Bella Poarch CANCELS James Charles from her music video because of THIS?!

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Bella Poarch CANCELS James Charles from her music video because of THIS?!


bunnykookie Prije 28 minuta
Tbh i like bella and her debut song but i would be happy if she would release a album like olivia and other tiktoker singer. Why would they Just focus on there singing carer and Just stop for a few days of doing tiktok we can wait. But the new song of bella was bomming!!!
Uros Trajkovic
Uros Trajkovic Prije 4 sati
Whos benny blonk
Summer Sinanan
Summer Sinanan Prije 5 sati
Olivia is still not over her ex and uses her music to shade him for moving on- yes the music is fire but the lyrics are too much. Just let the guy live his life! Can u make a video on that? Also tell me ur opinion if u want to!
Fire Guy
Fire Guy Prije 5 sati
Forgot zhc
breed loaf
breed loaf Prije 11 sati
"Dixie is the only who hasn’t move on from her relationship" uhm hello Olivia literally made an album talking about her ex..
Caleb Pillai
Caleb Pillai Prije 11 sati
Haha dixie and breakup songs. Have you heard any of Olivia Rodrigo's music.
Caleb Pillai
Caleb Pillai Prije 11 sati
The song aint that bad but the fact that its another tiktok star blowing up, and other actual artists who work realy hard are getting less attention
aisha kina
aisha kina Prije 15 sati
sad songs get more viewers and likess... u understand..
Thea Geronimo
Thea Geronimo Prije 15 sati
james deserve
unicorn gamer
unicorn gamer Prije 22 sati
she be like BUT GIRL
Scar22 Prije dan
I didn't know James was in the video.
mellowsama Prije dan
if some won tells toxic things on bella poarch ill just say bi*** you know that bella rocksss!!!!!
pedro guerra
pedro guerra Prije dan
at the end it says some ytber and it shows larry james charles zhc and more ytbrs
honeysenpai Prije dan
when people get famous they feel the need to make music, talent or not
cherry_gf Prije dan
james littarly hurt a girls feelings
Jasmine L.
Jasmine L. Prije dan
It makes me so mad that Bella's song has more views and likes tha Olivia's which are definitely better. She's also a better and more formed artist as well and actually deserves her fame. Well, I haven't even heard Bella's song nor watched her video, it also hasn't been recommended in my yt page, plus I don't know if her song charted like Olivia's songs did, bc getting lots of views in you music video is one thing and that your song is charted is another. I guess it's fine then.
Pxrple JJ
Pxrple JJ Prije dan
She already said that she was going to make a song sooo you shouldn’t be talking
Riley BEE
Riley BEE Prije dan
Everyone has a right to make music! And everyone has there own opinion so some people may like dixies song and her merch. I personally haven't heard the the song, but others most likely live it.
Riley BEE
Riley BEE Prije dan
Jenesis Caicedo
Jenesis Caicedo Prije 2 dana
yall guys do realize that she doesnt edit her own music video?
Mitha aka Rare
Mitha aka Rare Prije 2 dana
Well I don't like TikTokers make her own music but, when I heard Bella's song I did admit she's the only TikTokers that I like her music.. 🙄
GunzGurl Prije 2 dana
Me too
Esmeralda Matos
Esmeralda Matos Prije 2 dana
I like how this person says she hates the internet but here she is making more drama as it is leave TikToks do whatever they want with there lifes gosh
Tshepiso Nkgakile
Tshepiso Nkgakile Prije 2 dana
What the heck did we do u girls
Kaitlyn Rosul
Kaitlyn Rosul Prije 2 dana
I love Bella and her video.
Michelle The First
Michelle The First Prije 2 dana
Is that Noah at 0:01
Miyaku’s Night
Miyaku’s Night Prije 3 dana
Love the effect on the build a bitch song LMFAO
valentina alvarez
valentina alvarez Prije 3 dana
Anna was literally making fun of Bella's song which was actually decently good. It was better than Dixie and Addison's songs. The video music video was great, and you just making fun of it ruins it. Plus, you don't have a word on her music you are in people's lives every day as a career.
GunzGurl Prije 2 dana
She didn’t say nothing bad to her, she said that’s it was better than Dixie and Adisson’s video..
ElisaRios Productions
ElisaRios Productions Prije 3 dana
The song Bella wrote was amazing I loved it so much 💗
Jack Lavin
Jack Lavin Prije 3 dana
The song is legit Mozart
Michaela Tambo
Michaela Tambo Prije 3 dana
Bella poarch great and she is perfect
haute Prije 3 dana
and fyi, bella is not a tiktoker that came to tiktok she’s a singer that came to tiktok. don’t get that mixed up, she actually has a talent in singing
Vallentine Oliveira
Vallentine Oliveira Prije 3 dana
Dixie’s song f**k boy was not for griffin because she did not write the song it was Olivia O’Brien
🦋MiMi🦋 Prije 3 dana
Bruh I literally can't stand Dixie.
SummerForever Prije 4 dana
Bella is the only tiktoker who made a good music video
Nightcore Paradise
Nightcore Paradise Prije 4 dana
You said big artists and u said olivia rodrigo. I'm not a hater, but excuse me!? Like Olivia is a big artist now?!
Mansi Shinde
Mansi Shinde Prije 4 dana
Bro sorry but your voice is annoying af 😭
NotHannah Live
NotHannah Live Prije 4 dana
I thought Build a B***h was a good song and had a good meaning 🥲 but with Dixie Ik it’s hard to move on but making songs about break ups over and over and over is just getting old and annoying. But why does every Tik toker think they cans sing. It’s literately every Tik toker
Milky Prije 4 dana
Bella's song is a hundred percent the best song I've heard in my life.
Leo and Apple
Leo and Apple Prije 4 dana
Hey Sisters! More like: BYE SISTERS
aesthetic asheッ
aesthetic asheッ Prije 4 dana
Jenny López
Jenny López Prije 4 dana
Ngl Bella Needs to be quiet she ugly lol
Wilma Salinas
Wilma Salinas Prije 4 dana
Ayo ya forgot stove the ytubet
mahmood dj
mahmood dj Prije 4 dana
no is not for this song ;-;
adorbsxo Prije 5 dana
1:03 gurl what is that it's so funny to me LOL
Idiot💕 Prije 5 dana
Xx Kiro xX
Xx Kiro xX Prije 5 dana
0:08 what is the guys name again?
Ooriginal Kawai potato
Ooriginal Kawai potato Prije 5 dana
I actualy think that Bella’s song is very good the best out of these
Jim Villan
Jim Villan Prije 5 dana
atleast she's more talentes that that Lopez girl who thinks shes a Kardashian and that Damelio girl who can't even write her own song lmao💀💀
Mustafa Rustamzada
Mustafa Rustamzada Prije 5 dana
Really bella is amazing pls stop the hate it's not healthy to hate sis I love watching annaopp
Amineh Tandorost
Amineh Tandorost Prije 5 dana
One: SHUT UP! Two: tO mUcH sOcIaL mEdIa
Evelyn Potato
Evelyn Potato Prije 5 dana
She didn't credit James because he sadly got canceled and the coment on the video would go insane because people are mad at James for stupid reasons
Shrek is so hawt
Shrek is so hawt Prije 5 dana
They said she had no talent😂😂
reonna hall
reonna hall Prije 6 dana
That's not true dixie did not write that song she got it from an ex singer
OSSEY Prije 6 dana
7:00 isn't that from Olivia's mom??
Keyri Jimenezportillo
Keyri Jimenezportillo Prije 6 dana
“Bella just started becoming a singer” Did Ana forget that Bella has been a singer? If you remember, then Bella actually sings and she plays the ukulele….
Skylar Phoenix
Skylar Phoenix Prije 6 dana
At least James has talent.
Teagan McMillan
Teagan McMillan Prije 16 sati
Toasty Bun
Toasty Bun Prije 6 dana
Dexie did not write the song, a friend of did. She even claims this herself when she was interviewed
Laylaa Akill
Laylaa Akill Prije 6 dana
It turns out Dixie didn’t make the song😳
Amanda Moody
Amanda Moody Prije 6 dana
Ok I know bella porch but wth is these other girls.. never hard of them two
Shamsa Alhammadi
Shamsa Alhammadi Prije 6 dana
Boy I love Addison right and what the heck are you doing also everyone why are you hating on Dixie to milia and Bella porch and Addison Rae because they’re so amazing
Shamsa Alhammadi
Shamsa Alhammadi Prije 6 dana
I love your videos keep doing videos more
Shamsa Alhammadi
Shamsa Alhammadi Prije 6 dana
I’m going to tell you something Dixie is feeling so good and Bella part is her sunk so good it’s fine
SPINU TEODORA Prije 6 dana
bruh dixie did not write the song she said that allready just research b4 you make these assumtion ab her
Ravi Verma
Ravi Verma Prije 6 dana
If Talentless fame has a face = bella poarch
V e l v e t  B l o o d
V e l v e t B l o o d Prije 6 dana
The build up emote is everywhereeeee
Invinsible Prije 6 dana
I used to have strong dislike towards Bella porch before, of course it was since many people were hating on her, but my mind changed fast. Faster than the speed of light. 🌱
WooGamer Prije 6 dana
Alex Warren made a song,
Alina Jackson
Alina Jackson Prije 6 dana
I’m so proud of Bella for taking out James Charles but I’m not proud that she was going to include him. But she made the right choice to blow his face out period queen 👑 💖💖💖💖💖
Stray Jams
Stray Jams Prije 6 dana
I’ve honestly never been a fan of her, but DAYM I love the lyrics and their meanings.
Teemu Turunen
Teemu Turunen Prije 6 dana
James even wasn`t in build a bitch music video. At all!!!!
its Ella
its Ella Prije 6 dana
ZHC was in Bella porch using video
Stix Bug
Stix Bug Prije 6 dana
Bella didn’t do anything wrong. Bella is a good tiktoker who doesn’t steal peoples dances or anything like that and is there a problem with launching a song? This video made me unsubscribe I’m sorry but Bella doesn’t deserve hate. Bella’s song has a meaning.
Robloxtoes.0.0K Prije 7 dana
Not Dixie D’Amelio got roasted by a Anna oop-
Robloxtoes.0.0K Prije 7 dana
Not me actually liking bella porch new song-
angie simental
angie simental Prije 7 dana
omg i am kinda mad that dixie didnt get away from griffin like u dont need him
Ashley Kay
Ashley Kay Prije 7 dana
Anna did Bella dirty with that auto tune cause she actually sang it really well
Kong chan samrith
Kong chan samrith Prije 7 dana
Snow why do Bella porch get so much use and the Starbucks she actually works on her music video or a long long time and make it exactly so good and perfect today how she earn a lot of you and ashur amount of time she actually worked for her just for music videos she had a bunch of stuff she do I like original theme She haven't talked for a long long time. How she just good at singing she's amazing at singing so that house she earned
marchy meow
marchy meow Prije 7 dana
I really didn't expect this it's actually really good tbh
Vaeh Prije 7 dana
Bella actually made music before tiktok!!
DIDI Prije 7 dana
What I look for in a song is good a meaning or touching on A difficult subject. Bella's song touches on men always wanting girls to be perfect or a barbie. She explains that this ain't build a b**ch meaning you don't control how others are or were born. Also the song is pop. I wouldn't say the subject is difficult but it is important to adress. She also sang it really well. I'm just happy that some tiktokers actually have singing talent. I'm not saying the other singing tiktokers don't have talent. Don't come for me on this but they definitely can make a successful career out of singing. They just don't really get how the singing bizz works. Thank you for listening to my ted talk
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 8 dana
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 8 dana
Have y’all ever stopped to think that she just made the song to make it 💀✋🏾 she doesn’t have to be hurt over griffin lmao.
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham Prije 8 dana
Bella popped off 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Garsmyth Prije 8 dana
Ether y’all are blind as hell and didn’t see James AND larray at the end with the smoke or y’all are dumb pick one 😑
Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson Prije 8 dana
Ariane Whitley
Ariane Whitley Prije 8 dana
Aleesya Delisha Christopher
Aleesya Delisha Christopher Prije 8 dana
I love bella
Elisa Delgado
Elisa Delgado Prije 8 dana
Girl you need to talk about Alex making music please
Janae R
Janae R Prije 8 dana
I don’t. Really like anna opp because sometimes her news is not true no hate tho
Razhel lols
Razhel lols Prije 8 dana
But seriiously Some Tiktokers should remain as a Tiktoker lols
Razhel lols
Razhel lols Prije 8 dana
Err.but HER SONG SOUNDS GOOD PERIOD. No one will repeatedly listen to someones song if its not their style arent they. She got her visuals too and cute body, plus she once worked as a military so its not like she gain her money just from doing tiktok,she is just bless and talented so those.who want to bash? shut the fuvk up stop being insecure dah
Blxxmstetic🤍🥺😭🧋🥴🌸 Prije 9 dana
LOL the filter on your voice is so funny
Jackpot Gamer
Jackpot Gamer Prije 9 dana
Razor Prije 9 dana
Tik tokers making music now is just basic and not original
safiyo ali
safiyo ali Prije 9 dana
Yall idk what you mean by all girls should understand bellas lyrics while am still trying to figure out why people say it has a meaning
Leonard Nnanna
Leonard Nnanna Prije 9 dana
Bella's song is a hit, finally a talented tik toker
yoongi's swag
yoongi's swag Prije 9 dana
Yeah actually liked bella's song .
oxAlicia Prije 9 dana
I love Bella’s songs 🥺
Nedesha Harmon
Nedesha Harmon Prije 9 dana
you did this video on my b day :D
•LiterallyALunar• Prije 10 dana
Yo her song is legit good though. Idk why but my "friend" kept calling her and her song disgusting trash and said she wanted to post comments on her account that were rude which is why we aren't friends anymore ^^
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