Addison Rae LIES About Supporting TRUMP & Gets EXPOSED..

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anna oop

Prije 22 dana

Addison Rae LIES About Supporting TRUMP & Gets EXPOSED..


Ninti Bey
Ninti Bey Prije dan
There’s nothing confusing about Addison’s response she said she’s a friendly person and genuinely wanted to meet the former president doesn’t mean she stands for him or supports him y’all are weird she can support who tf she wants Trump or not don’t get me wrong I don’t like Trump but Addison said she was just being friendly nothing she do makes y’all happy even the good things she does like honestly get a life!
Ninti Bey
Ninti Bey Prije dan
She’s not wasting her breath confirming who she supports and why tf? Y’all are weird and so obsessed that this girl lives in y’all head rent free huh🤣
todoroki with lipstick
todoroki with lipstick Prije 3 dana
i love listening to ur commentarys while playing mm2
Nokutenda Chirume
Nokutenda Chirume Prije 3 dana
I love how Anna says but she doesn't say but she says bbbbuuuuuuuttttt!!!
Amy Trani
Amy Trani Prije 3 dana
Fr what is wrong with liking trump and having opinions? That’s why it’s called democracy and we vote guys! Shut up Anna let people have political opinions
woodowl8 Prije 5 dana
Im not a Trump supporter but if Addison *is* then it doesn't matter. As long as she doesn't support homophobia, racism, etc. then just leave her be. Prije 5 dana
"she should have just admitted she's a trump supporter instead of causing this mess" WHY ADMIT SOMETHING SHE ISNT?!
Elfie_theniceelf Prije 5 dana
Lo Lo
Lo Lo Prije 5 dana
Anna your a hypocrite!
K & C ST
K & C ST Prije 6 dana
in my opinion- politics should stay out of social media 🙄
Ash Reed
Ash Reed Prije 6 dana
Anna oop. Drop a song already gurlll
Adds Inema
Adds Inema Prije 6 dana
The fact you upload everyday just to start drama when all this is probably edited like you wanna be the queen so bad
cryybabie._ Prije 7 dana
why did you make Addison look a different weight in the thumbnail….i’m not hating on Addison’s weight but SHE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THAT. if she did then there would be no issue because it’s her body but the fact that it’s edited to make her look a different weight is idk…like you’re trying to make ppl click on the video for how she looks in the thumbnail? it feels very wrong
Cloudi Angel_tt
Cloudi Angel_tt Prije 7 dana
Isn't hillary Clinton the baby killer? 👀Tbh i prob would've voted for trump to. I mean just because Addison has a different opinion on political views doesn't mean you gotta drag her for being a trump supporter even if she wasn't.
Nathan Darr
Nathan Darr Prije 8 dana
Anna YOUR the problem, not Addison. You need to learn that supporting Trump ISN'T A BAD THING. But what IS bad is you FORCING your thoughts to others. Addison Being a Trump Supporter isnt a problem, your the problem
Chelsea Clancy
Chelsea Clancy Prije 9 dana
i feel like you shame people
Gabby Hilliard
Gabby Hilliard Prije 9 dana
She can support who she wants like dam
Olivia Prije 9 dana
Ok so... it’s her opinion. You might not think it’s the right one but it’s still her opinion. So tired of the dumb leftists not letting people have opinions. Opinions are suggestive. This is coming from a lesbian, nonbinary btw, I’m affected by trumps bs too.
𝔻𝕚𝕟𝕠._. ɴᴜɢɢɪᴇꜱ
𝔻𝕚𝕟𝕠._. ɴᴜɢɢɪᴇꜱ Prije 9 dana
I don’t like trump but still, if that’s what she likes, hen let her.
LowYummy Prije 9 dana
I don’t like Addison and her fan base but she does not owe the paparazzi answers because she has a life. Anna changes her opinions about people faster than light can travel.
Paige Elizabeth
Paige Elizabeth Prije 9 dana
how abt it’s none of y’all’s business
Hxnterrr Prije 9 dana
Remember when people respected each other’s personal amd political opinions? Guess if someone isn’t a sheep they’re a “racistttttt OMGGGGGGgggGgGgGg”
Abygail Beltran
Abygail Beltran Prije 9 dana
Literally why do u care
mxrningsunset ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
mxrningsunset ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Prije 9 dana
For people saying it’s addisons opinion. It is but Trump is racist and islamaphobic And more
AxtumnOwl Prije 10 dana
Why are people getting attacked for being a registered republican or not voting for Joe Biden? People can have their own political opinions, and that is perfectly fine.
Jahzara Venord
Jahzara Venord Prije 10 dana
I agree on seeing a former president and wanting to take a picture or saying hi, like it’s a former president of the United States like why wouldn’t you
bts army 💜
bts army 💜 Prije 11 dana
anna just stop your embarrassing yourself-
Liina Emvula
Liina Emvula Prije 11 dana
Can yall leave her alone.If she support's him then she supports him.Mind your businesses.Leave the poor girl AlOnE.If you don't support it then you don't.✨😗
Kaylie ortiz
Kaylie ortiz Prije 11 dana
Bru. Why Adison
Aziza Hadiyah
Aziza Hadiyah Prije 10 dana
Right to and ppl in these comments don't got no Remorse for black ppl or them selves, if they Are a adison Fan bc like if had to say hi and introduce yourself or shake his hand if she is comfortable with ppl who support Trump then their cool with their Black friends getting Hurt fit just trying to live another Equal Opportunity and Day Flat Out
FaridaTamer Prije 12 dana
can this girl start respecting peoples opinion?
Softię_ roblox
Softię_ roblox Prije 12 dana
Respect her opinion wth this is just messed up stop if that’s her opinion u can’t change it
Torello890 Prije 12 dana
Who gives a shit
Michelle Dertinger
Michelle Dertinger Prije 13 dana
so what if she supports Trump? i’m sure the same people criticizing her for it fell for the media’s lies about him while she probably did her own actual research. Trump did a lot of great things for this country that go unnoticed and unappreciated solely bc he’s a republican. sad how people like her probably feel like they can’t be honest about who they support bc they will get criticized.
Alie Carroll
Alie Carroll Prije 13 dana
Ok you are so. Pathetic
Sofie Dina S
Sofie Dina S Prije 13 dana
These comments are restoring faith in my humanity.
Sofie Dina S
Sofie Dina S Prije 13 dana
Anna. One word. Chill.
Mxilliwastaken Prije 13 dana
Addison lost all my respect for her when she doxed a minor :l
Sakusas Bleach
Sakusas Bleach Prije 14 dana
Everyone has their own opinions and political views who cares if she does or don’t that’s her as long as she is respectful of others I don’t see a issue. we all don’t think the same things we all vote for someone different. if you want your views to be respected you have to respect somone else even if their against what you believe in. But that’s just my opinion
Paityn Jeffers
Paityn Jeffers Prije 14 dana
Trump rocks leave her alone I mean everyone does not wanna say omg literally Duh
fleur ɞ
fleur ɞ Prije 14 dana
She’s not going around forcing people to support Trump though- Leave the girl alone, she’s entitled to her own opinion. You wouldn’t want people being like “OH MY GOSH can you believeeeee she’s a Biden supporter!?” Let Addison live her life ❤️
Bohemian God
Bohemian God Prije 14 dana
How exactly is copyrighting other people’s materials for clout? Her age is irrelevant.
Bohemian God
Bohemian God Prije 14 dana
Anna, stop attacking her for her beliefs. There is nothing wrong with her having a different opinion, like who cares. Bullies.
Naomi A 2026
Naomi A 2026 Prije 14 dana
I actually dont have a specific political party. I just support/vote for whoever agrees with my religions moral beliefs. And this time it happened to have been Trump. But I wanted to say that I DO NOT support some of the rude and racist things he says. Now I hate to assume anything about anyone but I dont think Addison is a supporter for that reason.
baby lysa
baby lysa Prije 14 dana
kyla Prije 14 dana
Honestly idc it’s her decision and she can support who she wants to support
mxgzz __
mxgzz __ Prije 15 dana
anna luv if i see you defending her in your next video i wouldn't be suprised..
Janisse Galang
Janisse Galang Prije 15 dana
Anna you are exaggerating the issue omfg
Veronica Fernandez
Veronica Fernandez Prije 15 dana
I don’t think Anna has the right to drag Addison for liking trump because I know she wouldn’t do the same if she liked Biden
Mary Prije 15 dana
You call ppl out but uhm, bro you hate on people quickly and change the opinion like sonic not to mention clickbait title
dabunny Prije 15 dana
So everyone can share their opinion expect anna she's a human too calm down.
Andrea Ngoviky
Andrea Ngoviky Prije 15 dana
2:30 i mean that was before he became president how would she have known he was gonna do bad things once he got elected
Hayk Vardanyan
Hayk Vardanyan Prije 15 dana
Why do ppl care sm who she supports?
sheesh Prije 15 dana
did vinnie hacker really needed to put girls twerking in his music video, very much wanna be Nikita vibes…🍵
Sheila Reed
Sheila Reed Prije 15 dana
I love Bella's music and singing voice, but, I've been hearing things about how the only reason why people like her music is because THE SUB URBAN (Literally my favorite singer) is her producer, directer, and creative director! People are even SHIPPING them!!! Sub Urban is 21 almost 22, and Bella is 24, almost 25!!! Like, QUIT👏SHIPPING👏BOYS👏AND👏GIRLS👏JUST👏BECAUSE👏YOU👏SEE👏THEM👏HANGING👏OUT👏WITH👏EACHOTHER👏!!!!!🙄
Uduak Akpan
Uduak Akpan Prije 15 dana
Tbh, I'm not a trump supporter but if she wants to is it such a bad thing? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, for the fact that she is a celeb does not mean she's perfect. Leave this girl alone 😑
deja vu
deja vu Prije 15 dana
anna just...stop
Selena Sparkman
Selena Sparkman Prije 15 dana
Yall need to stop harassing people for who they vote for that's nun of your business i mean you voted for Joe biden and he's killing off are soldiers
Savannah Prije 15 dana
Hey anna if you could shout me out in one of your videos that would be crazy because i've never got a shout out and actually i actually found out that i have covid anyways i really hope you have an amazing day and if you can see if you see this comments which probably won't then oh my gosh because you're so good because you have two channels that you put so much effort in and i really hope you have a wonderful day goodbye
Inez Ahmad
Inez Ahmad Prije 15 dana
I’m not gonna lie what addison said was correct. I wouldn’t say hi to trump but I would agree that many ppl who don’t support trump would say hi and that includes her. So many ppl and ppl in podcast talking abt the situation have said they would say hi to. The old li’s were probably bc she was younger and still learning but idk
Royalty Prije 15 dana
it was her picture tf just becase YOU took jt doesn't mean it's yoursz
Royalty Prije 15 dana
Tiktokers NEED to stop making songs, nessa, Dixie, and jayden and ig chase have a real passion for it and most of them do it for money
Royalty Prije 15 dana
Idk about political thoughts i dont like either president, pepole need to stop having on her yall want to cause drama, her supporting trump isn't really hurting you
Lior Prije 16 dana
I mean she is just a tiktok girl. Why does it matter if she supports Trump or Biden or whoever? Also there are enough leftists on this platform, that even if she supported him I'd assume she isn't gonna profit anything from this except of hate comments. I don't care about this lady at all, but let's pretend I liked her, then found it she is a Trumpist - well I don't see any problem. Biden is such a goofball as well, and people who vote for Trump aren't all bad. Almost half of the country voted Trump technically, so it's not gonna shock anyone. Only on Twitter and Tiktok Trump has less than 20 supporters🙄
No One
No One Prije 16 dana
i got a trump add during this video lol
You are almost 2M subscribers
poppyMaz Prije 16 dana
if I was in Addisons position I would do the same. He a big buisness man in America almost self made why wouldn't you wanna meet him. I don't agree with some of the things he done but others are right. I'm in England and 14 so don't have a huge opinion but that's mine
Ariana Grandé
Ariana Grandé Prije 16 dana
its not the first time vinnie has made music- he has a song named cavity in 2020... in my opinion its rlly good
Amazing Avacodo
Amazing Avacodo Prije 16 dana
let Addison be
Chanell Jansen
Chanell Jansen Prije 16 dana
And if she supports Trump. You should support people's opinions we are all different. You are so obsessed
Frankkie D
Frankkie D Prije 16 dana
Can you stop yelling but !!!!!!! It is so annoying
Megan Heisey
Megan Heisey Prije 16 dana
Ok when are people going to come to there seances and realize we live in a free country and we are all entitled to our OWN opinion and we are allowed to vote for who we agree with just let the poor girl have her own opinion and keep your noise in your own business.
Ryleigh- Bloxburg Videos
Ryleigh- Bloxburg Videos Prije 16 dana
tbh, if she does support him atleast respect her im sorry that other people haves brains that work than you.
Peyton Berry
Peyton Berry Prije 16 dana
I don't remember her ever saying she supports him so....
purple gang
purple gang Prije 16 dana
bro why did i just see an add about trump 🤦‍♀️
Brandon Reeves
Brandon Reeves Prije 16 dana
“She could of just admitted she was a Trump supporter and went on with her day” Wouldn’t she get more hate for doing that, hypocrite 😐
Manon Zlate
Manon Zlate Prije 16 dana
your "BUT" keeps scaring me every time 😭😭😭😭😭
Marnan Prije 16 dana
Why do y’all care about who she supports?
trollers4lifes Prije 16 dana
What if shes a trump supporter?
bei bestie
bei bestie Prije 17 dana
“Yall can’t defend vinnie hacker for releasing a song” I don’t care ab vinnie but what does Nikita getting attacked for putting out a song have to do with him..? And then u said u understand why she got attacked.
Aiden Carter
Aiden Carter Prije 17 dana
Why does it matter if Addison supports trump literally stop being judgmental. Now you wonder why she world is shit
Ayasha Sidat
Ayasha Sidat Prije 17 dana
vinnie’s song is for fun he’s not trying to start a music career, he said so himself it’s not that deep yall 😭
cece Prije 17 dana
Why does it matter if she supports Trump though? It's not like she's been pushing her views on anyone. Honestly, some of ya'll are so sensitive.
Amazing Life Of Giselle
Amazing Life Of Giselle Prije 14 dana
I believe Addison Rae is a BLM ally but she supports Trump who is an openly racist man… it contradicts itself and doesn’t make sense
Ateki-san Prije 17 dana
Yeah so I don't pretty much care about who ppl support like... I respect everyone's opinion... But I just can't stop watching yo content-- *drama addicted*
❤️🥺butterflies Prije 17 dana
Oh wow even if she dose it doesn't mean that she agrees and likes all the stuff he has done and just because ur vote for trump doesn't mean u are a bad person she Entitle to her own opinion and this is coming from a Biden support not trying to be mean or anything but like bruh worry bout u girl I mean I rlly only watch u to see all the lies u make and tell us about I mean its interesting but most likely not true....sorry.I.had.too...
parker caldwell
parker caldwell Prije 17 dana
Honestly Anna is the main reason for drama…she encourages it. how do people sleep at night?!! Specifically Anna smh
Emillie Barnett
Emillie Barnett Prije 17 dana
Wait she never lied abt being a trump supporter... cuz she never amittited it...........
Kay Prije 17 dana
Oml if she’s a trump supporter go Addi bc Joe Biden has caused so much crap and has been so disrespectful to our country
Xenaiiliv Prije 17 dana
I think it’s mainly because of her fan base being diverse, and the fact that they suffered from trumps presidency to why people care who she supports because she’s meant to be influential
rae1ie Prije 17 dana
•Screechy• Prije 18 dana
y’all keep talking about the trump situation like y’all haven’t even watched the whole video… how about you karen’s calm tf down
Shwesin Htike
Shwesin Htike Prije 18 dana
Anna oop is making videos about Internet drama/ tik tokers drama and Addison might be a little problematic, im not hating on Addison but it's obvious that she's a trump supporter and there's nothing wrong with it, it's her opinion. But she didn't have to lie about it.. 😐
Dana Alhammadie
Dana Alhammadie Prije 18 dana
when will those famous people stop using aave??
shuichisgf Prije 18 dana
k nice anna but didnt u say a mexican slur? didnt u also misuse sm aave??? and never addressed aave????? expose urself babes.
A H Prije 18 dana
“people were quick to drag nikita dragun..” anna- you were on of those “people”
Little Lee
Little Lee Prije 18 dana
I don’t like Biden or trump
Little Lee
Little Lee Prije 18 dana
Awww a trumpieeee😩❤️
Ply Zceaq
Ply Zceaq Prije 18 dana
Also after you did know for sure she was a trump supporter why did you guys have to go after her just let her come out on her own time?!
Ply Zceaq
Ply Zceaq Prije 18 dana
Also what is wrong with being a trump supporter? Also she probably lied because she new people would be rude to her and make fun of her!!
floriiqa Prije 18 dana
Who wouldn’t want to meet a president- Even if there sh!t 😭💀💀
Mackenzie Vesy Aniciete
Mackenzie Vesy Aniciete Prije 18 dana
What is even xrong with supporting trump and when you not a fame person its okay( no hate and sorry for xrong spell )
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