Noah Beck LEAKS Secret Information About Dixie D’amelio?! *MET GALA*

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anna oop

Prije 15 dana

Noah Beck LEAKS Secret Information About Dixie D’amelio?! *MET GALA*


Chateria Love
Chateria Love Prije dan
I mean Dixie was the only one who actually looked decent lol just didn't completely understand the theme
Maggie Prije 2 dana
Remember when tiktok was a fun place to dance sing and lip sync and have fun tiktok is now a toxic place and now it always gets in trouble
kim Prije 3 dana
Anna oop gurl I smell tea
Jahzara Venord
Jahzara Venord Prije 3 dana
She did go tho 🧐
Ķåýĺà Prije 3 dana
People need to stop talking about my Addison pls stop because she don't being talking about you guys
Kittykat Prije 4 dana
Anna says she tries to gather as much tea for us, but Olivia didn’t cheat on Kai, she flew out the girls ex during February and posted she didn’t have a valentine, her and Kai weren’t dating in February
Elizabeth Wood
Elizabeth Wood Prije 5 dana
so this is what straight tik tok is like-
Just AnotherFlower
Just AnotherFlower Prije 7 dana
NOT PEOPLE MAKING FUN OF THE DAMELIO DIXIE. it's disgusting! isn't Noah nice to his OWN gf?! if hes gonna be with james im out
Cheekypixi Prije 7 dana
but dixi went to the met gala...
Blanca Patriarca
Blanca Patriarca Prije 7 dana
the only one that was worthy to be in the met gala is emma charbelain (or how you write it)
Teze Sherimi
Teze Sherimi Prije 8 dana
lolz Prije 8 dana
how you said in the past 3:45 😳 why tf are people always thinking about the past let it goo
Success Dance Company Roblox
Success Dance Company Roblox Prije 8 dana
To be honest people always vent on social media, but when someone they don’t like does it than it’s a problem. ..
lovely lea:3
lovely lea:3 Prije 8 dana
Anita and Griffin datinG?they were just dancing what
Andrea Ngoviky
Andrea Ngoviky Prije 9 dana
i mean if yall got invited to the met gala you wouldn't go?
Sabita R
Sabita R Prije 9 dana
It was true -
An Ari was found
An Ari was found Prije 9 dana
My cousins go to tj to visit their mother they do it once 2 months
izzyyy Prije 9 dana
ok its one thing in the influencers has been on the scene for years like bretman rock, amma chamberlain etc but if its someone who gets in scandals every three business days then hell naw
gaming by grace
gaming by grace Prije 9 dana
I didn't know Olivia was bi...
excuse me ily
excuse me ily Prije 9 dana
We all know Noah ain’t joking he just remembered he can’t say that yet and pretended it was a joke
excuse me ily
excuse me ily Prije 9 dana
Whoever is making the met gala list might as well invite me if they’re invited tiktokers like I’m just as important 👩🏼‍🦯 *id literally turn up in a hoodie*
D._.m Prije 9 dana
Ok no but ion even know why people be falling for him like no offense but he ain’t no Vinnie hacker like- and secondly bro he needs to pay attention to what he says 😭
Roobear Syd
Roobear Syd Prije 9 dana
BRUH I started liking Oliva again
Rafaela Bueno
Rafaela Bueno Prije 10 dana
I love when she say yaaaaaaaallll
mialtuga zenin
mialtuga zenin Prije 10 dana
i feel so bad for Kai. Y'all don't know how it feels to love someone deeply then get hurt. It feels horrible. Maybe she just wanted to take something off her chest. Y'all should stop going for her.
iifailing nextxx
iifailing nextxx Prije 10 dana
man, i've been cheated on 6 times i know exactly how she feels. just feel like you needa tell someone so they can help you, but knowing damn well no one is willing to help you because of what they think- all my friends told me i was just doing it for attention- so i just stopped talking about my problems to people- kai must feel the same way after posting that video
darling val
darling val Prije 10 dana
noah beck more like noah neck
iilexiozz Prije 10 dana
Im not surprised about addison going to the met gala but DIXIE??
Amana Amana
Amana Amana Prije 10 dana
those tiktokrs always lies ugh like bro just tell the turth
Angalina Bealsey
Angalina Bealsey Prije 10 dana
dixies a singer whats the promblem wit her going to the me gala?
Sina lou
Sina lou Prije 10 dana
I think kie doesnt deserve the hate because she is only trying to show the people how she feels before the people make assumptions, i mean imagine the person you Loved the mlst cheated on you and you donte know who to talk to? Like thats a horrible feeling, i actually. Wish the best for kie i feel so bad for her
VICKIES_BUBS Prije 10 dana
is it just me or do I not know who Olivia is?
Jasmine ig
Jasmine ig Prije 10 dana
I swear this girls voice is so annoying
Kamerie Johnson
Kamerie Johnson Prije 10 dana
face reveal at 2mil
Undefeatable Games
Undefeatable Games Prije 10 dana
Griffin and Anitta: just dancing Anna:”What’s your opinion on Griffin and Anitta allegedly dating”
Reagan Miller
Reagan Miller Prije 11 dana
•͙̠͙A͇͉̝r̘͇͔i̫̪ •̞̘
•͙̠͙A͇͉̝r̘͇͔i̫̪ •̞̘ Prije 11 dana
tbh he can go out on holiday in a pandemic why does it matter
Hannah Prije 11 dana
why is Addison invited to the Met Gala? She is LITERALLY a tiktoker.
sana yousaf
sana yousaf Prije 11 dana
Anna can you please please stop shouting ears, my ears, my EARSSSSSSS
Aastha Vlogs
Aastha Vlogs Prije 11 dana
You make good videos it helps everyone know about the TikTok drama…
Abby  wales
Abby wales Prije 11 dana
💕Hope you hit 2m💕 🌌This year🌌
Wajd Ba'Alawy
Wajd Ba'Alawy Prije 11 dana
so you guys all of a sudden suspect that griffin and Anita might be dating because they made a TikTok dance together. I feel like I'm in the young stages of middle school 🙄
Somer King
Somer King Prije 11 dana
Dixie and her sister looks a lot older than they are..
M Golas
M Golas Prije 11 dana
Not my gurl Anitta rumored to be dating a tiktoker…🥴
Nadia Beck
Nadia Beck Prije 11 dana
Oh ok
A H Prije 11 dana
at this point, you guys r just jealous. Yea, Dixie and and Addison are going to the Met Gala and u aren’t. Deal with it 🤷‍♀️
Bean Prije 11 dana
"So what do you guys think about Griffin and Anita allegedly dating" t..they danced-
Lana Adam ☻︎
Lana Adam ☻︎ Prije 11 dana
Praying he leaks some information for u
NUR AIN MAISARAH Nona Prije 11 dana
Baby girlie what's wrong with u idk why ur talking shit about someone that u don't even know at all
[miss sour]
[miss sour] Prije 11 dana
WHAT'S WITH NOAH AND HIS MOUTH 😰 Always gotta be smt😟
Viabat Prije 11 dana
When your name is Olivia you need to listen to people dragging tiktokers with the same name
scxrlett Prije 12 dana
“he should take acting classes from addison” *IM WHEEZING BYE-😭*
alurqxu Prije 12 dana
It's not addisons fault she got invited...
Tessa Addison
Tessa Addison Prije 12 dana
tbh when i found out dixie is going i was like "slayyy" like dude leave her alone, but i dont want addison comming lmfao
Gretelle Pikkor
Gretelle Pikkor Prije 12 dana
“ he should take acting classes from addison “ didnt u say shes a bad actor like 3 weeks ago?
Aly C
Aly C Prije 12 dana
well kai has us the smarter people
samantha michelle
samantha michelle Prije 12 dana
God loves you
skyla jo
skyla jo Prije 12 dana
I feel bad for tik tokers because of channels like this
Leen’s Galaxy
Leen’s Galaxy Prije 12 dana
Why is it unfortunate that addison is going to the met gala? Like leave her alone so what if she’s succeeding in her life
where are the gorls
where are the gorls Prije 12 dana
I feel like he aint even doing it by accident LMAO😭
Karla Campos
Karla Campos Prije 12 dana
Bruh really
Emily Solis
Emily Solis Prije 12 dana
okay but look at the ones commenting like if y’all don’t say or be nosy asf like wtf
Vampire_ Maya
Vampire_ Maya Prije 12 dana
Who cares if influencers go to the met gala. I understand some have done bad things but it's not right to give them shit for going to it.
Maddy grr
Maddy grr Prije 12 dana
ok but imagine tiktokers going over to eachothers houses hey heyyy wanna make a tiktok thats why im here *makes tiktok* k bye bye
Arianny Lopez
Arianny Lopez Prije 12 dana
for a secoud i thought u said koutny jenner
Coco's Vlogs
Coco's Vlogs Prije 12 dana
Noah is so not problematic ok watch it I used to like you not so much anymore
marta gusi fontova
marta gusi fontova Prije 12 dana
lmao they spelled loren gray incorrectly on the met list
Ana Q
Ana Q Prije 12 dana
Jesus loves y’all enough to die for our sins🔥John 3:16 this life is nun compared to heaven 🤼Yh life is short but eternity is for ever…And remember even Demons believe in God..he said I am the way the truth and the life nobody comes to the father but by me have a relationship with God! B4 it’s to late!
SquishTok Prije 12 dana
The met gala one he didnt make the guest list he made a seating chart
Julia Julia
Julia Julia Prije 12 dana
o povo dos usa chocado q a menina traiu a outra depois de 2 semana q elas terminaram: a a jade ficando c o Neymar depois dela e o João Guilherme acabarem de terminar: 🤡🤡 big fan from Brazil here 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Nyasia Robinson
Nyasia Robinson Prije 12 dana
Brice:heyyy Addison: nah Kourtney : nah Riley: nah Get it man no one likes ya Just be a fuck boy again
Nyasia Robinson
Nyasia Robinson Prije 12 dana
Pls stop met Cel-eb-eit-y Not Tik-tok-ers
ᅠᅠ Prije 12 dana
anna’s new voice is annoying. her old voice was better. (no hate 😐)
what's wrong with Addison going to the met gala lmaooo
Meh🙁 Prije 12 dana
I honestly don’t like how Bretman is labeled a tiktoker. He’s on TikTok but please let us not associate him with kids🤗
typical Vibes
typical Vibes Prije 12 dana
Leighton Prije 12 dana
Ingrid Weber
Ingrid Weber Prije 12 dana
«Maybe he should have taken some acting lessons from Addison -« HAHAHHAH laughted so hard
VENOM ! Prije 12 dana
Not surprised.....
Jayda Dwells
Jayda Dwells Prije 12 dana
Noahs just a person that's proud of his gf I don't see anything wrong with that. but the situation with olivia is none of socials medias business. But Bryce and Griffin should stop clout chasing because attempting to date celebrities is just for clout.
Sophia Villanueva
Sophia Villanueva Prije 13 dana
Idk why its so important to hate on tiktokers going to the met gala. If they're invited they they're invited... We can't do anything about that, even if it "embarrasses" the tiktok community there's nothing even left to embarrass since tiktok has gone pretty toxic but if theres a tiktoker or influencer that deserves to go to the met gala its bretman rock and bella poarch
Salma Tabane
Salma Tabane Prije 13 dana
Yeah but kai doesn't deserve that and now olivia is posting video's like nothing is happening
Black_Velvet _435
Black_Velvet _435 Prije 13 dana
It’s funny how tiktokers are a different breed, like when they get famous, they think they own the world, and can do anything. Unlike celebs, who realize exactly how to be successful and still manage to have a loving fan base….. maybe it’s because they are still kids?!
Sarra Rekik
Sarra Rekik Prije 13 dana
this is literally so dramatic LMAO why do y all care if dixie or adisson or whoever goes to the met gala? i mean its not like y all are gonna be there lol, and the celebrities that are going to the met are not even complaining about it, why do y all care so much? I mean its you guys that made them famous...
Arella De Souza
Arella De Souza Prije 13 dana
Addison actually did a good job in her movie, please
Mafalda Alves
Mafalda Alves Prije 13 dana
poor anitta
zachary goldstein
zachary goldstein Prije 13 dana
Is Dixie ok
Altagracia Sandoval
Altagracia Sandoval Prije 13 dana
y'all leave kai the fuck alone she wasn't the one who cheated and y'all just gonna ignore the fact that Olivia is CHEATING on her girlfriend. kai literally had a mental breakdown and internet trolls were still after her. I get she should have solved it privately but calling her pathetic while she was having a mental breakdown is actually extremely rude and shallow tbh.
A.S.Roasts Official
A.S.Roasts Official Prije 13 dana
So i see somebody tryna get roasted
Shanice Tan
Shanice Tan Prije 13 dana
Honestly, everyone has their own thoughts and mind but people likes Addison and James Charles who was rumoured and they did something wrong should come truthful and honest to their fans to stop the hate yknow and apologise
danesh Prije 13 dana
yall know theres a line between a celebrity and a tiktoker right💀💀
Rintu Prije 13 dana
OMG every video now, I hear Bryce’s name
Bubbles Prije 13 dana
Just cuz someone danced together doesn’t mean THERE DATING
C43_ Shravya ks
C43_ Shravya ks Prije 13 dana
Kai forgot karma existed lol she cheated on her gf with olivia remember
Free Bagel
Free Bagel Prije 13 dana
“A trip to get away” He’s lucky he made enough money off his fans that sit at home not being able to go on vacation!
Omolemo Ledwaba
Omolemo Ledwaba Prije 13 dana
Anna how dare you ruin Doja's song
Bella Cacciotti
Bella Cacciotti Prije 13 dana
Anna... Leave Mr Beck ALONE
Setareh. Picasso
Setareh. Picasso Prije 13 dana
I can not believe that such people full of drama are invited to such a important and big event. Like little dresses that Addison used to wear from Valentino was a disaster. Don’t let me start with Dixie. Such events are for people who are meant to be there not some TikTokers.
Brbthbgbr Grgnyr
Brbthbgbr Grgnyr Prije 13 dana
I’m not a fan however even anna knows that no one ever gets canceled Hate comments and death threats aren’t cancellations because they just aren’t. So Noah isn’t stupid for saying that. And as for James Charles, he’s posting videos isn’t he????
lilguacamole x
lilguacamole x Prije 13 dana
Imagine something embarrassing happening in the met gala
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