James Charles ACCUSED Of Grooming A Tiktoker? Danielle Cohn is in TROUBLE? Vinnie's fans UPSET?

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James Charles ACCUSED Of Grooming A Tiktoker? Danielle Cohn is in TROUBLE? Vinnie's fans UPSET?
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Kelly Jo
Kelly Jo Prije dan
I think that this generation thinks everyone needs to apologize for taking a shit.... it’s actually annoying
delani rose
delani rose Prije dan
being completely honest i think that the “victim” was one of james’ haters and because james has an alleged history of sexual force used that to his advantage by flirting with him. it’s rlly easy to fake this because we have no proof that james had asked for his age and that the “victim” (idk his name) said no to sending pictures back or anything like that. so idk it could’ve been fake or real but personally i don’t think that would happen. damn i just wish there wasn’t so much drama in the celebrity world....
David Goodman
David Goodman Prije dan
Lols Have
Lols Have Prije 2 dana
I don’t believe that retard is a slur
Isabella Crossman
Isabella Crossman Prije 4 dana
When James realizes concealer doesnt cover everything
cole Prije 6 dana
im a huge fan of vinnie but i could NEVER be this toxic and control every single thing he does. let him have ONE thing please.
Sun flowers
Sun flowers Prije 6 dana
Vinnies fans are a joke
potato Prije 7 dana
Wow... I came here after James' video because i had no idea what was going on ;-;
Starriel Silverstein
Starriel Silverstein Prije 8 dana
This is just a genuine question. If a minor catfishes and lies and leads on an adult into doing prohibited stuff, would it still not be the minor’s fault? Like the adult wouldn’t know and didn’t know until they found out until it was too late. Please clear this for me.
Ruba zoldyck
Ruba zoldyck Prije 8 dana
Guys am i the only one who starts to see that james has A LOT in common with our dear magician hisoka
DaPotato Prije 8 dana
Wth- Why does Trisha gotta get into EVERYONE literally everyone’s business? But finally Trisha has a GOOD point-
Ang Ace
Ang Ace Prije 8 dana
Ima need a follow up
boba Prije 8 dana
Ugh just leave Vinnie ALONE😫
Jk 320
Jk 320 Prije 9 dana
It's funny how you were defending James Charles like MONTH ago and now you like "Gr00mer". You said "why he (JC) isn't canceled yet" and defending Trisha ab what she said, where she's bigger problem here. You literaly allowing by defending her to continue harassing and input other people
Bxtter Flies
Bxtter Flies Prije 10 dana
The boy said he was 18 and lied about his age he’s a under age 16 year old so I believe james it’s not his fault
Bxtter Flies
Bxtter Flies Prije 9 dana
@lifetime YT he asked because he knew he was lying about his age
lifetime YT
lifetime YT Prije 9 dana
@Bxtter Flies no one asked James to add random people on snap and start flirting with them. plus how are you going to add someone and the first thing you say is “show me your Id” that’s sketchy and weird.
Bxtter Flies
Bxtter Flies Prije 9 dana
@lifetime YT no before James flirted he asked for his age and ID and the boy refused to show him his ID because he lied about being 18 so James got exited and flirted back because he wanted a boyfriend so the 16 year old flirted first so it’s really not James fault.
lifetime YT
lifetime YT Prije 9 dana
But James should’ve never sent those weird pictures In the first place,James didn’t know his age when he added him
space killer
space killer Prije 10 dana
Retard is not a slur
wendywilliamscankles Prije 11 dana
Trisha isn’t wrong, but she should be the LAST person canceling someone else.
momina aziz
momina aziz Prije 11 dana
Guys is this true?
Jaliyah Shaw
Jaliyah Shaw Prije 11 dana
How is the r word a slur people say it as Jokes like if you with a friend they do something crazy or silly you say a girl/boy your so.... like it’s not a big of a deal people are just canceling everything🙄✋🏾
evie may kiltie
evie may kiltie Prije 11 dana
im really bored
Just Being Normal Studios
Just Being Normal Studios Prije 11 dana
Carson got cancelled He was straight. James Charles did the same thing He's openly gay, but he's not cancelled
Lamar Davis
Lamar Davis Prije 10 dana
Being gay has nothing to do with this. Carson got cancelled because somebody didnt like him and made lies and everyone blew it out of proportion.
jimins.chubby.cheeks Prije 13 dana
I don't believe the boy accusing James, he obviously lying about sum.
carminaa Prije 15 dana
my girl anna is the ceo of NOT A MINUTE AFTER
Solomon Shorter
Solomon Shorter Prije 15 dana
From what I know there isn't real proof that James knew his age and in my opinion James could really get some from anyone so it doesn't make sense to me for James to risk his career on this 16 year old kid..... I believe the 16 year old wanted a relationship with James and when James denied he decided to attack him.... not to say that James couldn't have done this but logically things aren't and adding up.... and trisha saying it's never the minor's fault is honestly bs..... from the age 16+ you have a pretty good idea of what you're doing
Sophie Green
Sophie Green Prije 15 dana
why did Danielle say the r slur in the first place? If she knew it is offensive to the disabled community, let alone everybody, maybe she should not say it.
Moriah Thomas
Moriah Thomas Prije 15 dana
A lot of yall keep talkin about Trisha but she was right about David...
oOof UWU
oOof UWU Prije 16 dana
whats the r slur
abc Prije 16 dana
Holy shit can you not yell please
Milena Prije 16 dana
Stop screaming when you say but you voice is annoying
Jia Mchdo
Jia Mchdo Prije 16 dana
James didn’t groom a kid the boy lied about his age!!!!
Tyler Gray
Tyler Gray Prije 17 dana
whats the r slur
Olivia Jayne
Olivia Jayne Prije 17 dana
You realise you could ruin his life if you make this up.......
Harmony Counts
Harmony Counts Prije 18 dana
He’s literally proved innocent, if u think it’s true just stay away from him, I think James is completely right, but some don’t that doesn’t matter, you nor me even knows the lgbt community lgbt’s gets a lot of hate which is why they hide it, so we don’t even know the full story but the whole thing is over, there is no need to go off on James
Claudia Prije 18 dana
Even tho trisha is kinda crazy She spilled factz 👁️👅👁️
Lizbeth Ramirez
Lizbeth Ramirez Prije 18 dana
hi im nikki
hi im nikki Prije 18 dana
To be honest, I don't know who to believe... Isaiah definitely doesn't seem like someone I would trust, and I feel like James wouldn't do what he was accused of. But of course, anything could have happened. Isaiah also seems like he's just making up a story as he's going. I am not invalidating any other opinions! Im just sharing mine! :)
Marisa Morgan
Marisa Morgan Prije 19 dana
No video proof, just photos which can be photoshopped by anyone nowadays. And when did it become wrong for influencers to be friends. Ain’t our business there, it’s between her parents and James.
adan armaly
adan armaly Prije 19 dana
Pink girl cherry love
Pink girl cherry love Prije 19 dana
Mind your own business Trisha
XxJAY -II Prije 20 dana
Trisha is actually so annoying, why tf does she always have something to say when drama is happening. She needs to mind her own business 😒
Melissa Jane
Melissa Jane Prije 20 dana
james is 21 isaia is 16 , she has joined the groomer community for good
Mary Prije 21 dan
I’ve been watching James Charles for a veryyyyy long time and I still remember when the Tati and James thing came out, but the allegations keep on getting stronger and stronger on James, I feel like he really really to have a break and needs to stop texting people online and “finding” out they’re underage, I’m really losing respect for James since he can’t control himself. Honestly disgusting.
•Cuteiieshe• Prije 21 dan
Why am i getting lentotally vibes..
PARK JIMIN Prije 22 dana
These toxic fans r just asrrfghhjkkbcgg
Jada Bell
Jada Bell Prije 22 dana
Man Trisha don't know how to stay out of people drama stay away you are not needed-
Zoey Fatherly
Zoey Fatherly Prije 22 dana
not Trisha in peoples business again
•Malcolm• Prije 23 dana
I dont think James is even gonna get karma (I don't even think he did anything and believe him but whatever I still support the victim and hope he's okay). Everybody tried to cancel Jeffree Star and where did that go? Nowhere. Probably gonna go the same with James if im being honest.
Jxylinx Prije 23 dana
Honestly, Ya'll always have to find or make drama with big influencers. Do something else geez.
Jaileen Prije 23 dana
Everyone is starting to be a groomer. 😐😭
javina dumas
javina dumas Prije 24 dana
Ngl but Trisha needs to go away out if the tiktok community she like 33 years old if u don't get ur old as out of people buisness that does not involve u lady
Riot Starz
Riot Starz Prije 24 dana
A bunch of y'all will cancel anyone for doing shit like this but when it's James it's a different story oh okay then...
Ellie Dayon
Ellie Dayon Prije 24 dana
I know y'all talking about tea but 5:03 DaNiElLe HoNEeEeEeEeEeE!!!! LMAO THAT WAS SO CUTE
sophiedance Prije 24 dana
I don't rlly know who's right from James Charles or that other dude it's so hard to tell
marcellus Prije 24 dana
how does he have the life that he has and continuously mess up, if i was him i'd be sitting back content. it's so frustrating seeing people be able to live with no struggles but make bad and stupid decisions.
xanqelic roblox & edits
xanqelic roblox & edits Prije 24 dana
Potato Prije 24 dana
I honestly think you need to chill and stay out of other peoples business... You weren't involved with anything in this video so why?
Anna M.C.
Anna M.C. Prije 24 dana
This kid give headache... I can't with him
[ syd-is-me ]
[ syd-is-me ] Prije 24 dana
Am I stupid or was ret*rd just another way to say stupid or dumb, I feel uneducated. I looked it up on urban Dictionary but it didn’t really say anything. (Can someone pls explain this to me)
Bill Metz
Bill Metz Prije 24 dana
Lmaooooo who in the world doesn’t say retarded 😂😂😂😂😂more than 70%of people use that word
Penelope Baricaua
Penelope Baricaua Prije 24 dana
I have exam tomorrow what the fuck am I doing here.
Sugacoating Prije 25 dana
Nobody gonna talk about how Vinnie's fans are SO FLIPPING ANNOYING
Litle Dummy
Litle Dummy Prije 25 dana
yes james has a friend that is a 16 yo.... but he is a gay man and she is a girl! try using your brain next time...
Litle Dummy
Litle Dummy Prije 25 dana
your voice is sooooooo anoying
Anna xox
Anna xox Prije 25 dana
I’m sorry but I can’t watch your videos anymore there’s to many ads😭😭
Annamaria Tropea
Annamaria Tropea Prije 25 dana
the funny thing is that trisha a woman of 31 years old cares about business about teenagers amin' grow please
Annamaria Tropea
Annamaria Tropea Prije 25 dana
trisha and the other one are toxic james he is such a good guys stop
Paris Simone
Paris Simone Prije 25 dana
Kennia Gallardo
Kennia Gallardo Prije 25 dana
How do we know thats a picture James took a mean like we can't see his face so there's no proof that James send that
•SnowFee• Prije 26 dana
I dont know what i would do without Anna- i would never know this if it was not for her-
Natalia Mikaelson
Natalia Mikaelson Prije 26 dana
2:25 James.... honey what did u get yourself into..... I really love James but I can’t like him if these allegations are true-
0riginal cool
0riginal cool Prije 26 dana
i want someone who exposes who isnt cringy
Jethro Washington
Jethro Washington Prije 26 dana
xxAlmxnd_Milkyxx Prije 26 dana
wait i’m so confused retarded is a slur now? most of us say it all the time n now it’s a slur? if someone can explain it’ll really help me out.
ThatOneArtist Prije 19 dana
Uh... its a slur to neurodivergent people..
A black dot
A black dot Prije 26 dana
i HONESTLY dont know
Millie xxx
Millie xxx Prije 27 dana
Were all here for James let be honest.
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Prije 27 dana
*then you dont want to get attacked by other comments so you don't comment anything*
Corelle Prije 27 dana
I supported James during the tati scandal but not this.. whether or not this entire thing is for views or not, why didnt James show any proof?? When he's previously in scandals like this, he comes forward with receipts and screenshots. But this time, he literally just wrote a paragraph and said he'll check people's ages "next time."
Natbat The great
Natbat The great Prije 27 dana
Please do a face reveal!!!🥺
Nevaeh Mancias
Nevaeh Mancias Prije 27 dana
I’m still confused on how James is getting canceled for grooming , ( and btw I’m agreeing he should be canceled) but yet zoe, tony, and Ondreaz still aren’t canceled, and not getting hate like James is
Keedy Williams
Keedy Williams Prije 27 dana
James is innocent .
Manny Wright
Manny Wright Prije 27 dana
holup I’m not American so please tell me what’s so wrong with saying retard my friends and I call each other retard all the time.
karinaminaj777 Prije 20 dana
@Zamora AAA AAA yeah but people normalised it sadly 🙁
Zamora AAA AAA
Zamora AAA AAA Prije 26 dana
@xxAlmxnd_Milkyxx It's a slur against neurodivergent people (Autism, Adhd, etc) , and it's not something you should use if you're not neurodivergent
xxAlmxnd_Milkyxx Prije 26 dana
i’m american n i say retard all the time to my friends as well? idk how that’s a slur if most people say it?
yourfriendly mexican
yourfriendly mexican Prije 27 dana
I believe james, James would never
Simone Rogers
Simone Rogers Prije 27 dana
What’s a R slur 😂😂
LvinqxAri x
LvinqxAri x Prije 27 dana
Yeah, i am a fan of james but i do think he's telling the truth
Lovely Z
Lovely Z Prije 27 dana
Idk bout yall. I don’t even like james BUT why that boy lying bout his age in the first place? And if its really a problem then he should told james straight forward not exposing him on tiktok? Its like he doing it for views..
Lovely Z
Lovely Z Prije 24 dana
@lonely moon why they blocked each other in the first place?
lonely moon
lonely moon Prije 27 dana
I do get what your saying, but you do have to remember even if a minor does lie it’s still on the adult. He did state that he looked up to James, so he probably felt pressured in some way to lie so he could stay friends/in touch with him. I get what you mean about contacting him in private but he mentioned either him or James blocked each other, plus probably to get his story out there (if it’s really true)
erPoke Prije 28 dana
I keep feeling like I need more proof from the victim, like their whole snapchat. Like, can he show his chat and not only james? It would be nice.
jimins.chubby.cheeks Prije 13 dana
Right, he could've asked for them pictures for all we know
Delfina Icefish
Delfina Icefish Prije 28 dana
cancel him sis
Andre Villafria
Andre Villafria Prije 28 dana
When I find out about someones bs and the racist youtubers bs all at once🤦🤦👎👎
melissa saint
melissa saint Prije 28 dana
Wait. I hope by proof, you mean "proof" and not, "he said nuh huh, you did so" I'm not particularly a Charles fan, but that whole segment was a confusing mess of heresay
aluerella Prije 28 dana
*so he can’t move on and have a new love?* *okay* *alright*
aluerella Prije 28 dana
mhm, and Ariana grande put me in her basement as well 🤡
The one and only Crackhead aka Bts army
The one and only Crackhead aka Bts army Prije 28 dana
@Takeout potato I’m right though about what I said I’m just telling you sth from a neutral perspective
elijahthecool yt
elijahthecool yt Prije 28 dana
Ah shit, here we go again
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 28 dana
Honestly I feel bad for James- I feel like he rlly is targeted and put into bad situations on purpose. Why do ppl keep lying about their ages? I think it’s time he meets someone in the real world and not online- cause I feel like these kids be setting him up
Hunter Gray
Hunter Gray Prije 26 dana
@Sienna I don’t think he was looking for someone in a relationship he just started talking.
Sienna Prije 26 dana
he should've known not to try and find people to be in a relationship online before this happened a THIRD TIME. he shouldnt have used his fans as a potential bf anyways, because he has so much more power it would be an unhealthy relationship. don't think I'm a James hater either, I loved him and it was rlly hard for me to accept that he was wrong, but I think it's just the right thing to do to believe people who could be victims over someone who could be a predator.
ho Ho
ho Ho Prije 28 dana
Tati was right...
Deepika Sharma
Deepika Sharma Prije 28 dana
What is r slur? Sorry idk eng isn't my first language
Jessica Rabbid
Jessica Rabbid Prije 28 dana
James Charles reminds me of Kris Jenner
HoayNakoe Prije 28 dana
I don't know, it's kinda sus
ari kim
ari kim Prije 28 dana
Even IF the kid lied about his age. How can you not notice he is a KID. HE HAS A BABY FACE! NEVER blame a KID JC is the adult. Believe the kid!
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 28 dana
@ari kim also weren’t u talking about looks?💀💀 what are u on about now
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 28 dana
@ari kim which is 1 yr from 18 if u haven’t noticed
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 28 dana
@ari kim I’m 17 - 🐒 and I still look like I’m 12💀 some ppl age slower it don’t work like dat
ari kim
ari kim Prije 28 dana
@Keithani The midget yeah no an adult can tell, maybe you can't notice the difference but most adults can. You'll understand and notice the difference once you get older. That's why so many adults have a problem understanding JC as to how could he not notice. Kids and teenagers don't understand.
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 28 dana
You do realize 18 Yr olds isn’t necessarily look like grown adults right?💀
Honey Senpai is a Stay
Honey Senpai is a Stay Prije 28 dana
i’m tired of cancel culture it’s so dumb and annoying please quit youtube 😁
PREET DHILLON Prije 28 dana
I’m just saying sometimes James gets dragged for no reason at all but not at this time... I think?
its cassie
its cassie Prije 28 dana
*totally not me binge watch all anna's vids
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