Why Charli & Dixie D’Amelio Deserve An APOLOGY!

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anna oop

Prije 13 dana

Why Charli & Dixie D’Amelio Deserve An APOLOGY!

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Shroom🍄 Prije 13 sati
anna i might unsubscribe
Crafty Gamez
Crafty Gamez Prije dan
ok but when are people gonna stop hating on these teenagers?
iauahsnsns Prije dan
honestly i think that anna is just showing her opinion on whatever drama the damelios get in. So yeah shell feel bad sometimes and sometimes shes annoyed or mad at them for whatever drama. She just tells us drama
Jafrican Kween
Jafrican Kween Prije dan
I feel so bad for them smh
Jafrican Kween
Jafrican Kween Prije dan
so sad
ShAwtie_like_a_melodie In_MàÂ_hĔď
ShAwtie_like_a_melodie In_MàÂ_hĔď Prije dan
NOW ANNA IS SIDING WITH THEM..girl ur embarrassing....
Irene Prije dan
They deserve an apology for the thumbnail
Ranaa Khogyani
Ranaa Khogyani Prije dan
❥ aurocxi
❥ aurocxi Prije 2 dana
anna is one of the people who hates on EVERYONE then turns around one second later. oh these people DESERVE an apology. after talking shit about them along with everyone else.
Kelsey Prije 2 dana
I’m not hating on them however I think that everyone should know that with popularity comes hate, although people don’t deserve hate people will hate on others and it’s just the way it is.
lucy whyte
lucy whyte Prije 3 dana
larray wasnt cheated on like huh, there doesn’t need to be a reason for people to break up.
Tina Hansra
Tina Hansra Prije 3 dana
Anna you are getting canceled
MILK-TEA Prije 3 dana
Anna spreading news while people callls her a hypocrite:
Moosy Prije 3 dana
Ok girl you also kinda bullied them but I don’t think they deserve this much hate
holly tae
holly tae Prije 3 dana
Just stfu- Anna ugh you’re honestly annoying af you’re the one sitting here spreading negative comments abt them an now you’re feeling bad sis go take a nap
EM3RALD #Roadto50!
EM3RALD #Roadto50! Prije 3 dana
Anna oop, your such a hypocrite. Weren’t you making fun of them a while back?
xiacitin Prije 4 dana
GIRL, youre making people hate them. Tf?
IcyTbh Prije 4 dana
I don’t like them but they don’t deserve that
Kittykat Prije 4 dana
Anna upsets me 😐
Brooke Mckinley
Brooke Mckinley Prije 4 dana
Watching this after the video she just made 2 days ago hating on Dixie yet again 🤦🏻‍♀️
madiha Prije 4 dana
You anna are a 3:40 minus the s
Micha glare
Micha glare Prije 4 dana
Anna… you bouilles them more than others
madiha Prije 4 dana
*im cancelling anna for being a hypocrite, unsubscribe yall when you watch her it supports her and when you support her she thinks it’s ok to hate on people and act two faced*
Nkosi Madula
Nkosi Madula Prije 4 dana
Bryce Hall is single get of it please ok
Nkosi Madula
Nkosi Madula Prije 4 dana
I have been commenting on so many of Anna oops videos I've been thinking in my head that we should really start leaving Dixie and Charlie alone because when you think about it you their quite young imagine if you were in their position like you'll be crying to don't act so surprised cuz you guys are busy bashing them for like no reason just stop
Silvia Prije 4 dana
Honestly I just miss the old tiktok, like the summer 2019 tiktok. Back then it was just vsco girls, people painting on stuff, and a bunch of awesome music. I mean do ya’ll remember one-up-girl and prom queen by Beach Bunny?? The WORST part is that we took it for granted, and I remember how people were saying that summer 2019 felt kinda weird. I think we all know that now tiktok is just toxic with cancel culture, the hype house, and people doing 15 second dances being considered celebrities. Why is tiktok even popular right now?
nai :D
nai :D Prije 4 dana
Anna is acting as if she isn’t the one who canceled them like bro I never liked you
I hate u ,you litterly hated on them ur such a pick me girl u litterly call ‘pick me”
Jibber Jabber Gaming
Jibber Jabber Gaming Prije 4 dana
this is so controversal like miss girl, AS IF you didnt bully them too- step tf down for a sec your contributing to this, cancelling people is literally your job lmao- you need to take a minute.
D3VILE LIVE Prije 5 dana
I ain’t apologising to Dixie she racist
stinky Prije 5 dana
anna is literally one of the cancel culture. what is she talking about 💀
π¶∆{Gabrielle Williams} π¶∆
π¶∆{Gabrielle Williams} π¶∆ Prije 5 dana
It's hard if you were them and sad to see them cry and brake down STOP BULLYING THEM NOW some people don't know what other people are going through and plus if they weren't on earth then you would be sad because no people to profite off means no money
kentql Prije 5 dana
not everyone going after anna lmfao
Silvia Clemente
Silvia Clemente Prije 5 dana
no hate to anna but you also threw shade at them
edgyboe Prije 5 dana
Why should we apologize, they legit paid to be famous they chose this life lol plus being a hypocrite and calling others hypocrits... Ew
Arlet's edits
Arlet's edits Prije 5 dana
Pls not anna avting as if she wasn't part of the hate
✨hEhE✨ Prije 5 dana
*unfollows brady
Nya Haskins
Nya Haskins Prije 5 dana
tbh I don't really think they deserve an apology I mean like yes people are hating on them but they are still making their money bag and they have MILLIONS of followers and fans so I feel like they should focus on their fans and not on their haters because to me that's just attention seeking ..
Jessica Harmon
Jessica Harmon Prije 5 dana
I'm starting not to like anna no more cause like girl u was hating on them
Lulu Dance
Lulu Dance Prije 5 dana
Alai and Sheepy
Alai and Sheepy Prije 5 dana
I miss Anna's old content when she didn't make up stuff and didn't bully anyone unless they were problematic
Hollay Prije 5 dana
Ngl..I was expecting Anna to apologise and I’m kind of annoyed that she didn’t
Elfie_theniceelf Prije 5 dana
i’m not a fan of the damelios but this si truly heart breaking
Mxilliwastaken Prije 5 dana
Miss ma’am? Don’t act like you didn’t bully them to ;-;……..
Abigail Peter
Abigail Peter Prije 5 dana
okay but the "wattpad" comment in Bryce's one got me
Breann Prije 5 dana
This girl canceling people when she is the one that should be canceled
Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Roll Prije 6 dana
yeah sure but anna did the same thing. she’s acting some sort of saint. we all did it, it’s not just us
Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Roll Prije 6 dana
and “cancel culture never fails to surprise me” excuse me? don’t you make videos about cancelling and like tea about people? 💀
Tinna Bhoi
Tinna Bhoi Prije 6 dana
But it when it is Addison then you say nothing b
bad bleep
bad bleep Prije 6 dana
i’m sorry about al the hate anna, love your videos
Yeah crackhaed Fan here
Yeah crackhaed Fan here Prije 6 dana
Bruh after watching some of your videos I FELT YOU WERE NOT A FAN BUT- it was too fast !
rebma slmbr
rebma slmbr Prije 6 dana
The irony of her saying she feels bad for them when she's literally one of the biggest contributors to her hate. Honestly hate tea channels so much because they always spread all rumours around even when they're not true. Also the clickbait titles can do so much harm, like I understand you need views girl but that's not the way to do it
bear Prije 6 dana
you know reality tv is fake right there acting smh
that was a phase.
that was a phase. Prije 6 dana
You should be the last person making a video like this
ꜱᴀʀᴀ Prije 6 dana
come on anna now not you saying they deserve an apology when u even went against them🥴
Lavender NN
Lavender NN Prije 6 dana
Anna is one of the reasons char and Dixie feel this way “i feel so bad for them 🥺” like no Anna stf 😐‼️
envy Prije 6 dana
yikess, anna actin like she's not one of the people that owes them an apology🧍🏾‍♀️🤨
Mia Richer
Mia Richer Prije 6 dana
Like you weren't taking part in the bullying? I understand your videos are all just recaps of what's going on, but you still give your own opinion throughout the video. Don't act like a saint and say you feel bad when you literally bullied them since they got famous.
Exotic_Zaddy Zaddy
Exotic_Zaddy Zaddy Prije 6 dana
having a break down just bc someone called her musty😭
Laura Czb
Laura Czb Prije 6 dana
honestly just stfu
caca pooopoo
caca pooopoo Prije 6 dana
you did it too babe…
Zoe Sharp
Zoe Sharp Prije 6 dana
Why is everyone bullying them like leave them alone if you don’t like them then don’t watch them that simple gosh😫😫😫
bumble bell
bumble bell Prije 6 dana
i cant with yall- as someone who's never hated or disliked the damelios, its so disgusting that half of you guys were the ones hating on them, when you now switch up bc you realized they are humans with feelings.
hatter 21
hatter 21 Prije 6 dana
Lmao pls girl dont act like u have feelings 💀
Gina Luv
Gina Luv Prije 6 dana
So ana cancels everybody like she says 'i feel so sorry for them' also a2 days later shes like' she a teen she is drunk omg' and judges them, when people find out what she looks like.. She would be cancelled
ddem00n Prije 7 dana
4:31-4:42 um Anna love didn’t u say bullying isn’t right ?? Orrr I’m just hearing things
𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐧 #technosupport
𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐧 #technosupport Prije 7 dana
anna: oMg i FeEl sO bAd fOr tHeM oMg tHeY DoNt dEsErVe tHiS also anna: *literally proceeds to make fun of them*
jm animals
jm animals Prije 7 dana
AlysiaBlue Prije 7 dana
Anna: *Hypocrites..* Girly, you literally are a hypocrite because I remember you calling the sisters problematic and you literally cancel people. Girl what- you literally bullied them
「Mackeroon 」
「Mackeroon 」 Prije 7 dana
Cassi Johnson
Cassi Johnson Prije 7 dana
People are really too faced
Astrid Catalan
Astrid Catalan Prije 7 dana
why are you acting like you have never cancelled or hated on them?
Dylan Nanan
Dylan Nanan Prije 7 dana
Ana you bullied them too
Jennifer Carrillo
Jennifer Carrillo Prije 7 dana
Weren’t you hating on them too??😒
A Cucumber #stopanimaltesting
A Cucumber #stopanimaltesting Prije 7 dana
ppl are hating on anna and i feel bad but they were telling the truth but like dont hate on her
BeyBella Prije 7 dana
I love Anna but cmon girl don’t act like you didn’t cancel them before…
Emxtional🤍🖤✨💅🥺 Prije 7 dana
I gotta say Anna getting a lot of hate but I toddally agree on this one🙃
ROBLOX TEA Prije 7 dana
tbh I really don’t care😭😭 like good get hate ig. It’s my opinion and if you don’t like it deal with it😭😭 .
Laura Czb
Laura Czb Prije 7 dana
well maybe don’t hate on them in 90% of your videos then ??? A kids mental health is worth more than the money you make on HRpost
🍄Mr Mushroom🍄
🍄Mr Mushroom🍄 Prije 7 dana
Ya'll remember when Anna was actually a "good drama commenter" or whateva? girl you're such a hypocrite-
Jen Jen
Jen Jen Prije 7 dana
not anna changing her mind on the damelios AGAIN.
Sams_ Pie
Sams_ Pie Prije 7 dana
Okay they shouldn’t look at comments or videos of people talking about them. I am not going to lie some people cry just to get attention but this isn’t one of those moments when Charlie faked cried on live. I feel bed for them I don’t like them but I feel bad
ᴀsᴛʀᴏ Prije 7 dana
The thumbnail is sending me
Blue boo
Blue boo Prije 7 dana
Okay yall are showing to much hate to her I don’t like the damelios that much but they shouldn’t be getting that much hate yall shading Anna need to learn you can feel bad for someone without liking them like- Anna soz about the hate
Blue boo
Blue boo Prije 6 dana
I get that she brings them down but she feels bad for them and ur being rude af rn not to mention if someone u don’t like is crying over something serious I feel bad like I don’t like Dixie and Charlie but they don’t deserve the hate
Laura Czb
Laura Czb Prije 7 dana
Anna actually deserves the calling out because all this time she’s constantly been bringing them down , along with other influencer , including KIDS !! She then creates content like this in which she basically puts the blame on other people , when’s she’s part of the reason why they are breaking down in their videos . A kids’s mental health is worth more than her HRpost money …
im_.a_simp Prije 7 dana
i honestly feel bad about them i dont like them but its just sick and disgusting to see how people pick on them hate on them for litterly every single thing they do. and anna why are u switching so fast first u am efun of them then u feel bad? be honest pls
jaya amy van den berg
jaya amy van den berg Prije 7 dana
its so sad to see them cry
roses jay
roses jay Prije 7 dana
The thumnail-
Mary Prije 7 dana
Stop ignoring us, anna.
Charlize Holupka
Charlize Holupka Prije 8 dana
I watched the show and started crying
Aminath Shahidha
Aminath Shahidha Prije 8 dana
The only reason im watching this bc i want to know the latest tea honesly anna is a hypocrite as if ur not cancelling them wth
Catarina P
Catarina P Prije 8 dana
People forget the D’meilo sisters are human too. And we all have those cringe moments when we’re younger. No one wants that blown up over and over
Jeana Lewis
Jeana Lewis Prije 8 dana
Omg who the hell cares literally famous for theft anyways
Sada Musa
Sada Musa Prije 8 dana
They need an apologe NOW YOU GUYS CAN'T DO THIS
Ayzuria Prije 8 dana
The fact that Anna would switch up so fast on someone cause I remember when she would make videos calling them fake and stuff and now shes praising them like make up you're mind.
j e m
j e m Prije 8 dana
I know shes being hypocrital but no need to hate on her that much bc yall are also hating
N and j nation
N and j nation Prije 8 dana
Your so ignorant your a hypocrite how you gonna cancel people and then say you feel bad
Camihla Prije 8 dana
you feel so bad yet your the one who was talking shit about them.
montanna69 Prije 8 dana
3:30 Anna you really are becoming a hypocrite aswell..
montanna69 Prije 8 dana
@Coral I agree
Coral Prije 8 dana
she already is
Bella Prije 8 dana
Maybe we should chancell anna ?
【your stalker】
【your stalker】 Prije 8 dana
"but" :)
Anna ngl, your hating on them but once u see their true colours defending them like ur a saint, (no hate it just the reality)
Karlos Ryan
Karlos Ryan Prije 8 dana
Anna all your fans coming for u🔫
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