Addison Rae’s SECRETS Exposed In A Lie Detector Test?!

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anna oop

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Addison Rae’s SECRETS Exposed In A Lie Detector Test?!


katiaplayzz Prije 8 dana
No Anna you are the drama💀
Samuel Odyuo
Samuel Odyuo Prije 9 dana
Topic about Addison but took a big U turn.
Rama Hariri
Rama Hariri Prije 11 dana
Anna oop is such a hypocrite go outside and get a life
addy Prije 15 dana
lie detectors arent always accurate, sometimes people use them but your blood pressure or anything can go up if your stressed or scared and that might’ve happened to addison. this is just what i think btw
CookieTube • 37 years ago
CookieTube • 37 years ago Prije 22 dana
This is what happens when you don’t keep you relationship private
Bhaby Dest
Bhaby Dest Prije 23 dana
addison is petty..
Tiffany Prije 24 dana
I do not support Addison but it seems like social media is making her look bad ever since they found out she was a trumpie.
Nisha Shiwakoti
Nisha Shiwakoti Prije 25 dana
imagine having a account just for exposing and about dramas. I mean imagine tiktokers stopping dramas and have a normal lif e, what is she gonna make videos about, and the fact she makes every small dramas a hugeeeeee issue, gurllllll mind your own business
Michelle Letshwiti
Michelle Letshwiti Prije 26 dana
tbh y'all i aint even suprised by the tiktokers being involved in so much DRAMA basing on how true LA changes people....good thing i don't have a fanbase on any of them lmaoo
It’s Nxrissa
It’s Nxrissa Prije 26 dana
Funny you kicked the brother out because she was uncomfortable not because of they did orrrrr
Fernanda Gomez
Fernanda Gomez Prije 27 dana
I’m NOT a fan of any tik tokers but it’s hella funny how ✨PETTY✨ Addison is
Phaltibee Palestine
Phaltibee Palestine Prije 29 dana
I feel like Bryce is maturing by the minute
☁︎♡smoke♡☁︎ Prije mjesec
Natalija Janjic
Natalija Janjic Prije mjesec
yall doing to much, none of her effibg secrets are exsposed i watches the vid and it was totally fine, leave her alone bro
Charli Grace
Charli Grace Prije mjesec
Bryce is nothing but kind to her online and obviously we don't know what happens behind closed doors but he doesn't deserve all the shade Addison gives him online
Ayz Kachow
Ayz Kachow Prije mjesec
Michael West steals millions of dollars from many different people: “let’s cancel him🥺🥺”
stxrz Prije mjesec
5:50 my profile lolo
Mairy clemen
Mairy clemen Prije mjesec
Addison gurlll you messed up
T e a c i r c l e☾✿
T e a c i r c l e☾✿ Prije mjesec
5:36 Look at the boys shirt😭🤣🤣
Oop vlogs
Oop vlogs Prije mjesec
_W.o.n.d.e.r_ Prije mjesec
I think Addison still likes Bryce🤷
M00sh R00m
M00sh R00m Prije mjesec
Why do you use so much aave?
Josh Richards
Josh Richards Prije mjesec
So? Is that bad I say “y’all” and “slay” a lot?
Kassy Sanchez
Kassy Sanchez Prije mjesec
I'm so over tiktokers I don't even watch any videos that has to do with them anymore because Addison Rae is so overrated there's way more talk to people out here way better than her but because she's Addison Rae best friends for Kourtney Kardashian people give a shit not me
ꨄ︎sʜɪɴʏꨄ︎ Prije mjesec
Lol I feel like I should have the right to unfollow someone if I wanna 😭
Sarita Rivera
Sarita Rivera Prije mjesec
Girll you always coming for Addison your that mad just say that 🤡
Mary Chluie Bautista
Mary Chluie Bautista Prije mjesec
The fact that Rori, Caitlyn’s boyfriend, is Bryce’s bestfriend👀👀
Kaja Karajovanov
Kaja Karajovanov Prije mjesec
this girl switches up so quick its honestly sad-
NotTristan Prije mjesec
Y’all calling her trumpet ✋😭
zachary goldstein
zachary goldstein Prije mjesec
Anna is Addison Rae ok
𝕡𝕚𝕟𝕜_𝕞𝕠𝕠𝕟 Prije mjesec
Michael west is a bad manager ppl stop falling for his trap
peachyxxlila channel
peachyxxlila channel Prije mjesec
When haters talk about celebrities
The angel
The angel Prije mjesec
so how the hack did he not go to jail when he took money from so many people
Peppyonaz💅🏽 Prije mjesec
-,- didnt stan addison and never even will
chaddisonsfxe Prije mjesec
Without Anna oop I wouldn’t know anything 😭
Ronnie Miraculously
Ronnie Miraculously Prije mjesec
*Addison unfriends sm* Anna: OMG DRAMA
Get scalpeled
Get scalpeled Prije mjesec
I still hold out hope 🥺🖤
AMARA PRYCE Prije mjesec
Can annaoop just leave Addison alone im just gonna unsub
Udisjs Vvv
Udisjs Vvv Prije mjesec
I think social media people just are jealous and need to stay out of addi love life y'all are just some snakes who just love to spread rumor I think all these accusations should stay between them and I also blame them because they new what social media would do to their relationship and them breaking up they just spread their relationship all over social media ppl think man look at allot of celebrities u don't even know what's going on in there love life just start butting out of there relationship
Sisxers_Official Prije mjesec
I feel like this sh1t islike unbeleve able
Randomvidz Prije mjesec
Anna kind of sounds like Addison 🤔🤔
Stanley Kochergin
Stanley Kochergin Prije mjesec
I still support Addison I just don’t like trump
Hannah Rachel
Hannah Rachel Prije mjesec
i dont like biden but i support taylor swift :)
lvna Prije mjesec
can you cover the sissy and miles drama? kinda sad people dont know what a horrible person miles is bc no one is talking about the situation :/
xIdyllic Prije mjesec
She tried to back him up. It’s a lie detector test. She didn’t choose the questions. Anna, your 21. Do something with your life
Life of Libby And ali
Life of Libby And ali Prije mjesec
4:18 he stuck the middle finger ö
Macie Lines
Macie Lines Prije mjesec
cant people just unfollow others without it being problematic
Sarena Patel
Sarena Patel Prije mjesec
Lol high school drama but it’s more like middle school drama where I live.
Jeremy Sawasawa
Jeremy Sawasawa Prije mjesec
Michael West just heard of him now
Reese Cunningham
Reese Cunningham Prije mjesec
am i the only one that thinks that the hype hype was good for the demelios they were more well liked and stayed out of drama and their content was better.
Li Mei van der Woude Chiang
Li Mei van der Woude Chiang Prije mjesec
Well yeah bryce cheated 3 times on her so i get Addis
Dima Tell
Dima Tell Prije mjesec
honestly charlie and dixie leaving the hype house was the best decision it was so toxic, and honestly it was never considered as a good environment it was a matter of business. thomas petro coudnt care less about lossing them as friend hthe only thing that matters was losing a big oppertunity for money and fame. its a lesson for everyone considering the fact what happened to Daisy when they backstabbed her .
Veronica Fernandez
Veronica Fernandez Prije mjesec
It’s crazy how fast Addison gets a new boyfriend
kindtaylorG6 Gallichan
kindtaylorG6 Gallichan Prije mjesec
You say your surprised he hasn’t been cancelled yet never mind cancelled arrest seems for fitting for stealing
female Prije mjesec
honestly, the tiktok community is seriously changing me because whenever drama happens all the time, it’ll seem normal.
Inaya Ramblan
Inaya Ramblan Prije mjesec
Anna can u plz make a video about the drama of the Lopez brothers cuz idk : >
Madison Witt
Madison Witt Prije mjesec
Put the pieces together. Addison is NOT a good person OBVIOUSLY, her own cousins dislike her and they spoke on it yet people are ignoring it or not believing them??? The lie detector PROVED that Addison is still OBSESSED with Bryce and thats why she constantly keeps up with his actions and always has to do something to one up him and its also why she shades him as well. She is a BULLY. She is famous for NOTHING. Stop making ignorant people famous when there are so many other people who are worthy.
Sheharyar Abid
Sheharyar Abid Prije mjesec
Honestly the previous videos of Anna are all about Addison we can literally make a whole more than 10 episodes a hour long season on addisons drama (THE DRAMA QUEEN) it can be named😂😂
Naileaismymommy Prije mjesec
And plus the lady asked her a question not him Bryce boo don’t put your hole life on socal miedia
Naileaismymommy Prije mjesec
Matter fact this is none of our businesses so idk why theses paged trying to exspose her
watermelon Prije mjesec
I feel like the girl that is Addisons friend might be the friend that she chose over her cousins so that's why is is sticking up for her cause Addison might not have done anything to her and just her
Steve Prije mjesec
Hey Anna you should do a video about Addison being rude to mcyt fans and her little baby fans were bullying mcyt fans
jenise crane
jenise crane Prije mjesec
y'all are seriously so bored with your guys life u guys always focus on someone else. First Addison gets to become friends with the kardashians and u guys hate on her, then she made a music video trying to boost her career and u guys hate on her, then she stars in a netflix movie and u guys hate on her. ARE YOU SEEING THE PATTERN. Every time a tiktok get successful u guys always hate on them one day i hope the karma comes. and this is just not for addison this is for every tiktok who has had a successful moment u guys literally always ruin the moment and hate on them its annoying at the point it actaully sad to see u guys have nothing to do with your life other then hating on these young teenagers and adults. and I'm pretty sure most of the stuff tiktokers get canceled for u guys have done at least once in your life which is actually sad and depressing. anyways get a life and stop focusing on others. xoxo
Edits Edits
Edits Edits Prije mjesec
Anna is so extra😂
Addison Rea
Addison Rea Prije mjesec
Shut up
Anna Sturgis
Anna Sturgis Prije mjesec
im really not excited about the d'ameilo show
Justmochii Prije mjesec
Tbh Addison is so problematic 🤧 she's really childish she acts 16 my opinion. There not wrong in this video he's never said anything bad abt her until she started shit for no reason lmao
WILLIAMS CHRISTINE..... Prije mjesec
It sucks......💔🥲imagine been a big bro to a her n she just......desapare worst u ALWAYS protect her sad very sad
shan Prije mjesec
I feel like anna would be SUCH a good reporter if she just didn’t put her opinion in her videos because most of the time it’s not hers, it’s the majority’s. The way she switches up to match everyone else’s energy is mad frustrating 😐
Ashley Prije mjesec
Im just waiting for the day anna makes a video about herself
Daisy1234 Prije mjesec
Y’all can’t get mad or upset at Charlie when you don’t know what really happened🙄
Puja Jaspal
Puja Jaspal Prije mjesec
maybe addison has a good reason
Kylie Pentz
Kylie Pentz Prije mjesec
She is actually like she never even dated him😐🙄😒
Allison Prije mjesec
2 weeks later: *Bryce and Addison an item for the MILLIONTH TIME*
•Monster bb•
•Monster bb• Prije mjesec
•Monster bb•
•Monster bb• Prije mjesec
Just bc addi is a Trumpie doesn't mean her personality is fake
lyrical Prije mjesec
delilah Yorny
delilah Yorny Prije mjesec
Addison wasn’t the one asked the question it’s the producer so stop getting in ppls relation ships
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije mjesec
why do i feel like sm happened at the hype house it everyone keepin it hush hush
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije mjesec
the lopez brothers didn’t have hype to begin with
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije mjesec
but it was karma tho ngl
Natalie Batrez
Natalie Batrez Prije mjesec
Anna annoys me sometimes but she helps me know the tea!!
XxStarlightxX Prije mjesec
they acting like kids fr
Lily Roeun
Lily Roeun Prije mjesec
Lie detector tests aren't actually accurate. A study showed that when crime suspects were interviewed with a lie detector test, it showed they were telling the truth when in fact they weren't. It all depends on the heart rate, which could of course be for many reasons.
L Prije mjesec
Anna oop: Addison stop being problematic Also Anna oop: I can’t believe you guys would attack Addison for no reason
Karla Campos
Karla Campos Prije mjesec
Drama. Queen
Breck Carroll
Breck Carroll Prije mjesec
Is it just me or how do people find out when they unfollow people and the people they unfollow like I don't understand how.
haruka tenoh
haruka tenoh Prije mjesec
why would Addison get a lie detector test done 💀 she know dang well she was going to get cancelled 💀
Adorbsxgraci Prije mjesec
une jeune congolaise
une jeune congolaise Prije mjesec
First of all this machine don't really tell if someone is saying the truth or not it's not really probable because it's only calculating if you're nervous or not it's not actually if you're lying or not so if she was nervous while responding to this question then maybe .because you can be nervous for many reason like maybe you don't know how to respond and you don't want to like say the wrong answer that's why it's not actually really probable
Sams_ Pie
Sams_ Pie Prije mjesec
Anna.... you didn’t have to put kids in the video when you said Charlie and Dixie fans . You got me rolling on the floor tho😂✋
Luxury Derek
Luxury Derek Prije mjesec
i'm pretty sure lie detectors goes off on lying when the heart is racing so she was probably nervous to answer the question or something?
Lyrics-videos Prije mjesec
Addison couldn’t even say anything lmao, what do you expect her to say?
Nathanial Alvarez
Nathanial Alvarez Prije mjesec
remember when people were aloud to support who they want!
Hermosa Chica.
Hermosa Chica. Prije mjesec
This is getting annoying about Addison atp.
Eva Aoude
Eva Aoude Prije mjesec
I was never a fan of ASSidon oh sorry addison
Olivia S
Olivia S Prije mjesec
Tbh, they asked her the question, and she tried avoiding it by saying no, and she’s not even the one who edited it and choose to post that question. And Addison shouldn’t have to follow her Ex’s Best friend, she sees of her ex on the account and would rather not see him. Sometimes, even if you call her “your girl” you give her a hard times sometimes.
isa Isaj
isa Isaj Prije mjesec
Bro anna leave addi alone just bc she is a trump supporter i dont like trump i hate the mf guy but i still sopport addi about her self she can do what she whant
Ava Platel
Ava Platel Prije mjesec
Addison also has a PRIVATE life and the FANS don't NEED to know everything. They won't drop dead if she keeps a secret from them.
Elie Prije mjesec
Repent to Jesus Christ before he come back to get his people
Le Potato
Le Potato Prije mjesec
I'm just gonna be straight with y'all for a second though, I'm tired of people taking lie detectors seriously because they genuinely don't tell whether you're lying or not. I mean, you guys can look it up on HRpost, there are pretty informative videos on the topic. But yeah, in a confession scenario it's great for the police to urge the truth out of you, but in a basic situation like this one it's best not to take it seriously.
CraftyPixel☁︎ Prije mjesec
Lie detector test aren’t usually accurate like somebody could be lying while being completely calm or is just nervous
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