Billie Eilish CANCELED For Being a ZIONIST?!

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Billie Eilish CANCELED For Being a ZIONIST?!


Scene princess
Scene princess Prije 5 sati
is everyone forgetting that anna oop is a bad person??
The ghosted roblox channel
The ghosted roblox channel Prije 21 sat
I don’t support billie but going on Israeli tv isn’t bad lol TV doesn’t have to do with the government and like yall wanna ban tv ffrom innocent Israeli people because they’re government is bad
Dani Mother of Dragons
Dani Mother of Dragons Prije dan
Israel is NOT on someone else's land. They've been there for almost 4000 years. Yikes super anti Semitic
salty sugar
salty sugar Prije 21 sat
You're so uneducated.... Pls get help.
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔkenma Prije dan
Ofc they’re gunna cancel her for being a Zionist 🤦‍♀️ like if your idol supports something wrong what u gunna think istg
Sav Prije dan
the zoom was prob glitching💀
Lyla Arreguin
Lyla Arreguin Prije dan
So do you support her or nottt? You are dragging her one second then praising her the next…
celeste ghost
celeste ghost Prije dan
ur making this wayyyy worse than it is
Onyekachi Nwanoka
Onyekachi Nwanoka Prije 2 dana
Can this just stoppppp. The reasons you are ‘cancelling’ Billie I really don’t understand. I fucking hate cancel culture it goes way to far. I understand taking accountability for something WORTH TIME. But this shit is barely a slap in the wrist
Lindsey Cortez
Lindsey Cortez Prije 2 dana
i love billie sm
Sofia Henry
Sofia Henry Prije 2 dana
This is so stupid like Kim people are dying
Adelina fidgets
Adelina fidgets Prije 3 dana
I hate olivia now
Ethan Foreman
Ethan Foreman Prije 3 dana
She isn’t cancelled we are holding her accountable…
Papillon_miller Prije dan
other celebs done way worse but y'all just targeting her now. so sensitive. everyone nowadays searches for some reason to be mad, its annoying, just fuck off
CHERRY COLA Prije 3 dana
Stephanie wolters
Stephanie wolters Prije 4 dana
Stephanie wolters
Stephanie wolters Prije 4 dana
She’s young we all make mistakes
Itz_ela🖤 Prije 4 dana
I WAS a fan but now I think I am just🥱
Peachyfairy Prije 5 dana
I'm sorry but Anna is just accusing everyone at this point
cuong Lu
cuong Lu Prije 5 dana
in school, mistakes are ok. But I in the real life, it never is ok.
genesis is obsessed with o’brien
genesis is obsessed with o’brien Prije 5 dana
just leave billie alone. gosh is it that hard
Acidites Prije 4 dana
She’s doing it for content and money
qweesz Prije 5 dana
“isn’t it werid to see billie and olivia hugging?” uh… n-no ? 😃😭
Pineapple Puppy
Pineapple Puppy Prije 5 dana
oKaY this is the exact reason why I don't have any socials because of stupid stuff like this... everything in this video is just people trying to start something thing out of nothing like---- What?!?!?! I literally knew none of this was happening to billie before I watched this video I support her unconditionally and love her because the music she makes is freaking amazing... I hate people.....
LuneEclipse Prije 5 dana
She's been acting up when she bleached her hair
Nightwing Prije 2 dana
No, she doesn't act up. So leave it behind 'cause you have a night to get away! Just come on and fly with her as you make your great escape!
Moneli Amehdi
Moneli Amehdi Prije 6 dana
i always hated billie songs and style
Moneli Amehdi
Moneli Amehdi Prije 2 dana
@Nightwing i hate her songs her her human present
Moneli Amehdi
Moneli Amehdi Prije 2 dana
@Nightwing what are you talking about you weirdo
Nightwing Prije 2 dana
No, you love her. You just dance in the living room, loving the way she moves, hurts when she's leaving you!
Sara Prije 6 dana
Billie deserves more hate for being a Zionist
Nightwing Prije 2 dana
No, you love Billie. You're on the edge of glory! And you're hanging on a moment with her!
xychea. Prije 6 dana
uhm, I used to feel sorry when they were hating anna oop. But now, I'm glad they did.
your mom
your mom Prije 6 dana
So you guys don’t like Jewish people and her supporting them?
suolucarim Prije 5 dana
exactly my thoughts
blisful Prije 7 dana
She was lagging how do u expect her to stay COMEPLETELY still
Maddie Lacey
Maddie Lacey Prije 7 dana
I’m not sure why people are freaking out about the song about Emma, she is a grown woman who is living her life and what happens between her and her man happens at her pace if she wanted to wait longer SHE WOULD, please if you don’t agree with Emma’s timing keep it to yourself (I’m not talking about Anna I’m talking about the people who are hating on Emma)
Afhara Elfiore
Afhara Elfiore Prije 7 dana
Anna oop do be insulting and making fun of celebrities and defending them when her supporters bullied the celebs too, then denies that she didn't say anything against those celebs, when she gets called out. *"gUyS, DoN't cOmE aT mY gIrL."*
Afhara Elfiore
Afhara Elfiore Prije 7 dana
Anna oop CANCELLED for being so oa and exaggerated?!
Wintyer Prije 7 dana
Man if people really know what Zionist really meant you realized how big it really is. and how wide spread it is all over the world
FruitSalad Prije 8 dana
They really cancelling her for the dumbest shit ever. They’re desperate
FruitSalad Prije 8 dana
The splatter painted CDs are fine. I can’t believe they making a big deal out of this. And the “embarrassing” fandom thing she was wrong tf… I’m from the fandom and I would know. Some are weird.
Ryleigh- Bloxburg Videos
Ryleigh- Bloxburg Videos Prije 8 dana
Anna, nobody is unfollowing her. You make people unfollow her
sofia Prije 8 dana
wowwwww, can't you just let people live their life and have a different opinion and ideologies? you can't cancel everyone who thinks differently. get a life y'all. there's nothing wrong with Zionists
Celine Luijkx
Celine Luijkx Prije 8 dana
Tbh it’s not bad to support a country right? Like so what she supports isreal no need to cancel her wtf
NotJemen Prije 8 dana
ok please help 😶 isn’t israel a country? i’m extremely confused. why are people saying that it’s wrong for her to recognise israel as a country? please help i’m genuinely just uneducated on this topic…
♡EeveeloverOwO YT♡
♡EeveeloverOwO YT♡ Prije 9 dana
First Billie ellish can be whatever she wants to be its HER life you can't control her live only she can
Sad girl
Sad girl Prije 9 dana
I'm proud that there are so many people who deal with their humanity, and thank you so much
Moria Atayi
Moria Atayi Prije 9 dana
I mean can you prove she could hear thr girl............ exactly
•Vanessa Coffee•
•Vanessa Coffee• Prije 9 dana
as a billie stan, i am pretty upset what she did but i still lover her music and her but it's kinda sad seeing all the hate she's getting-
-cosmicfantasy- Prije 9 dana
I miss the old Billie…
AxtumnOwl Prije 10 dana
Since when is supporting Israel a thing to be canceled for?
Natalie Prije 11 dana
Can people please stop saying that Billie called her fans embarrassing, she fucking liked a post she didn't call them embarrassing omfg
Aureliazx Prije 11 dana
the internet is weird yall literally know u can't force beliefs on other people like- i don't get why being a. zionist is such a bad thing also HOW DID SHE CALL THEM EMBARRASSING FOR
Aureliazx Prije 11 dana
Aureliazx Prije 11 dana
liking a post like i dont know if im to young yall- but its like-
Orion Emperor
Orion Emperor Prije 11 dana
She is just another clown who just work best under controversy
Cattttttttttttttt Prije 11 dana
Lila O'Connor
Lila O'Connor Prije 11 dana
wtf. I feel so bad for emma. tucker had no right to share such personal details like that. its just so... wrong. and i also don't get whats so wrong with billie being a zionist. can someone explain pls?
Stella Luna
Stella Luna Prije 11 dana
wow she made a mistake like we all do sometimes and suddenly everyone hates her. this is so toxic. Mainly because we don't even know what really happened a) on the Instargram post she said that she loves girls. was that coming out? we do not know it. was it inappropriate? since we don't know the context. No. b) with the zoom call you noticed that the quality is not that good, and we have no idea what happened before and after. Aren't we all in a bad mood sometimes? it is not allowed that she is in a bad mood. b) Like a picture like this doesn't mean to hate all of her fans, she has often mentioned how happy she is about all the fans. In addition, we don't even know 100% whether she really liked the picture herself. c) People don't like her new music. it's ok not to like all the music in the world, but it's really not appropriate to wish ,,old Billie ‘‘. so the Billie with depression? why shouldn't she grow like all of us and why shouldn't her music change? d) her clothes. so many say that her new clothes are so bad and even call her a slut! just because she finally started loving herself. Toxic. e) Generally. I think everyone can have their opinion, but to hate a person like that on the internet and to portray them as a bad person is really not ok. even if she makes a mistake or two or is in a bad mood one or two times. ain't no reason to hate her because it only shows that she is human. a person who sometimes makes mistakes. It is also sad how nobody talks about "Not my responsibility". In this sound she explained how it feels to live in public and to be judged daily by it. I don't think anyone who reads this could handle it. so stop judging people you have no idea about.
Sydneysasmr Prije 11 dana
Idgaf if she’s a Zionist idc
Ilybree Prije 12 dana
anna…. sweetie. you are literally dragging people down. i mean, what the heck is wrong with olivia and billie hugging?
I got nothing
I got nothing Prije 12 dana
I don't know what a zionist is but in the comments i guess it's not really that big of deal???
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Prije 12 dana
It's safe to like the videos before you watch them folks.
The Electric
The Electric Prije 12 dana
If this was anyone else they would have been 💯 cancel and have no return
Hannah Prije 12 dana
Anyone know what Zionist actually is? Also, what's the deal with Isreal? I'm sorry I'm so uneducated😅🙃
The ghosted roblox channel
The ghosted roblox channel Prije 12 dana
Can someone please explain why billie shouldn’t have said hi to israeli ppl ik the situation and I’d understand if she did something bad against palestine but idc what’s wrong please explain guys
Vili Gyurova
Vili Gyurova Prije 13 dana
Ppl dont have lifes and start canceling other ppl
Lynn Shein
Lynn Shein Prije 13 dana
No one is educated about Billie being a Zionist. Y’all know nothing about Israel or Palestine and y’all are making up crap. No one knows anything. I ask YALL to pray for peace. Everyone is valid and the people who don’t know anything about the situation STOP TAKING SUDES
iamy Prije 13 dana
Why should we care for our singers personality and opinions? Honestly who tf cares. Cuz what is it gonna affect me or some shi? and bruh israel also listens to music. There is no exception to them
Zia Mohammed
Zia Mohammed Prije 14 dana
This is bullshit anna your getting chaotic and I don't think your content is as not good as it used to be I'm hurt so much
Kyrese Disney
Kyrese Disney Prije 14 dana
Okay so is Israel is on occupied Palestinian land, and Palestine is illegally occupied, then Israel shouldn't be recognized as a country? What about US? We tore this country from the free natives. And claimed it as outside. Explain that. Shit happens. Deal. With it.
Kyrese Disney
Kyrese Disney Prije 14 dana
Broo PLEASE you make things seem way more problematic than they actually are.
Jordan hays
Jordan hays Prije 14 dana
Anna oop needs an exposed vid herself for how fake she is
cqonx Prije 14 dana
ppl r so problematic
I F F Y Prije 14 dana
Loved it! Subscribed
I love Black
I love Black Prije 14 dana
First she announced that she supports Israel wich its litterly against humanity and then she got a super racist boyfriend shame on her 🇵🇸❤️
I love Black
I love Black Prije 5 dana
@suolucarim let me be clear with u israel didn't existed back in time they was jewish refugees from different countries because they was not welcomed so palestine was like a home for them but then they wanted to have this country that's why they started wars with Palestine and until now they keep killing Palestinians u can search about that just write palestine history and u can find all the truth
I love Black
I love Black Prije 10 dana
@Nightwing the fawk
Nightwing Prije 10 dana
No, that's silly. Jason Derulo! Baby oh oh, you're just a little loco! Like boats in Acapulco, you're just riding the wave! And baby oh oh, you're just a little loco! Your emotions like a yo-yo, but you like it that way!
Anna joseph
Anna joseph Prije 15 dana
i feel rly bad for olivia bc we KNOW it wasn't her fault
Jeff Larin مش عاوز فلوس
Jeff Larin مش عاوز فلوس Prije 15 dana
So you guys don't want israel to exist??
🍑Melslilpeach🍑 Prije 16 dana
I am going to say that the fame has gotten to Billies dumb ass
Nightwing Prije 10 dana
No, Billie is cute. You and her, girl! Her and you! Jump into the floor and feel the energy pick up!
🍑Melslilpeach🍑 Prije 16 dana
I’m confuse first you supported then you hated her and now you’re still hating her don’t get me wrong I don’t like Billie Eilish she’s a horrible person but you’re just as bad as her and you’re a hypocrite
Mairy clemen
Mairy clemen Prije 17 dana
It not awkward she is just 19 give he a break
Autumn Parker
Autumn Parker Prije 17 dana
Hi. Ok so I’m a lesbain. And I was PISSED when she queer baited. And not only that said a racial slur! I was starting to kinda be ok with her again. Like she was tolrbale. But now. 🤦
Autumn Parker
Autumn Parker Prije 10 dana
@Nightwing what-
Nightwing Prije 10 dana
@Autumn Parker No, she didn't do that. Because when the sun shines, you'll shine together! Told you she'll be here forever! That she'll always be your friend, took an oath you'll stick it out 'til the end! And you bet it's raining more than ever, but you know you'll still have each other!
Autumn Parker
Autumn Parker Prije 12 dana
@Kyrese Disney as a lesbain. Not a gay person. You wouldn’t get it. She didn’t say I like girls. She said I love woman. And there is a big fucking difference there. She was obviously queerbaitibg. Fr poeple need to stop speaking for lesbains for once.
Kyrese Disney
Kyrese Disney Prije 14 dana
Yeah I dont think she queer baited. "I like girls" that can be the same thing as "girls are pretty and nice". A compliment. Hell I say that shit all the time and I'm Gay. For an accepting and understanding community most of the others in the lgbtq community a really do pike to jump to conclusions
Kylie🦋 Prije 18 dana
Miss gurl if she canceled why she just made a collab or whatever with Disney-
slowedgirl:) Prije 18 dana
billie love what the hell
Akielah Smith
Akielah Smith Prije 19 dana
Akielah Smith
Akielah Smith Prije 19 dana
Jasmine N.
Jasmine N. Prije 19 dana
It's not Liv's fault
Jasmine N.
Jasmine N. Prije 19 dana
I bought a cassette and a sour bracelet in late July and I still haven't gotten them....prolly bc I live in LATAM
Jasmine N.
Jasmine N. Prije 19 dana
4:16 damn she looks thrilled af
pandalovergd Prije 20 dana
Honestly just shut up
Jerry Cross
Jerry Cross Prije 20 dana
Didn't she said support lgbtq and BLM? On her insta tho are we are going to forget about that???
Bxxry Longbottom
Bxxry Longbottom Prije 20 dana
She’s a Zionist? I’m done yeah with Billie…
Bxxry Longbottom
Bxxry Longbottom Prije 18 dana
@Sniperz 🇵🇸🇵🇸
Sniperz Prije 18 dana
@Bxxry Longbottom free Palestine ❤️
Bxxry Longbottom
Bxxry Longbottom Prije 18 dana
@Nightwing WTFF NOPE 😭💀
Nightwing Prije 18 dana
No, that's silly. You love Billie. Whenever, wherever! You're meant to be together! She'll be there and you'll be near, and that's the deal my dear!
Naomi P-H
Naomi P-H Prije 21 dan
I have nothing left to say exept here we go again
FantaXsea X
FantaXsea X Prije 21 dan
standing with israel is just saying yes to apartheid to ethnic cleansing to bombing civilians and killing 80 children in one week,and shooting people during praying in the aqssa mosque aressting young kids and 81 palestinians who died but their bodies still locked in the israeli camps,endless checkpoints maze just to move from place to place. .etcx1000, so yea she knew everything about israel and here she is celebrating with the criminals
Nightwing Prije 18 dana
No, she doesn't do that. You want her to know that it's your time! Her and you bleed the same light! You want her to know that she's all yours! You and her run the same course!
Kahlifa Spencer 5
Kahlifa Spencer 5 Prije 21 dan
This is why I am a kpop fan.
Its Mikayla
Its Mikayla Prije 21 dan
What’s Zionist!?
hala_feminist_ Prije 21 dan
Bruh she only said hi isreal not I support isreal 💀
world of tay🌎
world of tay🌎 Prije 22 dana
😤🙄 it's not Olivia's fault
lailanii Prije 22 dana
tbh y’all are just snowflakes, making big deals about nothing, go ahead, cancel me 🙄
garry woods
garry woods Prije 23 dana
kim cho-hee
kim cho-hee Prije 23 dana
Annaaaaa luv i used to like you but you are making Billie situation show bigger then it is bruh... *disappointed *
Duru okte
Duru okte Prije 23 dana
Firstly. being A ZIONIST. I never expected this from Billie. Secondly. She would've Been NOTHING without her fans. Like BILLIE STOPPPPPPPPPPPP. AND I feel so embarrassedthat I am well WAS a fan of Billie
Nightwing Prije 21 dan
No, that's silly. You love Billie. You had a dream so big and loud! You jumped so high, you touched the clouds! Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!
Aʟʟɪᴇ Prije 23 dana
olivia rodrigo and billie eilish caught HUGGING!?😱 **i cried** **scary**
Aʟʟɪᴇ Prije 23 dana
wait y’all are mad at her for liking that insta post? y’all were being embarrassing and you guys know it.
Mica Cami
Mica Cami Prije 23 dana
Speak like a normal human being jesus
Mariam Akerman
Mariam Akerman Prije 23 dana
I mean she can't hide behind being a teen anymore, even though ppl can think and make rational assumption and decisions since their brain is developed fully by the age of 14, and she shamed women when she was a kid on live tv and said they are less then her bc they sexualized themselves, (lol like it is not Hollywood in general that is sexist and women have to do 1000timea.more then men to be recognized) and then she did lingerie photoshoot herself lol 😂 she got payed then it is fine. She seems so annoyed by fans attention she forgets that she would be nothing without fans?!
Kyrese Disney
Kyrese Disney Prije 14 dana
She gets annoyed by fans trying to control her every decision like a puppet, asswipe. I dont even like her and even I see that
LorD_MercenarY Prije 24 dana
Moral: Never idolize a person
Tzipporah hirsch
Tzipporah hirsch Prije 24 dana
Anna makes every situation more problematic then it really is
MiilkyMoqa Prije 13 dana
معاوية الوريكات
معاوية الوريكات Prije 24 dana
Money 🤑 and talent 🤩 worth supporting killers
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