Danielle Cohn’s Mom Is FORCING Her To Date Boys

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Danielle Cohn’s Mom Is FORCING Her To Date Boys

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She has tattoos
Omg she's is like 3 0r 2 yrs older than me I'm 12
spookyunicorn222 Prije 6 dana
It's so mindblowing, because your mental state and your way of thinking is SO different from being 16-21, like I don't even like the same stuff when I was that age, so if her mom is letting her get tattoos no matter how much she's convincing her, she's a negligent mom. That's it. She gives her what she wants to shut her up. And that's horrible. She's going to have an incredibly hard life when she's older. I watch this little girl now and then to check if she's okay, it's just worrysome as an aunt, and someone older. I can't believe no one in her family sees through it.
Iyman Zein42
Iyman Zein42 Prije 8 dana
We got my hot tea cup I got my popcorn I’m ready to spill the ☕️🍵
ღadorbsxfroggyღ #antiwolfooarmy
ღadorbsxfroggyღ #antiwolfooarmy Prije 10 dana
Her age 17
darkflareon_13 back up
darkflareon_13 back up Prije 10 dana
No wonder she couldn't be dating mason even tho he's 20
StudyTips Prije 11 dana
“She is a mInOr”
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker Prije 17 dana
Can someone please explain to that poor child that yes, when she sleeps with a guy the first time she hangs out with him, he's more than likely just gonna ghost her after that?? Since her mother clearly doesn't warn her against that kind of thing. She seemed all confused as to why they treat her so great and then all of a sudden don't. It's like aww, sweetie . . . Maybe don't have your legs open as much as a 7/11🤷🏻‍♀️
Muffin_bubbles65 Prije 18 dana
I’m just here for the comments like if you agree👀👀
tom hanks
tom hanks Prije 22 dana
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JJCHARMXO Prije 27 dana
"'all kids deserve a parent" "but not all parents deserve a child" 😙
xox_Adinda_xox Prije 29 dana
What utter bullshit she says she was held back in 4th grade sure thats probably true but that won't make ur age show up as 2 years younger online so the only reason its showing up 2 years younger IS BECAUSE UR LYING
유기 Prije mjesec
Her age couldn’t be 13 when they started dating , like she looks to „mature“ for it, there’s no way a childs body would look like that
유기 Prije mjesec
Forgot she existed omg
Sehyo Lance
Sehyo Lance Prije mjesec
☻︎sophis vlogs n more!☻︎
☻︎sophis vlogs n more!☻︎ Prije mjesec
Dani needs a new mom. Whe seems like such a nice girl. If she had a different mom will make her so nice.
Kimberly Morris
Kimberly Morris Prije mjesec
thats just sad man
Mariam Alenezi
Mariam Alenezi Prije mjesec
Sorry : she is like piper rockelle this has to stop acting they are older then they look
So many tatts at 15 geez lmao
Avarsoe Prije mjesec
She’s 17 she was born in 2004
elise hrh
elise hrh Prije mjesec
lmao she isnt 17, her own father exposed her age on twitter a year ago when people were saying shes 13.
Amelia Chua
Amelia Chua Prije mjesec
I used to hate Danielle back then but recently I realized what is really going on with her life. She deserves so much better.
Sosxsa Prije mjesec
She wants to be 18 so bad why doesn’t she leave the house is she dumb or can she just not leave
Deda Prije mjesec
Every single comment is so mean just because you say it behind a screen doesn't mean people don't get hurt. Danielle has feelings to and it doesn't even matter what age she is. She is a human being at the end of the day. Unless you would say it to someone's face don't say it behind a screen. You should be ashamed of yourself for the hurtful comments
★Erina★ Prije mjesec
Lol I wish I have alot of boyfriends
Blossomed Funimate
Blossomed Funimate Prije mjesec
“4.5 followers on Instagram”😟
Аѫбёя Prije mjesec
Piper rockelle is the new version of Danielle except she does lie about her age
Bum bum fan girl
Bum bum fan girl Prije mjesec
So we’re not talking about how she has tattoos
chloe Prije mjesec
jen is literally such a horrible person, her mom started this mess and it’s literally ruining her whole life, and + people don’t realize that if her mom just said “dani is a liar” (yk yk more in depth but something abt how dani is the one behind this stuff) and everyone would believe jen, i feel like all the hate she (danielle) gets it’s horrible and i don’t think it’s fair to her
isha Prije mjesec
4.5 followers on instagram 💀💀💀
Rachelle Mendoza
Rachelle Mendoza Prije mjesec
Bruh her mom is using her 😣
Jenny Duong
Jenny Duong Prije mjesec
Her mom just doesnt deserve a life- i mean forcing your daughter to date boys? Is just a no
Tatum Baxter
Tatum Baxter Prije mjesec
Jennifer reminds me of Britney Spear’s dad
Hotdog :o
Hotdog :o Prije mjesec
Yall she is 17 stop saying she is 14 I don’t care what yall say do the math :/
Ryxz. Prije mjesec
That still doesn't change the fact that she's a MINOR
-hi- Prije mjesec
When your name is the same as here's mum 👁️👄👁️
Ight Tay
Ight Tay Prije mjesec
Just to make this clear... Dani is 15
Aly'Assia Crawford
Aly'Assia Crawford Prije mjesec
I swear every time there is something goin on with danielle Cohn its always about her mom
scooby d
scooby d Prije mjesec
This is why we shouldn’t send any negative vibes towards people in general, but it’s especially damaging to those under the age of 25. Everything you see is an unfinished and most likely flawed project. We as humans were born to create and experience the best that life has to offer. Though not many of us get to this point, unfortunately. Very few parents actually want to have children and very few parents are good at parenting. Never ever blame a child for their actions. 99% of the time, it’s the home life that made them the way they are. I’ve never judged this girl and I hope to god she will see that there are people who do care for her and want to help her. Be jealous of the money and clout all you want. But do you truly think it makes up for what’s been going on at home and in her personal life?
Miraculous clips
Miraculous clips Prije mjesec
She’s 17
grace Prije mjesec
wasnt she 15 two or three years ago
Undertaker Luver
Undertaker Luver Prije mjesec
jen always looks so unkempt
Mads_life Prije mjesec
I hope when Danielle is a mom ( if she decides to become one ) she learns from her mom’s mistakes and gives her child a happy and average life…Not the one Danielle lived
I’m probably late but ur new oc is fire
Itz Caria
Itz Caria Prije mjesec
I feel like Anna’s schedule be like: eat, sleep, dig up some tea, repeat 😭
Scott Shields
Scott Shields Prije mjesec
Scott Shields
Scott Shields Prije mjesec
Scott Shields
Scott Shields Prije mjesec
she’s lying about her ave
Scott Shields
Scott Shields Prije mjesec
Mel's fanZ
Mel's fanZ Prije mjesec
Isn't Dani 14, plus she sounds no older than me- (I'm not older then 14 or younger then 11)
Ely Perez
Ely Perez Prije mjesec
Someone made an everything wrong with anna oop
oli_bae Prije mjesec
Let’s wait y’all I’m 2023 or sooner she will expose her mom!!
Ketchup OnToast
Ketchup OnToast Prije mjesec
She literally just made a video regarding how annoyed it makes her when people constantly say that her mom takes her money, controls her posts, and her life in that matter. She also doesn’t like the fact that she can’t post anything without it being considered “inappropriate” when there are people just like her without a following doing it. As far as the age thing she has said that she isn’t responding to it anymore because it’s been a thing for years and people have said she’s been 14-15 since 2017. I love watching Anna’s videos but the posts about Dani go completely against what she herself posts about the assumptions and how upset it makes her. (Not saying her mom is a good parent or anything just saying what Dani has spoken up about)
Ingham family fan
Ingham family fan Prije mjesec
We have the same last name
Catherine Osorio
Catherine Osorio Prije mjesec
Mason mason
Huda Mohamed
Huda Mohamed Prije mjesec
Lots of mothers do this to their children and it’s way more common then you think but I think Danis situation is way worse since her mom made her get pregnant with other people and made her have an abortion but a story similar to danis is piper rockelle her mother forces her to do these things and her brother
Julia Prije mjesec
Olisa Ujubuonu
Olisa Ujubuonu Prije mjesec
oh boy if u have been to nigeria this normal but not every one does it
Misa Jirsa
Misa Jirsa Prije mjesec
How can u say that her mum is doing this when girls and boys grow into teenagers then whatever they post and do on social media has nothing to do with their parents, and it's her choice if she wants a life where she exposes herself and goes out wi boys
mina Prije mjesec
we all knew she was forced to show her body on the internet and stuff so
Lala Lala
Lala Lala Prije mjesec
Like the wise say, “ every child deserves parents but not every parents deserve children”
IZZY POTATO Prije mjesec
She looks 12 ngl
Kyiii❤️ Prije mjesec
Wow…All I Have to say Is why? 🤨😳
Jximie Prije mjesec
y'all Americans are fr crying about a 4 year age gap??????
Jximie Prije mjesec
@Majin Ally no one cares 😍
Majin Ally
Majin Ally Prije mjesec
age of consent is 18. dating a minor is a charge...so 4 year age gap doesn’t matter in the eyes of the law
jenna mary
jenna mary Prije mjesec
2:51 it’s so weird because I’ve never understood why she hasn’t just said her real age. Tbh she should just tell the truth, I don’t think people would hate on her because she’s telling the truth:)
nine - tailed fox
nine - tailed fox Prije mjesec
I feel like Danny's mom is probably getting her to lie about her age if she is really 15 so she could be in relationships with other with older boys so she can get money and then that money goes to her mom which means her mom is using her for the money
The•Triplets• Prije mjesec
Poor child you being older then your dad‘s girlfriend sheeeeeesh
Avery Dansby
Avery Dansby Prije mjesec
Age is just a number let her live like it is her love life what she wants to do let he do it SO SHUT THE FREAK UP AND LET HER LIVE 😡😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Sophia Wood
Sophia Wood Prije mjesec
earched up: Results: Danielle Cohn is a TikTok star with 20 million followers. While she and her mother say she's 16 years old, Cohn's ex-boyfriend Ethan Fair is now saying she's actually 14. He commented about her age and her mother's involvement in her life publicly on social media last week. Sep 9, 2020
javeria imran
javeria imran Prije mjesec
when her dad showed her birth certificate it said she was born on 7th march 2004 so she is 17.
maha alfarhan
maha alfarhan Prije mjesec
This is just so gross like, why? Like you, second, you got a abortion, 3 you don't know who the freaking father is like, bro, just chill like this is way too far like what she's just so pathetic.
maha alfarhan
maha alfarhan Prije mjesec
I definitely know if I acted like that right in front of my parents, they're definitely gonna disown me
ashleiiy Prije mjesec
She’s like Piper Rockelle but weirder
Yusur Hassan
Yusur Hassan Prije mjesec
Yes her mom is tell her everything and I and not happy about it and she lying about her age she should stop and not listening to her mom she should be smart enough and tell the truth about her age I don't like what her mom doing to her she like put up with her daughter and I don't the like the guys she dating a lot u always dating guys and breaking up with them switching nor good you should date only guys only you'd age not older guys sorry I have tell the truth ........ that bad what she doing now .......
Xxprxncess 1/14xx
Xxprxncess 1/14xx Prije mjesec
Y'all really do b all up in her biz
AnNiE oOp
AnNiE oOp Prije mjesec
I can bet most of Danielle's Followers are Pedo's or Simps which is Very- Nasty and Digusting 😶
professor hakase
professor hakase Prije mjesec
yes she rolled her eyes at her fans and yes she does bad stuff but i think it’d be better if her mom was diff
adore.selina Prije mjesec
Jen is a terrible mother. Period.
Stephie Bagley
Stephie Bagley Prije mjesec
I really do feel bad for her. She’s really not getting to enjoy her teenage years at all. It breaks me to see that she looks so stressed and tired at such a young age. I really hope she cuts off all contact with her mom when she gets older she deserves a better life.
Tabitha Monaco
Tabitha Monaco Prije mjesec
Also wanna adopt Danielle now just to get her out of that situation
Ana Gonzalez
Ana Gonzalez Prije mjesec
yall she was born 2006 so it means she is 15-16 i believe she is 16 tho so if she’s dating mason then it’s not bad at all bc it’s not a lot and usually that’s age limit for a 16 year old to date
AEELA THE AERI Prije mjesec
She was born in 2006, and her birthday is in March, which means that she is 15 years old
Ecii Prije mjesec
I can’t believe she’s two years older than me
Nalesha zeenarine
Nalesha zeenarine Prije mjesec
Not cause her mom allows her to do what she wants that doesn't this all of this yall stop she's doing amazing while yall here talking shit about her not hate to her she's amazing
Victoria_ playz
Victoria_ playz Prije mjesec
I unsubscribe because I realize I don't need to know about tik tok drama No hate tho
Adunade Okeyemi
Adunade Okeyemi Prije mjesec
Not gonna lie I hope danielles family apart from her mom can help her escape her toxic home with her mom
Andrea Alvarez
Andrea Alvarez Prije mjesec
She is literally one year younger than me-
iiMiasxii Prije mjesec
jenny popach and dani need to meet up and their moms are now bestfriends they are literally *the same*
Jungle Prije mjesec
I never hated Dani it was her mom that I hated. I feel so bad for Dani
Ellesse-Jo Handyside
Ellesse-Jo Handyside Prije mjesec
she was also with cole galotti..
Izevbuwa Esohe✨
Izevbuwa Esohe✨ Prije mjesec
She isn't being forced If Danielle approves of it and she's happy with it that means she wasn't forced to do anything Y'all should chill
sienna Prije mjesec
wait on google it says shes 17.. SHWS 17 WHAT
Annabelle Colby
Annabelle Colby Prije mjesec
Honestly with Dani and mikeys age gap that doesn’t bother me and I think it’s perfectly fine. Me and my bf have a three year age gap I’m 13 and he’s sixteen the only thing is I’m ahead of my time and I’ve seen and been through a lot more than most kids my age, so as long as they’re being safe and not doing anything stupid I think it’s perfectly fine.
AEELA THE AERI Prije mjesec
But she was dating him when she was 14 and he was 18
Maïwenn Abi Chedid
Maïwenn Abi Chedid Prije mjesec
ANNA! Please talk about Josh Richards,Jace Norman,Micheal Gruen moving out together ! ! Cause I find it crazy for a FAMOUS ACTOR to move with tiktokers
Theana Ishimwe
Theana Ishimwe Prije mjesec
I don't hate her but She is 17 years old and she doing this
AEELA THE AERI Prije mjesec
flociia Prije mjesec
Dan is a nice person just a bad family life.
Addy Prije mjesec
simillair problem of piper rockelle
AiRCONDiTiONER Prije mjesec
I'm just gonna wait for a video from Dani: "Turning 18. Finally telling you the truth"
Humma Nadeem
Humma Nadeem Prije mjesec
I agree with everyone and this video but what if Dani’s likes this. She likes dressing up like this and doing scandalous things. What if he mom isn’t forcing her
AEELA THE AERI Prije mjesec
I feel like her mom might’ve brainwashed her
ebonybabe Prije mjesec
You should’ve posted the pageant video
Kelsi Marie Music
Kelsi Marie Music Prije mjesec
Is anyone else concerned by the fact that if she really has been doing this full time since she was (roughly) 13, then she likely wasn't in school? Especially if she was held back a year, then she wouldn't even be out of elementary school when she stopped her education... If she is in school, PLEASE correct me. I truly hope that she is.
Emily Caraker
Emily Caraker Prije mjesec
I can not with Jen
Editsbyzara Prije mjesec
Im still confused how old is Danielle. Is she 17 or 15??
Siena Adamson
Siena Adamson Prije mjesec
her mom is creepy asf she slept in the same bed as Mikey and Daniel like there were other beds next to the bed Mikey and Danielle was sleeping on why couldn’t she of slept on her own separate bed just make sure they don’t do anything that women gives the the actual creeps you just tell she loves to earn money by exsploiting her own daughter on social meadia
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