Ondreaz Lopez CALLED OUT by Charli D’amelio & TIKTOKERS?! Thomas Petrou EXPOSED! Danielle Cohn LIAR

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anna oop

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Ondreaz Lopez CALLED OUT by Charli D’amelio & Other TIKTOKERS?! Thomas Petrou EXPOSED! Danielle Cohn LIAR
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anna oop
anna oop Prije 29 dana
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Joseph Guillory
Joseph Guillory Prije sat
@zesty what happened??
Joseph Guillory
Joseph Guillory Prije sat
@zesty woah why
Harper Stangel
Harper Stangel Prije dan
Anna face reveal for 2 million??
Nancy Machitar
Nancy Machitar Prije dan
i like apple juice
i like apple juice Prije dan
@volleyflow shes a troll 🤚🏻
Shimmer 3690
Shimmer 3690 Prije 13 sati
Wait first of all what's a 14 year old doing with out their parents, that they end up in a adult house💀 am I the only one that have strict parents...... And can we acknowledge Lele and Hannah friendship like its absolutely gold 💖😭 I want friendships like that💖
Charlotte St. Pierre
Charlotte St. Pierre Prije 17 sati
what dog do you have
Yshaira Carbaat
Yshaira Carbaat Prije 20 sati
i think ava is lying
Yshaira Carbaat
Yshaira Carbaat Prije 21 sat
you gott to be kidding me
still waiting for a life teehee
still waiting for a life teehee Prije 23 sati
Okay, first of all she was 17 and he was 20. When youre 17 you have the right to say yes or no. PLUS HES ONLY 3 YEARS OLDER!!!!! Oh my god, he most likely asked her to do that with him, she coundve said no if she felt that way..... Am I right?
Laura ll
Laura ll Prije 7 sati
Yes you are
•pastel møøn•
•pastel møøn• Prije dan
Methayel AlHosani
Methayel AlHosani Prije dan
Shahidah Ramzanali
Shahidah Ramzanali Prije dan
I love how she is straight forward and doesn’t care to talk about tiktokers and there situations.. like gurl you do you🤍🤍
Soraia filipa
Soraia filipa Prije dan
No girl. What is up with YOUR CLICKBAITS, just stop
venom hatake
venom hatake Prije 2 dana
someone help! am confused
Donovansofly Prije 2 dana
bruh your voice is so annoying
Kylie Spiroff
Kylie Spiroff Prije 2 dana
Danielle Cohn has been 14 for like 2 years lmao
saucy sausage
saucy sausage Prije 2 dana
OK?! When I heard all the hype house MEMBERS having a DaRk PaSt uhhhhhh.............. Yeah no thx... -_-
saucy sausage
saucy sausage Prije 2 dana
Fr tho he is tryna act like the victim........
saucy sausage
saucy sausage Prije 2 dana
I started laughing soooooooo HARD when she said. "Imagine the matching outfits they'll be wearing in jail tho..."
prettyboywayne 242
prettyboywayne 242 Prije 3 dana
He’s innocent💯
midnightfxa Prije 3 dana
if he followed me i would be glad if he unfollowed..
AHC Prije 3 dana
Noah beck hasn’t been exposed right?
Vee Murugan
Vee Murugan Prije 3 dana
Avani and Noah are the only unproblematic ones
Abygail Clair
Abygail Clair Prije 3 dana
Mind your business and let the cops handle this call the cops
Neva Capretti
Neva Capretti Prije 4 dana
they should all join the groomer house
Solyana Besrat
Solyana Besrat Prije 4 dana
Grace Mcconnell
Grace Mcconnell Prije 4 dana
danielle ice cream cone😭
Danyelle Perez
Danyelle Perez Prije 4 dana
thomas always gave me weird vibes
Laura ll
Laura ll Prije 4 dana
1 who believe what ava say? 2 ok thomas is not the perfect guy but look at his girlfriend, I don't think that mia would still stay with him if it was real, for example Hannah and ondreaz broke up because it was real
Dj ZH & gaming
Dj ZH & gaming Prije 5 dana
Daniela Ice cream cone🤣🤣🤣🤣 idc if I spelled her name wrong
Jenny Da weirdo
Jenny Da weirdo Prije 5 dana
7:45 Danielle Ice cream cone HSIWBXJWOSH PLS 😭✋
Jenny Da weirdo
Jenny Da weirdo Prije 5 dana
Wait who's Jay Jay-?
Didak Prije 5 dana
These tik tok celebs are really quick to unfollow/cancel someone when there is some story but also really quick to support them when they have comeback in a couple of monts,years...then they start following
elaine block
elaine block Prije 6 dana
Ok but the fact that y’all have been saying danis 14 for like 2 yrs soooo
Leonne Hughes
Leonne Hughes Prije 7 dana
*anna talking* all of a sudden BUT *talking again* NO HATE ILYSM
frostplays Prije 8 dana
She has been 14 for like 5 yrs now im so confused!
Beachyy Vibez
Beachyy Vibez Prije 8 dana
He better worry he’s going to jail forever
Beachyy Vibez
Beachyy Vibez Prije 8 dana
Vera Mendell
Vera Mendell Prije 8 dana
I'm pretty sure she is 16 now not 18 or 14
Vera Mendell
Vera Mendell Prije 8 dana
I litterly hate that ondreaz litterly had to do that bc I USED TO SUPPORT HIM like wtf and now I am MAD at him and do not support him
Free Edits
Free Edits Prije 8 dana
Anna Oop---
Free Edits
Free Edits Prije 8 dana
I love this girl❤️
Kate Marsh
Kate Marsh Prije 8 dana
i dont think it is necessary to call jeyjey a groomer especially after everything turned out to be a lie and the victim was a manipulative piece of shit
Charley Kersten
Charley Kersten Prije 8 dana
Love how she slipped in a sponsorship! ❤️❤️
ayriIyr Prije 8 dana
so im not defending her but they say a 14 year old cant drive but im 9 and my grandpa is teaching how to drive so they have no right to attack her about not being the age to drive but im 9 and i can still drive?
jays roblox page
jays roblox page Prije 9 dana
What store has those Vessi shoes ?
Leean Villanueva
Leean Villanueva Prije 9 dana
She not allowed at 14 but Sabre can....???
bless_roblox Prije 9 dana
Anna oop is like all of gen z in one person
Monica Mazambara
Monica Mazambara Prije 10 dana
nazrin omar
nazrin omar Prije 11 dana
I was like that girl ava look hella familiar and i was like oh wait its cos she was on dr phil
Sxphiaa Prije 11 dana
Instead of hype house/ sway house etc we have The Groomer House 🤭
chi chi ikeokorie
chi chi ikeokorie Prije 12 dana
Haikyuu Stories uwu
Haikyuu Stories uwu Prije 12 dana
It’s funny on famous birthdays it said Thomas dared Mia last year to this year still dating and dated a diff girl on 2019. With the diff girl they dared from 2014 to 2019. But idk I was just looking
kimmie fenn
kimmie fenn Prije 13 dana
bruh, i do NOT stan danielle cohn but yall been saying shes 14 for like 2 years dude. im pretty sure shes 15 by now.
Ella & Jackson
Ella & Jackson Prije 13 dana
gurl- do a face reveal
Anani Tshivhandekano
Anani Tshivhandekano Prije 14 dana
She must be lying about her mom having covid who agrees me
The girls EvieOmg And Maddog
The girls EvieOmg And Maddog Prije 14 dana
I love your tea you spill
Jesse Jenrette
Jesse Jenrette Prije 15 dana
It runs in the family
Totally Latina magic
Totally Latina magic Prije 15 dana
Every tik toker are gonna see each other in jail
Totally Latina magic
Totally Latina magic Prije 15 dana
Poor Hannah I have seen her a lot in lele pons videos 🎀
Naylea Bautista
Naylea Bautista Prije 15 dana
He is unfollowing them because he knows he won’t be friends with them anymore and they won’t want to be friends with some groomer just let him deal with his consequences mind your business guys I’m not defending him at All!!
Kriztell Ramirez
Kriztell Ramirez Prije 16 dana
Can I help you put them in jail
Nikki Shields
Nikki Shields Prije 16 dana
Alexa Melchor
Alexa Melchor Prije 17 dana
My opinion on Daniel not social distancing Dosent affect me because I’ve gone through that and even if she does she has it ether ways that’s her mother & they have spent time together . I don’t even know what happened with all these Tik Toke’s LOL I don’t know if like the victims IG wanted it because pretty much everyone in the comments wanted to do something 👀 with them Bahahah. I don’t know what happened but everyone has like HUGE opinions on all of this I KNOW.
Alexa Melchor
Alexa Melchor Prije 17 dana
But the girl was three years of age and he was 20 😂
Shaye Tait
Shaye Tait Prije 17 dana
wow we also thought he was the "U N P R O B L E M A T I C B R O T H E R" how the turn tables change.....
mayeli gutierrez-mendez
mayeli gutierrez-mendez Prije 18 dana
anna oop
lexxxa Prije 18 dana
Who knows what actually happen. The girl would’ve lied about her age. Girls like that should be put in jail too.
Ananya Chawla
Ananya Chawla Prije 18 dana
I lost it at "Danielle 'Ice Cream' Cohn" !! 😂
Joe Prije 18 dana
Very ashamed this is where we are as a society. Kids doing dances to songs are now some of the most famous people in the world....I’ll sound old but this new generation is dumb asf
Zariah Turtle
Zariah Turtle Prije 18 dana
Oh that’s why Hannah made that tik tok with lele
Serendipity_ føx
Serendipity_ føx Prije 18 dana
Evil: Zoe, Tony, Ondreaz now Thomas 😭😭😭 Tik tok was so funny and much better when it was just no tiktokers
Monica Jr Joe
Monica Jr Joe Prije 18 dana
Speaking of dogs before tea I have five new puppies
Sophia Johnson
Sophia Johnson Prije 18 dana
Honeyyyyyyyy 😬🤦‍♂️
Za’Yonni Chestnut
Za’Yonni Chestnut Prije 18 dana
The girl didn’t even say her age so how Thomas is supposed to know😒
qwerty Prije 19 dana
I think they are starting a grooming house...
Angelina Ferrante
Angelina Ferrante Prije 19 dana
they should already be in jail it shouldnt happen soon it should happen now and hanna you better get back at him quick
Gyllian Colandrea-connors
Gyllian Colandrea-connors Prije 20 dana
I love benji dont even pull him into this mess
vcnicole Prije 20 dana
Thomas is not a victim he’s done nothing wrong
ιтѕ ριχу ωєєвッ
ιтѕ ριχу ωєєвッ Prije 19 dana
That doesn’t make sense-
Keyara Musgrove
Keyara Musgrove Prije 20 dana
Umm thomas has a girl friend named mia
Sierra Prije 20 dana
Bruh I feel like Daniel has been 14 for the past like 2 years
Doireann McCartin
Doireann McCartin Prije 20 dana
Awwww no ;( their matching tattoos 🥺
Kiki Prije 20 dana
When can you do a face reveal
Minerva Mcgonagall
Minerva Mcgonagall Prije 20 dana
Brent Rivera is literally the only unproblematic TikToker I know-
Joseph Guillory
Joseph Guillory Prije 54 minuta
theres a lot if u know where to look. most of the time the people that are literally only famous for being attractive are super problematic. all u gotta do is look for actual talent or someone that brings something to the table
Sarahi Guzman
Sarahi Guzman Prije 4 dana
Don't jinx it 💀
Niana and Shawn _ ShawNia
Niana and Shawn _ ShawNia Prije 8 dana
Laidy Prije 21 dan
She is literally doing adds now
potterheads Prije 21 dan
potterheads Prije 21 dan
The creepy music 💀
cheesy bees
cheesy bees Prije 21 dan
Hol’ up Zoe: 13 year old Ondreaz: 14 year old Tony: 15 year old Peaches: 16 year old Thomas: 17 year old
weird royalty
weird royalty Prije 21 dan
Ruby Rodriguez
Ruby Rodriguez Prije 21 dan
I missed all the drama when I was taking a break from TikTok why doesn’t anything happen when I watch TikTok and it has to happen when I’m on a break from it 🤩😤😑
Allyson Birmingham
Allyson Birmingham Prije 21 dan
Look ok about the why is she so close to her mom first off she had a mask on and she is used to her moms germs so she cant get covid and if she does then it wont be that bad ssssssooooooooooo shut up yall
JBug08 Prije 21 dan
Girl, 2021 and still no face reveal
The Lopez brothers are exploring new areas of fame smh 🤦‍♀️
02 Prije 21 dan
hi my name is katrina
hi my name is katrina Prije 2 dana
morgan ig
morgan ig Prije 21 dan
how old is anna?
Wilna Briesies
Wilna Briesies Prije 22 dana
*Lopez, Lopez, Lopez...really hard to remember that name*
JAYLA STEWART Prije 22 dana
Ondrez really unfollowed them more as they 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗰𝗮𝗿𝗲𝗱 😂😂😂
iiMae Dxyii
iiMae Dxyii Prije 22 dana
I’ve been a fan of Hannah’s for a long time now, and she did not deserve that ✊🏽😔
Cherry Yuri
Cherry Yuri Prije 22 dana
The only good tik toker until now is Mia
Laura Mona
Laura Mona Prije 22 dana
what are u guys fans so obsessed about celebrities dark past it's called a "dark past" for a reason. If u see somebody trying to move on and become a better person in their life let them. Urghh too much drama, why is the world like this? I thought tik tok was supposed to be a fun app and no drama.
Christie gaming vibez
Christie gaming vibez Prije 22 dana
lea lea pons oki oki :)
Milind Potla
Milind Potla Prije 22 dana
Goodbye lopedo brothers!
Savanah Escalon
Savanah Escalon Prije 22 dana
It so sad that there relationship is over
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