nessa barrett is a DANGER to society?..

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anna oop

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nessa barrett is a DANGER to society?..


Moo moo
Moo moo Prije 3 dana
Not defending nessa but I have a question for you guys… YOU live in their lives? Do YOU know every detail about how these influencers REALLY ARE? You guys look so stupid when you sit here and act like nessa was the bad person in the relationship or josh was. How do YOU know? You guys make theories and take it as facts when you don’t know what happens behind closed doors. Really idiotic to me🧑‍🦯
Chris Prije 7 dana
I can't with this slander.
Ravioli Prije 8 dana
I don't think I've ever heard Ana cause in a vid...
Savanna Pierce
Savanna Pierce Prije 10 dana
Bryce is so shady looking to me 🥴
taeTXT Prije 10 dana
Anna is using after affects 😳 isnt hard
Typical_reme(ʃƪ^3^) Prije 11 dana
Stop hating on nessa plzzz if u don't like her u don't have to shame her on social media
BORED Prije 12 dana
Its a little dramatic to say she's a danger to society and a little weird since she's more famous than anna
i can't handle a broken nail
i can't handle a broken nail Prije 13 dana
lol go off nessa literally love her
🤍𖥔༌ ᰷ ﹅
🤍𖥔༌ ᰷ ﹅ Prije 13 dana
Even if josh was the bad person, Nessa had no right to start dating Jaden and betraying her friend like that.
🤍𖥔༌ ᰷ ﹅
🤍𖥔༌ ᰷ ﹅ Prije 13 dana
Jaden has no right to start drama. He literally cheated on Mads.
Chinenye Urama
Chinenye Urama Prije 13 dana
They're always liking shady pictures, videos, tiktoks😂😂
JohnCena1 Prije 14 dana
lmao u didn't have to do her that bad with that thumbnail
Dana Alhammadie
Dana Alhammadie Prije 15 dana
1:40 its a white girl yall
Dana Alhammadie
Dana Alhammadie Prije 15 dana
no, cuz people cant decide if they can forgive nessa unless there Muslim
lavanya gupta
lavanya gupta Prije 15 dana
Anyways go stream 'I hope your miserable until your dead' :)
lavanya gupta
lavanya gupta Prije 15 dana
nessa did literally nothing you're just obsessed stop calling her out for liking videos of people supporting her lmfao
lavanya gupta
lavanya gupta Prije 15 dana
tf Nessa is not a danger to society whats with the overdramatic title, anna hon you need to stop.
lavanya gupta
lavanya gupta Prije 15 dana
ok so now we're attacking Nessa for trying to speak her truth? Nessa barrette is an unbothered queen stop attacking her unnecessarily its getting old.
Andrea Santana
Andrea Santana Prije 16 dana
shut up nessa is perfect
Ada Ortega
Ada Ortega Prije 16 dana
6:12 lol target
Shark Demon
Shark Demon Prije 17 dana
Nessa is immature.
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 17 dana
so now bryce is making a house for pick me girls and f boys cuz that’s what i’m hearing rn
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 17 dana
bryce getting into a physical fight? its almost as if there’s a reason why his face is so punchable
c a t h y
c a t h y Prije 17 dana
not into the drama? really? did her team say that too?
Hanin Gaming
Hanin Gaming Prije 17 dana
I used to love Anna Oop's videos but seeing how she's always disliking and liking others when no one does anyone wrong sometimes makes me upset epically when your obsessed about the drama, Nessa wasn't shading :/
Cosob Awil
Cosob Awil Prije 20 dana
Did yall forget how she danced to the holy quran ?
Michelle P
Michelle P Prije 20 dana
Anna just switches up at first she likes Nessa and now she hates Nessa
xXDJadesunflowerx XD
xXDJadesunflowerx XD Prije 20 dana
Anna no offense but 1. That song from the last video wasn’t abt Nessa it was abt her feelings please don’t make it seem like she’s jealous in some way.
xXDJadesunflowerx XD
xXDJadesunflowerx XD Prije 20 dana
I do love some of the rest of ur video!
Bxxry Longbottom
Bxxry Longbottom Prije 20 dana
After Nessa threw it back on the Quran I haven’t heard of her since, she’s not even on my for you page anymore (thank god)
just darcy
just darcy Prije 20 dana
the last video video i saw , anna was defending nessa i can't with this I'm so done with this tik tokers like everyday there just problemar=tic and I can't anymore
Kalyn Rushton
Kalyn Rushton Prije 20 dana
not me finding out there ARE TIKTOK HOUSES
PinkxDemon Prije 22 dana
Anna Oop: *Puts that meme of the girl spinning with the dudes name* Me😂: "I BEGIN TO PASS OUT, THEN MY HEAD HIT THE WALL.BOOM!!!! (Edit: -7:51 )
Alexandra Lewis
Alexandra Lewis Prije 22 dana
Yes Anna, a 19 year old girl is definitely a DANGER to society 💀
nopelol Prije 23 dana
i think that sway la is so iconic but I'm sooo exited to see whats coming next, looking forward to it
nopelol Prije 23 dana
im sorry but how is it karma when he wasn't even with her in the first place (to my knowledge)
CozyFrog Prije 23 dana
tbh I don't understand why tiktokers are getting so pissed when one tiktoker un follows another, I mean, if they don't wanna follow each other anymore WHO CARES! Its their choice right? It doesn't need to start a whole controversy, Thanks for reading my novel 💜
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Prije 24 dana
I'm so old. I have no idea who these people are. Literally...Had To Google...ALL OF THEM!
Carolina Fuica
Carolina Fuica Prije 24 dana
why is anna so obsessed with ness¿¿
Lilith Yolanda
Lilith Yolanda Prije 24 dana
When you realize most “tea spillers” are basically online stalker…👀
Hu Tao
Hu Tao Prije 24 dana
Imagine going after people who like Fictional characters and call it disgusting but is disgustingly obsessed with Nessa girl wtf is wrong with you🤡
বড়ই অলস
বড়ই অলস Prije 25 dana
All yall do nowadays is just be mad at anna, the comments r so annoying, its just Anna this anna that like nobody cares, leave
iiVxriaa Prije 25 dana
Rip earphone users when Anna says "bUt"
Black Swan
Black Swan Prije 26 dana
I love Nessa and i really think that people hate her to much on the internet
Chahat Singhal
Chahat Singhal Prije 27 dana
I have no idea how people don't even notice that Josh was constantly denying while Nessa was spitting facts that Michael called her ugly and not in some tweet but ON HER FACE. Y'all must be ok with it but as a person who deals with body image and feels unattractive I know how much that statement can hurt. And yes their accounts are managed by their management specially now that music is her first priority not tiktok. Y'all dumb af for supporting josh SMH
Aliayah Burrow
Aliayah Burrow Prije 27 dana
Riley fr gonna/getting her heart broken
sara.sha730 sara.sha730
sara.sha730 sara.sha730 Prije 27 dana
Anna is really obsessed with bryce she loves to make drama of every move he makes
Wood Designs Deluxe Corp
Wood Designs Deluxe Corp Prije 28 dana
I think your the danger😀
Lavender Ash
Lavender Ash Prije 28 dana
Tmw Anna Oop turns to Anna Solves for a few seconds
Dalia M.o
Dalia M.o Prije 28 dana
Bruh nessa is acting as if she’s the most depressed parson in the world like-
Michelle Frey
Michelle Frey Prije 29 dana
Gurl get a life Instead of like making fun on other people’s lives, you should get a life 😑😑😑😑😑
Fairy Julia
Fairy Julia Prije 29 dana
When is Anna gonna get dragged?
Hu Tao
Hu Tao Prije 24 dana
@{ insert Name } same* i meant same* srry
{ insert Name }
{ insert Name } Prije 26 dana
I’m hoping soon
__m__ Prije mjesec
girl YOU are the danger of society not nessa
𝐸𝓂𝓍𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃𝒶𝓁 𝒟𝑜𝓁𝓁𝒾𝑒
𝐸𝓂𝓍𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃𝒶𝓁 𝒟𝑜𝓁𝓁𝒾𝑒 Prije mjesec
I know y'all r NOT gassing my girl Anna rn If u have a problem with her and her talking abt the latest news on TIKTOK leave because I DON'T see u at 1.96million subscibers😐 pls shut up and stop trying to get drama off a successful youTuber bc the only attention seeker I see here is u
𝐸𝓂𝓍𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃𝒶𝓁 𝒟𝑜𝓁𝓁𝒾𝑒
𝐸𝓂𝓍𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃𝒶𝓁 𝒟𝑜𝓁𝓁𝒾𝑒 Prije 24 dana
@Hu Tao Can u not it's just a simple spelling error everybody does it 🤦🏾‍♀️
Hu Tao
Hu Tao Prije 24 dana
Varshini Anupalli
Varshini Anupalli Prije mjesec
is it just me or is meme game getting even better and thats saying something
Ghetto Mukbangs
Ghetto Mukbangs Prije mjesec
I’m confused on why you thought it was ok that a boy punched Bryce in the face, Bryce and rylie both said they weren’t together you guys are just looking for stuff at this point
Angel Maina
Angel Maina Prije mjesec
Solyana Teshome
Solyana Teshome Prije mjesec
If y’all heard the podcast when she said that you can see josh saying it true
Solyana Teshome
Solyana Teshome Prije mjesec
Anna can be so dramatic
charlee harris
charlee harris Prije mjesec
ur obsessed with her 🥱
Hollyfvx Prije mjesec
yes anna. you heard her. shes not into drama and she isn’t a danger to society
brocklyn Prije mjesec
how does that have anything to do with nessa being a “danger” to the society
20 16
20 16 Prije mjesec
She obviously is obsessed with nessa since she likes to post hate videos towards her almost all the time. Miss gurl pls- just say you ran out of video ideas already
jhelsy edon
jhelsy edon Prije mjesec
girl im not moking you but you kinda sound like a kardashian jenner just seying you have a amezing voice
Thorin Le Roux
Thorin Le Roux Prije mjesec
Why does so much drama happen everyday 😭
rain drops
rain drops Prije mjesec
anna girl…shut up
honeyluv Prije mjesec
6:08 sounds like he said the n word.... 😐
Sara Jevsenak
Sara Jevsenak Prije mjesec
A danger to society? How the f is Nessa a danger to society? She told you want happened with liking that video if you don't believe her that is your problem.
🖤𝐀𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐱𝐄𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐳🖤 Prije mjesec
idk (rlly offtopic) is it just me or anna gives me addison vibes?
Rakaiya Beckford
Rakaiya Beckford Prije mjesec
Why u after nessa so much
% zaHRa !! ☆
% zaHRa !! ☆ Prije mjesec
I dont get it at this point is she toxic or not?🤦‍♀️
dev lol
dev lol Prije mjesec
Kassadie Ames
Kassadie Ames Prije mjesec
Bryce and Riley never were a thing every jumped to conclusions they’ve been friends for a couple years and then everyone freaked.
gacha it
gacha it Prije mjesec
Nelly Perez
Nelly Perez Prije mjesec
I hate Jaden and Nessa
caramel latte
caramel latte Prije mjesec
nessa's drama (s) is so unnecessary. Is the fact that yall pay attention to her shit, like what in the middle school is this?? So dumb, So immature, So weird. Get a life people and don't focus on who follows who.
Hannah Caridi
Hannah Caridi Prije mjesec
As she should keep them to herself, and in her music
Edyta Kopankiewicz
Edyta Kopankiewicz Prije mjesec
Message is dumb for me because for me she is rude.🤨
Edyta Kopankiewicz
Edyta Kopankiewicz Prije mjesec
Love your videos.👌😘😉
Toca_Blossom✨ Prije mjesec
The fact nessa it in 2 vid is soo embarrassing she need a brake and back of
悪役tsion Prije mjesec
Liking a video from one of your supporters makes you a "menace to society"?? I cant anymore 😭💀
Juliet R
Juliet R Prije mjesec
bruh all this tiktok drama is dumb
jenasys j1
jenasys j1 Prije mjesec
She just wished him a happy birthday and THEIR NOT DATING
Suvstheworld Prije mjesec
I’m unsubscribe u rn, who tf are u, you’re not Anna anymore I swear
Tarza 1
Tarza 1 Prije mjesec
nessa is sucha a liar
Amber:-) Prije mjesec
I swear bryce hall could be a student at my school with all the drama, fights, and stupidity.
Gurgusitas Prije mjesec
Hey she isn’t a “danger to society” that’s really insensitive
yoonbum💔 Prije mjesec
saige Prije mjesec
is no one gonna talk about the fact bryce said the n word... yikes look at 6:08
anna Prije mjesec
y’all realize bryce and ryle (idk how to spell her name, sorry for that) could just be in a open relationship or just hanging out with a lot of people, right?? lolol they have life besides what they show on the internet, plsss
Huda Patel
Huda Patel Prije mjesec
Riley deserves better tbh
Sybil Felix
Sybil Felix Prije mjesec
How is it that two grown ass teens being flirty with each other and having a consensual agreement that they aren’t dating can be sickening to you Anna 🤦🏻‍♀️ He didn’t cheat on Riley if they aren’t dating so please stop trying to stir up drama just for views
Imani Foncha
Imani Foncha Prije mjesec
i know im not the only one who heard bryce say the n-word when that black guy punched him... i heard "WHATS UP N-"
Mikim Ackerman
Mikim Ackerman Prije mjesec
Anna honey u know I love you but this is another level of clickbait…..
Kaylah the cow
Kaylah the cow Prije mjesec
Bryce shouldn't be trying to fight after that EMBARRASSING fight with Austin mc broom
Angieberry Piano
Angieberry Piano Prije mjesec
Didnt watch the vid, sooo according to the title... Is she a (serial) murderer or sth?? 😳
Unavailable A
Unavailable A Prije mjesec
She be bullshitting
Cherry_Puffles Prije mjesec
I feel like bryce plays with the people who love him feelings he played with addison feelings now he’s playing the new girl feelings
Raisaxraisa Prije mjesec
I needed to know this
CHERRY Prije mjesec
The title is really unnecessary lmao
amira Prije mjesec
i think im sorry
Bruna Soljak
Bruna Soljak Prije mjesec
Anna I think u are obsessed. Stop it
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