1:43 I meeeeaaaan he's not lying they've literally been saying that
iiarixeii Prije 13 dana
She didn’t do it we don’t know yet PLZ-
alyssa Prije 13 dana
I'm done praising tiktokers fr wtf
Elisha Bragg
Elisha Bragg Prije 12 dana
Who tf praises them in the first place😃
Paris Prije 13 dana
Idek who this is but my friends are talking about it
Rose MRW
Rose MRW Prije 13 dana
Why didn’t Anna say Hailey Bieber?? Like that’s her name, respect it
Alison Edwards
Alison Edwards Prije 13 dana
Now I really can’t defend her about the being mean in school thing, because if you saw the girls TikTok about sienna being mean to her friends in high school then you know the truth.
Daniel Boodhoo
Daniel Boodhoo Prije 13 dana
sienna did nothing wrong, she was just making out with her boyfriend. you all just like drama and shit
Daniel Boodhoo
Daniel Boodhoo Prije 13 dana
wow.. thsi video is so wrong... like mind your own fucking business noone was there when it happened
OfficiallyKhloe Prije 13 dana
Idk. I believe that sa part sienna is innocent. Idk about the bullying or anything but the sa…. I mean to me it looks like jack is using this for clout. Sienna has also mad really good points. We can see the relationship was always touchy and feely, I think jack is Manipulating Sienna for clout, or maybe falsely accusing her at least or maybe not doing anything at all. We honestly dont know because the signals they are giving are just not it
Lexi Officials
Lexi Officials Prije 13 dana
there innocent?
Regine Jack
Regine Jack Prije 13 dana
Bruh do people really have time to check who unfollows who?
Mia Morrison
Mia Morrison Prije 13 dana
Didn’t know who tiktok was talking about so I knew I had to come here to find out 😭
Stella Slay
Stella Slay Prije 13 dana
james and mason made this shit so much worse. What they are doing isn’t helping jack it’s making people want him to talk more and they are starting to question what the hell happened. Being shady to “help your brother” isn’t it let him speak for himself when he is ready.
Fatoumata Ceesay
Fatoumata Ceesay Prije 13 dana
This is fake drama I don’t believe it!!! Why didn’t you tell us that sienna was like this in the first place?!?!
Karasbenoist Prije 13 dana
I’m sorry I’m so slow, what’s SA?
its really hard being a star
its really hard being a star Prije 13 dana
Sexual abuse/ assault
maggiemakesedits Prije 13 dana
Everyone believed Sienna’s apology until a leaked video of her making out with Jack whilst he was unconscious surfaced 💀
Maura Dean
Maura Dean Prije 13 dana
Sorry Anna.... I don’t support u on this one
Softie Alex
Softie Alex Prije 13 dana
watch the hype house go defend her saying "everyone makes mistakes guys"
Ethereal Arts
Ethereal Arts Prije 13 dana
I never liked her anyway tbh cause she profits off of Ed and body issues
millie Prije 13 dana
I never liked sienna she was just famous for being fat
Miya Smith
Miya Smith Prije 13 dana
And the thing is sis wasn’t even fat and still labeled herself as plus size 😭
sway boys hype house and more fann
sway boys hype house and more fann Prije 13 dana
Why didn’t y’all cancel her at the “did you eat today” 🤦‍♀️
0 Prije 12 dana
why copy a comment word for word thats so embarrassing
stfu Prije 13 dana
why r u acting like this is tea. SA isn’t tea.
C ʜ ᴏ ᴄ ᴏ ʟ ᴀ ᴛ ᴇ ᴇ
C ʜ ᴏ ᴄ ᴏ ʟ ᴀ ᴛ ᴇ ᴇ Prije 13 dana
Yeah but she didn’t SA him she even proved it
Yogurl Chlo
Yogurl Chlo Prije 13 dana
I don’t know but Anna not really doing the research she supposed to be doing like she didn’t know that jack and sienna weren’t dating when everybody knew that including there fan plus as much as I stand by them I won’t choose between them until jack speaks up😔😔
Savannah Miller
Savannah Miller Prije 13 dana
The second hand embarrassment is REAALL🥴
Josh Dyer
Josh Dyer Prije 13 dana
Innocent until proven guilty.
Cl0s3 y3t f4r
Cl0s3 y3t f4r Prije 13 dana
This girlllll omg 😃
Queen babe #
Queen babe # Prije 13 dana
I was watching a TT about this gurl a day ago her ap is soo fake and the blinking hahah lies
Angel & Elly
Angel & Elly Prije 13 dana
Idk why but I always sense when someone has a bad vibe and I always felt it abt her and never knew why but now I know
aimee bentley
aimee bentley Prije 13 dana
ur so annoying
Kyliaa Prije 13 dana
She didn’t date him, sienna didn’t SA. If this was true why isn’t he speaking out more than sienna? Mason can’t speak out on jacks behalf jack has to come out and clear the air himself, this is honestly a publicity stunt because sienna stopped hanging out with them so now he needs fresh and new content like boy bye
Frapechino Kelsey
Frapechino Kelsey Prije 13 dana
People are watching like this : - on bed - not in full-screen - reading comments...😂😂
Triple A Cell
Triple A Cell Prije 13 dana
Sienna didn't S. A. Jack like comme onnn
cloudy squad twins
cloudy squad twins Prije 13 dana
anna did you know that addison was vaiping or smoking on holly wood fiks youtube chanel i saw a picer but dont know if its true!
alex Prije 13 dana
Always believe the victim first...there’s literally a video of her s*xually assaulting him
Marcella Block
Marcella Block Prije 13 dana
Stop shooting against her, we don't kniw how it rlly happened. And only Jack friends spoke for him, so he plays the victim. Watch siennas explanation on tiktok
Ocean Juicer
Ocean Juicer Prije 13 dana
you sound like the new tiktok text to speech
Ocean Juicer
Ocean Juicer Prije 13 dana
Janiña Tarrayo
Janiña Tarrayo Prije 13 dana
She's overrated anyways
…….. .
…….. . Prije 13 dana
ugh i just hate when people post stuff without doing there research😐
lim li er
lim li er Prije 13 dana
hey shouldn't the lopez brothers get arrested!? Michael Jackson got accused of molesting children but he turned out to be innocent still but still got made fun of. this is not fair bro.
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