wait.. bryce hall is right for once? 😳

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anna oop

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wait.. bryce hall is right for once? 😳
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cmlioc Prije 4 sati
Wtfff omg that’s so wrong.
Savanna Wood
Savanna Wood Prije 12 sati
Anna: explains Also Anna: BUT!
Yuh Prije 15 sati
Biggest flex: I watched Anna oop BEFORE the masks and corona
Robloxchamoy Hehe
Robloxchamoy Hehe Prije 15 sati
I stan you
jace Prije 17 sati
i have no idea who are these ppl i just watch u bc i don't wanna think
Savannah Cornett
Savannah Cornett Prije 4 dana
Ok here is my opinion on Bryce…. not that anyone asked BUT I don’t think he is a bad person I just think he has done stupid things but not everyone is perfect I think he’s just trying to live his life but is making some mistakes along the way. AND if Addison is a Trump supporter she can be a Trump supporter it’s her opinion and y’all should respect it, not discriminate it she’s an adult and can make her own decisions
Jaidaa Elhadad
Jaidaa Elhadad Prije 5 dana
Coming from the future about Addison situation Omer cheated on her
༄Cloudy Waves༄
༄Cloudy Waves༄ Prije 8 dana
1:22 yo wtf 😳
Sliverbubbles Prije 8 dana
When we getting a face reveal
Ems Prije 8 dana
Can we please stop hating on her for supporting trump?
Lillian Clary
Lillian Clary Prije 9 dana
is jaden and nessa dating
Autum Star
Autum Star Prije 11 dana
I dont understand why someone chooses Trump over the other and then everyone makes a huge deal out of it, everyone has there opinions and preferences. Doesn't seem like an issue to have there own. I get the rest but geez she's one in 7 billion people who have any say not like her opinion will magically put Trump back in office. (Disclaimer: I do t care about politics just curious as to why everyone attacks because there opinion is diffrent)
hope she worth it...
hope she worth it... Prije 17 dana
Like, ur y'all anoyinng, stop making fun of Josh fighting with that guy, that guy tried to ridiculice Josh in public LMAO
Maxine Cortez
Maxine Cortez Prije 18 dana
Plsss face revel
Dunkinlover Prije 20 dana
They are giving hints guys
misery' Prije 20 dana
Naomi P-H
Naomi P-H Prije 21 dan
Bryce I dont like you but good job for keeping your cool, ADDISON WE GET IT YOUR SINGLE (OR YOU WERE) BUT CALM DOWNNNNNN
CACA POOP Prije 21 dan
Josh fans : it’s so disrespectful to pull his pants down / mean while my brother calmly putonghua mine down everywhere :)
Its Mikayla
Its Mikayla Prije 21 dan
I’m sry Addis dating….MGKs GUITARIST!!!!!
김영준 Prije 22 dana
I love how she always says "BUT" out of nowhere ?💀💀💀 Ann it always gives my jump scares :) ❤
Khloe O
Khloe O Prije 23 dana
Naomi Cotto
Naomi Cotto Prije 23 dana
Not influences normal people as well
Dede Montoya
Dede Montoya Prije 23 dana
All of you guys are so dumb like Addison a she failed something like it she loves somebody why but she has a crush you have she will comment you would like and she forget about the crash and she doesn't like to push anymore she could she like she loves somebody she was she will happily like leave her alone haters try to be like her
exrth Prije 24 dana
ever since she learned about addison being a trump supporter she never stops brining it up
Thenoexl Prije 25 dana
because of fake rumors yall expect EVERYONE to be a democrat now?? 🤨 are y’all just surely dumb adults?? are y’all not seeing that biden just gave TALIBAN *OUR* weapons? and we may have a freaking terrorist attack?? i’m sorry i’m a trump supporter, but grow the hell up and stop living off of rumors. i’m shocked how dumb y’all can be. LITTERAL ADULTS.
Amina Jibril
Amina Jibril Prije 25 dana
I would cry if someone pulled me pants down in front of many people
Tanvy Prije 26 dana
he was in the movie omg he’s all that
armie Prije 26 dana
bryce hall did not get sexually assaulted lmao. the guy tried to pants him, people do that all the time as a prank
itsskylerrr Prije 27 dana
bro, yall act like biden is any better than trump.💀
Toxic Pumpkin tears
Toxic Pumpkin tears Prije 29 dana
let people support who they want tf.
Doki Doki
Doki Doki Prije mjesec
Laci Godelia
Laci Godelia Prije mjesec
I really don’t get why people can or can’t support someone like let them be and have a life
Kalipsia X
Kalipsia X Prije mjesec
Ok I do not support trump but I do believe you shouldn’t be judged for supporting him or apparently supporting him, Also Addison Rae just likes drama she needs to calm down abt her ex laughing at the comment of “down grading” like what would she have done in that situation, he was nervous and didn’t know what to say he said as long as she is happy he is happy, I think that is really mature. :)
Royal avakin101
Royal avakin101 Prije mjesec
Wow I feel bad for addison. You can't even say hi to someone without getting canceled for something
Leyanie Ortiz
Leyanie Ortiz Prije mjesec
Well see whats happening in afgaistan and biden is doing nothing
vanissa Prije mjesec
Oh nvm thanq
Kayie Cairns
Kayie Cairns Prije mjesec
Tbh the only 2 influencers I hate are James and tony for grooming
Moonswifexo Prije mjesec
He handled it wayyyyyyy better than I did 💀
Prije mjesec
sorry but do people just not get the fact that there’s two political parties you can support who u want it’s a free country LMAOO “u support them?” well “no u cant it’s wrong” like what lol.
• anaya
• anaya Prije mjesec
that trumpet likes a new boy every 4 days
Liv Sikes
Liv Sikes Prije mjesec
is it really that bad to like Trump more than Biden? Why cant people have their own opinions these days?
Tamia SG
Tamia SG Prije mjesec
That pic tho 🤨
Simply Me
Simply Me Prije mjesec
Not miss trump supporter- I mean addison rae going public about her new relationship so we would forget that she is a trumpie...
PUERTO RICO Prije mjesec
It's not Jaden and Nessa's fault that they're growing in their music carrier
Oh Ma Gawd
Oh Ma Gawd Prije mjesec
bruh this country isn’t even free anymore. who gaf is someone doesn’t have the same opinion as u
Kyaria Matthews
Kyaria Matthews Prije mjesec
Why does Addison's political stance even matter?
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller Prije mjesec
no... WHAT.. wait.. what... NO... i mean.. NO.. there was NOTHING "sexual" about that lil stunt, there at the end.. if he were to press charges for THAT, in a sense of a "SEXUAL act," then that'd just prove him to actually b the most ULTIMATE lil snowflake, that 1 EVER COULD SEE.. there was nothing "sexual" in that... dude was getting smurfed..it's happened to the best of us...
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller Prije mjesec
Brice has ALREADY PROVED that he'd kiss ANY1 tho!!
Tea Spiller
Tea Spiller Prije mjesec
Josh getting panted isn’t Sexual assault. Sexual assault is physical sexual contact or behavior. He was sexual harassed. Sexual harassment is unwanted verbal or physical sexual attention. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE PEOPLE
Jaelyn Michelle
Jaelyn Michelle Prije mjesec
Ok I’m not defending Addison or anything but the way she decided to deny and then cause all this drama instead of just saying she does like trump and deal with it my grandmother is a trump supporter but she does believe a lot of the things he did was super unessisary some people political views does not define them 🙂 my grandparents support trump me and my parent support Biden we all still get along, dong judge somebody based on what they like Just Addison did all this and it was soooo unessisary
Mental health issues
Mental health issues Prije mjesec
This is the definition of everything is possible
Hunter Marlon
Hunter Marlon Prije mjesec
This drama is so messed up
Jana Anderson
Jana Anderson Prije mjesec
They are not dating
Queen Lady
Queen Lady Prije mjesec
Nobody in the tiktok community is dat press 😒 stop wid the lies
Jayden Black
Jayden Black Prije mjesec
TRUMP 2024
Teo Ah wan
Teo Ah wan Prije mjesec
I am going to tell Bryce about you 👺👹
Sampada Gondhalekar
Sampada Gondhalekar Prije mjesec
Anna bryce and Riley are not dating they’re just best friends stop spreading lies.
Sassy Queen
Sassy Queen Prije mjesec
About josh why r there some males in the comments blaming women for what happened to him a MAN pulled his pants he doesn’t deserve it it’s sa and his FRIENDS were the ones laughing what do girls have to do with anything in fact most of us thought it wasn’t funny
guess the celeb
guess the celeb Prije mjesec
It’s not nessa and jadens fault that the josh situation isn’t been taken seriously, it’s the other people on social media’s fault for not bringing up the topic
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez Prije mjesec
jamescharlesbaldcap Prije mjesec
why is addison mad…bryce’s friend said addison had an upgrade, not a downgrade 💀
Kayla_K Prije mjesec
I feel like people getting hated on for being trump supporters is kinda childish just bc of someones political views
ava smith
ava smith Prije mjesec
trump was a P.R.E.S.I.D.E.N.T he is historical why shouldn’t she be excited
ItzEllie_XD Prije mjesec
We can all agree these toxic tiktokers are mistakes
twerk that BOOTY
twerk that BOOTY Prije mjesec
Please Bryce and his friends can't keep Addisons name out of their mouths. embarrassing.
Ruth Tellis
Ruth Tellis Prije mjesec
3:32 that's my best friend ya'll
MyMy Aumiller
MyMy Aumiller Prije mjesec
Honestly why is it a problem that addison is a trump supporter like so what if she is like anna your probably a trumpy too so like stop making fun of addison.
Kimber Brown
Kimber Brown Prije mjesec
Ok just stfu with Addison meeting trump like let her do what she want to do and it’s getting annoying calling her a trumpie it not his name so stfu and stop acting like a 6 year old and act like your own age, damn y’all are so annoying
Ashley Ambrocio-Herrera - CVMS 2026
Ashley Ambrocio-Herrera - CVMS 2026 Prije mjesec
Wait a second....omar and addison, kountry and travis and mgk and Megan. WHOA
Rodase Dessalegn
Rodase Dessalegn Prije mjesec
Wait I saw the tittle and press it faster then James say hey sister lmao
Meat Juice
Meat Juice Prije mjesec
Ama Mak
Ama Mak Prije mjesec
This 16-year-old literally harassing Bryce. Bryce getting annoyed. 16-year-old: “Why are you getting mad at me? 🤓”
poop Prije mjesec
well what are they meant to do? pull his pants up for him
Baylee Nicole
Baylee Nicole Prije mjesec
I hate how these people don't even know how awesome and amazing trump is and how much he did for our country and I can have this debate if you wanna say otherwise. I don't like Addison but koodos to her for not changing bc people dont agree with THE TRUTH
Ryxz. Prije mjesec
So you're a trump supporter? :/
N D Prije mjesec
What do Nessa and Jaden have to do with this? LOL u will say anything just so people like you
Divya Dadhwal
Divya Dadhwal Prije mjesec
You should have seen my facial expressions when I saw this on my recommended like I almost dropped my noodles
haru chan
haru chan Prije mjesec
no way NO WAY
VICKIES_BUBS Prije mjesec
im not a trump supporter but shoudnt we vote for who we want. if Addison wants to be a trump supporter let her be???
《Nessa》 Prije mjesec
Is it just me that's waiting for Anna to talk abt swavy
Maximum Anime
Maximum Anime Prije mjesec
4:52 whats that music
Lesedi Lopang
Lesedi Lopang Prije mjesec
Y’all did Anna ever apologize for saying the n word or what
Dhwani Selvam
Dhwani Selvam Prije mjesec
Ana stfu.. Jaden and nessa are minding there business
Johnny Sin's younger grandma
Johnny Sin's younger grandma Prije mjesec
1:23 what’s wrong they were just eating pancakes together
Angelic Knight
Angelic Knight Prije mjesec
All leave Bryce hall alone he is may be young but everybody make dumb decisions in life we are all not perfect u even hate Bryce or just like him cause Anna must be a fan of Bryce but Addison
Keiko Prije mjesec
I never thought this day would come…who would’ve thought Bryce hall would be right for once?!
Bradie Baker
Bradie Baker Prije mjesec
Bradie Baker
Bradie Baker Prije mjesec
Bradie Baker
Bradie Baker Prije mjesec
Bradie Baker
Bradie Baker Prije mjesec
Bradie Baker
Bradie Baker Prije mjesec
Mel's fanZ
Mel's fanZ Prije mjesec
My girl Melanie Martinez had to MAKE a whole song about who SHE gets harassed at a concert, ppl were not letting her sing by screaming when she told them please let me preform this show you all paid for, they did not listen (a few ppl were doing this, the fans were mad tho)
Roksana W
Roksana W Prije mjesec
Why did Bryce look so cute in the vid😳
Heather Caron
Heather Caron Prije mjesec
god i wish i livedin LA
Mia McEwen Castrillo
Mia McEwen Castrillo Prije mjesec
loved the kid laroi photo
Zarah Okeugo
Zarah Okeugo Prije mjesec
But Bryce's friend said upgrade
Ali Prije mjesec
Addison reminds me of the girl in your school that goes after every guy
Sadia Khan
Sadia Khan Prije mjesec
Why do I have a feeling tana is gonna look like Trisha when she’s around that age. They look like twins Almost 😭
Koolkidhav Prije mjesec
Josh didn't get SA, he was bullied/harassed there is a difference. Yall blow everything out of proportions, and throw around words that shouldn't be throwed around like that... I'm getting sick of the ppl who are in Anna's comments...
Grete Kask
Grete Kask Prije mjesec
A lawyer on TikTok actually said that Bryce could be charged if he actually did attack him, bc standing within 6 feet of a celebrity doesn’t give the celebrity the right to attack them
just izzy
just izzy Prije mjesec
Um on ana Sovels can you do selena quintanilla cuz its an story kinda never solved right plz
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