Addison Rae DRAGGED For RELEASING A Song? Charli GOES OFF On Her HATERS? Bryce Hall ROASTED?

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anna oop

Prije 21 dan

people REALLY hate addison rae's new song.. y'all...
Bryce Hall ROASTED?
#annaoop #addisonrae #charlidamelio

Princess Sasha
Princess Sasha Prije 2 sati
7:31 ok but I love Andre Swilley So unproblematic
Cody Fender
Cody Fender Prije 17 sati
Jaden is the only tiktoker who’s actually good with music
Adriana Rodriguez
Adriana Rodriguez Prije dan
First of all she sings good in my opinion second of all she actually started singing in on of her live in 2019 on tik tok I don’t mean to be mean to all with different opinions from mine I just don’t understand why y’all being so hate full toards her because I’m pretty sure if u were in her spot right now u wouldn’t like people saying that about your music or hateful stuff about u at all pls stop the drama
Baby J
Baby J Prije 2 dana
I am always waiting for Anna to say "But".
It me Amaya warrior
It me Amaya warrior Prije 2 dana
I like Addison rae songs
Lyfeeof Lexus
Lyfeeof Lexus Prije 2 dana
First of all 😂 you said most Tiktoker’s are moving on to music so why can’t Addison? Why is it such a problem ? if the girl wants to make music let her if y’all don’t like it don’t listen to it but at the end of the day they people hating just some hating ass people y’all got nothing better to do with y’all lives then pick on people
Aesthetic fanpages
Aesthetic fanpages Prije 3 dana
No hate to you Anna but why don’t yall just be happy for addison
Ayesha Mansoor10A4
Ayesha Mansoor10A4 Prije 3 dana
Even though I am not a Bryce stan I still want him to win the match cuz I HATE AUSTIN 🙄🔪
stephen wolff
stephen wolff Prije 3 dana
June 5th That marks a year after my grandfather's passing
Aliza Shah
Aliza Shah Prije 3 dana
Emma deserved it ofc
Ellie Edmondson
Ellie Edmondson Prije 4 dana
Addison is an amazing singer. She needs to tune down the auto-tune and find her style in music. I think she could be really great. But of course the hate will never stop bc she’s a TikToker
Mihail Mladenovski
Mihail Mladenovski Prije 4 dana
3:11also somebody predicted charli's death kn 15th 11th 2024 by getting killed by her bf
ninjago muffin
ninjago muffin Prije 4 dana
Talk about dixies new show pls
Art Gamer
Art Gamer Prije 5 dana
And who the hell gave them rights to dictate who makes and who doesn’t make music? Music was meant to be beautiful, a language anyone can speak. And it was meant to help people express their feelings or achieve their dreams. Twitter stans are very toxic, they think their opinions are so entitled because they think they’re so much better than the person they’re targeting.
BL&KPOP QWEEN Prije 5 dana
Of topic but I smiled so hard when i saw the 2 second clip of jessi sifting her hair back lmao
Tashi Choedhen
Tashi Choedhen Prije 5 dana
At this point the music industry is turning into a joke! Like....👁👄👁
Aleksandra Kot
Aleksandra Kot Prije 5 dana
Guys, pls Addison is just trying to have fun express herself in music and everyone is so dramatic.
Izzy Time
Izzy Time Prije 5 dana
I love Addison‘s new song I’m low-key kind of on HRpostrs team
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 6 dana
Austin knows he's going to loose ha he has nothing on Bryce Tayler and Vinnie
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 6 dana
Her music is so much better than Dixie's hahah
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 6 dana
Congratulations Addison!
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 6 dana
So Dixie can release music and all of them can but Addison can't? That's fucked up
Allysah Durall
Allysah Durall Prije 6 dana
Umm sorry not sorry who is Emma Chamberlain or whatever it is uh Someone tell me plz-
charlotte Foster
charlotte Foster Prije 7 dana
Look if tiktokers want to sing they can we are not the boss and if Charlie won she won it doesn't mean to hate on her 👁️👄👁️
Hayley Prije 7 dana
In the song she was probably not talking about Bryce since they broke up.
ThatGuy447 Prije 7 dana
Like I get that you should have confidence when going into a huge event, but how can you seriously say TikTokers will win. I just can't see it happening.
Rein Abdulkarim
Rein Abdulkarim Prije 7 dana
lets be honest- anime is way better then the problems in the real world 😌👌
Ushi- daddi
Ushi- daddi Prije 8 dana
Stop hating on Addison's song you guys are just listening to it wrong. Its clearly meant to be on mute.
Ari Amaya
Ari Amaya Prije 8 dana
You cannot watch addisons vid without telling me it's not a rip off of Selena Gomez's song look and her now.....
Ari Amaya
Ari Amaya Prije 8 dana
Addison's "song", obsessed, is a rip off version of Selena Gomez's REAL song, "look at her now" Edit: ALSO THE VIDEO IS LITERALLY THE SAME AS THE MUSIC VID LOOK AT HER NOW....
Katerine Rivas
Katerine Rivas Prije 9 dana
Bruh stop addi song is the best
Brianna Mccanless
Brianna Mccanless Prije 9 dana
People need to stop hating on Addison she is an amazing singer and she can post music if she wants and I’m in love with the song and she doesn’t have to write it about someone she could just write for herself
Alexis Gleason
Alexis Gleason Prije 9 dana
It is not your place to say if she releases music or not.
savanna wiggins
savanna wiggins Prije 10 dana
I mean I don't like Addisons song either, but if she wants to put out music then let her, if you don't like it don't fucking listen to it, its really not that hard.
Tanya Taufa
Tanya Taufa Prije 10 dana
IDK why she used autotune she´s actually really good without autotune
Palthora x
Palthora x Prije 10 dana
Am I the only one that doesn't completely hate the song?
Momina Qazi
Momina Qazi Prije 10 dana
06:03 FYI Bryce was a youtuber before tik tok
Analexia Prije 10 dana
If they rlly dont like the song they cal always not listen to it like its that simple
ThysnakeT_T Prije 10 dana
Guys she 16 I mean come like why I just wanna know
ThysnakeT_T Prije 10 dana
And could yall explain to me the figthing matches I need to know thx
swaggy anxiety
swaggy anxiety Prije 10 dana
ok y’all rlly switching up on Emma cuz y’all was just saying how nobody likes her and how ugly she is y’all fcked up😒
Dessina Builds
Dessina Builds Prije 11 dana
Anna is being toxic who is she to say Addison isn't allowed to make music with professional musicians
ifoundtheavocados Prije 11 dana
They just have money thats it you could have a voice of a dying goat but be rich as hell and they will get you into the music industry😐
ifoundtheavocados Prije 11 dana
Tiktokers should NOT get into music Industry i said what i said
Ugnė Skripkauskaitė
Ugnė Skripkauskaitė Prije 11 dana
Ok well Dixie isn't professional, but Adisson, hun.. YOUR NOT A SINGER. James is the main character of singing as influencer lol
Valerie Del Aguila
Valerie Del Aguila Prije 11 dana
I like her song but it goes to much autotune but i don't hate her for it. Because i don't start drama. Have a good day everyone, God Bless you all.
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 11 dana
it’s gonna been embarrassing if austin loses since he hypin himself up too much
Alexis Burns
Alexis Burns Prije 11 dana
Me gasping whenever she said 😩✋
Alexis Burns
Alexis Burns Prije 11 dana
nvm jxdn
nvm jxdn Prije 11 dana
you said "addison re you know i love you but, since when did you think it was okay to make music." okay anddddd its her life lmaoooo move on anna oop:p
Miss Isla
Miss Isla Prije 11 dana
I agree the song sounds autotuned no joke! [btw Addison Rae's song .
Kele Townsend
Kele Townsend Prije 11 dana
Her song is great 💖💖💖
Potato with googly eyes
Potato with googly eyes Prije 11 dana
i literally think that we should actually ban tiktok now 😩
Serendipitysab Prije 12 dana
So if Addison can sing can I yeah I’ll be dropping a new song next month 😍😍😍😍😍😍
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
is addis song lowkey a diss track? like the rose and everything with bryce and tana- also why IS tana supporting him
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
that’s the easiest 5M to bryce
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
yeah i do agree that emma deserved it but char has a point. how IS it her fault that she won?
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 12 dana
love addi but this ain’t it
Lillian Rutter
Lillian Rutter Prije 12 dana
2:49 PREEEACH like some tiktokers = talentless
Lillian Rutter
Lillian Rutter Prije 12 dana
The singing in the song doesn’t even sound like her
Lillian Rutter
Lillian Rutter Prije 12 dana
Olivia rodrigo is an example of a celebrity who made a song that was decent and she actually meant it DIXIE GRIFFIN AND ADDISON over here just being like oOOjnwjsidjwnsj iM oBbSSEssEd WiGh mYsElF. James would be someone that could make a decent song as wll
Chelsea Villas
Chelsea Villas Prije 13 dana
Well im Obsessed with her song 😊
Just jeff
Just jeff Prije 13 dana
Thats crazy because Addison still gone be known as a tiktoker.
urluv3 Prije 13 dana
Addisons song ain’t cutting it at ALL...the dancing, the faces etc. u name it. Everyone now is now coming into the music industry, and I am not here for it. Addison Rae needs to stop because I know no body wants hate so fucking bad but it’s going to get worse very..very soon and we all know it.
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 13 dana
I like Addison... but DIXIES songs were better ✋🏾💀 that says a LOT
Aesthetic with Victoria
Aesthetic with Victoria Prije 13 dana
Austin does to much Bryce was fine until he had to tell him to fight him and shade him like what is wrong with Austin?Austin is obsessed with Bryce! You tubers vs titkokers who will win?
Helene Schmitz
Helene Schmitz Prije 13 dana
7:27 the way he danced fit to the beat hahhah
sum weirdo smh.
sum weirdo smh. Prije 13 dana
SILENT._. FIDGETS._. Prije 14 dana
People get’s famous thinks that their singers 🤦 I don’t think she has to be this over ugh 🤦😑
Glorieanna Nace
Glorieanna Nace Prije 14 dana
I thought she sound good but the voice and dancing was...
alayna t
alayna t Prije 14 dana
addisons song isn’t even that bad like the lyric kinda sounds badass “you say your obsessed w me, me too.” i get she used auto tune but yall act like nobody does.
lvcaep from insta
lvcaep from insta Prije 13 dana
fr but people always have to hate 😐
Jazmin Lopez
Jazmin Lopez Prije 14 dana
Emma Chamberlain Should Have Won, PERIODT!! Not Some Talentless Tiktoker Who Does 15 Second Videos For A Living....🙄
Devy Stem
Devy Stem Prije 14 dana
I don't like Austin but I would want him to win❤️
Amanda Rock
Amanda Rock Prije 14 dana
Ok but like don't try to drag addison girl this is her first song give her some support and advise also you all wanna say that she can't sing ummm.....come on sweetie lets hear u😏
Mylan Czarnecki
Mylan Czarnecki Prije 14 dana
Hey Bestie hey bestie hey bestie hey bestie they broke up make the vid
Hally Lee
Hally Lee Prije 14 dana
I don’t see why everyone hating on this song 🤷🏾‍♀️just saying this is exactly the definition of haters
aleana serra
aleana serra Prije 14 dana
i love you but don’t hate on Addisons song please
aleana serra
aleana serra Prije 14 dana
you need to stop being hateful to Addison
aleana serra
aleana serra Prije 14 dana
anna opp you need to stop being hateful because you’re one of the haters
aleana serra
aleana serra Prije 14 dana
anna opp your a rude for saying nobody told her to do music like let her be
Ifeoma Uche
Ifeoma Uche Prije 14 dana
So dont judge people : its not ur opinion i think anna opp but ya
Lijah Never Folds
Lijah Never Folds Prije 14 dana
The song is trash imo
Jasmina Isljami
Jasmina Isljami Prije 14 dana
I HATE ADDISON. That girl really think she can be a part or everythink.SHE want to join the dream smp, SHE DONT EVEN PLAY MINECRAFT WTF
Anya Prije 14 dana
2:32 PLSSS 😭😭😭😭
Jj Lindsay
Jj Lindsay Prije 14 dana
Can someone explain to me why a 20 or so year old man is going into a boxing match with Bryce hall.... not being rude or anything cause I’m jus like genuinely asking cause I’m SO confused
Félixe Rowe-Parisien
Félixe Rowe-Parisien Prije 14 dana
I really like you but like your suppose to be telling drama not being mean and creating drama.. I really support addisson and if u don't like her song just keep it to you and dont say she's a failure.. I still love you
Maria Laura D'Epiro
Maria Laura D'Epiro Prije 14 dana
I love Addison Shes talented, beautiful, rich and famous And her personality is so amazing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Prije 14 dana
Addison Rae releasing music Her fans : happy The rest of social media : spilling tea
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Prije 14 dana
Tiktokers and HRpostrs: Forgeting that there is a PANDEMIC Me: 👁👄👁
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Prije 14 dana
"Addison Rae dragged for writing a song" We all knew this was coming 😩🖐
Abir Mohamed
Abir Mohamed Prije 13 sati
She writes songs?
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Prije 14 dana
When dixie released three songs, people says it sucks. Then, Addison released a song, people said that dixie’s songs are better uhmmm what’s wrong with yall lmfao
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Prije 14 dana
Dixie- “lets make a song!!!” gets dragged Addison-“lets make a song and expect to not get dragged!” gets dragged Everyone-Not surprised at all💀🤚
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Prije 14 dana
yknow.. these tiktokers are giving anna her entire youtube career rn... that's how much drama they start
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Prije 14 dana
I don’t want much for myself. I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy, and loved. Wishing you a good day
Itzz mya
Itzz mya Prije 15 dana
:girly: :
:girly: : Prije 15 dana
ASMR Cloud
ASMR Cloud Prije 15 dana
It’s not even a bad song yall just copy each other because one person didn’t like it
jaine ugh
jaine ugh Prije 15 dana
i definitely think noah beck should participating in the boxing match also i think i’m rooting for you tubers, the only tiktok ed on that list that i really like is vinnie so idkk what do you guys think??
Jalyssa Young
Jalyssa Young Prije 15 dana
I’m srry but it’s her voice
Macy Lyn
Macy Lyn Prije 15 dana
Char talking quiet two seconds later......... HOW IS IT MY FAULT 😡
Joseph Boss
Joseph Boss Prije 15 dana
No hate but I think it’s pretty stupid that people are going to the point of fighting just for fame
افين جان
افين جان Prije 15 dana
I just forgot there was a covid opps 6 feet apart💀💀💀💀💀
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