the good and the DARK side of Lil Nas X

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anna oop

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the good and the DARK side of Lil Nas x
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jaime leigh page
jaime leigh page Prije 9 minuta
even though he is in the lgbtq community, doesnt mean that he shouldnt be blamed for anything
heisthe _omega
heisthe _omega Prije 11 minuta
I hate how some ppl call Christianity a religion It’s not! It’s the relationship we have with Jesus Christ Honestly I have nothing against lilnax Buh the music video was just ugh... And how he shades us Christians is just wrong pls don’t hate on this comment This is just my opinion
Riya Mazello
Riya Mazello Prije 11 minuta
Bruh im muslim and im very offended Srry about my spellin im not american
Kyndle Paxton
Kyndle Paxton Prije 19 minuta
nas was younger when he said all that stuff and didn’t rlly know what was truly talking about it was probably just a honest mistake we all do when we’re young get over it
Arianna Astorga
Arianna Astorga Prije 23 minuta
Jenan Alenzi
Jenan Alenzi Prije 37 minuta
I’m Muslim and proud and now I hated lil nas
Tsuki Akarui
Tsuki Akarui Prije sat
I hope he will get cancel fr being a rude person towards EVERY RELIGON AND EVERYONE. he is sick and need help
Giandlo Stepis
Giandlo Stepis Prije sat
What the fk is wrong with you when u say “but”?? Chill girl
Ena Kalabić
Ena Kalabić Prije sat
Bro I am so mad because I am a muslim
Anna Hufer
Anna Hufer Prije sat
But he really should’ve had apologized bc that’s just messed up
Anna Hufer
Anna Hufer Prije sat
Ok but like he did dumb stuff in his past when he was younger and didn’t think to much abt others and one other thing is that maybe he was taught this stuff by his parents bc there’s no way he would be shaming ppl like that so maybe like his parents were like that and he got it from them but idk 🤷‍♀️
Macy Lyn
Macy Lyn Prije sat
Blood in shoes huh???
Dxbora. mk
Dxbora. mk Prije sat
And to think I was singing “Old Town Road” in school💀
D B Prije 2 sati
He didn’t apologise to any of the people he hurt in the past, this proves that he isn’t actually sorry.
Bread Towne
Bread Towne Prije 2 sati
Nathanieh Flex
Nathanieh Flex Prije 2 sati
I’m so disappointed 😞
Back Up
Back Up Prije 2 sati
Honestly the last thing about selling his soul is probably just a joke bcs as a gay, I also make a lot of these jokes and I don't think there is anything wrong with his music video. If religious people can't respect us, we won't respect them either
Maryam Alsaadi
Maryam Alsaadi Prije 2 sati
I’am a black Muslim
Shelton Wills
Shelton Wills Prije 2 sati
At this point I don't care about him
Laice Ledger
Laice Ledger Prije 2 sati
Aesthetic_señor Prije 2 sati
ЯНИvsВЛАДИ Prije 2 sati
ok but canu keep it down with that BUT
ЯНИvsВЛАДИ Prije 2 sati
i still love him. ppl change
SVOOP Prije 3 sati
*He got in a scandal when he brought the Satan shoes containing real human blood in the shoes..* 💁‍♂️
Tatum Quinn 29
Tatum Quinn 29 Prije 3 sati
Gurl the moment someone post she films 🤦🏼🙍🏾‍♂️
Tanmayee Greeshma
Tanmayee Greeshma Prije 3 sati
he's disgusting
Rainbowhugs Prije 3 sati
He did these since 2015 why ya'll mad? And getting angry cuz of a music video y'all mad for nothing Ana just stick to tiktokers drama stop trying to cancel celebrity boo❤
briana onoh
briana onoh Prije 4 sati
*He is disgusting point blank period*
R Snowyz
R Snowyz Prije 4 sati
That's it as a Muslim I would to say that we get hate every day because were muslim like I wish ppl didnt call anyone islamophobic and unacceptable religion and Pig also beggar Bc these words Are what I have dealt with God will know everyones lies and will protect us if were upset and fuming angry and will make our days better but hating on Muslim NA JI NA god will seriously turn away from you and go to the Muslims so never ever Do anything to us muslims...
Kat Valentine
Kat Valentine Prije 4 sati
As a christian I really feel bad for the muslims. I guess the people that we see everyday are not what they seem :(
stan got7
stan got7 Prije 4 sati
its really funny that in the video he goes from heaven to hell, i mean did this guy really think he would even go to heaven? not because he is gay its because of the things he did and never apologized for.
Idk Hj
Idk Hj Prije 4 sati
Fun fact: it was Lil Nas’s birthday the day after this was posted
mimi Prije 5 sati
Lil Nas X really said “ I sold my soul to the devil for designer”
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson Prije 5 sati
As a Christian, I think it’s disrespectful for Lil nas X to mock the Muslim Community. This is very disgusting I never thought he would actually think of this. Yes
Maria Ahmed
Maria Ahmed Prije 5 sati
Okay now I hate him.
fOoKiNg aVoCaDoS
fOoKiNg aVoCaDoS Prije 6 sati
How does Roblox Man go from playong roblox to THIS I- 🚶🏾‍♀️💀
Manica Liu
Manica Liu Prije 7 sati
Okay this is disgusting. Iam a catholic and is surronded by muslims (my friends are muslims and iam in a country that is mostly muslims indonesia) i feel bad for my friends. Muslims didnt even do anything to him but he blacklashed them? The satan thing was really disgusting to watch,, as catholic its really disrespectful i dont even wanna hear the song. Its sad that i really liked his old townroad song bc it was a hit..
SwagSicheng Prije 7 sati
yikes. just no.
Abbas Jiskani
Abbas Jiskani Prije 7 sati
As a Muslim its very offensive and disgusting to make"jokes"like that He has to apologise!
• Siimply Ayrix •
• Siimply Ayrix • Prije 7 sati
After all the things he did??? Really, after doing so many things, then make a video saying sorry, but that’s just a troll
mitzi uwu
mitzi uwu Prije 7 sati
this is about the music video part‼️people were mad because they thought he did it just so he could, but it accually has meaning. His name is Montenero and it’s about how he came out as gay (the kissing part) and how he was hated on (the tied up part) and how if he wasn’t accepted in heaven he would rather be in hell. I know he has done some bad stuff that I DEFINITELY do not agree with, but some people need to learn their facts about the music videos meaning :)
mitzi uwu
mitzi uwu Prije 7 sati
this is about the music video part‼️people were mad because they thought he did it just so he could, but it accually has meaning. His name is Montenero and it’s about how he came out as gay (the kissing part) and how he was hated on (the tied up part) and how if he wasn’t accepted in heaven he would rather be in hell. I know he has done some bad stuff that I DEFINITELY do not agree with, but some people need to learn their facts about the music videos meaning :)
- mushroomxio -
- mushroomxio - Prije 7 sati
I used to like lil nas- i really did! He was pretty funny and talented! But as a muslim, this makes me so sad. The fact that he didn't even apoligise publicly, no❤. This guy's career is over for me.
deyala fagih
deyala fagih Prije 7 sati
islam is no joke, muslim's respect Christians, why cant they do the same? this is really heartbreaking bc im a muslim and i used to listen to lil nas is song's. 💔😖
My'Zanae Nicole
My'Zanae Nicole Prije 8 sati
And y’all be praising these people🏃🏾‍♀️💨✋🏽. Just sad!!
Kaylee Bruce
Kaylee Bruce Prije 8 sati
It’s so disgusting to see that music video but he had the audacity to quote the Bible on his shoes that were “satan shoes” and then he says he puts blood in them. Something is wrong with him 🤦‍♀️
jena Prije 8 sati
These type of people dont deserve fame
Sunset Royalty
Sunset Royalty Prije 8 sati
I used to be a fan of him, after I saw his music video I no longer watched him.
ruby rose
ruby rose Prije 8 sati
ngl i love this dude
Ahoy Aoka
Ahoy Aoka Prije 8 sati
Bet he seeing this vid is like: wow I can't make a song without being called problematic
misle toe
misle toe Prije 9 sati
I'm not even suprise if there's someone still defending him bc most of his fan is actually the boys😐
Nae Nae
Nae Nae Prije 9 sati
Im never following an influencer or celebrity ever again
Gacha life movie
Gacha life movie Prije 9 sati
First off idc if y'all wanna attack me or not but I'm just going to be speaking the truth. Y'all are hypocrites, u guys didn't want to do any of this until he released this song and Some of y'all liked it and just bcuz he put up a tweet saying he used to sleep on his sister floor and had no money and just bcuz he got famous pretty quickly y'all saying he got himself involved with the devil, c'mon when all those other celebrities got famous overnight y'all didn't question how they became famous, if y'all were rlly good fans to lil nas y'all would know what his first album was and it blew up. Secondly just bcuz he hang out with tik tokers and celebrities some of u homophobic ppl and hypocrites claims tht he is problematic oh I didn't know by creating a music video tht has a whole fucking meaning behind it, he becomes problematic and y'all just keep attacking him every single day I mean like c'mon and just bcuz he hasn't apologized to y'all homophobic ppl it doesn't mean he is not sorry y'all just see what's happening on cameras y'all don't know what happens bs, also idek y ppl keep digging up dirt on him bcuz they think he got famous overnight y'all need to keep ur fucking opinions to ur fucking self and stop trying to create drama. Also y'all can't believe shit these ppl say bcuz they can be lying. Thirdly just bcuz u see someone now doesn't mean u'll see them tmmr you haters need to get a life and stop judging others or saying bad things about thier lives, I'm more disgusted with this gossip and as soon as he apologize y'all going to be friending him up like nth happened smh . Also the racism may have come from when he was in his teens, y'all let tik tokers get away with this shit all the time. I have alot more to say but this is far as I can go also anna u need to start minding ur own business bcuz one day u'll regret not minding it, it's not a threat it's a warning bcuz some ppl will take action so bye bitches
Gacha life movie
Gacha life movie Prije 9 sati
Idc if y'all hate me it's just truth
Kurweezy Prije 9 sati
he owned up the nas maraj account and stan behvaior is toxic all around can pass on that where is the proof he owned the lil kim account?
•Syd's Aesthetix •
•Syd's Aesthetix • Prije 10 sati
i used to love lil nas x. now i look back at my old self and im disgusted
Jose Vegas
Jose Vegas Prije 10 sati
Miss girl when he really trys to keep his shit to a big problem pretty embarssing-
Dowoon Best Boy
Dowoon Best Boy Prije 10 sati
Kathryn Sheridan
Kathryn Sheridan Prije 10 sati
"respect all religions" yea until its Christians apparently
Lauren Rodger
Lauren Rodger Prije 3 sati
Because Christians literally don’t respect others
Spoopy Prije 10 sati
Y’all do realize he was only 16 at the time.... many people do reckless things when they are young and teenagers without even caring. He’s 22 now and it’s been 6 years! Cancel culture is dumb because you bring up stuff about the past that the person has probably changed from.
Marielle Francesca Fabella
Marielle Francesca Fabella Prije 10 sati
yea. The point is people make mistakes cuz people arent perfect. and people change
Ariella Prije 11 sati
I’m disgusted.
Sarah Rachid
Sarah Rachid Prije 11 sati
I now have LilNasiphobia
Ivana Castell�n Guti�rrez
Ivana Castell�n Guti�rrez Prije 11 sati
As a cotholic I dont rlly find his video “disrespectful” I low key find it funny bc yk how they say “gays should go to hell” and then when he actually does it they get mad at him but i def think it was so irresponsible por him to party during a pandemic high key disappointed
blackpink blink
blackpink blink Prije 12 sati
I am not a Muslim or a Christian...BUT WHAT HE DID IS SO WRONG!!! In case if you are wondering I am a hindu
Maddie bean
Maddie bean Prije 12 sati
I remeber in 4th grade when old town road was a huge trend in my entire school...
blackpink blink
blackpink blink Prije 12 sati
He is a celebrity...he should sorround himself with celebrities...not tik tokers who have no talent...
Lolo xd
Lolo xd Prije 12 sati
can someone please tell me why muslins get hate I can’t get it
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster Prije 12 sati
Okay don't mess with them period lil nasx- BUT YOU MESS WITH MY BABY RIHANA OH HELLLLLL NO
cat Prije 13 sati
not a muslim but i don’t rlly think apologizing will do anything. he seems like he doesn’t care and if he did it seems like he’d only do it so he could still stay relevant.
Jaxson za tech
Jaxson za tech Prije 13 sati
I don’t think he is the same person now and isn’t still racist and transphobic and Islamophibic etc but he really needed to apologize properly which he didn’t
Fhaelyn Caoili
Fhaelyn Caoili Prije 13 sati
wtf I never knew any of this about him.. yea after hearing all of this about him I dislike him now 😃👍
anime samurai
anime samurai Prije 13 sati
NOT Rihanna
Maria Cecila
Maria Cecila Prije 13 sati
Bruvvv i want him to say te fattest sorry and if ppl don't believe him- if you can't beat em, join em.
noturnormalweeb Prije 13 sati
I’m Muslim and I liked him so much but this is just why
The Rayleen Show
The Rayleen Show Prije 13 sati
He used to be a good funny guy these days everybody getting canceled
adopt me avec les kiki
adopt me avec les kiki Prije 13 sati
Umm sorry but i dont belive u
Anel Monasterio
Anel Monasterio Prije 13 sati
But guess what we forgive, we forget, we move on, people change and people make mistakes but you know freak it it's life. Ik this is not ok but have some fun in your life for a bit.
Bryan Calderon
Bryan Calderon Prije 14 sati
Tina _anonymous
Tina _anonymous Prije 14 sati
Tina _anonymous
Tina _anonymous Prije 13 sati
Just enjoy the fucking song🖤✨
jxlynn_gxrcia Prije 14 sati
That was literally the past- he probably apologized
SimplyPancake Prije 14 sati
BLEHH- me being muslim, this is offensive and DISGUSTING. AND HE NEVER APOLIGED- just no
Nivedita Naveen
Nivedita Naveen Prije 14 sati
so no one going to talk abou the shoes
faith Prije 14 sati
im a muslim myself and seeing my idol insult my religion just breaks my heart :/
Salma Altaji
Salma Altaji Prije 14 sati
I’m speechless.
Talaya Weekes
Talaya Weekes Prije 14 sati
Dang it's like everything be happening on tiktok Twitter Facebook Instagram HRpost like dang can any of these apps get a break for once in a while
Skies Stan
Skies Stan Prije 14 sati
Wow ..this is just. No words.
Frog Aresegsy
Frog Aresegsy Prije 15 sati
This can’t be true-
DK2041 Prije 15 sati
The Muslim stuff I’m mad about but everything else idgaf
Spxrkies Prije 15 sati
He went to 🤠to👹
Aniyah Ford
Aniyah Ford Prije 15 sati
Stop playing with him he’s normal like the rest of us y’all do to much frl gtfo
yogurt_pooopo jimin4life
yogurt_pooopo jimin4life Prije 15 sati
People can say that he’s a hypocrite but hating on him Bc he went to a party is just childish he decided to go to the party and at the end of the day it’s his health he’s risked not yours he doesn’t need teenagers to make decisions for him
cody ramirez
cody ramirez Prije 15 sati
I feel sad now but I guess things happen 😂
II SmileyBun28 II
II SmileyBun28 II Prije 15 sati
... yeah no dude, I actually thought u were decent
ZyftHBK Prije 15 sati
I'm cool with him, i dont care because no ones dying and if they did its on them. Stop giving them attention b/c they are only going to keep doing it. USE UR MATA
Yeah, in the past🤷 the fucking past, y'all need to calm down
LaRyn Harris
LaRyn Harris Prije 15 sati
Nopeeee he messed with ari that's a no.
Louise Houghton
Louise Houghton Prije 15 sati
ok as a lil nas x stan , im saying that i still like him. i'll say it before and i'll say it again. what about the other tiktokers that have had bad pasts?????
Brianna Thomas
Brianna Thomas Prije 16 sati
Yall can say what yall enat but i love him and nothing can stop that 😊😊😊😊💜💜💜💜💜💜, yall can hate me and say what yall want but i dont care have a great day mawh bye love 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 I meant want
selina z
selina z Prije 16 sati
when I first saw his tweets exposed and the dates from 2015, I was like okay, that was like about 6 years ago. He could’ve changed, but no.
Sofia Barrera
Sofia Barrera Prije 16 sati
Bro what the hell as someone who is very gay, I looked up to him going to hell when people told him to and he turns out to be this guy like wtf
french pxnkie
french pxnkie Prije 16 sati
As a Christian, I find his music video very disturbing. Even if you don’t believe what we believe you don’t save to mock it and make fun of it.
Lauren Rodger
Lauren Rodger Prije 3 sati
It wasn’t mocking it, you don’t understand the point of the video. The video was to show the homophobic Christian’s who said that he would never go to heaven and would go to hell, that he would rather go to hell. Not mocking.
「alistixna 」
「alistixna 」 Prije 11 sati
i am a christian too, but i *understand* that it was aimed for *HOMOPHOBIC* christians lmao.
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