bryce hall IS LYING about CHEATING on addison?! not this sis....

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bryce hall IS LYING about CHEATING on addison?! not this sis....
Did Bryce Hall REALLY Cheat on Addison Rae?
#annaoop #brycehall #addisonrae

Selena Celeste
Selena Celeste Prije 2 dana
Tana the home wrecker
camren smith
camren smith Prije 7 dana
I find her lisp adorable
Natalie Wilson
Natalie Wilson Prije 7 dana
Bryce is about to have a lot of problems In the future. So paparazzi leave everyone alone! It’s like your the one who started all the problems towards tik tokers.
Aoife Casey
Aoife Casey Prije 8 dana
I think Bryce cheated on Addison bc she cried and I feel bad for Addison
Kim Kenney
Kim Kenney Prije 12 dana
I HONESTLY HOPE this isn't a PR Stunt for her 1st Music Single that was RELEASED last week. "OBSESSED" We will see.....
Chloe Hall
Chloe Hall Prije 13 dana
Can't paparazzi give the girl privacy
obi-isnotfunny Prije 14 dana
Addison and Bryce: choke me like you hate me but you love me
lollyplopper blue
lollyplopper blue Prije 16 dana
He looks like he might be into men.
Vermillions Alia
Vermillions Alia Prije 16 dana
“ showing the paparazzi doesn’t respect people boundaries “ weren’t y’all just praising the same paparazzi for interrupting “boundaries” and getting all the “tea” 😭
hanna_y3 Prije 17 dana
Papparazi are literally just stalkers for celebrities.
Abby playz
Abby playz Prije 17 dana
No one : Literally no one : Bryce: time to go cheat!!!!! Again😒
Mahwish Choudhry
Mahwish Choudhry Prije 18 dana
I REALLY LIKE listening to your stories/news BUT!!!! can you PLEASE not shout so passionately when you say the word BUT!! some of us are listening with earpods etc. And some of us are listening to you not only with earpods but ALSO 3am in the morning. And it ruins the whole story mood. Thank you @ Anna oop
Lizbeth Ramirez
Lizbeth Ramirez Prije 18 dana
Only Mia
Only Mia Prije 19 dana
Poor Addison she doesn’t deserve this:(
Alien ElinPup
Alien ElinPup Prije 20 dana
I don’t think there fake Bryce needs to mature a lil bit
Swagymicswagger Prije 20 dana
4:21 fuck that was loud
ROBLOX MASTER fartobay Prije 21 dan
this gives an information for the whole entire world hating on bryce being set up so addy and bryce can break up in no reason with being loyal to addy
Kiera Cooper
Kiera Cooper Prije 22 dana
F Bryce hall
Bob `
Bob ` Prije 22 dana
Wait wait wait wait so your telling me Harden, and Tessa are real life characters now? SHOOK-
Alma alshahrani
Alma alshahrani Prije 23 dana
Why do I want tea every time she says juicy tea is it just me
khaled khaled
khaled khaled Prije 23 dana
MarveL EditZ
MarveL EditZ Prije 23 dana
Alyssa Buch
Alyssa Buch Prije 24 dana
Addy and her boyfriend. Break up like everyday it's only one day they're together next day they broke up gummy fix everything go back together and then one day they never want to go back to the other then they go back together
McKenzie Martis
McKenzie Martis Prije 24 dana
Not the girl being pretty ! 🥲
Cringekins Prije 25 dana
its temara
its temara Prije 25 dana
Wait what....
Erica Wilson
Erica Wilson Prije 26 dana
Palazzoi; s are nosy as hell omg
vaise sia
vaise sia Prije 26 dana
That girl that bryce "cheated" with is ugly🤣🥴
honey. .lyrics
honey. .lyrics Prije 27 dana
Doesn't matter fake or not paparazzi had no right no right to flip addison crying they have no boundaries anymore if they even did.
Glendora Lopez
Glendora Lopez Prije 27 dana
Dood we need to protect addison cause bryce is a no
Susan Lee
Susan Lee Prije 27 dana
fuck all the drama, WHY ARE YALL PARTYING?!
Vibez. Nai
Vibez. Nai Prije 27 dana
At least the paparazzi do not take pictures of Addison or anyone else showering like wtf- They really need to chill.
v3n0cde Prije 27 dana
I’m just mad at the Hollywood fix. They were the ones who filmed that video, and I think that it’s honestly really invading in someone’s privacy because it does not make you feel better making someone’s day worse. And what did they get out of that? Hate, because they deserve it and should’ve never filmed that video. Also, celebrities are human I have never seen the Hollywood fix film anyone else but popular people. I get it, their paparazzi but just because people like to watch their videos it doesn’t mean there not human, and I think that this whole “fake relationship” and “Bryce cheated” thing is normal. Because many of other people go into relationships like that and being famous doesn’t make cheating any different. It just a famous couple breaking up it’s not the end of the world. P.S. I’m not supporting cheating or faking relationships I’m just saying it’s normal and we should be kind of used to it. I mean, look you guys know how toxic the hype house is.
- Prije 27 dana
Yes finally they’re breaking up
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 28 dana
Savanthia??🐒 what a name 👁👁
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget Prije 28 dana
Imagine getting called out by a CELEBRITY- Charlie PUTH at that
Mansi Prije 28 dana
a girl is fkn crying and going thru a breakup and some assholes decide to post it on social media? REALLY!?!
Mansi Prije 28 dana
ok but it is high time for paparazzi to understand that there is a difference in getting to know celebrities and inviting their privacy!
Mansi Prije 28 dana
Charlie Puth being a nice guy is so understandble!
Mansi Prije 28 dana
idgaf about Bryce or paparazzi at this point, nobody breaks down like Addison if they're truly unbothered so ffs start acting humane.
Nancy Reyes
Nancy Reyes Prije 28 dana
At least she cried in a Tesla
Omunique Vargas
Omunique Vargas Prije 28 dana
If the relationship was fake then why would she be crying
Kayla brent
Kayla brent Prije 28 dana
uh ok
Rosana Osmani
Rosana Osmani Prije 28 dana
Addison Where for you here
Grace Schott
Grace Schott Prije 28 dana
why do yall even call them "influencers"
kpopyeji 123
kpopyeji 123 Prije 15 dana
@Grace Schott well it looked like u did, its still not real life just say it normal bruh😂
Grace Schott
Grace Schott Prije 15 dana
@kpopyeji 123 im not stuttering lol and i dont do it in real life either me saying "i- i" was because i was at a loss of words- its not a "stutter"
kpopyeji 123
kpopyeji 123 Prije 23 dana
@Grace Schott why do you stutter? this isnt real life
Grace Schott
Grace Schott Prije 23 dana
@kpopyeji 123 ok-?
kpopyeji 123
kpopyeji 123 Prije 24 dana
@Grace Schott they are still influencers
Evelyn Toya
Evelyn Toya Prije 29 dana
This relationship keeps going on and off like they should break up once and for all!! Y’all tripping my brain of how DISGUSTING ur relationship is I thought u guys were cute and I kinda shipped u guys but know it just DISGUST sorry but some one has to say it peace😌
maryam salma
maryam salma Prije 29 dana
I feel so bad for Addison I love you Addison ❤️❤️❤️
Asma Atamni
Asma Atamni Prije 29 dana
I feel really really bad for Addison bc they like dated for 4 months i think so “twice “and Addison if you saw my comment put a like and say I did pls 🥺🥺🥺
Life of naya È
Life of naya È Prije 29 dana
Addison and Bryce is like a roller coaster at this point I’m glad they not together cause it’s not gonna work either way it go
FireFlies Prije 29 dana
Umm idk if y’all know but Addison is a sweet person I got the chance to meet her and she isn’t mean like other tiktokers
Dyziah Proctor
Dyziah Proctor Prije 29 dana
If they were faking their relationship why would she be crying?🙂
Lexie Rolando
Lexie Rolando Prije 29 dana
She probably just got overwhelmed from it all
Kani Deldar
Kani Deldar Prije mjesec
sometimes ppl forgot that even famous ppl are humans so u tell me why would they fake smth or do it on purpose for clout? like make it make sense
Analisa Parray
Analisa Parray Prije mjesec
Christina Davies
Christina Davies Prije mjesec
5:41 wtf is that! 😂
Emily Corne
Emily Corne Prije mjesec
I think Bryce cheated
Manuel Arteaga
Manuel Arteaga Prije mjesec
That girl is trying to make more drama
Manuel Arteaga
Manuel Arteaga Prije mjesec
But if the rlasenship. Was fake thin she would have cried win they asked about Brice
Kill Me
Kill Me Prije mjesec
I feel like they maybe started their relationship off as fake but they eventually started to like each other..?
Dino_gurl_plays Prije mjesec
u know i luv tea when im subbed to alll tea challeng
AmbiiNya Prije mjesec
girl no.
girl no. Prije mjesec
addison is so unproblematic, she don’t deserve this.
hey hey
hey hey Prije 21 dan
Unproblematic!!! Lol we both know that’s not true
Layla Verdeja
Layla Verdeja Prije mjesec
popparozie and some other people need to let the have privacy
Layla Verdeja
Layla Verdeja Prije mjesec
alot of yall think its bryce fault but yall need to understand that they need privacy STOP blaming bryce its disgusting
Mark Stewart
Mark Stewart Prije mjesec
did u know bryce deleted all his vids with addi in them
Katelyn Lopez
Katelyn Lopez Prije mjesec
Oh my god is there a way to kill the drama makers and keep the angles
Lluri Sierra Salinas
Lluri Sierra Salinas Prije mjesec
If you still date him I’m he will still repeat the same thing
103rd kudda
103rd kudda Prije mjesec
Leave her alone she's crying
Alyssa Kruger
Alyssa Kruger Prije mjesec
Addison is still my Idol but I do think they were fakeing there relationship to get attention. I don't want to spread any hate to Addison or Bryce. I just don't think they have a strong or trusted relationship with each other. ❤️❤️
Ms. Frappe
Ms. Frappe Prije mjesec
I don’t remember the last time I’ve heard Anna say Addison’s last name. I feel so bad because Addison offer here crying and this is what I’m focused on 😖😐. Also notice how he didn’t say Ondreaz AND Tony.
Laya George
Laya George Prije mjesec
Yall did u see that vid on Tik Tok or some platform that Addison says taddison or braddison it was like years tho
Isla Gilmour
Isla Gilmour Prije mjesec
that roller coaster scared me smh
Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez Prije mjesec
Nothing new she not jali for giving jb all the time jali I understand cause he's rich
Ava :3
Ava :3 Prije mjesec
I don’t even like Addison but she really needs some privacy like damn🤚
Sama Alassi Fröknegårdskolan 7E
Sama Alassi Fröknegårdskolan 7E Prije mjesec
Sheldon Duffus
Sheldon Duffus Prije mjesec
Thay are mestup as fuck
r3nixwrld Prije mjesec
U guys getting all into this when you don't even know shit in reality ur just tryna make it look like it
Alliah Najma Buat
Alliah Najma Buat Prije mjesec
Iris Kaya
Iris Kaya Prije mjesec
The paparazzi needs to leave all of theses HUMAN BEINGS alone there have a life and don’t need to be filmed all the time!!
مسك العنزي
مسك العنزي Prije mjesec
Avatar is in😢😭😢
lebes and nando !
lebes and nando ! Prije mjesec
ur using aave wrong hun...
Funmi Talabi
Funmi Talabi Prije mjesec
I can't even imagine what it's like being Bryce. Dude should have cripplingly self esteem issues at this point, cause everyone likes reminding him about how Addison is too good for him. Even being accused of the relation being fake, everyone is only attacking Byrce like they have always done.
Funmi Talabi
Funmi Talabi Prije mjesec
This is ridiculous. Party girl says Bryce face-timed Addison throughout the party. For an event that wasn't getting any public coverage that seems pretty legit. Addison has cried multiple times over Bryce too and was literally heart broken when she heard the news. Bryce is literally suing the girl for messing up his relationship. Numerous tweets said he was innocent but one tweet says it's fake and thats believed instantly? It uses "like" excessively and had "blah blah blah." What PR team member does that, but it's the drama people are looking for so they are just going to believe anything with a punch line and shock value. Still waiting on the PR dude earlier who said the relationship would end in December.
Addiskn Dnakka
Addiskn Dnakka Prije mjesec
Boo they didnt
Krystal Wynter
Krystal Wynter Prije mjesec
My friend told me about this and I was like WOW that is coldddd
Mila Owenstillman
Mila Owenstillman Prije mjesec
This was made on my bday
Emiii Prije mjesec
Charli Dunken
Charli Dunken Prije mjesec
Addison i'm hear for you😊
Natalie Prije mjesec
Okay but like he is going why to hard with these pranks like I- no this is too much
Natalie Prije mjesec
Okay but like he is going why to hard with these pranks like I- no this is too much
Maria Saeed
Maria Saeed Prije mjesec
Who saw the vid when the paparazzi asked bryce about addi and he said “fuck her”
Kaylynn Miller
Kaylynn Miller Prije mjesec
Dangggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Edit :✌️⚫️🟣⚫️🟣⚫️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️Another edit:💎🥵 another edit : anna opp Is the best
Nevin Rowan
Nevin Rowan Prije mjesec
Nevin Rowan
Nevin Rowan Prije mjesec
Just here to get disgusted at all your children who obsess over these ppls lives
mariam sisaho sisawo
mariam sisaho sisawo Prije mjesec
Just when we thought Bryce couldn’t get any worse he did Bryce is a cheater what he did to Addison is f*cked up Addison deserves better.
Рая Краева
Рая Краева Prije mjesec
I think that addison is very very respectful person because when the paparazzi were recording her she talked to them while she was crying
Рая Краева
Рая Краева Prije mjesec
and also one girl asked her for a pic and she agreed while she was crying too.
Ella Bevan
Ella Bevan Prije mjesec
the paparazzi ruins lives
Noxolo Ngcobo
Noxolo Ngcobo Prije mjesec
People should just shut up at this point...people on the internet are toxic to the point where they switch up..when they find out Bryce or any other influencer is innocent they switch up but if they are falsely accused they verbally bully them
Constance Hosler
Constance Hosler Prije mjesec
They were never a good couple at all
Isabella Brønnum Cochran
Isabella Brønnum Cochran Prije mjesec
so their relationship is fake or?
Bella Mulligan
Bella Mulligan Prije mjesec
she was crying bc hollywood fix wouldn't leave her alone stfu
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