Charli D’amelio CAUGHT having ANXIETY ATTACK on LIVE? Addison MOVING on from Bryce? Noah DRAGGED?

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anna oop

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Charli D’amelio CAUGHT having ANXIETY ATTACK on LIVE? Addison MOVING on from Bryce? Noah DRAGGED?
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mxnlightgacha Prije sat
woah!! I didn’t know all of this happened! thanks for telling us the tea Anna!
Tanmayee Greeshma
Tanmayee Greeshma Prije 2 sati
btw what's up with peaches these days?
Abriel Batchelor
Abriel Batchelor Prije 13 sati
um.. could’ve swore laroi dated katarina not addison
Tea in a cup
Tea in a cup Prije 15 sati
It was an anxiety pen not a vape
Amina Kari
Amina Kari Prije 21 sat
Why were ppl so mad about her vaping anyway? Ppl were mad cuz she has a young audience forgetting she’s only a couple years older than her fans anyway. And it’s not like she was promoting a vape brand or something. She was literally in private when her friends filmed her.
Anna Liza Dela Cruz
Anna Liza Dela Cruz Prije 22 sati
theres a clip of LARRAY saying it was a anxiety pen and not a vape
Valerie Lai
Valerie Lai Prije 23 sati
Tbh, I still don't get how ppl get millions of dollars for dancing to 15 second songs
MintyChip XD
MintyChip XD Prije dan
Okay i'm not a fan of tiktok theese videos show up on youtube But i mean hating on a 16 nearly 17 year old just because she has a lot of followers and its not quite her fault that people follow her but like there i no need to hate on her and anyways why she got her anxiety attack is her business.
idk Prije dan
I watched that clip :(_ i was kinda worried 😞😞😣😣😣
C: C:
C: C: Prije dan
Didn't know saying ''Hi'' is ''Stealing your GF'' xD
Vanessa Hill
Vanessa Hill Prije 2 dana
and Addison and Bryce is there business about the break up and stuff its none of our business
Darcietanplayzrbl Tandy
Darcietanplayzrbl Tandy Prije 2 dana
That kit thing is ugly
Iacov Amalia Eliana
Iacov Amalia Eliana Prije 2 dana
awww...oh well *scrolls*
Selena Celeste
Selena Celeste Prije 2 dana
Maybe Addison moved on so fast bc Bryce was around tana and other girls all the time. :)
Hannah Kane
Hannah Kane Prije 2 dana
This video posted a week ago but like accessing someone having anxiety attack because she probably didn't even vape y'all that's wrong also she doesn't deserve any hate ps hope whoever's reading this has an amazing day
alurelles Prije 2 dana
If I’m being honest I have really and I mean really bad anxiety attacks that doesn’t mean your v******
alurelles Prije 45 minuta
mxnlightgacha aww tyy x
mxnlightgacha Prije 52 minuta
@alurelles btw I’m a new sub! 💕
mxnlightgacha Prije 55 minuta
@alurelles it’s ok hun! ❤️
alurelles Prije sat
mxnlightgacha ty for u for supporting my opinion!
mxnlightgacha Prije sat
i know right!!
Camila Acerolopez
Camila Acerolopez Prije 2 dana
I had a attack in the car it was scary😳
isk idk
isk idk Prije 2 dana
bro vaping helps anxiety ppl are rediculous
Natcat RF
Natcat RF Prije 3 dana
y'all really cancel a 16 year old all the time even if she's done nothing wrong. Damn-
Typical _Lozz
Typical _Lozz Prije 3 dana
It’s not her fault that she had an anxiety attack it just happens she can’t control it.
mimi vlogs
mimi vlogs Prije 3 dana
Can ppl pls stop bringing up chars past
Cassi Johnson
Cassi Johnson Prije 3 dana
OMG bruvv she's fucking sixteen years old..... Just leave her alone 😒
Emma Clements
Emma Clements Prije 3 dana
Bruh coming at Noah for just saying hi.... your dramatic 😅
Tv TT Prije 3 dana
I’m a real fan and I’m worried for Charlie and thanks for the info
Sarah Chandna
Sarah Chandna Prije 3 dana
See adi and Bryce can be friends But adi and kid looks good togther
LexilovescupcakesYT Prije 3 dana
Bruh Charlie is the queen and she’s pretty and why are people even hating on her like-she just 15 or 16 she’s just a kid
Laura Prije 4 dana
"stop being so insecure" R u serious? Brooooo
Martha Lipscomb
Martha Lipscomb Prije 4 dana
How is saying "uh hi" trying to steal someone's girlfriend...someone please explain that to me😑
Nikki Shen
Nikki Shen Prije 4 dana
Can people just stop.Either way what’s your problem that she’s vaping it’s her fault if she dies not ours she never listens.Even if she doesn’t just stop.
Ren Prije 4 dana
Ppl need to stop dragging Noah for no reason Noah is a human and he's also still a minor. He's got a lot to learn he's not perfect but he means no harm and that's obvious. He's commented on many other tiktoks b4 it's not an out of the blue thing.
armin arlert•10 years ago
armin arlert•10 years ago Prije 4 dana
My anxiety attacks sometimes happen out of nowhere it's really different for everyone
not Kharissa
not Kharissa Prije 5 dana
Bryce said " f**k adisson" and addi started crying like WTF 😒🙄
lexa lee
lexa lee Prije 5 dana
Laroi has a gf already
Chloe Henry
Chloe Henry Prije 5 dana
um hi is asher still relavent
Aubree Glascock
Aubree Glascock Prije 5 dana
LOYAL!!!???!?!?!??!!??🤣 he cheated like 9 times!!!! STAY EDUCATED BEFORE U POST A COMMENT
Aleksandra Kot
Aleksandra Kot Prije 5 dana
Seriously, the fact that Addison is having fun with a male that is not Bryce does not mean that she's in love with them wtaf??
weeb but not a weeb
weeb but not a weeb Prije 5 dana
i hate that people randomly assume that if a boy and girl are hanging out they are somehow dating. also addison cant control the hate bryce is getting like dang chill
Kallisti Zournatzi
Kallisti Zournatzi Prije 6 dana
Pls tell me asher didn't actually think that noah was trying to steal his gf
Andrea Vasiljevic
Andrea Vasiljevic Prije 6 dana
Vaping causes anxiety attacks
Sno Nyc
Sno Nyc Prije 6 dana
HAHAHAHA LIKE NOAH LITERALLY JUST SAUD “uh hi” like what’s wrong about that Asher?
Coconorris Prije 6 dana
I am tired of ppl hating on addi let her love who she wants un probably do that to Hypocrite
Isabella Almonte
Isabella Almonte Prije 6 dana
Meiley Coira
Meiley Coira Prije 6 dana
omg wow you act like know one has an exsia and so what you all think 💭 eople dont do that stop ok and wow
Delaney Oneill
Delaney Oneill Prije 6 dana
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that none of these videos are helping anybody likeee. Do we really think these are helping creators like Charlie like leave her alone let her live her life and her parents deal with it.
Beomyou Bear
Beomyou Bear Prije 6 dana
They broke up
Ajay Yadav
Ajay Yadav Prije 6 dana
I uh i uh really don’t like her bit anyways uh 🙄 so let me get it on my point so she can actually act like she had a attack but i am not sure and i ma sad if she had it in real life i think she wants only like so she did act like that
Leebeme Prije 7 dana
We all need to just follow GOD and stop with all this hate and jealousy
Kourouma Fatoumata.Yarie
Kourouma Fatoumata.Yarie Prije 7 dana
Addison and the kid Laroi are NOT together he already has a girlfriend
Daisy Wan
Daisy Wan Prije 7 dana
Can u make a drama on how Tommy innit got banned on tik tok bc of the vegan teacher pls ♡ btw love u Anna ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Amaya Buenrostro
Amaya Buenrostro Prije 7 dana
Asher..honey, you really didn't have to make the video over one comment, but you do you.
Yuh Yuh
Yuh Yuh Prije 7 dana
It's none of our business to care who ever Adison is dating also stop WITH THE FAKE RUMOURS
daisy j h
daisy j h Prije 7 dana
Isn’t Noah with Millie??
Ari Amaya
Ari Amaya Prije 7 dana
fabrizio lora
fabrizio lora Prije 7 dana
When will we stop talking about Bryce and Addison 😭😭😭😭😭
anna llamas
anna llamas Prije 7 dana
Celebrity or not, Noah is a kid. He can still be friends with tiktokers even tho they’re not celebrities. You really do the most to make Noah look bad
cutepie yakub
cutepie yakub Prije 7 dana
Uh Charlie is 17... love your vid tho :>
Keira Prije 7 dana
How is Noah involving himself by saying hi pls girk
Itz SweetCherry
Itz SweetCherry Prije 7 dana
If you hit 1Billion can you do face reveal?
CookiePlayz Very Weird :-: not mah fault
CookiePlayz Very Weird :-: not mah fault Prije 7 dana
𝗣𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗲𝗲𝗲 🥺
Maria O.
Maria O. Prije 7 dana
feels like shes been 16 for like ever
heba el Kordy
heba el Kordy Prije 7 dana
Brise cheated on her
Moyna Jansen
Moyna Jansen Prije 8 dana
Isn't he a minor and Addison is 19 or 20 like
Kitty Melody
Kitty Melody Prije 8 dana
I had a panic attack before and anxiety attack and they are different I don’t vape but I don’t think you can get one from vapping
nana gaming
nana gaming Prije 8 dana
Bro some people on this earth are dumb please stop joking about anxiety and vaping I see how it’s funny
Hi I’m Saanjh
Hi I’m Saanjh Prije 8 dana
Y’all mad at adi for moving on fast? What did you expect her do do? Mourn? Cry?
Royale Brianna
Royale Brianna Prije 8 dana
Bryce is kinda only here because of Addie like if it wasn’t for Addison not a lot of people would know bryces name
Marsbby Prije 8 dana
Of course they would say it was because of the vape but tbh if it was an anxiety attack it was probably because of all the hate she gets.
Jemima Kalongo
Jemima Kalongo Prije 8 dana
nahh the kid laroi already has a gf deffo a misunderstanding go wrong somewhere
Lily Roman
Lily Roman Prije 8 dana
I don't get why people can't leave others alone like just don't talk about others
Steven Marcetic
Steven Marcetic Prije 8 dana
ps fuzz of anna
luvm1nk Prije 8 dana
laroi is 17 with a gf.
kacie Prije 8 dana
can Addison not have friends? honestly people these days:/
Vayishnavi Sanjeewan
Vayishnavi Sanjeewan Prije 8 dana
dude leave her alone she is only 16... so what if she vaped ya it's bad for her health but it's not our job to put her in her place it is her parent's not only that we shouldn't be judging her private life.
Amro Chatzi
Amro Chatzi Prije 8 dana
Hanging out=married
Florflor Prije 8 dana
Mollie Shaw
Mollie Shaw Prije 9 dana
Noah literally said hi and “OMG HES TRYING TO STEAL MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!”
ABIGAIL HAYEN Prije 9 dana
Channel Deleted
Channel Deleted Prije 9 dana
And if she vapes its her decision and then your Exposing other ppl
Hannah Norton
Hannah Norton Prije 9 dana
me :uh hi everyone in my class:OMG YOU LIKE HIMMMMMMMM me who was just saying hi to the new kid :huh
Lizeth Rodriguez
Lizeth Rodriguez Prije 9 dana
Laroi has a GF ???????
Aylin Beltran
Aylin Beltran Prije 9 dana
She is not 16
natalee freeman
natalee freeman Prije 9 dana
yes she is .
Abigail Prije 9 dana
Who WOULD wanna leave asher beside for someone else😅 let's be honest we all had a crush on him at ONE point
Abigail Prije 9 dana
5:22 WAIT...... Asher and Annie are not together anymore? WHERE HAVE I BEEN
Local_Dinousour u.u
Local_Dinousour u.u Prije 9 dana
16 year olds can’t vape oh my god leaves* BYE
Christina Martin
Christina Martin Prije 9 dana
all tiktokers do this cringy look up look down thing 2:37
arabella Prije 9 dana
i mean caroline did ditch a guy called bryce parker who liked her a lot for asher, only for clout and fame. hence why asher is insecure about his relationship, she can easily do the same thing once again for someone who can get her more "clout" and "fame", like noah.
sHuT yO gOoFy aSs uP
sHuT yO gOoFy aSs uP Prije 9 dana
Bruh he literally just said hi 💀
Adriana Ramirez
Adriana Ramirez Prije 9 dana
first the kid laroi has a gf wich is katarina deme
ian Navarro
ian Navarro Prije 10 dana
marlene young
marlene young Prije 10 dana
Your voice ugg it anoys me so bad SOO YAAAAA
XxNatalia12gm_PlaysxX Prije 10 dana
first of all tell me how charlis hair growed back legit so fast, her hair used to be short-
OfficialPatrickstar xo
OfficialPatrickstar xo Prije 10 dana
Guys it was a ANXIETY PEN
•Amix Bixh•
•Amix Bixh• Prije 10 dana
Yes there’s so many anxiety attacks my anxiety attacks sometimes comes with tics that’s my anxiety attack
Elizabeth Martins
Elizabeth Martins Prije 10 dana
Wait- is that Jona from andi mack?
Box of 90's
Box of 90's Prije 10 dana
Shes a is wrong with people
Annoying.Kiyomi Prije 10 dana
New gen Z be like: "cAncElliNg brAceS cuZ it mAkes TeEth straIght Wich Is HomoPhobic😤✋
cashu. Prije 8 dana
Hahshahhshshay yes lmao I can’t
Sidney Porter
Sidney Porter Prije 10 dana
No offence but addison and thekidloroy do not ship
iiBeachAesthetiicii Prije 10 dana
As someone with anxiety that really annoys me. For the ones out there that don’t know literally anything about anxiety attacks you can’t say anything. I have anxiety attacks. I just started getting them this year bc school has been so stressful. I started middle school this year and they didn’t prepare us for middle school. Anxiety attacks aren’t something you should joke around about. The ones who are hating on her are probably the reason for it. People expect her to be perfect 24/7 while she also has to be a romodel for people. The ones who don’t struggle with anxiety are leaving comments like “it’s because of vaping”. Like are y’all really that stupid!? SHES 16 SHE HAS BARLEY LIVED A LIFE YET! The fact that I’m just a kid and I’m smarter than some adults is just insane. YALL HATERS NEED TO GET A LIFE!! YOUR THE REASON WHY WE DONT HAVE WORLD PEACE! Grow up.
ruby sutton
ruby sutton Prije 5 dana
That is just facts. I've been having anxiety attacks lately. I just meltdown (a few days ago at the end of a lesson on Wednesday) yet I know that some people have them silently. Many people don't break down or cry when they happen unlike me. It doesn't mean that it's any less serious either. These haters have to stop if they are triggering a 16 year old to feel like this. It could be nothing to do with the haters also, we don't know how she's feeling through a screen. Anyway your comment is facts at its finest. 😊🎉
Emma Prije 10 dana
I wanna say people are JUST trying to get her canceled for vaping like let her live her life and she could of stopped and it was a year ago and teens to dumb stuff like vaping not saying she is dumb but let her live she will eventually get off tiktok but not now JUST LET HER BE and make tiktoks yes vapings bad but she still takes care of herself but maybe doesn’t do it anymore maybe she did it that once.ANd OMG ANDyall are just jealous and I have anxiety so if it was anxiety it could be any thing other then what y’all saying to her face that she vapes!
blackpink_tea Prije 10 dana
Larray said it was an anxiety pen
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